B6 Chapter 19 InterventionsChapter 19: Interventions Ebony strode back through the corridors of the Island to Dee Dee’s lab like a woman possessed. After everything that had happened in such a short time, Ebony’s emotions were boiling in her mind and body like a cauldron. The events in the infirmary had been reassuring to Ebony when she saw Dee Dee awaken to the smelling salts, and recognize both her and Tami. But Ebony’s hatred for Jeanne and Barocca had gone past all levels now. This was no longer a case of ‘who had the biggest set’, or even any kind of sexual contest now anymore. After what Jeanne and Barocca had almost done to Dee Dee, and the revelations from the Vectran girls about what Barocca had done to her years ago, Ebony now had a near-lethal hatred for the two girls. It was fortunate that it was now the middle of the night, and that the corridors were now deserted. If anyone had happened to run into Ebony and tried to stop her, the results would not have been pretty. Far away from Earth, separated by both time and space, the Enchantress gazed at the small island in the sea, on the world called ‘Midgard’ or Earth as the beings there referred to it. The mystic vapors, which were hers to command, allowed her to see any world, in any of the various dimensions. The Enchantress was a goddess of love, lust and the erotic arts, and it amused her to gaze at the beings of different worlds, and view the various ways that these arts were practiced among the thousands of different species in the universe. In recent months, a great deal of her time had been spent viewing the so-called ‘hidden’ island on Earth, and the girls who inhabited it. At first, the sights the Enchantress had seen there had been laughable. A small colony of perfectly attractive females, who weren’t satisfied with being what they were, and who had decided to remake themselves as part woman, and part man. In the beginning, they had been nothing more than an amusing diversion for the Enchant-ress, as the first girls who were ‘transformed’ on the Island were awkward and unaccustomed to their new appendages. But like the ugly ducklings who eventually evolved into the beautiful swans, these women on the island gradually occupied more and more of the Enchantress’ attention in the passing years. Not only were the women on the island attractive to gaze at in the first place, the way that they performed their sexual acts with each other, and the passions that they produced were nothing short of amazing to the Enchantress. Simple amusement slowly turned into attraction, and then lust, as she watched the incredible growth and development of the girls on the island, and how they were still able to use their massive members on one another, in a constantly varying array of sexual practices and rituals. 1xbet yeni giriş The last several days had been especially active, and the emanations from the island stronger than anything the Enchantress had ever felt before, as the new girls from another world arrived on the island, and the two sides of girls living there had prepared for their upcom-ing contest between themselves. The passions between all of the girls on the island had escalated even further once their banquet amongst themselves was held, and then everyone left with an assortment of partners to spend the night in erotic bliss with one another. But what should have been a night of unparalleled lust and abandonment did not proceed as the Enchantress would have thought. True enough, things had started off normally. But after a few hours, the seeds of discontent were sown among the women there. The Enchantress had watched Barocca’s treachery unfold against Rhiannon; and then things deteriorated further as the night went on, with the v******e in the laboratory, and other events that she witnessed. The Enchantress was annoyed that such a night of lust and revelry was broken off far too soon for her tastes. As she observed the actions and emotions of the girl called Ebony, the Enchantress could feel her emotions almost like a tangible thing. When someone’s emotions were as evident as Ebony’s were, it was not difficult for a normal person to read them. To a goddess with the ability of the Enchantress, her thoughts and intentions were like an open book. Sensing the incredible hatred and tensions boiling in Ebony’s mind, the Enchantress waved her hands in a cryptic gesture and cast a spell. For a short time, the spell would allow Ebony to interface and work with the machines in the laboratory at a rate far faster, and far more efficient than anything she had ever known before. If she were asked for an explanation of how the machines in the laboratory worked, the Enchantress could not have done so. Some people will argue that there is no such thing as magic or sorcery; only science and technology that has not been explained or fully understood. To the people of several hundred years ago, something as commonplace as a cigarette lighter would seem to be ‘black magic’ or deviltry. To say nothing of a computer or a VCR. To the Enchantress, it did not matter how a device worked or functioned, only that she had the ability to manipulate it and use it as she saw fit. The Enchantress settled back into her chair, and prepared to watch her spell take effect, and to observe the results it would have on the girls on the Island. As Ebony neared Dee Dee’s lab, she stopped for a moment, and shook her head. She had briefly felt light-headed, as though she were going to faint, but that had passed as quickly 1xbet güvenilir mi as it had begun. Ebony entered the lab, and glared at Jeanne, still strapped and secured where she had left her earlier. “It’s taken me a little while to figure out just what I was going to do with you,” said Ebony. “But after a bit, it was all so simple. You and Barocca had the brilliant idea of transforming your bodies into some kind of giants, so that you could have your way with anyone. I think it’s only fitting that you get a dose of what you were planning for others, delivered to you.” “Get real, Ebony,” retorted Jeanne. “Even Barocca didn’t know for sure what she was doing with all this stuff, or if it would really work.” Ebony glared at Jeanne in surprise. “Besides, Ebony,” Jeanne continued, “everybody knows that the only reason you’re around here is for your muscle. And the only reason that Dee Dee keeps you on the Island is because you’ve got more dick than brains, and you’re easy to use!” Ebony stood up and waved her fist in front of Jeanne’s face. Jeanne grimaced, and turned her head, thinking she’d finally pushed Ebony too far. “That’s where you wrong, you worthless little bitch!” shouted Ebony. “I know a hell of a lot more about these fucking computers than anyone on the Island gives me credit for, including Dee Dee! And you’re gonna find that out firsthand, the hard way!” With that, Ebony seated herself in front of one of Dee Dee’s consoles. For the next hour, Ebony’s fingers moved almost like a blur as she typed entries into the machines, and made various fine-tuning and adjustments. She installed additional programs from the Vectran soft-ware, and added lines of code and text into various files to complete the work Calista had started.Anyone who has ever tried to create a computer program will tell you that it is nearly impossible to write a program that does not have some type of error or typing mistake in it somewhere. There is usually compiling to be done and countless other things that have to be made right for it to work. The spell that the Enchantress had woven allowed Ebony to enter data and make adjustments at a nearly impossible rate. Using the partially completed program that Barocca had forced Calista to create, as well as her own knowledge of Dee Dee’s machines, Ebony had the program she wanted created in record time. “That takes care of that,” said Ebony, as she closed the last program. Then she closed her eyes and thought for a moment. “On second thought, there’s one last finishing touch that I want to add.” Ebony bent her attentions to the computer again, and completed the last piece of work. “That last little item I made was a batch file,” said Ebony. “First off, Dee Dee’s machines are gonna transform me into your worst nightmare, slut.” 1xbet giriş Ebony reached over to a drawer, and looked through it for a moment, until she found what she wanted. She with drew a small plastic case. Ebony opened it, and with drew a small gray pill. “This is what we gave Jordan so she’d have a chance to survive her very first time with me. It’s up to you if you want to swallow it or not,” said Ebony. “With the pill you just might survive what I’ve got in store for you. You’ll feel everything, but you might make it out alive.”Open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” Ebony directed Jeanne. “Personally I don’t give a fuck if you make it through things or not. It’s up to you.” Ebony placed the pill on Jeanne’s tongue. “I’m sure your buddy Barocca blabbed to you about how we put Jordan through the wringer here, her first few days, so you know that what I’m telling you is real.” Jeanne recalled Barocca telling her about how Jordan had been so sore after a day with Ebony. The pill had allowed her to survive the awesome penetrations, but Jordan had felt everything that had happened to her. With fear mounting in her stomach, Jeanne tossed her head back and swallowed the pill. “You’re smarter than I thought you were,” said Ebony. “Whether you actually make it through what I’ve got in store for you or not, I don’t care. But I want you to feel every inch of cock that I shove up your holes and down your throat, bitch. “Now as for the rest of the batch file that I made,” continued Ebony. “The first thing it’ll do is override all of the security functions in this room, effectively making it as hard to get into as Fort Knox. Anybody wanting to get in here will literally need a battering ram. “The reason for that is once I’m transformed in the machine, I’ve got the closed circuit cameras set to come on, and broadcast what I’m gonna do to you to the whole Island. Being the chief of security here does have its advantages.” Ebony turned back to the computer, and entered in a few keystrokes, activating the batch file, and also giving herself a sixty second delay to place herself in the machine. Ebony lowered herself onto the padded table of the machine, and lied down on her back, and pulled down the Plexiglas cover until it fastened into place. A very quiet hum began to emanate from the machine, as it powered up and came to life. A series of multi-colored lights began flashing and moving across Ebony’s body in up and down, and back and forth patterns. The thickness of the shield obscured Ebony’s body, and the lights made it even more difficult to tell what was going on inside the small chamber.Back in her own dimension, the Enchantress watched what the earth girl Ebony was doing with ever increasing lust and anticipation. Things were happening on earth that turned out better than the Enchantress could ever have hoped for. The Enchantress knitted her brow in concentration as she cast the spell that would let her mind and spirit cross the vast distance of space and time, between her dimension and that of the earth.