B7 Chapter 2 EntryChapter 2: forced Entry Calista, Dejah and Kristal finally finished cutting through the deadbolt locks that had reinforced the door to Dee Dee’s laboratory. All right, everyone out of the way,” ordered Rhiannon. Smoke was still wisping out of the lock mechanisms as she braced herself in front of the door. Summoning her strength, Rhiannon lowered her posture slightly and shoved forward with the heels of her hands, so that all of her force was concentrated into one powerful thrust. A dull snap of metal was heard as the last pieces of the lock gave way before Rhiannon’s alien strength. The door fell forward with a ‘whoosh’ of air, and made a loud clang as it tumbled to the floor. Everyone crowded inside the lab, frightfully aware that Jeanne had been at Ebony’s mercy while they cut their way through the door. For a moment, all of them were too shocked or horrified to say anything as they took in the scene and saw what Ebony had done to Jeanne. Jeanne lay sprawled out upon the platform. From just above her crotch to her ribcage, Jeanne’s body did not even look human any more. Somehow, the pill which Jeanne had taken earlier had kept her body from being completely torn apart, and preventing her innards from being spilled everywhere. That appeared to be all that it had done though. Jeanne’s abdomen and ribcage looked like a flesh-colored trash bag that had too many objects stuffed inside it. Some of her ribs bulged outward at unnatural angles, and in other places her vastly bloated stomach almost looked dented, as if it had been beaten it with a heavy object. Ebony’s semen covered almost every inch of Jeanne’s body from the waist up. Her face and hair were soaked with it too, so that it almost looked as if her head had been underwater. Even more shocking was the fact that Jeanne rolled her head slowly from side to side, giving out a deep, low moan of pain. “Oh my god!” cried Dee Dee, when she saw the movement of Jeanne’s head. “She’s still alive!” “How’s that even possible, after what Ebony did to her?” cried Tiffany. Ebony slowly turned her head to face the intruders. Her eyes blazed with a strange, alien light. Her massive member had finally spent itself, and now hung down to her knees. It was still as thick as any girl’s arm, even in its limp state. “What business do you have here, mortals?” she growled out in a harsh, low voice almost unrecognizable. After she had fucked Jeanne, it was a strain for her powers, but the Enchan-tress could still exert her will, and reach out and speak through Ebony’s mind and body. “What the fuck have you done here, you bloody monster?” shrieked Clyda. “Choose your words carefully, mortal,” replied the Enchantress, through Ebony’s body. “For I wield powers that you cannot even begin to fathom.” “Who the fuck do you think you are, Ebony?” shouted Tiffany. “All I see is someone who’s too big for their damned britches, and needs to be taught a lesson,” growled Rhiannon. She turned to Calista and whispered, “Get me the ship on the communicator right away. Don’t ask questions, just do it.” Ebony glared at Rhiannon. “I know not who you are mortal wench. But keep a civil tongue in your head, or I shall put you in your place!” The Enchantress was used to having her every whim obeyed, and issuing commands to her servants on a regular basis. By now, all the girls in the room were wondering why ‘Ebony’ did not recognize any of them. This was because although the Enchantress had taken possession of Ebony’s body, but she did not have her memories fully absorbed into her consciousness yet. Rhiannon stepped forward and assumed a fighting stance. “I’d just like to see you try and do that, you fucking over-sized lummox!” She taunted Ebony, wiggling her fingers in a ‘come here’ motion, and softly swaying her body from side to side as moved on the balls of her feet. “Very well mortal,” snarled the Enchantress, “your insolence has earned this!” If Rhiannon had been in the Enchantress’ dimension, the battle would have been short-lived, for the goddess could have easily enforced her will, or used any number of spells to subdue her. But the Enchantress was reaching out through time and space to possess Ebony. And her own physical dimensions were much the same as those of the Earth girls; she was certainly not used to navigating the eight-foot form of Ebony’s transformed body. But her anger easily got the best of her. She turned and strode toward Rhiannon, standing over a foot taller than her. Rhiannon had quickly suspected that someone was somehow possessing Ebony. Now her strange speech and her awkward movements were confirming this. “Rhiannon, be careful…” said Tiffany. “Don’t worry about her, Tiffany,” said Vantha. “In all the time we served together, there’s only been a handful of times when Rhiannon’s lost any kind of combat or duel on the ship.” “She knows so many forms of self-defense and combat techniques from the military, it’s scary,” added Rayleena. “This is almost going to be too easy,” Rhiannon thought to herself. “Leave this over-grown bitch to me, girls,” she called out. Rhiannon stood her ground, letting the Enchantress come to her, knowing her anger would probably make her lose what little belugabahis giriş control she had over Ebony’s body. The Enchantress lunged out with her arms, intending to grab Rhiannon and simply throttle her. Rhiannon easily ducked under her grasp, and quickly wrapped her arms around Ebony’s waist in a bear hug. “Oof!” Ebony grunted in surprise, as Rhiannon’s alien power nearly squeezed the breath out of her. In her own dimension, the Enchantress recoiled in shock as she felt Rhiannon’s grip on Ebony’s body through her spell of possession. “And now here’s where you get yours, you cunt. Big time,” muttered Rhiannon. Without warning, she leaped and turned her body at the same time, similar to a ‘suplex’ move by a wrestler. She twisted her body to one side, so that Ebony would take the full impact on the floor with her back. A second later, Ebony hit the floor with the force of a falling tree. The impact knocked the wind completely out of Ebony, nearly rendering her u*********s. Back in her own dimension, the force of Ebony hitting the floor struck the Enchantress, and she recoiled so hard that she nearly tipped her chair over. She could not remember when anyone had ever raised a hand against her. Her spells protected her to a degree from the physical damage inflicted to Ebony, but she was still completely stunned and shocked. “That takes care of that,” said Rhiannon, as she rose from Ebony’s body, and placed one foot on her stomach, like a gladiator. “Vantha, Rayleena. Get over here. We’re gonna strap this piece of meat onto one of the other platforms. Then she’s gonna learn a lesson that she’ll never forget.” “Just what do you think you’re going to do with my lab?” asked Dee Dee. “Use your head, Dee Dee,” retorted Rhiannon. “Everyone here saw how ‘Ebony’ talked and acted just now. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that someone was controlling her mind and body just now.” “She’s right,” said Tiffany. “We never knew Ebony to act like that before.” “The first thing we have to do is get her restrained,” said Rhiannon. “I got the drop on her so quickly because whoever took possession of her wasn’t used to her new body. I wouldn’t want to have to make a habit of fighting someone her size, especially once she gains better coordination.” “Okay, you’ve got a point,” admitted Tiffany. “Clyda, Vantha, Rayleena, get over here, and help me strap Ebony to one of these other platforms.” Across the Island, Barocca had watched Ebony’s **** of Jeanne in shock and horror. She didn’t know what she might be able to do, but she knew she had to make it to Dee Dee’s lab, to be at Jeanne’s side. Thanks to the confusion running amok on the Island, no one seemed to be paying much attention at all to Barocca. Calista hurried over to Rhiannon’s side. “I’ve got the ship on the communicator, as you asked.” She plucked the device from Calista’s hand. “This is Commander Rhiannon. Lock onto my coordinates, and beam down an emergency medical team right away. No, everyone on the landing party is fine. Just get their butts down here! I’ll explain things later.” “What’s going on here, Rhiannon?” asked Dee Dee. “We’re going to transport Jeanne to the starship, and see if we can save her there.” “But I haven’t even had a chance to look at her yet…” “Listen, Dee Dee. I don’t mean to snub your medical skills, but take a look at Jeanne. After what Ebony did to her, it’s a miracle that she’s even still alive. And we both know it’s only a matter of time for her, in her condition, if something isn’t done right away. As good as you are at equipping your girls with pricks, you have to know that you can’t begin to repair the kind of damage that Ebony’s done to her.” “And just what makes you think that you can?” retorted Dee Dee. “Dee Dee, please listen to me,” interjected Calista. “Our race is much more advanced than yours, scientifically. Not only can we do body modifications like turning ourselves into shemales, like you’ve done, we have all sorts of other technology that you don’t have access to.” Rhiannon took a deep breath to regain her composure, and placed her hand on Dee Dee’s shoulder. “Calista’s right, Dee Dee,” she said softly. “If a limb is lost in battle, we can regenerate it from a strand of DNA from that person, so long as they haven’t passed away. And some of the telepaths that we have can also help her cope with the mental trauma that she’ll have to deal with, even if we can save her body.” “Dee Dee, I know that it’s rough admitting there isn’t anything that you can do,” said Tiffany. “But this looks like it may be Jeanne’s only chance.” “All right,” said Dee Dee with an exasperated sigh. “Just please promise me that they’ll do everything in their power to save her.” “You can rest assured they damn well better,” said Rhiannon. She turned her head to the other platform where the girls were securing Ebony. “How’s it going over there?” “We’re almost done,” said Rayleena. “She’s so damned big, she barely fits these straps.” Clyda helped position Ebony’s limp body in place on the platform, and then held it as the restraints were fixed in place. She couldn’t help staring at Ebony’s naked body, and her massive member. Even limp, belugabahis güvenilirmi it was almost as huge as Clyda was at her peak with an erection. “And to think this thing was almost twice as large, and Ebony was pummeling Jeanne with it like a freight train earlier,” thought Clyda. Her body shuddered involuntarily at the thought. “I appreciate what you’re doing very much,” said Dee Dee said to Rhiannon and the other Vectran girls. “But right now, my lab is so crowded, we’re bumping into each other. Summer, I’d like for you to go the infirmary, and wait for me there. There isn’t anything else that you can do here, and I still want to run a full checkup on you later on.” “You can pay Jordan a visit, and see how she’s doing while you’re there,” added Tiffany. “All right,” said Summer. “I’ll see you all later on.” Moments later, a shimmering, glowing effect appeared in the air on the other side of the room. Three members of the starship crew wearing the medical uniforms materialized. Even though they were used to seeing the victims of battle and other injuries, they still fought to control their emotions when they saw Jeanne lying on the platform. “How did this happen, sir?” asked the lead technician. “I’m glad you’re here,” said Rhiannon, as if she hadn’t heard her. “The first thing you’re going to do is give this girl something for the pain that she’s obviously in. Now!” “Yes, sir.” She quickly produced a device like a hypodermic needle, and filled it with a liquid, and then injected it into Jeanne. Within seconds, Jeanne’s breathing returned to normal levels, and then it almost appeared as if she were asleep. “Now as for how everything happened, that’s a story that’s too long to go into now. I want you to place this girl on a stretcher, and transport her back to the Delphi 4. From there, you’ll expend every effort to repair the damage that’s been done to her in surgery. This girl is human, not Vectran. So tell the surgeons to remember that, and take their time, and get it right. If for any reason she doesn’t make it, they’ll answer to me personally.” “Yes, Commander,” the technician replied as they carefully laid Jeanne on a stretcher. “We’ve got her as stable as we can right now. She’ll go straight to surgery, once we’re back on the ship.” “All right. I know you’ll do your best. Contact me as soon as you know anything definite.” One of the other technicians spoke into her communicator, and a moment later they all quickly disappeared in the shimmering light. “I’m sorry if I was a little rude just then,” said Rhiannon, “but Jeanne’s in the best place she can be right now.” “Just so long as they can save her,” said Dee Dee. “She may not have been the most popular girl around here, but nobody deserves what happened to her.” From across the room, the Enchantress had recovered her senses. Shock and rage welled up inside her, as she tried to move Ebony’s body, and could not, because of the restraints holding her on the platform. “How dare you mortals try and shackle a goddess?” she shouted out. “Release me at once, or you shall all be made to suffer dearly!” “Oh geez, is she starting that crap again?” muttered Tiffany. “It’s like I said earlier Tiffany,” said Rhiannon. “Someone is possessing Ebony’s mind and body right now. It’s important that you make this clear to everyone, so that they’ll know Ebony didn’t do this to Jeanne of her own conscience.” “If Ebony had the cameras set up to broadcast her while she ****d Jeanne, they’re probably still going now,” said Tiffany. “A bloody brilliant time for a live telecast,” muttered Clyda. “Once this is finally over, we’ll have our hands full trying to settle things down around here, that’s for certain,” added Tiffany. Rhiannon strode over to where Ebony lay strapped to the platform. “Sorry for the incon-venience, sweetie. Tell us all again, just exactly who you think you are.” “My true name matters not to the likes of you, mortal,” growled the Enchantress. Through her possession, Ebony’s eyes still flashed with a reddish light, and her voice was still different from Ebony’s. “You may know me as the Enchantress. And you may also know that you intruded upon me in the height of ecstasy, as I pleasured myself with the other mortal wench!” There was silence in the room for a moment. “Are you telling me that you enjoyed what you just did to Jeanne?” accused Tiffany. “What the fuck kind of person gets off trying to mutilate someone?” shouted Rhiannon. “For the last time mortals, heed my words carefully,” said the Enchantress. Even though she was still strapped to the platform, her arrogance as a goddess led her to believe that she could still dominate the situation. “I am a goddess, as far removed from you mortals as you are from the b**sts of the fields. I chose to take possession of this girl’s body, and to alter her form to as you see it now. I would think no more of using another wench’s body for my erotic pleasure, than you would of slaughtering an a****l to feed yourselves.” Rhiannon stepped back as her dislike for the Enchantress shot off the scale. Cries of anger and indignation rose from the other girls in the room, as they realized another being had truly belugabahis yeni giriş possessed Ebony, and had deliberately tried to tear Jeanne apart while r****g her. Anger and rage took control of Rhiannon, and she slapped Ebony hard across the face. In her own dimension, the Enchantress recoiled as though she had felt the actual slap herself. For the first time in uncounted years, the Enchantress felt fear well up in the pit of her stomach. “You worthless bastard!” screamed Rhiannon. She was panting like a steam engine, and trying to keep her self-control. “I don’t give a fuck if you are an actual goddess, or just which mythology or divinity you may be a part of. I don’t care who you think you are, but nobody can do what you just did to another being, and think that there won’t be any consequences!” Rhiannon strode over to the console where the controls to Dee Dee’s various machines were, and sat down, studying the various monitors. “Rhiannon, what do you think you’re doing?” exclaimed Dee Dee. “Like I mentioned earlier, I’m gonna teach that bitch a lesson that even a ‘goddess’ will never forget.” Her fingers began to move over the keyboards, as she observed which programs were open, and what their parameters were. “Look, I agree we have to dish out discipline here,” said Tiffany, “but none of us knows how the programs Ebony installed work.” “None of you girls do, but I certainly do,” replied Rhiannon. “I can recognize our own technology when I see it in front of me. This version that Barocca stole from me is so old, it’s what I trained on, when I went through the academy.” “Okay, so you’re familiar with it,” said Dee Dee. “Get it off my system, before anyone else gets hurt from it.” “I fully intend to take it with me when we leave, Dee Dee. But first, I’m gonna use it to teach miss ‘high and mighty’ there a very stern lesson.” “Just what can you do with all this stuff?” asked Clyda. “I’m gonna hit her where it’ll hurt the most,” said Rhiannon, as she typed away on the keyboard. “Some of what you may see happen in the next couple of hours may come as a shock to you; and that includes the girls from my own crew. If you haven’t had a lot of experience with the way we Vectrans have sex, and what we can do to our bodies, the changes you’re going to see will be very startling.” Rhiannon turned and glared at the Enchantress, trapped for the moment in Ebony’s body. “Nobody, I don’t care if they’re a god or a mortal, a****l or human, uses our technology the way that she did, and then walks away scott free! Give me ten minutes, and I’ll have a program set up, and then we’re gonna run it on ‘the Enchantress’ or whoever the hell it is that’s possessing Ebony.” Rhiannon’s fingers flashed over the keyboards, as she spent several minutes finishing her work. Then she stood up with a very satisfied smile on her face. “Vantha. Rayleena. Wheel the ‘bitch goddess’ over here. The program has to compile for a moment, and then it’ll be ready to go.” “Just what’ve you done with my machines, Rhiannon?” asked Dee Dee. “I pride myself on knowing my own equipment, and what it can do, but you’ve left me in the dust here.” “Like I said Dee Dee, I’ve got an unfair advantage, having been thoroughly trained on this, many years ago. It’ll do two things. First it will teach our rude guest a very drastic lesson. And it’ll also undo most of the changes that she invoked on Ebony earlier today.” “Release me this instant, or you shall know my wrath!” shouted the Enchantress, as she was wheeled to Dee Dee’s machines.Without warning, Rhiannon turned and smashed her fist down on the platform, so that it missed the Enchantress’ face by a fraction of an inch. The room was silent as everyone realized what she had just done. The Enchantress nearly fainted in her own dimension. “Listen to me, and listen good, girl,” Rhiannon said through clenched teeth. “I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like this. There isn’t a damned thing you can do about it, and you know it. You are going to pay the price for what you did to Jeanne earlier.” She moved her fist back and forth against the Enchantress’ cheek, so she could feel how large and hard it was. “And if you say another fucking word, I swear to god that I won’t miss the next time!” Rhiannon let out a deep breath, and regained most of her composure. The Enchantress was now completely silent in Ebony’s body. “Sorry for the theatrics just now, but that was something that had to be said.” She positioned the platform so that the Enchantress was under the plexiglass shield. “Dee Dee, come over here and make sure this is connected properly, and then we’ll run the program.” The final adjustments were made, and then Rhiannon clicked the icon to run the program on the Enchantress, who was still trapped in Ebony’s body. For five minutes, there was awkward silence as the program ran on Dee Dee’s machines. In her own dimension, the Enchantress summoned all of her energy, and tried every spell that came to mind to try and free herself. But panic can affect a goddess as well as a mortal, and the Enchantress could not recall anything that would help free her. And the straps, which held her on the platform, still kept her body motionless all through the process. The flashing lights stopped, and Rhiannon gave the signal to help her remove it. “Now help me undo the straps that are holding her down.” This was quickly done. “The changes ought to start happening right after she’s out of there. Give me a hand and help her out of this.”