Bi Buddies Having Fun – The Beginning
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I’m Dave and this story is about how a fellow xhammer John and I were able to have some fun together.

I became bi-curious when I started watching a lot of porn on the internet. I started out watching guy/girl stuff, tending towards “amateur or homemade” stuff. Always loved facial clips and facial compilations with cumshot after cumshot shooting on pretty young girl’s faces.

Ocassionally a gay or bi vid would pop up and if wasn’t too hardcore or wasn’t guy/guy anal stuff, I would watch a little bit. And like on guy/girl vids I usually would skip to the end to see the moneyshot. I found over time I enjoyed watching a guy sucking a nice hard cock and balls and then seeing him take the hot load in his mouth and watching the cock pulsing as it pumped out spurt after spurt. Also didn’t mind seeing it splashing all over his fucking face and the more the better.

I started uploading vids that I thought were hot; guy/guy oral, solo and mutual masturbation, frotting and such. All the stuff that I found myself getting more “curious” about. And of course I started getting pm’s from guys saying that clip was hot or I wish I could do this or that. I chatted with some of them but always either he or I would lose interest.

Then one pm arrived and it said something like “All your clips are fucking hot. I love watching cocks cumming too. Have you ever had a guy/guy encounter. I responded back that no I was still just at the “curious” stage. I hadn’t gotten up the nerve to pursue anything yet whether it’s CL or local bookstore etc. And I had to be careful about wife finding out. I then asked him if he had.

He messaged back that he had had two encounters but it was over three years before and he hadn’t done anything since.

Over the next couple of weeks we chatted back and forth about our preferences in all porn but mostly bi-curious and guy/guy stuff. I would send him video links and tell him why I liked it. And he did the same. We found that we had very similar interests & fantasies. He asked me if my wife knew about my curiosity. I told him no and I really didn’t want her to know. I repeated the question to him and he said his wife knew but had no interest in persuing it with him.

Then one night I got a pm from him asking me what region of the country I was in. I thought about it and decided it wouldn’t hurt if I told him the truth because the Midwest is a huge area. And I didn’t think I would bump into him at the local d**gstore. He responded back can you be more specific. Now I thought I need to be a little careful. So I messaged back I’ll tell you which nfl team I’m a fan of thinking that would narrow it down some but still leave plenty of area.

His response was “really, me too”. I wondered if he was just saying that or did he really live in my same state or even same city. I can’t explain it but I suddenly got this feeling of excitement and kind of nervousness. I asked him if the city he lived in was really famous for a certain food item. When he responded back with the exact thing I was thinking of I almost turned the computer off thinking this is some sort of joke or something. But how could it be?

He then asked me if the city I lived in had a city park with an art museum that had a huge fountain in front. I told him yes, but what I didn’t say was I lived only half a mile from it. What were the chances that he lived close by. So I asked him what part of town do you live in? He responded in the new area north of town near the old train depot. I knew he was telling the truth because I had done some work up there so I was familiar with the area. It was on the other side of town from me so about a thirty minute drive.

Fuck , I kept thinking can I trust this guy or is this some sort of setup. I guess he might have been thinking the same thing because soon his little green light disappeared.

I was on the next night when my message icon appeared. My heart started racing thinking is that him. When I pressed the icon I saw it was him and I could see what the message said without having to go to my message board… do you want to try and meet up some time? Oh shit I thought this is really happening. I went to the message and typed… maybe but I’m a little nervous about this. He wrote back quickly… me too. So I guess both of us were a little nervous about meeting someone you had met on a porn site that just so happened to live in the same city and had basically the same interests.

I decided to make the next move and messaged just… tomorrow night? I knew I could get away for a few hours because my wife was working late the next night. I got a message back… might work – where? I had been thinking about that and knew we needed to meet somewhere in public but that wasn’t busy. The park with the museum seemed the perfect spot because it was a large park with different roadways running thru it and there would be very few people around. So I messaged… the park with the museum. Reply… where in the park. I had thought about that also. There was another big fountain in the park but at the opposite end from the museum. It had a road that encircled it with a parking lot across the street. There were concerts around the fountain sometimes but not tomorrow night. All the lights would be off around there except a few streetlights so it would be pretty dark. My message… you know the other fountain where there are concerts – in that parking lot. Reply back… what time? I figured 8 would be good and messaged that. His reply… ok.

I had a hard time getting to sleep that night with a lot of things racing thru my head but finally did. The next day I was nervous all day. The hours weren’t going by fast enough. Since I could get to the park in under 5 minutes, I waited until just before 8 to leave. I drove to the park not really knowing what to expect. I got to the circular road around the fountain and followed it to the parking lot. I looked around before I drove into the lot but I didn’t see a car. Then I saw something way in the back along a treeline. I drove towards it and saw that it was a green car like he had told me. I turned off my lights and pulled up close in my pickup truck.

A man got out of the car and walked slowly over to my truck on the passenger side. The door was unlocked and he opened it and got in. In the brief time the inside light was on I saw a guy who looked quite a bit like me; about my age mid-forties with short brown hair and no facial hair. Not skinny but definitely not overweight and about my height.

Hey how’s it going I say. I’m doing great now that I know you were serious. Right before you showed up I told myself I was only going to wait five more minutes. Well I’m glad you waited. Seems like we know a lot about each other and haven’t even talked to each other I said. Yeah I know it’s a little weird he replied.

You don’t have one of those hidden cams somewhere taping this and tomorrow it will be up on xham, John asked kind of laughing. That was one of the reasons I wanted to do this in my truck because I knew there was no cam in here. No definitely not, I told him.

We both knew what we were here for, unlike when you go on a first date with a girl not knowing if you were going to have sex. My cock was already semi-hard and starting to become a little uncomfortable in my jeans. And when I glanced over at John’s crotch I could see he had his hand rubbing the area. You want me to do you first? John asked. Okay that’s good I said. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pushed them down to just above my knees. John leaned over and took my cock in his hand and stroked it a few times. He then leaned over further and put his mouth on my cock. Now I had had plenty of blowjobs from girls but this was my first from a guy.

He pushed his mouth up and down on my now rock hard member and started rubbing my balls with his hand. After a couple of minutes he straightened up and not saying a word undid his jeans and pushed them down. I leaned over and reached over and wrapped my hand around his hard dick. He was cut like me and was a little longer, but he had a nice mushroom cock head. I bent over and took my first cock in my mouth. It was smooth yet hard at the same time. I did what he did to me, pushing my mouth down and then pulling up, trying to take as much as I could on the downstroke. I started rubbing his balls and continued sucking him for a couple of minutes. I then took my mouth off and sat back up.

John started sucking my cock again. But this time when he pulled up and just my cock head was in his mouth he would swirl his tongue around my head. Felt fucking good. After a couple of minutes he sat up and I went down on him doing the same thing to his big mushroom cock head. We went back and forth a couple more times and when he started sucking me the last time I said something that I’d been wanting to say to a guy for a long time, can I cum in your mouth? If you let me cum in yours, he replied. I then said, yeah I wanna taste your cum because the only cum I’ve ever tasted is my own, I laughed.

It didn’t take me long to get to the point of no return, thinking about soon I’m going to have John’s cumload in my mouth. When I was just seconds away from cumming I said softly, fffuuucckk I’m gonna cum. I thrust my hips up some and started squirting in John’s mouth. I had the urge to grab his head with my hands but didn’t. I not sure how many times I spurted but it sure seemed like a lot. As I shot I could feel John swallowing my warm spunk. As my orgasm subsided he lightly squeezed my cock to get the last few drops in his mouth before he raised up.

Nice fucking load, he said as he sat back up. I bent over and lowered my mouth to his cock. I started sucking him then wrapped my hand around his meat stroking him also. He started to buck his hips up and he put his hand on the back of my head. He was a little more verbal than I was asking me, you want my hot load – you gonna swallow all my sperm. All I could do was groan uh-huh with his hard cock it my mouth. I’m getting close and I’m going to cum in your fucking mouth. He started to buck faster and his hand got tighter on my head. Oh shhhiiittt, I’m gonna cum. I felt the first spurt hit the back of my tongue and then a second one. Without thinking about it I started swallowing as his cock kept shooting stream after stream of spunk into my mouth. After seven or eight spurts his cock stopped pulsing. I squeezed his cock and sucked out the last drops then took his cock from my mouth.

Dude that was fucking hot, John said. I agreed as I was sitting back up. We both pulled our jeans back up and zipped them. Of course now it was a little awkard because I didn’t know if John had intended this to be a one-time deal or did he want to do it again. He answered my question by saying, Dave I dunno about you but I want to do this fucking again. Dude I was hoping you were going to say that, I said back. You live around here, he asked me. Yea about five minutes away. It would be great if we had a more comfortable place next time John said. I then said, man I think we are going to be in luck. My wife just told me yesterday that she was going to take this Friday off and drive to visit her mom for the weekend. I’m going to have the house to myself. Fuck that awesome Dave, can I come over? he said. Of course, I think she’s leaving around eight that morning. I have to work until five but after that we’ll have the house to ourselves. John opened the door and got out and before he closed it said, I’ll pm you on xham on Thursday for your address ok. Sounds good, I said as he shut the door.

to be continued…