Britney Spears Impregnates Christina Aguilera
Chapter 1

“G’night, see ya tomorrow, Christina!”

“Good night, Bob!”

Christina Aguilera said as she heard the door close behind the production manager as he exited the studio and continued removing her make-up after a long day of work. She looked up at a clock – 9:20 p.m.

She was late.

She looked back at her dressing room mirror as she finished removing the last bits of her make-up. She stood up, closed her eyes and stretched; it had been a very long day. Suddenly, she smelt the familiar odor of Britney’s perfume.

She smiled and looked in the mirror.

“You’re late” she said without turning around.

“Sorry” replied Britney.

“That’s it? Sorry? No explanation?”

Britney moved closer and put her arms around Christina’s waist, pressing her own pelvis hard against Christina’s ass.

“Did you miss me?” she asked.

Christina could feel Britney’s excitement growing as her member strained against her tight, white khakis. She grinned.

“You always keep me waiting.”

“Because I know you love it.”

Britney kissed Christina’s neck and began to dry hump Christina’s small but beautiful ass.

“I love this ass” she whispered as she continued to kiss her neck.

Christina could feel her wetness soaking through her panties.

“I’ve been waiting all day for just a taste of that big fat cock of yours.”

“Then, by all means!”

Christina turned around and kissed Britney full on the lips and slid her hands down to Britney’s jean zipper, slowly sliding it down to reveal Britney’s cock restrained only by her delicate lace panties. She took time to rub it before finally letting it loose. Britney’s cock sprung loose to its full 7 inches, even after all the times they had made love, Christina was still shocked every time she saw it. It was so strange to see a female penis on such a feminine and fit girl as Britney. Christina thrusted her hips forward, while rubbing Britney’s cock up and down on her own pants. Britney broke their kiss and looked deeply into Christina’s eyes.

“You’re killing me…I need to be in you, now!”

Christina cracked a seductive smile.

“You made me wait, I’m gonna make you wait!”

They embraced again and Christina’s hands began exploring Britney’s body. She ran her hands down Britney’s back until she found her ass. She grabbed it and pulled her towards her in one swift motion. Britney let out a loud moan. Christina smiled and ran her tongue down Britney’s neck, to her tight white cotton shirt, circling her nipples through the shirt, down to her cock. Christina circled Britney’s cock with her tongue, gently kissing her female balls and looked up into Britney’s eyes. Britney was sweating lightly and had an expression of lust and frustration on her face.


Christina ran her tongue along the shaft of Britney’s dick until finally arriving at the drop of precum on its head. Once again she looked up at Britney as she stuck out her tongue and tasted Britney’s pre-ejaculate. Britney let out a loud moan and Christina finally took her cock into her warm soft mouth. She started working it in and out of her mouth as Britney moaned in ecstasy. Britney looked down at the young pop-star and swept the hair from her face.

“I love you!”

Christina smiled, her mouth full of cock. Christina felt Britney’s cock swell in her mouth and knew she was about to come. Britney tilted her head back cried out as she pulled out of Christina’s mouth and shot her thick load…ropes of sperm splattered across Christina’s blouse, hair, and face. Christina rubbed Britney’s cum into her blouse and mouth as Britney’s orgasm subsided. Britney then cleaned her cock in Christina’s beautiful platinum blond hair. Christina stood up and gave Britney a passionate kiss with fresh sperm still in her mouth. Britney’s tongue entwined with Christina’s as she swallowed her own jizz and pressed her now flaccid cock up against Christina’s pants. Christina gently pulled away and looked into her lover’s eyes.

“I love you,too!”

Chapter II

The following morning….


“God dammit, I hate that fucking alarm” Britney whispered to herself as she smacked it with her palm. She looked over at Christina still asleep laying next to her. She looked so beautiful and she had not cleaned the dried cum off of her face from last night. Britney’s cock began to harden at the site of her teenage lover laying peacefully beside her…naked. A smile crept across her face and she pressed her cock up against Christina’s ass.

“Wakey, wakey!”

Christina opened her eyes and looked at Britney.

“Jesus, that thing never quits, does it?”

“Not with such a beautiful girlfriend like you it doesn’t” Britney said, still rubbing her penis on her lover’s ass.

“Besides, I’m trying to get you pregnant.” Britney smirked.

“Well, I wouldn’t think so after the way you blew your load all over me last night!”

“Oh come on, sometimes I just need to see you covered in my sperm, it’s a….hermaphrodite thing.”

“Heh, I guess once in a while is ok. Just don’t make it a habit.”

“I’m about to blow my load all over your ass if we don’t do something soon!”

Christina didn’t need need anymore encouragement. She turned over and laid on her back.

“All right, do your thing!”

Britney flung her leg over Christina’s hips and stuck her cock into Christina’s snatch in one quick motion. Christina let out a moan as she was penetrated by her girlfriend. Britney lay eye-to-eye with Christina and pressed her ample breasts into her young lover’s B-cup tits. She started to move them in concentric circles, their nipples getting hard against each other. Christina let out a breathy moan. Britney lifted her upper body above her mate’s and drove her cock in and out of Christina’s tight vagina, missionary-style. As Britney pumped with more intensity, her lover’s cunt became more wet as it clenched onto Britney’s hard shaft.

“Pump me full of your seed Britney! I want you to impregnate me! I want to be pregnant with your c***d!”

Hearing this was almost too much for Britney, as she almost came right there.

“Ahh! Ohh! Fill me up! Fill me up now! Give me your baby!!” Christina whailed at the onset of her orgasm.

Britney pulled her cock out leaving only the head in the entrance to Christina’s snatch, and with one final thrust, her cock head pressed right up to the opening of her cervix. Torrents of rich, baby-making seed were released into Christina Aguilera’s young, fertile womb. Britney was in a euphoric state as she pictured her girl-sperm inundating her womb, coating her egg, and being fertilized to conceive their c***d: Here she was, the idea of her as a woman impregnating and breeding with another woman….and that woman being the hot Christina Aguilera! Britney was in bliss!

Coming off her ejaculation-high, Britney then laid down on top of her lover and gave her a passionate kiss. Britney stood up on the bed with one leg on each side of her lover.

“You’re so beautiful” Britney cooed.

With that Britney bent down and pulled up Christina by both hands, placing her head right up to her still erect cock.

“Babe, clean me off?”


Christina was entranced at the sight before her. Britney’s cock was glistening with their mixture of sperm and pussy juice. Christina reached out and stroked Britney’s babymaker for a bit before putting it in her mouth. In and out she sucked off on Britney’s dick, using her tongue to lap up all around the mixed love juices on her girly erection. Christina saw some juice cascade down to Britney’s balls, so she raised up her female member and lapped up the remaining wetness on her ballsack. As Christina pulled away, she gave a big kiss on Britney’s nuts before giving one final extended lick from the base of her cock to the tip.

“Mmm….that was delicious, you got anything left in that thing?”

“Like you said, it never quits.”

Britney Spears straddled her lover’s stomach and pushed her still stiff penis in between Christina’s breasts and began to tit-fuck the young pop-star. Christina arched her back took hold of her breasts and smothered Britney’s cock with them.

Britney was definitely in heaven. She could hardly believe she was here tit-fucking Christina Aguilera after cumming in her pussy. Britney rocked her hips back and forth, plunging her cock in and out of Christina’s left and right breast. The sight and sensation of this was too much, causing Britney to shoot another load of sperm onto Christina’s face and in her mouth as she moaned in ecstasy.

“I told you not to waste it, but since you already did it…”

Christina scooped some of Britney’s spunk up from around her face and put it in her mouth.

“Mmm….your seed taste so sweet”.

“Hmm…you know, I’m not the only one with a cunt around here” Christina said as a mischievous grin crept across her face.

Britney knew what she was thinking, and moved herself up over her lover’s mouth, giving her access to her vagina. She moaned as Christina’s cum covered tongue entered her pussy. She had almost forgotten how good it felt, she had mostly only used her male genitalia when she was with Christina.

“Ohhh! Mmm!” Britney moaned as Christina explored Britney’s pussy lips.

Britney bit her lip when Christina took her clit in her mouth and began to lightly nibble on it. Britney’s cock once again became erect as she was being stimulated by Christina’s talented tongue. Christina continued to chew and suck on Britney’s clit until finally she climaxed not only in her vagina, but also in her cock. She once gain shot her load onto the lower half of Christina Aguilera’s body.

“There we go again!” Christina laughed as she finished swallowing Britney’s cum.

Britney climbed off her lover and got off the bed. She looked over at Christina, still lying there, half-covered in cum. In turn, Christina looked back at Britney, glistening in love sweat. Both of them knew their relationship and intimate act of breeding would change their lives in the best way possible.

For Christina, she would be the luckiest mom in the world.

For Britney, she would be the luckiest hermaphrodite in the world.