Black Christmas for my wifeWe went to vegas back in October for my birthday we wanted to have a lil fun and since she opened up to black guys a short time back she let me decide what I wanted to see her do so I posted a add on a site vegas about looking for a hung black man for my wife, needless to say I got about 80 replies most was guys that didn’t send pics so they was deleted and kept narrowing down till we had a few that seemed ok but the two that seemed real and fun turned out to be flakes..lolSo the first night was a bust and the second night decided we would catch a show since didn’t think we would meet anyone real.. one guy that seemed ok but really didn’t think he was a match kept asking for a shot but with scheduling wasn’t able to meet till shortly before leaving vegas but he (Irvin) turned out to be pretty cool and I walked to the bar so they could talk and see if they really clicked or not which they did and talked and walked around the casino for almost two hours before we left for home and said goodbye with a nice long hug and a nice kiss..We stayed in touch with Irvin through text for the next two months and let him know we would be in vegas for Christmas and he would meet us after he was done with family stuff..About 8pm he met us at the Flamingo casino and we had a bite to eat and a few drinks and the whole time Irvin stayed very close to Anita talking and touching each others hands and a few light kisses I told them I was going to play a table and they could get to know each other and could meet back in the room later..I was playing some let it ride poker and made sure I could see them from my seat they sat there talking and started kissing a little more often and each time a bit longer and more passionately I was getting a hardon and struggling to pay attention to my cards so cashed out and just watched them from a few slots but at a distance that didn’t interrupt his game of hacılar escort getting her more into him..I seen him make a few jesters towards the elevators so I went up to the room which was one of their upgraded big suites with a giant living room separate bedroom and oversized shower, I got there way before them and turned off most of the lights except the entry and the light next to the couch and the tv which I had on the 24 hours of porn I bought earlier.. on the far side of the room was a big chair and was pretty dark so I sat there and was going to act like I was asleep if seen but after 20 mins I heard the key card in the door and they came in she made a comment about wondering why I wasn’t answering any of my texts.. they sat on the couch as she text me again and I could feel my phone vibrat on my side but I ignored it.. they sat for a few min talking and watching the por then his hand started rubbing her leg and sliding partway up her skirt he then pulled her partway to him and started kissing her real passionately and as his hand was going further up her skirt and could tell he was rubbing her panties near her pussy if not inside her panties she moaned a few times and said we should wait for Ran to get here he suggested that they could always stop when they heard me at the door she started to say something but his tongue in her mouth stopped the conversation as he kept kissing her long and deep..He slowly pushed her back on the couch as they kissed and his hand playing a lot more freely under her skirt she began moaning more as he layed mostly on top of her kissing and touching as he worked his legs between hers until she just wrapped her legs around him as he reached up and pulled her blouse open and moved her bra to pop her breast out and began sucking on her nipples as his hips began thrusting against hers and had her moaning more and more and she began rubbing his head more as he lowed down and moved his face between her legs and pulled her skirt past her panties and slid those to the side and began eating her pussy she started twisting her head and moaning yes yes yes about the time you could tell she was cumming someone was at the door they jumped up straightening their clothes real fast and she went to the door thinking it was me but was maid service dropping off the towel we ordered earlier. .lol.. they laughed and she text me again then he pulled her onto his lap on the couch they began kissing then she repositioned herself to straddle his lap and kept kissing then she raised up as he pulled her breast out and was sucking them hard his hands reached around her ass and under her skirt and was playing she made a few deep moaning sounds and slowly started rocking on his lap and her moaning got louder and louder and started saying “oh god your so fucking big” I couldn’t see what was going on under her skirt but had me ready to shoot my load watchingPretty soon his hands pulled the skirt up so he could grab her ass and with the little bit of light I could see he had his cock out and she was rubbing her pussy lips along the length of his shaft then his hand lifted her ass a little and she raised up as he pulled his cock head up to her pussy she slowly lowered herself on his cock and she stopped about halfway down his shaft and was say oh god that’s so fucking big and started bouncing up and down on it and her head started jerking with each thrust saying oh god yes oh god you feel so fucking good you could see his hands on her ass trying to pull her further down on his cock until he finally just spun real fast landing her on her back on the couch as he pushed her legs up and slid all the way inside her pussy she just grabbed the couch arm above her head and let out a loud gasp and started deep breathing as he started slamming his cock inside her as her right hand let go of the couch and grabbed the back of his shirt as if to slow him down or stop the hard pounding which only seemed to turn him on more as he started pounding harder and deeper as if he was trying to go through the couch with his cock she was so loud and at times releasing screams of pleasure as she took all the cock he could give her for what seemed like a hour then he started grunting harder and harder and she grabbed his hips and pulled him to her saying yes yes give it to me cum in me baby cum in me which he did very hard…They layed there for a little bit breathing hard and even giggling like k**s as they talked about how good that felt and him saying how bad he been wanting to fuck her since they met back in oct then they got up and undressed and went into the bathroom together and I heard the shower start..I walked over to the doorway and could see them soaping each other as they kept kissing he put a hand towel down on the granite bench in the oversized shower and she got on her knees and began sucking his cock and licking his shaft and balls for about 10 min then he stood her up and bent her over the bench as he got behind her and slid into her pussy from behind and fucked her hard for a few min then stiffened up as he shot another load in her pussy.. about that time I walked in and said guess you guys are having fun they jumped a lil then laughed and said they tried waiting for me but I didn’t return her text I laughed and said sorry was busy watching something and figured they would have fun..It was about 1am now and we told Irvin he could spend the night if he wanted so he said cool that he had no other place to be so I let them snuggle in the other queen bed twice during the night they woke me up with him fucking her hard and being loud so the third time they tried to be quiet sneaking into the living room but she’s too loud to was a very hot time in vegas even though it was 34 degrees outside.. she’s looking foward to our next trip to vegas..