By the WayThe steamy water from the hot tub warms my naked body as I immerse myself up to my shoulders. I tilt my head back and rest it on the edge of the tub as I take in a deep breath of the crisp evening air. I reach one hand up to caress my nipple the other stretches down between my legs as I begin to lose myself in a sexual fantasy.Feeling a presence I turn my head and see you standing there. With a big smile you raise up a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. I push through the water to the edge of the tub where you are standing. “Looks like a very good year” I say as I blush and playfully bite my lower lip. “Pour us a glass and get in” I command.Like a performance, you open the bottle of wine, pour our glasses and hand me one.Then I watch as you reach down to the bottom of your shirt, grab hold and lift it up over your head exposing your well chiseled abs and firm muscular chest and arms . The only thing sexier than a man standing without a shirt is when he unzips his jeans and slowly and seductively skims them down off of his body revealing god’s gift to women.You take your time entering the tub giving me an abundance of time to enjoy your landscape, even soft from the cool night air it is easy to see you are amply endowed.Once in the water you lean back your arms stretched out over the edge of the tub, your legs spread enough apart to let me know I am welcome.There is no sense in me returning to my fantasy when I have you right here. I reach over and turn on the bubbles, keeping the water level just under my breast marsbahis güvenilirmi I make my way over to you. When square in front of you I look down at my body, I reach my hands to the sides of my firm round breasts and I push them together sliding my hands underneath them I lift and squeeze, slightly release and lift and squeeze again.I lift my eyes to watch your face. I can see by your laid-back grin that you are enjoying the show. I begin rolling my nipples between my fingers as I continue squeezing my breast. I begin pulling them with my fingers and thumbs. I tilt my head to the left and I begin to swivel my hips my body is already tingling with desire.I reach for your hand and lift it to my breast. You begin to fondle my nipple as you reach behind me with your other hand place it on the small of my back and pull me through the water to you. Feeling my legs straddling yours makes my body ache for your hard cock to be inside me, I begin to breath heavy and as I do my breasts rise and fall.You lower your eyes and take your time enjoying their sensual beauty as you manipulate them with your hands. When you have satisfied your eyes you lower your mouth and begin to feast on them with your warm soft lips.Placing your open mouth on my breast you suck in a small area quite firmly moving your lips again and again covering each breast with pleasure. Then you take my hard nipple completely in your mouth and pulsate it deeply making me squirm.I slip my legs up yours until I feel your balls against my pussy. marsbahis yeni giriş I begin to undulate my hips, my pussy massaging against your balls makes me want your rock hard cock inside of me even more. I tip my hips back and forth lengthening my thrust to cover your firm shaft, inching my way up towards the head of your cock. The lips of my pussy parting for the tip of your cock with each downward movement, you release my nipple from your mouth and enjoy the view of my breast circling around dancing in and out of the water.I try desperately to capture your cock in my pussy with each thrust but your strong hands hold me firmly just out of reach, you are a patient man enjoying the fact I am not a patient woman.Your hand reaches up to the back of my head. You pull me close and passionately kiss me pulling my body into yours. You stand, lift me from the hot water and sit me on the edge of the tub. Slowly you draw your body away from mine, leaving my legs spread and my beautiful sex area exposed for your viewing pleasure.My hips circle around, you can see the muscles of my pussy pulsating, craving your touch. You lower your head, your eyes hungry to view my beautiful body close up. You place one hand on my inner thigh to steady me and with one finger you very gently touch my labia, not for my enjoyment but for your own, as you use your finger to tenderly explore the surrounding areas of my pussy.Your smile and the sparkle in your eyes assure me that your love for the female body is real. You lean marsbahis giriş in and begin to kiss my thighs, I try to be patient but I can’t I moan loudly and my body is in constant motion. Your hands reach up to the curve of my hips to steady me as your elbows stay at my thighs keeping my legs apart. You lean in and as I watch your lips touch against mine I cum.The taste of my cum clearly brings out your a****listic nature as you begin to devour my pussy with your mouth and tongue. Your head pushing back and forth as you aggressively lick and suck me wanting more of my juices in your mouth. I can’t maintain, I scream out in ecstasy “yes yes oh god yes” as cum gushes from within me.You pull me back into the water with a splash, bubbles all around us you kiss me, forcing me to savor my own tasty cum from your lips. You place one hand on my upper back and one firmly on my lower back as you maneuver your rock hard cock to my begging pussy and energetically drive it into me.Our body’s rock and splash in the water, hips grinding and twisting, our mouths greedily exploring each other’s body. The moon shining down on us, we are in nirvana.You thrust your body against mine, your cock deep inside of me. I feel your body tense almost ready to cum, losing control of my own senses I welcome it. “Yes yes” I scream as you thrust forcefully. You groan loudly as you begin to release your seed in me. Hard steady thrusts, your throbbing cock, my swollen cum filled pussy, we begin to slow, a feeling of relaxation comes over us, a feeling of complete and total satisfaction.You turn me around and pull me close as you lean back against the tub, one arm resting on the edge, one wrapped around me holding me close to you, your face nuzzled into my neck you say “By the way, I’m your new neighbor, welcome to the neighborhood.”