Back to work. – There are two sides to every storBack to work.There are two sides to every story.The wife’s story.I’d finished my lunch, hardly a hearty meal, but I did feel a little like the condemned. I sipped my drink, and listened as Gerry chatted to my husband. They’d always got on well, and had been catching up. It had been five years since I had last “worked” but the recession had hit us hard, and me in particular. Mike would have given me the cash to see me by, but I was too stubborn, or too proud to take more money from him. I’d always had my own cash, and always would. It was my independence. The email from Gerry had come out of the blue, but it had been welcome nevertheless. “Gerry, how come you want Eve to model again?” Mike asked. It was a question I had wanted to ask.“Well apart from her being my favourite you mean. I got a message from a website owner, wanted to now if I had any unpublished piccies or videos of Eve. Sold him what I’d never used, nice little earner. Then he wanted more, so here we are.” Gerry said simply.“So you’ve already sold today’s shoot! bloody hell, that’s good.” Mike said.I sipped more of my mineral water, wishing it were something stronger. I had a case of the butterflies. I walked down the stairs of the club Gerry was using for the shoot. It was nice, not the usual dingy places he had photographed me before. This was nice, really nice. Dark red, deeply buttoned leather sofa’s, and chairs. Matching décor. Everywhere I could see no expense had been spared. There was even a changing room, spotlessly clean, as was the loo I was relieved to see. The lighting was already set up, Gerry had used the club in the morning, doing some work for the owner, part of the pay off was this afternoons shoot. Gerry and Mike continued chatting as I stripped off, and then changed into the outfit for the first of four sets. Two were stills, two video’s based on the stills, so just two changes. Gerry was behind his camera, nothing had changed, except he had less hair I noticed. He worked smoothly and efficiently, as I stripped off, pouting, and trying to look sultry. I’d done my make up myself, and had been pleased with the result. I held my pussy, parting my labia, the tip of my tongue on my upper lip. Gerry liked it, but then again he had always liked it. He’d tried on with me more than once. I liked him, but didn’t want to fuck him. He’d got me dozens of jobs over the years, and was a genuine guy, rare in this line of work. I adjusted my legs, parting them even more, as I slide a vibrator into myself.“Just the tip luv,” Gerry called.I did as he wanted. Then thrust it deep as he asked moments later. I always had been excited when I modelled, well most of the time. There had been complete arseholes, but Gerry wasn’t one of those. He had always treated me well, made sure I was happy, even if we were in a cold, damp, leaking warehouse where I had to squat in the yard to pee. He was a gent. Two sets were done, just two more to go. One video, one set of stills. Gerry always did about seventy stills, or so he had told me, as if I was ever in a position to count. I walked off the set, wearing just a pair of black ankle strap six inch heels. I noticed for the first time that we weren’t alone. A girl in a very short red and black dress walked past carrying a tray of drinks. A barman wiped down the bar counter. The girl took the tray to a distant corner of the room, were I could see three or four people talking. I walked towards the changing room, my makeup needed touching up, then a corset and stockings for the last change. I’d almost reached the door, when a guy in his forties greeted me. He spoke with türbanlı istanbul escort an east London accent. “Hard work?” He asked.“Harder than it looks,” I answered. “You look good,” he said, and stroked my bum, “you look very good. Look, I’m Leon, this is my place. Come and talk when you’ve finished with Gerry.”Mike was talking to Leon and a couple of others, another guy, and a woman with severely cut black hair. I had intended to dress before I spoke to him, but the choice was taken out of my hands, as I was called over, stark naked. My heels echoed on the wooden floor. Leon stood. He smiled. “Eve,” he said, “I want you to do some work for me. Mike has agreed, and the contract signed.”“What the fuck has Mike agreed to?” I thought. I soon found out.Leon took my hand, and gently turned me around. He stroked my bum, again. “What do you think,” he asked, not of me, but of the woman, and the young guy who were sitting with Mike.“I think she’ll be perfect, but are her tits her own?” The woman said looking me up and down like a panther looking at its next meal.In answer Leon squeeze my breasts, then teased my nipples so they were once again erect, as they had been during my last set with Gerry, as the rabbit had throbbed inside my wet pussy. He nodded his reply.Leon reach between my legs, and ran his fingers along my pussy. Then I felt him part my labia. I moved my feet so they were slightly more apart. My mouth was dry, even if my cunt wasn’t. “I want you to do some modelling for me, and some work in the club. You’ll get three grand, cash.” “What’s the work in the club,” I asked.“Lets call it hostess,” he replied. I knew what hostess work was. I knew too, that if he was paying that amount of money it would be a hardcore shoot. I looked at Gerry, but the bastard just looked away.I hesitated, examining the options. I’d done hardcore twice, no three times before. It wasn’t what I wanted, or liked to do. But, and a big but. I needed the money. I’d be walking out of here tomorrow with three grand, maybe more. But did I need the money that badly?I made my mind up, quickly. “Ok, but I do have limitations,” I told him.“No limitations, luv. The contract is signed. You do what I tell you, when I tell you, understand,” Leon said firmly.I thought for a moment. “Ok” I said firmly. Leon smiled, “Good, now I’ll fuck you now, agreed.”“Agreed,” I gulped in reply. Leon had an apartment on the top floor of the building. I walked in knowing what I had agreed too. He smiled “drink?”“Love one, thanks,” I replied.He poured me a large vodka with a dash of lemonade.I sipped the drink as he chatted, looking around the flat. He pointed a remote, and the 50” TV screen burst into life. There I was, pouting at the camera, my tits bobbing up and down, nipples rock hard, as I was fucked by some guy, whose name I could not remember. I remembered his cock though, long, but not very thick, hard, so hard. Leon watched the screen, then turned and watched me. Watching for my reaction. There had been three guys, and two girls. It had been a long time ago.Leon took the drink from my hand, and set it down on the table. He untied the cord of my wrap. I bared my shoulders, but kept the wrap covering my breasts. Then let it fall, and stood naked before him. I’d already agreed to fuck him, it was included in the price. My price. Gerry sold me, fuck it I’d sold myself. I’d modelled, done several hardcore films, but this felt more like prostitution, no was. That I had never done, nor any so called hostess work, although I’d been approached more often than I cared to remember. So why had I not told them to go türbanlı istanbul escort bayan hell. Mike knew that, but had arranged the contract anyway. Bastard.Leon was gentle, loving even as he led me to the bed. He caressed me, took his time, which surprised me. His tongue explored my body. I was already wet when his tongue reached my pussy. He held my labia to one side, his thumb inside me reaching for my G-spot. His tongue flicked my clit, he pulled back my clit hood with his spare hand, and flicked again. I groaned with genuine pleasure, and reached for his cock. It wasn’t quite hard, so I worked it with my hand, gently at first, then harder, until it was as hard as steel. “Fuck me now,” I gasped. But I had to wait, Leon would not be rushed. On the telly at the end of the bed a younger me was being fucked in the mouth and the cunt, a girl took the cock from me, and licked my juiced from its length, sucked it some more, before pushing it back into me. I sucked Leon’s cock, I was ready for him, more than ready, but still he made we wait. On the telly I had cum on my face, a girl licked it off. Leon positioned me on all fours, facing the telly, at last his hard cock penetrated my wet cunt, I pushed back against him, feeling his cock now deep inside me. He fucked me slowly, gradually he increased the speed, harder and harder. I was on the brink of coming, when suddenly he stopped, and pulled out of me. But he held me still, then I felt his cock push against my anus. I didn’t do anal, that was my limitation, well one of them. But tonight I had none, that had been made clear. He pushed hard against my puckered hole, and was rewarded, as his cock split me apart. Deeper he went, the pain was still there, it hurt, it fucking hurt like hell. Damm Mike he’d arranged this contract, he knew, he fucking knew. Then the pain was gone, replaced by………oh fucking hell, no, no…..can’t be. I was coming, I groaned……..yes, yess, oh fuck, yesssssssssssssssss. I came, then came again, then once more as the wave of utter and total pleasure washed over me. I was almost sobbing when he pulled his cock from me. He wanted me to suck it, straight from my arse. I wasn’t sure I could, but I did, and sucked it well. He came in my mouth, a huge hot jet, which hit the back of my throat. I swallowed it all, then lay back on the bed, panting. On the telly, a woman who looked like me, was me, looked out, a rabbit vibrator pulsating deep inside herself, while her husband sold her.The husbands story.I sat chatting to Gerry, a photographer who had booked my wife Eve loads of times. I’d always liked him, as had Eve. Eve sat eating her light lunch. Soon it would be time for the shoot to begin. Eve had been surprised when Gerry had phoned her, I hadn’t.Several weeks before, in another pub, I’d met up with Gerry. He had a customer. That customer had brought all his old stock of Eve. The customer wanted more. Much more.“The question is Mike, will Eve model again?” Gerry asked.“Well she says she’s packed it in, but she’s feeling the pinch, as are we all, so the chances are she’ll agree, especially if the money is right, after all, she’s always liked you.” I said.“Mike the money is very good. Two video’s, and two sets of stills, three hundred quid, that’s the bait.” Gerry said.“Bait?” I asked.“Look Mike this guy wants to look at her, if he likes what he see’s he wants her to do some hardcore stuff. I know she’s done a few hardcore shoots before, what do you……….”“Hardcore, what the fuck are you talking about” I spat, confused.“Oh fuck, you didn’t know.”Gerry continued. “Look, it was more than five türbanlı escort istanbul years ago. She did three, maybe four hardcore movies. You didn’t know?”“No, no I didn’t.” I went to the bar, and brought another round of drinks.I placed the drinks on the table, and regained my seat. “You filmed them Gerry? I asked.“One of them, but not the others,” Gerry said “She worked for a Dutch company, Triple X, and a guy in South London, I know she enjoyed that shoot, she told me, and did a couple more. There was talk of America, but I don’t know if that happened. That was around the time she packed it in“Was she good?” I asked. I didn’t know why.“She could have made a fortune. They still sell, her DVD’s, and sell well.” We finished lunch, and went to the club, where the shoot would take place. She stripped off quickly, and got ready. Gerry was soon snapping away, Eve looking into the lens, everything else ignored. I chatted to Leon, the club owner. The guy who wanted my wife to make some hardcore movies. He was charming. He liked what he saw. Gerry had introduced me when Eve was changing. Introduced me as Eve’s husband, and manager. We sat round a table. He wanted her to make movies. He also wanted her to work for him in the club. We haggled. Not over what she would be expected to do, but over the price. We reached an agreement. The price agreed. She wouldn’t like it, but I didn’t give a fuck. I was still angry, why had she never told me she was doing porno. Bitch.I watched Leon chat to Eve between sets. I watched him touch her up, stroking her arse. She didn’t bat an eyelid. The shoot continued, I watched as she played with herself, a huge purple rabbit vibrator rammed in her cunt, a tongue wetting her red lips. She looked fantastic, wonton, available. She had great tits. Her long legs were spread wide. Spread so wide. She didn’t care who watched. I sat with Leon, a girl, and another guy. Associates of Leon. A young girl brought us drinks, but Eve didn’t notice. The barman watched, pretending to wipe the bar, or dry glasses. Despite myself my cock was hard. Eve has that effect on you. She was on all fours now, the vibro still inside herself. I was close enough to see her arsehole pulsating as she came, groaning noisily, looking over her shoulder at the camera, or was it Gerry she looked at. She’d always liked him. Had he fucked her as well?Leon handed me a piece of paper, a contract. I hardly read it, as I signed, as Eve’s manager. Committed her to multiple porno films. Signed her to work as a hostess. Leon called her over when the shoot ended. She was naked, but for her high heels. Her nipples hard and erect. I could see her cunt, swollen, and excited. Wet. The inside of her thighs glistened, wet from the juice from her pussy. She stood there proud, knowing that everyman in the room wanted her, and maybe the women as well. Leon cupped her tits, squeezed her nipples. She didn’t mind, she even smiled as he ran his hands between her legs, his fingers parting her wet labia. She smiled and closed her eyes as she moved her feet wider. She loved it. Bitch. Leon sat again. Eve still stood in front of the table, legs wide, her inner labia protruding from her outer. Her eyes were soon wide, as she heard the terms of the contract. No limitations. Gerry had told me she always had, had limitations. No anal. No more than two guys, or one girl, one guy. No coming in her mouth. Not now. Now she would do whatever they wanted. Leon, Gerry had told me could be a right bastard. He worked his girls hard, even if he did pay them well. His movies often extreme. She wouldn’t do it, I knew. Now she would tell everyone to fuck off, and walk out. She didn’t. I saw her doing the maths in her head. She agreed. Now it was my time to be surprised. Leon wanted to fuck her first. She just agreed, no protest, no nothing. Then they were gone. Leon took my wife away to fuck her.I had my revenge of sorts. I didn’t like it. I didn’t expect her to agree. It had been bluff. My bluff had been called. I’d just pimped my wife.