Brooke’s Step FatherThis story may be offensive to some and contains non-consensual sex between males and a teenaged female. Please be warned and do not read on if you are offended by any of these things. It also contains references to i****t.I welcome all comments both good and bad so please feel free to leave them. Or if you prefer email me direct on [email protected] with your comments or ideas for stories.Brooke’s Step-FatherFriday Morning 2amMarcus sat with his trousers around his ankles and his big hard cock in his hand as he typed with his other hand. His cock was glistening with precum that had started to trickle down over his hand and onto the chair below. He didn’t care. He was too excited. ‘So this is her?’ Came a message from the stranger at the other end of the internet. ‘Yes!’ Marcus typed. ‘You like?’ He waited feeling his hand tight around his throbbing manhood. He had been hard for what seemed like hours, well only since his wife had retired to bed and he was alone to chat to whoever he wanted. ‘She’s cute. 19 you say? Mmmmmmmmmm!’ Came the next message. ‘I am horny as fuck right now and so close to cumming!’ Marcus typed. ‘Me too!’ Came the swift reply. And then as he gazed lecherously at the computer screen Marcus did cum, with a picture of his step-daughter Brooke on the screen in a tiny bikini. His cum splashed all over his bare tummy as he leaned back and moaned softly. Moments later his beautiful step-daughter Brooke was walking into the room, slightly drunk. “Hey Dad.” She smiled. “I’m just off to bed, see you tomorrow………….!” She grinned at Marcus who smiled back as he watched her walk precariously up the stairs in her heels, he ran his eyes up the backs of her tanned shapely legs and he ran his tongue around his lips.Saturday EveningBrooke stood in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom and smiled, the prettiest smile she could muster. She had just applied deep red lipstick to her full and luscious lips and grinned at herself as she let her eyes trail down her body. The tightness of the white halter top accentuated her black skin and big soft breasts that were braless underneath and she could see the outlines of her areola and the indentations of her nipples just waiting to be excited. Her tummy was exposed showing a red jewel that appeared to be implanted into her belly button. The colour matched her lips as did the nail polish on her hands and feet. The white skirt again was tight around her curvy bum and short enough to expose a lot of Brooke’s thighs, that led down to her red 6” heels. “I’m off out then!” She called as her Mother looked from the kitchen, a look of disgust suddenly crossing her face. “Not like that you’re not! Get dressed properly, you look like a tart!” Her Mother said crossly as she practically dragged Brooke into the lounge where her step-father was sitting reading a paper. “Look at the state of her!” Her Mother demanded. “She isn’t going out like that!” Marcus did look, indeed he looked very slowly as he ran his lecherous eyes up along her beautifully tanned legs accentuated perfectly by the heels and up over her breasts, that were barely concealed under the skin tight, backless top. He felt a stirring in his trousers as he often did when he looked at Brooke. He smiled up at her. “She’s fine!” He said firmly. “And she’s 19 so leave her alone.” Brooke beamed down at her step-father. “Have a lovely night Brooke!” He grinned as he fished in his pocket and held out a wad of notes for her to take. “Awe, thank you Daddy!” She grinned and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek, giving him a full view of the big soft tanned breasts as she did. That stirring was there again as he watched her walk out of the room and heard the door close behind her. “You are too soft on her you know!” Her Mother chastised her Marcus. Or perhaps too hard, he thought as he felt his cock in his trousers. He resumed reading the paper and ignored his wife. Thankfully she decided to go next door to see her sister and as soon as she was out of the house Marcus logged onto the PC.When the house was empty Marcus would spend the whole evening surfing porn sites and chatting thinking of Brooke flirting, or a whole lot more whilst out. Marcus just wished that when she came home, at whatever hour that would be she would him all the hot details as she sucked him off. Of course this was fantasy, always fantasized over his step-daughter but this particular fantasy was becoming more prominent in his mind. It didn’t help that Brooke was so gorgeous with a stunning curvy body. And the way she dressed was becoming a real distraction to him, since she had turned 18.The site that he was looking at was particularly dirty. It was members’ only site that catered for ‘forced sex’ and ‘gang-bangs’. Over the previous 6 months he had checked out most sexual activities but found himself coming back to this site over and over again. He loved looking at the pictures of women having sex with groups of men. He’d stroked several times a night imagining that he was taking part and grew ever more excited when he imagined it was Brooke who was being abused. He knew in his mind it was wrong to imagine his step-daughter in that way……………..but didn’t care!An email suddenly appeared in his in-box. ‘Hey again!’ It simply said. Then another line appeared. ‘We chatted last night about Brooke. I came so hard!’ Yes! Marcus immediately acknowledged. Immediately his cock sprung into hardness.‘You were telling me about your fantasy!’ The message continued. ‘Yes. To have Brooke fucked by a load of guys and be there to see it.’ Marcus’s cock was desperate for release now. ‘Do you want to turn your fantasy into reality?” Read the next line.Of course I fucking do! Marcus muttered to himself. His heart began beating faster and his cock became stiffer as he re-read the massage. At first he thought that it must be someone messing about.‘Then why don’t we do something about it?’ Marcus couldn’t believe he was seriously considering this as he read and re-read the message again.‘How………what do you mean?’ He typed cautiously.‘I have some friends who would be interested in Brooke.’ The message started. ‘Very interested!’ Marcus’s head was telling him one thing but his cock another. ‘Go on.’ He typed.‘Are you serious?’ Came the next message and Marcus wondered if he really was serious about getting to see his step-daughter fucked by a group of strangers. The more he thought about it the more it seemed to appeal to him and the closer he got to cumming.‘If you are serious reply with yes!’ Almost shaking with excitement he typed the word ‘Yes’ and pressed the send button. And Marcus came all over his tummy.‘We’ll be in touch!’ came another message and Marcus suddenly realised in the heat türbanlı escort of the moment what he had done. And he knew he had done wrong!Suddenly, getting cold feet, he quickly signed out of his email and turned the computer off. Thursday MorningMarcus had tried not to think about the events of Saturday night, although Brooke herself was never far from his thoughts. At work he logged into his work email and noticed a strange message in his inbox. ‘Call this number as soon as you see this message!’He didn’t recognize it but intrigued he closed his office door and dialed the number. The phone was answered with a harsh, “Yes!”“Oh hello you left me a message to call you?” He said almost timidly.“Ah it you!” Said an unfamiliar voice. “We emailed me on Saturday night. You told me all about Brooke!”Marcus felt his legs go weak. He took a gulp from his coffee cup and tried to compose himself. “Umm yes I know what you’re talking about now.” He whispered with his voice shaking.“You offered Brooke to us. And we want her. It’s as simple as that! If she puts up a fight, well that just adds to our fun! You can watch if you want to, with, or without her knowing you’re there. It’s going to happen anyway!” Marcus felt his life almost drain from him. This wasn’t meant to be happening. “We’ve got a lock up place in the city centre were we hold our parties!” The man said. “Email me tonight with her movements tomorrow and we’ll see you at the address I’ll mail over!”The phone line went dead and Marcus replaced the handset with a shaking hand. “Oh fuck!” He exclaimed. “What have a I done!”Friday MorningBrooke was up bright and early ready for college and sitting eating her breakfastwhen Marcus made an appearance in the room. “Morning Brooke. You okay?” He asked nervously as he eyed his step-daughter up and down noticing the white flowing low cut summer dress she was wearing and black high-heels. “What Dad?” She seemed confused at his questions. “Yes!” She cocked her left eye at him suspiciously. “Why?”“Oh, you know, just …………….you looked………… um never mind. I’ll see you tonight!” He smiled and blew her a kiss. She smiled back and grabbed her bag on the way out to her car.Two hours later Marcus drove his car along the pot-holed road until he arrived at a shabby looking building. He knocked on a door and an old man opened it to look at him. “You’re keen!” He cackled through broken discoloured teeth. The old man led him into a small room with holes in one wall. There was a flask of coffee, plastic cups and a case of cheap beer on top of a table. Standing in the far corner were 3 well-dressed businessmen nervously looking towards him. All the men nodded ‘hello’. “You can watch from there!” The old man said pointing to the opposite wall.Nervously he tentatively looked through a peephole into the stark room beyond. All he could see was an old sofa, a dirty mattress and a strip light lighting the room from the ceiling. His heart was now racing now and his stomach was turned. He suddenly couldn’t believe what he had done. He had set his beautiful step-daughter up to be ****d! What had started out as a wank fantasy was now turning into reality and not only was Brooke about to be ****d and gang-banged it was being carried out in front of an audience! He suddenly felt nauseous as he took a swig of the beer that he had just been handed.The door opened again. “We’re not too late are we, George?” A small fat Jewish man called out, as his taller friend immediately poured them two coffees from the flask.Looking at his watch the old man replied. “No, they’ll be here in a minute, so you’d better get into your positions!”The old man ushered all the men including Marcus to the peepholes. “There’s plenty of tissues on the table. Make sure you use them. I’m sick of having to wash all the cum off this fucking place after you lot have been in!” He chuckled as he left the room. No sooner had Marcus put his eye to the hole when the door in the other room burst open and he saw Brooke, his beautiful busty step-daughter being dragged in by two men. A pillowcase was over her head and her hands were fastened with some cord. She was pushed face down onto the sofa making her short dress ride up her tanned legs. Marcus’s stomach turned over again but his cock ached for relief, it was hard already. He could hear Brooke sobbing as they pulled the hood from her head and she looked up at them in fear. One of the men undid her wrist fastenings as she now sat, shaking and facing them. Her makeup was washed all over her face with the tears she had shed and she attempted to stand up but was quickly pushed back down onto the sofa.“Sit still, we’ll be back in a minute!” The older man grunted. “Make a fucking sound and I’ll kill you!” The two men left the room closing the door behind them.A couple of minutes went by while as Brooke regained some composure. She stood up and walked around a little. Marcus could see her dress was clinging to her feminine curves. She tried to open the door but it was locked. She began banging on the door. “Let me out! Let me out! Please! Let me out!” She whimpered with tears streaming down her pretty face.Suddenly the door was flung open, knocking Brooke back into the room. Five men came in, four only wearing shorts and the old who had a camcorder. Brooke took a step back as the four men surrounded her dropping their shorts at the same time. As the old man locked the door the fat Jewish man shouted. “Fantastic and look at the fucking tits on that bitch, god I can’t wait to see what they do with them fat fuckers!” He nudged his friend who was standing next to Brooke’s step-father! “The big black guy is Joe. Wait until you see his cock; it’s fucking enormous. The big guy with the tattoos is Lenny, he organises these things!” Then he whispered. “He’s one fucking evil cunt!” He picked up his voice again when the second black man grabbed Brooke’s fleshy breasts through her dress! “I think he’s called Shola. I’ve only seen him once before!” He chuckled. “He likes fucking them up the arse!” All the men watched as Brooke slapped his hand away but it was clear that he wasn’t going to be deterred that easily.The Jewish man was describing the characters as if they were actors in a film, not professional r****ts. “I’ve never seen the Paki boy before, but he looks like he’s got a big dick too!”“The girl looks nice though! He continued. “And great juggs on her! A bit small but looks like she’ll put up a fight! Perfect viewing eh lads?” Everyone in the back room except Marcus seemed to agree. Her step-father simply stood watching with dread at what he had done.The Jewish man was right. Joel had an exceptionally large cock dangling between his legs. It must have been over 10 inches türbanlı escort bayan long. Marcus was now very nervous but also very turned on. His own erection was straining inside his trousers. The men started pushing Brooke from one to another getting more and more forceful with every push. “Get off me! You bastards! Leave me alone!” She screamed at them but this only made them laugh.The older black man, Shola, grabbed Brooke from behind and started to grope her breasts through the thin dress material. The Asian man pulled her dress up exposing a tiny black thong. The old man was moving between them with his camera not letting any of the action pass him by. Lenny grabbed her dress too and between them they pulled it over her head and off. She was swearing and spitting at them as she furiously tried to fight them off. Her dress was thrown into the corner of the room leaving her standing in her black thong and heels. She tried to cover herself with her arm as the men moved menacingly around her like hyenas at a dinner party. The men around me all cheered as the r****ts started to grope and fondle Brooke’s naked breasts. She raised her arms to protect her swaying breasts and as she did Lenny took advantage and pulled the thong down to your ankles, exposing her cleanly shaved pussy for the first time and making it difficult for her to move.“Get off me! Get off!” She shouted, but her pleas fell on deaf ears, as four pairs of hands groped and slapped her naked tanned flesh.She was suddenly pushed down onto the middle of the sofa. Lenny and Joel sat next to her and Joel held her wrists with one hand and kissed her hard on the lips as he groped her fleshy tits, his massive cock swinging like a baseball bat in front of him. “Get rid of her knickers and open her legs!” Lenny told his friends as he began suckling on her left breast as his cock slapped against her belly.Shola and the Imran grabbed a shoe each, throwing them over their shoulders. Brooke was still struggling to keep her thighs together as the black thong was dragged from your ankles leaving her completely naked. Imran the Pakistani sniffed the gusset of your silky black panties.“Hee, hee, hee, she smells good!” He laughed as he passed the panties to Joel, who took a deep sniff and agreed. Brooke wasn’t giving up without a flight and tried kicking and punching as all four men descended on her like a****ls. It was no good; they totally overpowered her. Lenny grabbed her head and tried to make her suck his thick cock but she kept her mouth shut as Joel and Imran finally pulled her legs apart.“Oh man!” Shola laughed as he jammed two long black fingers into her soaking pussy. “Have you seen how fucking wet she is?” He laughed as the others moved their positions so that they could see him easily fingering her, Marcus’s curvy step-daughter. Her eyes were tightly closed and she was grimacing as Shola continued his double finger fucking. Suddenly she opened her mouth for air only for Lenny to try and force his fat cock inside. She shook her head as his purple knob head went in making sure it fell out again. Lenny grabbed a handful of hair making her scream before forcing her mouth back onto his cock. “That’s better, now suck it, fucking bitch!” He grinned. Brooke tried not to but his hand forced her head up and down on his cock. “Come on man!” Marcus heard someone say. “Let’s get her fucked. The men picked Brooke up and turned over and forced over the arm of the sofa, her full cheeked arse sticking up in the air. The youngest black man, Shola, positioned himself at her arse end as Imran sat on the sofa positioning himself at her head. She was squirming and wriggling as the two other men held her still. Moments later the first two were fucking her pussy and mouth in unison.Marcus watched with awe and he couldn’t stop myself. Just like the others at the peepholes; he dropped his trousers and boxers to his ankles and wanked his cock openly at the vivid sight inside the small room.The black man pulled Brooke’s thighs apart and fingered her dripping pussy again before pushing his thick black cock against her tight pink pussy hole.“No! No! Please, no!” She pleaded as he grabbed her hips and began slowly feeding his cock inside her. His feet and knees kept her legs stretched apart but her cunt was so wet buy now it offered no resistance to his big black cock. He kept pushing as Lenny and Joel held Brooke’s arms behind her back. The Asian man grabbed his brown cock with one hand and her head with the other. “Suck! Suck it! White bitch!”Brooke very reluctantly opened her mouth and took an inch of his cock inside.“Suck it properly bitch!” He told her and pushed the back of her head onto his cock forcing it right into your mouth until she gagged on it.“That’s more like it, now suck it properly.” He told her as he grabbed her heavy breasts twisting the nipples between his fingers. The older man was still moving around the sofa with his camera recording all the gory details of Brooke’s debasement. The other two men were waiting eagerly for their fellow r****ts to finish so they could take their turn with her. Imran came first holding the back of her head by the hair as he fucked her mouth and throat. He groaned as he started shooting his thick warm salty cum into her mouth. As he withdrew she quickly spat it out onto the sofa.As the Asian man moved off the sofa Lenny let go of her arm and replaced him. He aimed his long gnarly erection at her mouth. Brooke turned her head and looked away. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face back toward him.“Suck it now and suck it properly!”She looked up at him with hatred in her eyes as she reluctantly put his cock into her mouth and started to suck. The black man inside was getting faster and faster. As he gripped her hips hard Brooke closed her eyes. What she had been dreading suddenly happened as he shot load after load deep inside. But it wasn’t that, that Brooke had been dreading. It was the intensity of the orgasm that rocked through her body. She trembled and shook with the mixture of pain of the moment and intense sexual pleasure! Marcus felt his own cum rising through his shaft and shot all over the wall as he watched his step-daughter. Shola finally took his cock out of Brooke’s pulsating cunt and rubbed his spunky cock head around her pussy lips.“Is she tight?” Joel asked his friend.“Fuck me, she was, but she won’t be in a moment.” Shola sniggered as he looked at the much bigger cock.Joel asked the Imran to hold Brooke still for him. The man grabbed her waist and pulled her legs wide apart again. Shola’s spunk dripped down her thighs as he slid his hand between her legs to open her fanny lips ready for Joel’s monster cock.Marcus was amazed escort türbanlı when he looked up to see she was no longer appearing to be repulsed by Lenny. The effect of the orgasm had changed her and suddenly she was acting like a dirty slut. The dirty slut that Marcus had always imagined his step-daughter was! And hoped too. He watched as Brooke tickled his hairy balls as she sensually licked his solid shaft. The black man nudged his cock against her pussy. It looked too big for her as he pressed it against the small hole. Brooke’s eyes opened wide as he pushed his cock past your labia. Shaking her head she pulled Lenny’s cock from her mouth. “No stop! Stop! I can’t take it!” She squealed as she gripped the cock in her hand. “Shut……………….the fuck up!” Joel calmly said and kept on pushing as it slowly disappeared inside her pussy. She moaned as the shaft disappeared into her hole. She was biting her bottom lip and gripping the cushion of the sofa as Joel’s cock began filling her cunt. Lenny was furiously rubbing his own cock until he suddenly shot all over her face. Thick white cum dripped from her eyebrows, nose and mouth. Marcus’s cock was hardening again at the sight of this. Joel had got all but about two inches of his cock inside her. Then he started thrusting with long strokes slowly at first but then faster and faster. He thrust his glistening black cock deeper and deeper inside Brooke until after a couple of minutes she was taking the full length. As his balls banged against her he smiled. “See you could take it! Couldn’t you slut?” Brooke couldn’t answer! She just made grunting noises as she clung onto the sofa. These grunts had changed from earlier. “I think she’s enjoying it!” Joel shouted to Lenny who was sitting in front of her stroking his cock back to life. Lenny looked into your face. “Fuck me I think the dirty bitch is too!”“Look at her tits!” Said Imran. “Fucking huge and fucking awesome!” They were swaying below Brooke as she was being fucked on all fours. Her nipples were fully erect, puffed up and stiff.“It’s like milking a cow with her fat fucking jugs!” Imran continued as he reached down to squeeze the fleshy mounds.Joel continued to pound Brooke. Then, starting with a whisper at first it happened. She spoke. “Yes, yes. What are you doing to me? Yes, yes! Aaaaaaaarrrgggghhhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She screamed as she pushed her hips firmly back against the black man as the orgasm seemed to blow her head off with its power. Marcus’s cock ached. This was exactly how he’d dreamt it would be.Brooke’s mouth was hanging open and her eyes were like saucers when Joel finally flung his head back and thrust even deeper. Joel was visibly shaking as he emptied his massive balls inside her hot pussy. After a few moments he slowly withdrew his long shiny cock from her once tight pink pussy. Brooke lay trembling over the arm of the sofa as enough spunk to have filled a glass started to gush out of her and ran down her legs.It was now a free for all as Brooke was pulled back onto the sofa. Imran and Lenny took turns in fucking her while she eagerly sucked Joel and Shola’s black cocks. Each one shot off inside her and with the intensity of the multiple fucking that she was receiving her blowjobs were becoming amazing. Her hunger for the meet seemed insatiable as she sucked and licked their massive meaty cocks.Immediately after sucking Joel’s monster black cock and swallowing his cum she was now begging him. “Let me suck you again!” She grinned. “Please?”“What’s that white slut? You like my black cock do you?” Joel asked as he slapped her face with his slimy cock. “You can’t get enough of it can you?”“No!” She whispered again with a grin. “Please?”Lenny looking at the peepholes in the wall inserted two fingers into Brooke’s gaping spunk filled pussy. They hardly touched the sides. Grinning he pulled his fingers out only to replace them with two more. Brooke began grinding her hips onto his hand. “Does that feel good?” He asked her. “Fist me you horny bastard!” She squealed as she nodded and pressed her hips down onto his hand and wrist.“Come on slut, does that feel good?” He asked again teasingly. The other three men laughed as you groaned loudly.“Yes! Fuck yes! Oooh! Yes it’s so fucking good!” She squealed when he twisted his hand 180 degrees inside her.She immediately arched her back and pushed her arse further into the air.Lenny pushed with his hand and she pushed back against him and onto his hand until his knuckles and complete hand was sucked into her body.Marcus couldn’t believe his eyes! He had never seen anyone fisted but now he and the audience were watching it happen with his step-daughter. Lenny kept grinning at the wall as Brooke bounced back and forth on his fist! Her head was shaking as she screamed out.“Fucking Hell! Fucking Hell! Fucking Hell! I’m cumming! Faster, faster, fucking hell! Yessssssssssssss!” She screamed as another orgasm ripped through her body. Lenny removed his hand and as Brooke attempted to get her breath back Shola quickly moved behind her. He pressed his fat black knob against her anal ring. “Oh, my fucking god!” She groaned in half-protest.It took him a few seconds to get the cock head past her tight ring but when he did the excess cum that had slid out of her battered cunt lubricated his shaft. He pushed and filled her arse as easily as he had previously filled her cunt.She let out a muffled scream as she bit down on the sofa.Shola’s cock banged into her arsehole like a steam train! She made no attempt to stop him and after a few minutes her head was rocking from side to side in sexual ecstasy. Because he’d already cum twice Shola was taking an absolute age fucking her tight arsehole. Marcus could see his step-daughter’s eyes were twinkling like stars. Shola came and withdrew.When the men had finished with her, she sat on the sofa with her legs wide apart, very tired and covered in dry cum. She was sipping on a can of beer that she had been given. The men stood around smoking and drinking. Lenny left the room and came around to where Marcus was standing.“Did you enjoy that!” He asked. “Fucking hell yes!” He replied still standing with his trousers around his ankles and his cock just starting to soften.“Right, well she has been great but we ain’t finished with her and by the look of her nor has she had enough yet!” He laughed.Startled, Marcus looked back through the peephole and could see Brooke with her lips locked around Joel’s huge cock head once again.“You can fuck off now and we’ll make sure she gets home okay!” He told Marcus in a stern voice. Dumbfounded he simply nodded as he pulled his trousers up and finally put my sore cock away. He wandered back to his car in a daze, leaving Brooke behind to do whatever they, or she wanted to do.Brooke returned later that night with a smile on her face and a new list of friends.“You going out again?” Marcus asked the following morning.“Yes Daddy, to see my new friends again!” She grinned innocently and Marcus felt his cock harden in his trousers again. “Can I come?” He smiled.