Big Tits

Birthday Surprise………….Ever since your surgery and the ensuing recovery you have had the feeling that you were getting older and less attractive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your blond hair, green eyes, beautifully shaped face and luxurious smile are very alluring to many men. Believe me, I have observed others watching you and it is evident that they are interested. Being a breast and ass man, your breasts are still perky and touchable. Your ass still has a curve that many women who much younger than you no longer have. You are still the prettiest woman in the room, no matter where we go.For your birthday celebration I used some of my Marriott points to book a room in Tampa and we left on a flight late Friday night. We checked into the hotel, got a good night’s sleep and went exploring out along the coast that morning. We visited some tourist sites and walked along the beach to relax and regenerate. I had planned a dinner out on Clearwater beach so we headed back to the hotel. Since the hotel had a very nice indoor/outdoor pool and spa we decided to go down and check it out. We got off on the wrong floor by accident and discovered that the hotel connected to a club in the adjacent building. It looked interesting and we both agreed that we should come back and check it out after dinner. When we got to the hot tub the sign on the wall offered bar service so I picked up the phone and ordered us some wine. The warm water and the jets relaxed us and the wine gave us a warm glow. In the Jacuzzi I couldn’t resist a little feel inside your suit so I ran my hands across your already hard nipples and gently pinched them as I kissed and nibbled your neck from behind. You started to squirm and press your tight little ass against my hardening crotch. Then you turned your head and gave me a sexy French kiss as I rubbed my finger lightly across your pussy.About this time two guys came in and asked if they could join us, you said “sure there’s plenty of room”, with a twinkle in your eye. They looked to be in their late 20’s. We all enjoyed the warmth of the Jacuzzi and the company. They introduced themselves and told us that they were in town on business. Bryan had short dark hair and was about my height (6′), and was a lean muscular 185 pounds. His friend John was about 6’2″, and built like a linebacker. He was a light skinned black man, with a shaved head and an earring. They told us they were in staying at the hotel so that they wouldn’t have to drive back from a club later on that night since there was a great on just next door. We told them that we had seen it on our way down and just might check it out after dinner. You were being very flirty with these two young guys, and they were obviously enjoying your attention especially Bryan. Between the wine and the warm jets you were feeling very relaxed. I continued to rub your thigh until you reached over and removed my hand. You were enjoying teasing Bryan and he was sitting directly across from you. John and I continued to talk, sports mainly. As you know one of my fantasies is to see you with another man. I fantasize about sharing you while we make love. But I know that it is only a fantasy, and you only want me. After another glass of wine I noticed Bryan squirming. I could feel your hips moving beside me as if you were moving your outstretched legs, and I wondered if you had your foot in Bryan’s lap. Soon Bryan said he was getting too hot and climbed up on the side of the Jacuzzi. He had a very noticeable bulge in his trunks, and I could tell you were thrilled that you had put it there.You licked your lips and took a long breath as you looked at his hard young six-pack, his muscular chest, and the large lump between his legs. John soon got out too, and he had quite an impressive package showing through his suit as well. They said they hoped to see us later at the club and left.You took my hand as soon as they were gone and practically d**g me back to our room, where you pushed me back on the bed, pulled down my suit, and immediately swallowed my dick. You are great at sucking my cock, but this time you outdid yourself, bobbing your head swiftly and swirling your tongue around the head. You were moaning as you slurped at my cock. I asked you if the young guys had gotten you worked up, and you moaned louder and began licking my balls. I said, “I’ll bet they would enjoy some of this treatment” and you popped my dick from your mouth and gave me a sexy smile. You said, “I bet they would!” You then licked around the head of my dick while looking into my eyes.I stood you up and stripped your suit from your body, then pushed you back on the bed and sank my hard dick into you. Your pussy was dripping wet and hot, as my cock slipped easily in to the balls. It only took about 20 strokes before you moaned and started to cum hard, squealing “Oh yes!” I said “I’ll bet Bryan and John are imagining doing this to you right now.” Your tight pussy was contracting on my cock and I couldn’t hold back, as I emptied my hot cum into you.Afterwards, as we lay together and gently kissed, you told me you had a confession. You said that you had accidentally put your foot in between Bryan’s legs when you got back in the hot tub and before you could pull it back, Bryan had pulled your foot into his lap and held it against his hard cock while massaging your foot. You said that you couldn’t resist rubbing it under the bubbles and running your toes up and down his length. As you talked, my dick was starting to stir again.You said it felt really thick and long, and you got really wet thinking you could still make a young stud like him want you. I told you any man who was still breathing, would be crazy not to want you. My cock was now as stiff as a board, and I suddenly had the urge to taste you. I slipped between your legs and started to lap at your juicy lips. You tasted kind of salty from the hot load of cum that I just deposited in you.I was so turned on by your confession that I couldn’t get enough of you. I licked and sucked you to another powerful orgasm, and then lapped up our combined juices as you squeezed them 1xbet yeni giriş out. While I wanted to fuck you again, I decided to wait and save it for later. We showered and got ready to go out after that. You put on a sexy black dress, with a cut V front that you had bought just for this trip, a black lace bra, and panties and to my surprise a black garter belt and stockings. After a light dinner we walked along the boardwalk, holding hands and enjoying the cool evening breeze. When we got back to the hotel I asked if you wanted to go over to the club. You said sure and we headed up to the second floor and across the walkway. Once inside I ordered a glass of wine for myself and you told me you wanted a Tequila Sunrise. We quickly finished our drinks while walking around the club and headed out on the dance floor. The place was hopping and we started dancing. You are a great dancer, and the other women on the floor paled by comparison. After four songs I was starting to sweat and I convinced you to take a break. As we walked off the floor we saw Bryan and John talking to a group of pretty young girls. Both guys soon came over, and said hello. They were both checking you out and complimented you on how sexy you looked.John asked me if I minded if he asked you to dance, and I told him to go for it. I needed a break anyway. He led you out on the floor and soon you disappeared in the crowd. Bryan and I walked to a raised area near the dance floor so that we could watch. John was a good dancer, and you fell into a rhythm together right away. You matched each other move for move. Soon a slow song started to play, and John wasted no time pulling you close against his chest. You were looking up into his eyes as your bodies molded together. His dark hands moving across your back looked really hot. Soon he started to let his hands drift to your ass, and you seemed to snuggle tighter against him as they did. Your breasts were mashed tight against his chest, as he explored your body with his hands, and ground up against you.He was cupping both of your cheeks in his big black hands and pulling you tight against him. I felt sure that he had developed a lump in his pants by now. I know I had, just from watching the sexy scene in front of me. When the song ended you stayed together for just a little longer than the other couples on the floor, then John bent down to give you a quick kiss. You returned it, and I saw your mouth open to receive his tongue before you separated. I looked over at Bryan only to see him watching me for my reaction. I’m sure I looked dazed and my breath was coming hard in my chest. Then I saw him look down at the bulge in my crotch and smile. He said” You like other guys hitting on her don’t you?” I think I probably blushed when I told him I did.John had his arm around you as you returned, I noticed you looked flush and John had a huge lump in his pants, As soon as you got to us Bryan took you by the hand and led you back out onto the dance floor, without even asking. A fast song was playing again, but Bryan pulled you close to him and began a sensual grind. His mouth was close to your ear, and I could see him talking seductively as you danced. You seemed to melt into his hard chest, and were content to let him lead you around the floor. His right leg was between yours, and you looked almost like you were riding it. I knew that your black panties were probably getting wet from the friction of his leg against your pussy.His left hand was holding your lower back, while his right hand explored first your beautiful ass, then he moved it up to fondle the outside of your breast. At first you moved it away, but when he returned it, and started pinching your nipple and you seemed to give in.My cock was ready to burst through my zipper as I watched him try to seduce my gorgeous wife. As the song ended, Bryan tilted your head back and gave you a deep kiss. You responded passionately and I could see your tongues as they caressed each other. His hand continued to squeeze your breast and tease your nipple.When you finally separated Bryan looked up to where I was standing with John and smiled. You looked guilty as you approached, but your chest was rising and falling rapidly, and I could tell you were aroused. You walked up to me with your eyes lowered and started to say you were sorry, that you had gotten carried away in the moment because of the alcohol.I simply pulled you to me and gave you a big kiss, and then I took your hand and placed it on the bulge in my pants. You looked surprised, and then I gave you a wink and said “I want you to enjoy yourself tonight. Anything that you want is fine with me.” You kissed me again and whispered “anything?” I said, “Yes anything, as long as it makes you happy.”Soon the guys were back with tequila shots. John toasted you and we all downed the shots. We found an empty booth near the wall, and ordered more shots. You were sitting between Bryan and me in the circular booth, with John on the other end.When the waitress returned with the shots, Bryan asked if we had ever done body shots. I had, but you didn’t know what he was talking about. He said, “With your husband’s permission, I’ll show you.” I smiled and told him to go ahead. You seemed a little shocked when he leaned over and licked your cleavage, just inches from your stiff nipple. He then sprinkled salt from the shot glass on the wet spot that he just made, and placed the lime between your teeth. Then he downed his shot and licked the salt from your chest, lingering as his tongue slipped under your dress to briefly tease your nipple. Then he pressed his lips to yours as he bit into the lime you were holding.The kiss went on for about 30 seconds before you came up for air. That’s when I noticed that his hand had found its way under your dress and he was massaging your skin above your stocking. As you separated his hand remained on your thigh until John said, “Hey, it’s my turn.” You had a glazed, lusty look in your eyes as John switched places with Bryan. He took his time wetting your breast with his long pink tongue, and actually pinched your nipple 1xbet giriş as he licked you. Then just as Bryan had done, he sprinkled the salt, placed the lime in your mouth and did his shot.As he leaned in to lick the salt from your breast I watched his big dark hand disappear under your skirt. His other hand pulled aside your dress and bra exposing your nipple momentarily, before taking it in his mouth. I heard you gasp as his fingers slipped inside your panties. I couldn’t believe it. You were leaning back with your legs spread, while this big black stud was sucking your little pink nipple and fingering your juicy pussy right there in public.When he finally raised his head to take the lime, your nipple was swollen and wet with his saliva. As he placed his mouth over yours, I heard you moan as his fingers worked their magic. I could feel the pre-cum soaking my underwear as my throbbing cock jerked inside my pants. I reached over to pinch your wet nipple as John kissed you deeply.When I looked down I saw that your hand had found its way into his lap, and you were squeezing his thick erection with your tiny hand. I almost came in my pants.When you finally stopped kissing you turned to me with a look of pure lust in your eyes and asked, “Can I have them both, just this one time?” Although I felt jealous of the way these two young studs were affecting you, I also felt as turned on as I had ever been. Plus I really wanted you to experience all the passion that these two could give you, so I said “Sure, let’s take them both up to our room.”You gave me a passionate kiss, and then I turned to the guys and asked them if they would like to join us in our room. You should have seen the smiles on their faces as they both said in unison “Hell Yes!” We all walked back to the hotel. Bryan had his arm around your neck and was stroking and squeezing your breast. Once we were in the elevator he turned you into him and John moved in behind you. Bryan was kissing you deeply and had his hand inside your dress. You had taken off your bra earlier and he was pinching and rolling your nipple between his fingers. John pulled up your dress and stroked your ass. He leaned into the back of your neck and kissed it softly. His big black hand slipped further down and his fingers slipped past your creamy ass cheeks and up into your pussy. The moment was short lived though as we quickly reached our floor.Luckily no one was in the hall as we made our way to our room. As soon as we were inside John was pulling your little black dress over your head. There you stood in your panties, stockings and heels. Your firm breasts were standing out proudly with red puffy nipples, while three horny guys raced to undress.You watched without blinking as John stripped off his shirt revealing his hairless rock hard chest. Then he kicked off his shoes and lowered his slacks to the floor. Your lips parted slightly as you drew in a long breath and u*********sly wet your lips with your tongue. Then John stepped closer to you and told you to remove is boxers. You dropped to your knees in front of him as you slowly reached for the elastic band. As you slowly lowered them his cock was gradually revealed. It hung down and slightly to the left. As more and more was revealed you had a look of awe on your beautiful face. Finally it came into view, an uncircumcised cock, you gingerly reached up and rolled back the foreskin to reveal its large plum shaped head. He was only semi hard and it must have been at least nine inches long and as big around as a red bull can. The head and the last two inches were slightly lighter colored than the dark shaft, and it had a long string of precum hanging from it. Like the rest of his body it was completely bald.You tested its weight with your right hand, lifting it toward your open lips. I noticed that your hand wouldn’t close around it. Then I watched, amazed, as your tongue tentatively darted out to lick the precum from his head. It twitched as you licked it. Then you opened as wide as you could and the big head slowly disappeared into your mouth. Your eyes were closed, and your breathing was ragged as you tried to stuff as much into your mouth as you could. You pulled back and I could see a wet trail on it, before you pushed yourself down on it again, this time getting about half of it in your mouth and throat. I could see your neck bulge as you tried to swallow as much as you could. By now John was completely hard, and it looked as if he had a full foot of hard cock sticking out from his body. You were completely lost in lust as you sucked and licked the big chocolate bar in your hand. I noticed a movement to my right, and saw that Bryan was moving in behind you. He told John to lie back on the bed. As he did you followed him, not wanting your prize to slip away. You were on your elbows and knees with your heart shaped ass sticking up in the air, and your juicy pussy open for all to see.You started to suck John again as Bryan moved into position behind you. This was the moment I’d dreamed about as the head of Bryan’s stiff cock touched your hot pussy lips. I moved closer as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down your slit to get the tip wet.Then he looked over at me and smiled, as he asked “would you like to do the honors?’ You know that I’m a straight man through and through, but the intensity of the moment was extreme. Then you let Johns cock slip from your mouth long enough to say “Please, put it in me.” That was it. I found myself reaching out to touch another mans cock for the first time in my life. It felt firm and soft at the same time. Heat seemed to radiate from it. I couldn’t resist stroking it a few times as I positioned it to penetrate your hot hole. I took my fingers and slid them inside of you to get your juices on them. Then I wrapped my hand back around his shaft and smeared your wetness and his pre-cum all over his dick. He moaned as I slid my hand over the head and slid it back down the shaft. Then I guided it to your pussy and held it as he pushed it inside your wetness. I felt it jerk as your heat enveloped it, then I let it slip through 1xbet güvenilirmi my fingers until he was buried inside of you.As soon as his balls touched bottom, you began to cum. Johns cock slipped from your mouth as you moaned and cried out in orgasm. Bryan held your hips tight against him as you came. Your hips shook and quivered as the orgasm washed over you and I could see your juices dripping from his balls as you writhed in ecstasy. Then as your orgasm subsided, Bryan began to move slowly in and out. You recovered and began to meet his thrusts. Then you turned your head back toward John’s cock and attacked it with a new passion.It wasn’t long until Bryan began to shake and quiver again as your tight little pussy worked its magic. Then I watched in awe as his ass clenched and he shoved his cock deep inside you and let go. The hot cum was bubbling out around his balls as his dick unloaded into your sweet pussy. As he came you were almost insane with lust, as you tried your best to swallow all of John’s huge cock. You were finally able to get about 8 inches into your throat before you had to come up for air. When you did Johns cock slapped his belly with a wet thud. It was awesome! It pointed straight up at his head, reaching well past his belly button.The big bald black stud didn’t like having his cock neglected apparently. It had been a long night of teasing for him and he wanted badly to cum. He told Bryan to move in a serious tone, and Bryan was quick to obey. Then John, still on his back, picked you up by your waist and sat you down right on top of his throbbing meat facing his feet.You had a look in your eyes that I had never seen before. I can only describe it as pure lust. John began sliding his dick back and forth under you. Your lips were open and Bryans cum was running out of you, coating Johns big black cock. He didn’t try to put in you, but just enjoyed the sensation of your sloppy lips as they slid up and down the underside of his dick. Each time you would slide a little farther up until the head of his cock would catch on your pubic bone, before sliding past your sensitive clit outside your pussy. Then you slid even further down and reached back to raise his cock slightly higher. You lay back until your blonde hair touched his face and then began to slide back on his massive tool.You were so open and wet from the fucking that you just got that the large head slipped easily inside your tight tunnel. You stopped with it just inside to get used to its girth, but John was past being gentle. He started making short stabs into you, going a little deeper each time before pulling back and stabbing again. My cock had long strings of pre-cum dripping from it, as it stood stiff against my stomach. It was so hard that it was painful, and I knew if I touched it I would loose control.Suddenly John wrapped his big hands around your waist and pushed you down as he drove upwards into you. I could tell when he hit bottom because he couldn’t force anymore into you. You screamed and I was afraid he had really hurt you, but then you began to shake uncontrollably as your orgasm hit. I could see your pussy trying to contract on his thick penis as you cried out. You were cussing like a sailor, saying “Oh my god! You are splitting me into! Don’t stop! You are my big black stud. Don’t ever stop fucking my cunt you bastard!” You rarely curse, even when I have you hot and ask you to and you have never said “cunt”, so I knew you were out of control.Then you did something I’ll never forget. I was kneeling between their legs at the foot of the bed to get the best view possible. I don’t even remember moving there. Suddenly you sat up and grabbed me by my hair with both hands and shoved my face right down on your clit. You were having one orgasm after another and you wanted to feel my tongue on you as you came.I wasn’t going to argue! I started to lick and suck you clit as fast as I could. John’s big black dick was pumping in and out of you, dragging Bryans cum with it each stroke and I was lapping it up like a thirsty dog. It was impossible to avoid licking his cock too, especially with you shoving my face down and jerking about wildly.Then I saw John start to move even more sporadically and his big balls drew up inside of him. I knew he was about to shoot his scalding hot cum into you and I have never been so exited. As he shoved it in as far as it would fit and held it there, I made my decision. I lowered my mouth onto what was left outside of his shaft and balls and started licking and sucking them for all I was worth. As he started to cum I could feel each pulse as the sperm raced up his shaft and into your womb. I could actually feel the added heat as his cum rushed past my tongue. Then it started to flow out of you past his dick. I continued to lick them both as the salty fluid flowed like a river from inside your pussy.You collapsed on John’s chest, exhausted form the intense pleasure. My cock was throbbing and dripping pre-cum everywhere when suddenly it was enveloped in warmth. I started to cum immediately, shooting what felt like a pint of hot cum into the warm wet mouth that held me. I looked down when I could focus to see Bryan draining the last drops from my spent dick. We all collapsed, you were still on top of John as his cock shrank and finally slipped out of your pussy, spilling a huge puddle of cum all over the bed. I opened my eyes to see Bryan licking your swollen hole, lapping up his friends cum. He smiled at me as he licked you. I think you were out cold at this point. The guys soon dressed and left, after thanking us for a great evening. You were exhausted, but you still spread your legs and let me have a turn. Your pussy felt like hot butter as I slid easily inside. It wasn’t nearly as tight as it had been earlier in the day, but I didn’t care. The feeling of sinking my cock deep inside your used pussy was everything I had imagined. My dick was swimming in the two guys cum that had been there before me and I loved it. All too soon, I added my hot cum to theirs. We kissed, and held each other as we drifted off to sleep.The next morning you were too sore for a repeat, so we dressed and went home. The sex after that night was incredible. ** We relive our experience with John and Bryan every chance we get. Who knows, maybe next time, instead of two men we just might find a couple.