Female Ejaculation

Best fuck in yearsStory starts around 12:40 am in the streets of Cairo at Dokki street exactly, she was half asian half swidish, she was heading back home when she stopped by metro market to buy some stuff, i saw her at the cashier when i was buying a pack of cigarettes, i smiled at her giving her a look every woman knows, alook that says you are so fucking sexy n feminine without saying a singke word, she smiled backn then i took the change n went out to my car, i let a cigarette n waited for her to come out, only like 2 mins passed but it felt like i ve been waiting for hours, onve i saw her coming out of the door i got out of the car n offered her help with her bags she again smiled n said thank u but i insisted to give her a ride, she lived nearby so i locked the car n walked with her,she immediately felt comfortable n we started to talk, we walked for like 5 mins but they were enough to know alot about her n most important know she like me, once i made sure türbanlı bayan escort she liked the way i looked ay her n treated her i asked her straight forward if she would like to spend a late night with me n hang out a lil bit more, she hesitated at first but with the right convincing she eventually said okay…we went to my car again n headed to nightclub but she said she wasn’t in the mood to dance so we went to just abar to ve a drink while talking, we both only had a beer that night but it was good enough to make her open up n break the ice between us, one thing lead to another then i strated talking about how sexy she is n admire the amazing body she had on her with her pirky firm nice tits, she was laughing n blushing mostof the time then out of nowhere i found myself asking her to come over to my place n spend the night with me, for a while i thought i ruined the night from the look on her face, she definitly türbanlı escort bayan thaught i think of her as a slut n just want to fuck so i figured out i should fix this fast, i tried to think about something to say quickly n then i came up with something nice, she asked me why would u ask me to spend the night with u n we dont even know each other so i told her that i would be more than happy if i took her on my lap n kiss her gently while we cuddle n feel her warm lap then there was a moment of silence, i thought thats it this is the end of my night but suddenly she grabbed her purse n said lets go, the bar was like 30 mins from my place in new cairo, we didn’t talk much on the way home but once we arrived i looked her through the eyes n pulled her a lil bit closer n told her “i think i like u already” then kissed her on the lips that actually made her smile again, we went up i wanted to bring her something escort türbanlı to drink but she went straight to my bedroom as if she knows the place well anyway on her way to the bedroom she throw her scurf on the floor n winked at me right then i knew this night gonna be a special night n something about her is very special…”Gentlemen don’t kiss n tell ;)” so don’t expect me to tell the details of what happened that night in the bed, did i mention she was half asian i think i did anyway she had a tight very orgnised body n a very very small tight tight pussy, once i penetrated her i thought am gonna cum in 2 mins n we gonna do it forlike5 or 6 times but none of that happenned actually we changed positions for like 8 times n to be honest she was so damn loud with each one of em anyway i kept fucking her don’t remember for how long exactly but am sure not less than an whole hour untill she began to faint n hate it so i had to stop, she failed to make me cum but from all the women i ever had she was n will be the best fuck i ever had, i never felt the way i did when with her i don’t think any woman can make me feel that again..if i ve the chance to sleep with her again sometime i will spend a whole week preparing myself for this night i swear, she deserves it…I loved fucking u Tanyaa <3