Ry and I have become very close, I had never thought I would have sex with another girl, but it had happened. Tadd and I had talked about it, but just as a fantasy. I would have to tell Tadd about it. Damn, he would love it, but, would he really think it was okay. Oh My God…, what had I done, Ry seemed to be content with it. On Sunday night Tadd called, he wanted to know how I was doing, and of course what I was doing. We tease each other on the phone, and he did not know about Ry being there at the moment. He of course asked, “What are you wearing?”

“Oh boy,” I had to giggle and say “a smile”.

“Really,” he ask, “just a smile?”

“Yep just a smile, and some damn ink on somewhere that did not seem to come off at all, (ha ha).” “Touch your pussy, does it feel as silky as it was?”


I ask “What are you wearing?”

“Jaqi, I am in the Hotel Lounge”

I told him “Ry and I had a few Captain Morgans and Cokes this weekend.”

“Remember she was beaten by her now ex-boyfriend. Who is now in jail.”

He was angry that her boyfriend would do such a thing. “What an asshole. ”

God I love him, I was turned on again, and damn, he heard me squeal, I had said “don’t”.

He was curious, “Why did you say don’t?”

I am a poor liar, I told him “I” , but I did not get anymore said.

Ry was between my legs, and she was making it impossible to carry on this conversation.

He got more curious, he ask “Are you using your vibrator?”

I again squeaked. Oh shit, I was in total bliss, my clit was so sensitive, and Ry was sucking on it so hard, I could not do anything but come.

When I finally was able to talk again, Tadd was still on the phone, and he wanted to know “What is happening?”

I told him “Your fantasy might be coming true.”

“What” he ask.

I told him, “I was experimenting,” and giggled.

“Come on Jaqi, your killing me, what are you doing?”

I finally told him, “Ry is between my legs, and it was her that made me squeal.”

He laughed, and said “No shit, that is so hot”. “It was that damn ink caused all of this.” I made it sound like I was pissed, but also so he could tell I was teasing him.

“I will call you back in 10 minutes,” He said. “Got to go back to my hotel room so we can talk more.” He hung up.

I pointed my finger at a very naked blond Ry, that was between my legs causing all my conversation problems. I told her “Paybacks were going to be due, I will be getting even.”

When Tadd called back he ask “Is Ry still there?”

“Yes, she is.”

“What are you wearing?”

“A smile”

He said “No, really tell me the truth?”

I said “Really.”

He said okay, “What is Ry wearing?”

I said. “It looks like she is wearing a very sexy smile also.”

He said “Your not playing fair, you mean you are both totally bare assed naked?”

I said . “Yes, totally bare assed naked,” and I emphasized the bare part.

“Oh My God,” he said, “really, so if you are both naked, what does Ry look like naked?” He wanted to know.

“She has tan lines like I do, and she is really sexy, she has really gorgeous upturned breasts, with nice big nipples.”

He ask, “Does she have any tattoos or piercing?”

I said teasingly, “She has pierced ears.”

He said “Is that all?”

“No,” I said, “She has a pierced belly button also, but nothing else.”

“So does she have a landing strip, natural, or what?

“She did use to have.”

“No shit,” he said, “you mean she is shaved bare like you.”

“Yes” I told him “She is very bare like me now.”

“No way” he said, “You mean she shaved bare after seeing you were bare?”

“No, she saw mine, and she thinks it is oh so sexy.”

“Did you watch her shave herself bare, I bet that was exciting.”

“No, I did not watch her shave herself bare.”

“Too bad, it would have been so damn exciting.”

“Yes, but she did not shave herself bald.”

“Oh you mean she left a little?”

“No, she is bald assed naked just like me.”

“So if she did not do it and you didn’t watch, how did she become so bald assed naked?”

“Think about it.”

“No shit, you shaved it for her?”


He dropped the phone, the line went dead, I wonder what had happened (he he).

He called back about 10 minutes later, he told me “You are going to be the death of me.” He then ask “What is Ry doing?”

I said “She is just getting back down on her knees in front of me. She seems to think it is fun to make it so difficult for me to talk on this phone.”

He ask, “Would you consider trading places, and let her talk to me for a few minutes?”

I said, “I would love to trade places,” and I stood up and told her, “It your turn to sit there and try and talk.” I spread her legs wide and I decided, that I would tease her just as much as she had been teasing me. As she tried to make conversation, I captured her clit, and teased it.

She screamed, “Truce,” I wickedly teased her a little more and then stopped, şırnak escort her legs were tight on my head, and she was actually trying to keep my mouth from touching her. I was glad I could pay her back a little.

We talked some more, “We will waiting for you when you can come back.” I said.

Ry and I got to where we really enjoyed each others company more and more, and we kept each other very happy.

We talked a lot on the phone with Tadd, and he was going crazy with desire to get back and be with us. I was starting to think I had been stupid. I started wondering if once Tadd was with her and me, wouldn’t he just want her. She was 9 years younger and so youthful. She was also a very gorgeous girl, I was starting to worry. Tadd was like 39 years old, and I could just see him loving her. Oh damn, why did I do this, I loved Tadd, now I would loose him. Talk about insecure, I was, and why, they both made sure I was happy.

Tadd flew back, in the middle of September, and I could hardly wait. It was late Saturday when he got there.

Ry had told me she would not be around that weekend though.

I was shocked, we had been planning for this I thought.

She told me, “I am going to see my mom this weekend. Besides you and Tadd need to have some quality time.” I knew she was making sure that I was taken care of, I really did love her.

Tadd arrived, he was really wore out. We had a great time, we talked about Ry, and I was sorry she was not there, but I also found that Tadd wanted me, he had a fantasy of being with Ry, but I was the one he wanted. We had a nice candle light dinner, and never did really turn any lights on.

I called Ry “Thank you,”

She was as bubbly as she could be.

I ask, “Can you come back early maybe?” I wanted Tadd to at least get to see her. We had been having so much phone sex for the last few weeks.

She said, “I’m already back. I came back Saturday night. Mom had a date, and we were not getting along anyway.”

I ask, “Why didn’t you call me?”

She said “I wanted you to be with Tadd and to be happy.”

She came over to my condo. I let her in. I really loved when we walked into the living room and I saw Tadd’s mouth drop open. He had met her before, with me at work, but he never realized how pretty she was, and how wild. I think it is different when you have been intimate, he just realized she was “drop dead gorgeous”.

She walked over to him. He gave her a big hug, and I overheard him say “Thanks” to her.

I frowned when they saw me, and he laughed, he said, “Ry called me and told me she was not going to be here this weekend, because she could sense you were having trouble with it.”

I just went to both of them, and told them, “I need a group hug.” I could not believe it, I had two people I loved dearly, and I now knew they loved me so.

I looked at Ry, and ask, “Would it be alright if we played a little, I think I need both of you if its okay.?”

They both grinned and they realized I was okay, and maybe this would work.

Tadd said “I would love to see those “smiles” you were wearing when I talked to the both of you that the first time.”

I mean, could we really object when he ask so politely. We all knew what he meant by “smiles” also.

I ask, “Can I undress Ry, first?”

She said “Jaqi, you should let me undress you first, as he has seen you naked before, and I have seen you naked before, so it would be best if you were the first one naked.”

“Okay, I could not argue with that reasoning.”

So she took off the shirt I was wearing, and you might know, someone had not bothered putting on a bra today, I hate bras. She then unzip my skirt and it fell to the floor, leaving me in a black set of lacy underwear, some Tadd had actually picked out once at a store. She had me lift my legs as she released the strap on each shoe and removed them, now I was just wearing the little black lace and that was it. She slipped her fingers in them, and let they slipped down my thighs.

Tadd was smiling as he saw that his name was still on my naked mound. He grinned and said “I love it, I’m glad you kept it.”

I told him, “Ry touched it up so it was all fresh for you this time.” I was now totally naked, with two people dressed, I was not embarrassed at all.

Tadd ask, “Can you return the favor to Ry now?”

I looked at Ry and nodded. She gave me that look of sure it would be okay.

I then unbuttoned her sweater, and saw she had a black bra on under it. I thought about removing her bra next, but I wanted Tadd to see her legs first, and so I unbuckled her belt, and unsnapped her jeans. I was starting to slide them down, when I told her, “Please sit down so I can take your shoes off first.” I removed her shoes, and then her socks. “Okay, stand back up.” I was enjoying this, and I slid her jeans on down, her black briefs tried to come down with the jeans but I pulled them back up before Tadd saw anything. She is very fit, and I wanted Tadd to see her sexy legs.

I then unfastened şırnak escort bayan her bra, and I let it hang loose for a minute, then I told her to, “Lean forward so your breasts come into view as the bra falls away from them.” I was like a kid in a toy story, what should I play with. I finished sliding her bra off, and she was now just wearing those sexy black undies.

Tadd grinned and said “I dare you to remove those with your teeth.”

Dares, they get me in trouble all the time. Imagine, a brunette on her knees, one with a nice tan, and her cotton tail butt showing, putting her teeth on a gorgeous blonde’s panties, and trying to pull them down. It took some doing, but I managed to get them to pull down her legs. I wished I could have seen Tadd’s face when her equally naked mound came into view with my name (Jaqi) on it.

I got the panties all the way down, and now I stood back up, beside Ry, I am sure Tadd was thinking this was a great Kodak moment. We then turned to Tadd and told him, “Your turn, everyone else was now bald ass naked.”

He grinned, “I love when you say bald ass naked.”

“Just you wait, there might be another bald assed person around here later.” We had him sit down, and we both got one leg, and tried to slide his boots off. We ended up having him take one foot and push on our butts as we slipped the boot off, and then the other, he was now still dressed with two totally naked sexy girls holding each foot up between her leg with her back to him. We then each slipped his sock off, and then we slowly each lowered his foot to the floor and both of us unbuttoned his shirt. We then had to unbutton the sleeves, and we slipped his shirt off. Tadd was really enjoying the attention from us, and I reached his belt and unbuckled it, then Ry unsnapped his jeans, and we pulled the flaps open. He had a log in his pants, but we managed to get them to slide down his legs and then he stepped out of them.

I reached up for his jockey shorts, and Ry slapped my hand, she told me, “We have to both just use our teeth and slide them down that way.” Tadd was having trouble standing still with a naked brunette, and an equally naked blond having their mouths so close to his jewels. We managed to get them down to his ankles, and then I captured his excitement in my mouth, as he was able to step out of them. He was really excited and he had grown very tall, I sucked the head right in and let my tongue circle it, Ry was not just watching, she leaned forward, and let her tongue dance on his balls, he was sliding inside my mouth, and I could feel him stiffen even more, he tried to get me to stop, he yelled “Jaqi please stop I’m going to come,” and I slid him in farther. He erupted in my throat, and I tried to swallow it all, but there was too much, and then I felt Ry licking it off my lips, he was still in my mouth, and she was licking the excess juice from my lips and my chin.

When Tadd recovered he told me, “Jaqi, I’m so sorry.”

I told him “I meant for you to do what you did.”

Ry ask, “Jaqi, can I lick your treasure, I still want to play some more if it is okay.”

Tadd said “I would love for you to play, and let me watch for a bit as I need to recover a little.”

I told Ry “I think we should do a 69, as I want to play some too, okay.”

She agreed. Tadd laid back and watched as we brought each other to a peak, but Ry had us stop just before we came. I did not want to stop, but I did.

She said, “I want to try something, I notice someone is awake again,” meaning Tadd’s friend was again ready to join the party.

I ask her, “What do you have in mind?”

She said, “I have never done it before, but I want Tadd to enter you from behind doggie style while we are in a 69 position.”

I agreed, and as Tadd slid his excitement into me, I felt her lips and tongue reach my clit. “Oh My God, I am not going to last long,” I tried to lick her clit, but it was no use, as that cock slid in and out she teased and torment my clit, and God did I come. Tadd shot really hard also.

When we were able to talk again, he said, “I have never felt anything like that before. I thought my balls were coming out of the end of my dick and going into your pussy.” He shot so hard. I could only grin, Christ I was one very happy person.

“Fuck Ry, we have to do that again, only next time your going to be the one where I was.”

She said, “I can hardly wait.”

I told them, “I needed to snuggle and would love you both to get in bed with me.” We all must have needed it as it was about 11PM when any of us woke up.

Tadd, said “I will have a smile on my face for weeks. I am sorry that I have to leave in the morning and catch my flight back to Dallas. But before I go, I would love to try that one more time with Ry getting to experience it.”

I agreed, “Oh yes, I know that I have come more than Ry so if you can get it up, I would love too.”

He was definitely up and we got back in position with me on my back and Ry straddling my head with her treasure right there in front escort şırnak of me. Tadd slid his cock in her, and it was beautiful, I had never saw a cock slide into a pussy in real life before, up this close and I was amazed, wow, it really is beautiful.

I took the tip of my tongue and teased her clit, and each time he slid forward, I made sure to slide my tongue tip in the clit hood and let it dance right on her clit. I was able to lick his shaft as it slid in and out of her, and to catch her clit as it did I was fascinated with watching her pussy accept the cock. I never realized that the cock slides on the clit as it goes in and out, it was truly something to see. I caught her clit between my teeth once as he was sliding in, and she squealed. I knew she was having just as much trouble as I had, because she had all but quit licking my pussy. I knew we had one very well fucked blonde.

I was so glad I could share this with her. I watched her pussy and noticed she was using some muscles and was flexing them as he slid in and out. I wondered if she had to do this, or was this the way your body reacted. I was going to have to ask her about watching mine. I felt her start to shake, and noticed her skin even got like goose bumps on it, and then she relaxed, I had just witnessed her coming, and it was beautiful.

Ry passed out on us, and Tadd had shot another load in her, and he was falling back and relaxing, I was thinking that this is something that many people probably never get to experience, and how lucky we were.

Tadd had to leave the next morning, but said “I will be back as soon as I can.” Ry and I had to go to work, that morning. That night Ry and I went to the Rec Center and worked out. Then to Macducks (McDonalds) and had a quick supper.

We got back to my place, Ry was going to go to her condo, but I ask, “Wouldn’t you like to cuddle with me?”

She said, “I would love it, but could we just cuddle, as my pussy is rather raw, and so are my nipples.”

I told her, “I am a little sore myself, and I really don’t think I can have another orgasms. I am worn out.”

She ended up giving up her condo and moving in with me, it was good, she was there all the time anyway.

I ask her “Are you ready to start dating again?”

She said “I don’t know if I will ever be ready. Maybe if I could find a guy like Tadd, I might. But I might have to also have you there too.” I was becoming just as attached to her.

I ask her, “Is it just me, or do you think you would have to just have another girl there?”

She said, “I would want it to be you, I can’t think about what another girl would be like.”

“I am the same way, I can not imagine not being with you.”

Tadd had problems with his company, and could not get back to us until the first week in November. We had a great time with him, but he was different. He told us he would not be back again until mid way through January, as he promised his family to go to Europe with them on a vacation during the Christmas Holidays.

I could not believe it.

He ask, “Can you go with me?”

I thought about it, but I could not take the time off, with banking the way it was. I was afraid of loosing my job. I was a mess, and Ry was not much better, we had a great weekend of sex with Tadd, I could not blame him, his family was having a reunion in Europe and it was great, I just was not going to be there.

Tadd ask me to reconsider, before he left for Dallas again, he ask me to marry him.

I told him “I will probably, I just can’t say yes at this minute. We needed to get through the holidays.” I was a mess, and thank God Ry was there to be with me.

The next week, Ry got laid off at the bank, damn economy, that night I took her to dinner at a very nice restaurant. We bought a nice bottle of wine and went back to my condo. I was feeling bad because I did not know what would happen with Ry not having a job. I was feeling that my world was being destroyed.

I was sipping my wine, and I looked at Ry and ask her, “Do you have any fantasies, what do you dream about?”

She said, “Don’t laugh, I have always dreamed about being tied up and having someone totally have control of me.”

“WOW, really, I have had the same dream, and lately she was the one tying me up in it.” I finally said, “If you would like, maybe we could do it, I could tie you up one night, and you could return the favor the next time to me.

We looked around the condo, but found we did not have anything that would work for what we wanted to do. We agreed we might have to go to the hardware store tomorrow and see what we might find. We just cuddled in each others arms and fell asleep.

The next morning I ask her, “Are serious about your fantasy, how far do want to go?”

She said, “I am very serious, I will go as far as you will, but I am not into experiencing horrible pain, but some would be fun.”

I told her, “I think we might need to go to some store that specializes in what we might need.”

She ask, “Where might that be?”

I told her, “We might ought to take the day and run to Denver, as it is about 90 miles. We could go to a sex shop or something and maybe get what we want. I will buy as I was working, and you can’t afford it.” We looked on the computer and found a place on the north west side that said they had everything in the adult world.