Bounty Part OneHer name is Elisa Grumway and although she may look like a Supermodel she is anything but. She drinks to much, smokes cheap cigars and eats more McDonalds than a long haul trucker and yet she has an amazing figure. When asked how she pulls it off she always answers: “Good Genes and lots of Running”Elisa is a Bail Enforcement Officer aka Bounty Hunter. You may ask how a Woman who looks like so stunning and should be prancing down a Catwalk in Milan fell into the Hunting game, well it all began Two years earlier. After being “dismissed” from a brief stint as Mrs. Cluck (a costumed Chicken joint Mascot) Elisa was heading to her car when she ran afoul of Morris Crabtree, a two bit loser who skipped on his court date. Being the youngest and only girl to a family of brothers Elisa easily trounced Morris when he grabbed for her Keys. After flooring the skell with one right hook Alonzo showed up. Alonzo Widmark was a Rockstar in the Bounty game. He netted $100 Grand a month hunting the scummiest of the scum, Elisa would later ask:”Why are you chasing this Joker?” to which Alonzo would later begrudgingly respond:”Doing a favor for a friend” Alonzo made Elisa a proposition, he’d float her some of the low end skells while he did the big jobs and she’d pay him 20 cents on the dollar for the lead. She had a rough go of it for a while, but after a few bumps, bruises and a superficial knifing she hit her stride. In less than two years she made quite a name for herself in the Bounty Hunting community and even surpassed The Gooch as the Third best Skip Trace in the Greater Sacramento area (the others being Brick Rockwell, and Gary “The Gooch” Grunberg so named for his signature take down, kicking his Skips in the Gooch aka Butt hole.) On this particular picturesque April Morning Elisa was “Putting the finishing touches” on a night of rather erotic Sex with a strapping Bartender when he phone rang. “This better be good A, bahis siteleri I was this close to cumming!” she said rolling off the Nameless barkeep. “Thanks for that image…” Alonzo said with a sigh. “Anyway I’ve got a juicy lead for you if you’re interested.” he added. “It’s not another Deadbeat Dad is it, they always bust out the Waterworks.” “Nope this is a big one, I sent you the file in an E-mail.” Switching to speaker phone, Elisa accessed the E-Mail file and read. “George McCarey age 35, arrests for assault, armed robbery, possession, possession with intent, k**napping! This is high profile A, why you tossing this my way?” “He knows me, I jammed him up several years back when he skipped.” “And he said he’d kill you if he ever saw me again?” “Pretty much, yeah.” “Any idea where I can find this mook?” Elisa asked. “He likes to hit up this dive called the ‘Brass Tap’ down on Bleeker, you might ask around down there. But watch out for Big Miss””Who?” “You’ll see.” he said hanging up. Elisa walked into the Brass Tap Pub, which was clearly a product of a bygone era. The floor was littered with cigarette butts and nut shells, the air was rife with smoke and the stench of stale beer and urine. Against her better judgement she sidled up to the bar and sat down on the only stool that wasn’t covered with Duct Tape. “What can I get ya?” the Bar Tender asked. Elisa flashed back to the previous night and her liason with….what’s his name, this barman was his complete opposite. “Whatever’s on tap….and some information.” she said placing a $50 on the counter. “I’m listening.” the Barman said filling a frosted mug with Coors.”I’m looking for a guy, goes by the name of George McCreary. You see him lately?” “Yeah as a matter of fact he was here a few days ago looking on Big Miss.” “Where can I find her?” Elisa asked. “She’s the blonde at the end of the bar.” he said with a jerk of his thumb. Elisa followed his thumb to a rather güvenilir bahis siteleri fetching petite blonde sitting amid a group of burly guys.”The Bimbo in the Daisy Dukes…why do they call her ‘Big Miss’?” Elisa asked. “No, that’s katie her sister. That’s Big Miss.” he said Elisa’s eyes went as wide as saucers as Big Miss came into view. What she has originally mistaken for a Burly man was indeed a woman. She stood about six feet tall, her blonde hair was done up in a Pompador and she sported an oversized leather jacket with “Big is Sexy” Bedazzled across the back.Elisa pounded her Beer in one gulp and after laying down another $50 started for the throng of folks hanging around Big Miss. “Excuse me, Big Miss?” Elisa asked sitting on stool. “Yeah, what do you want Barbie?” Big Miss asked.”I’m looking for George McCreary you see him around?” “Man I ain’t telling you shit Barbie, you best get before I drive you into that wall.” “She’ll do it to, Missy’s always bustin’ people against that wall. That’s on account of it being called ‘Missy’s Wall’.” “Shut up Katie!” Missy said. Elisa found herself outside the Brass Tap, hunkered down in the back of her Dodge Neon. Her “Meeting” with Big Miss aka Melissa Anne Humphries gave her the opportunity to force Pair the Human Yeti’s Cell essentially turning it into microphone/ GPS transponder. Missy had been chatting for almost and hour when she exited out the back and made for a Neon Pink Ford Pickup, clearly her own vehicle as evidenced by the “Big is Sexy” airbrushed across the sides in blue stylish letters. Keeping a textbook buffer, Elisa followed Missy to a ramshackle house on Edgemont Road. The Foreclosed shack was the perfect place to lay low, a long forgotten property from the Financial Meltdown of 2008. “Hey Baby you get the stuff?” McCreary asked over the Microphone. “You know it, Scuzzy says it’s a premo batch to.””I’m not sure a guy named Scuzzy is the canlı bahis best person to buy Meth from Babe.” “Well if you don’t want it…?” Beth said”Now hold on, break out that shit. First we smoke, then we Fuck!” Elisa silently exited her car and slipped around back. As the to clowns got High she put on her “Party Clothes” a custom Hardecker Tactical Vest, Zip Cuffs and Shotgun. She slinked up to the house and lobbed a Flash Bang through the blown out window. A series of flashes and pops erupted from within and Elisa made entry. She found both McCreary and Big Miss on the floor totally dazed so waisting no time she zipped the both up and waited for the Cops…and Alonzo. Detective Ross exited her unmarked squad followed by closely by Alonzo. The two made their way to the front of the house and found Missy and McCreary trussed up like Thanksgiving Turkeys. “Damn Girl, you sure do work quick.” Alonzo said. “I only gave you this Job Six hours ago!” “I was bored.” she said with a smirk. “Hello again Detective.” Elisa said with a smile. Detective Magda Ross returned the smile, albeit half heartedly. “That’s not all, there’s a few dozen Marijuana plants in a spare room in back as well as a small stockpile of guns and $100 thousand.” “Really….Good, let’s see your lawyer get you out on bail this time McCreary!” “How did that happen anyway Detective?” “Ask the Prosecuting Attorney Grumway.” Ross said.As Ross and some uniforms led McCreary and Missy away Alonzo stayed behind. “Good catch Grumway.” he said thumping a cigarette pack against his hand. “Still can’t believe that guy skipped out on his bail!” he said lighting a smoke. “Who fronted the cash?” “His grandma, put up her house to do it.” “Speaking of cash…?” Elisa said holding out her hand. “Easy tiger, this is the Teens it’s already in the bank….direct deposit.” “Oh…so you got anything else for me?” “Damn girl you just jammed up a big fish and you want another?” “You know me Alonzo, I’m like a Shark. If I stop swimming I’ll die.” “Well you’re in luck ‘Jaws’ I happen to have something. It’s not McCreary, but it’s something.” “So…what is it?” What it was will have to wait dear reader. Until next time….