Awakenings (first time, bi-male)The crowd at the outdoor concert was wild. The bands were fantastic and the air contained the scent of marijuana and orchids. The orchid scent came from the long, flowing hair of the three girls in front of me.My friends had drifted into the ocean of people and had missed out on the sight of these lovely girls gyrating to the music. Their long hair had danced in unison and their butts swayed sensually.The last band had finished their encore and the volume changed from ear splitting to tolerable. I followed the girls towards one of the exits, hoping I would spot my friends on the way out. The chances were slim to none of that happening, so I thought I might as well enjoy the view of my three angels. The crowds thinned out, most heading south, while I followed the girls towards the river. Joggers and cyclists frequented this path, but it was particularly quiet this late afternoon.The trees on one side thickened and I continued following the path’s gentle curves and ups and downs. I stayed a short distance behind. I didn’t want to scare them, or have them think I was some kind of pervert. Suddenly, one of the girls turned her head and stopped. The other two stopped and turned around to look at me.I felt like a voyeur that had just been discovered.The girl in the middle said, “Were you at the concert? Are you following us?”My cheeks flushed red and I dumbly nodded my head.”Did you like the concert? Are you enjoying the view?” another asked.”Yes, to both,” I said.”The view of the river or the view of our butts?” the third asked.Before I could respond, all three turned, laughed and wiggled their asses. Nature made guys drool over a shapely butt and girls knew how to play that to their advantage. Damn, I wish I was born a girl.They veered right at a branch on the path and I continued following the river until it joined with a small bridge. I was miles from home and buses along this route were few and far between. A motorcyclist passed and it would have been nice to hitch a ride with him. A sports car flew by minutes later. An old guy out for a drive. Must have been a retirement gift to himself. It should have been me, not him driving that car. Instead of that, I’m wearing out my shoes on this trek home.A black car slowly passed and pulled up along the side of the road. I walked to the passenger side and peered in as the window lowered.”Need a ride?” the man behind the wheel asked.I was about to say no, but I was parched and there was still a long way to go. The man appeared to be in his late bolu rus escort 30’s, his hair was light brown and nicely styled. His smile warm and friendly.”Sure.”It was nice to sit down and the air conditioning felt great.He pulled onto the road and turned down the radio’s volume. “How’d you end up in the middle of nowhere?””I was at a concert and got separated from my friends.”We spoke for a while and he seemed like a really nice guy. He was married and had two k**s and his Sunday afternoon ritual was to drive along the river, stop along the way and meditate by the river. I had read a little about mediation, and tried it a few times, but my mind wandered like crazy so I stopped doing it.”There’s a nice spot up here. Would you mind if I stopped for ten minutes and meditated?” the man asked.His name was Brian and I responded, “It’s fine. Maybe you could give me a few tips and I could try and meditate as well.””It would be my pleasure. It’s great for the mind and soul. Allows you to blank out the world and all of life’s pressures.”I thought, there’s only one thing I want to block out, the struggle I have with my sexuality. I love the female form, yet I get so totally aroused at seeing a guy in a shower. “Life looks pretty good for you,” I said. “You’ve got a nice car and you said your wife and k**s are fantastic.””I am fortunate,” he replied. “My wife is way too good for me and my k**s are angels … most of the time. But, we’ve all got our secrets. Secrets that are too embarrassing to tell.”I was about to ask more, but we turned into a small lot and he shut off the engine. “There’s a spot that’s incredibly beautiful and perfect for meditating. I’m sure you’ll love it.”I followed him down a lightly used path and the view was spectacular. There were small islands dotting the middle of the river and rolling hills on the far shore. He led me to a small clearing and we sat cross-legged on a soft bed of grass.”Breathing plays a big part in meditating,” he said. “At first, take a few deep breaths and then breathe normally. Feel the air coming in and then feel it flow out. Concentrate on your breathing and if your mind wanders, just try to ease your thoughts back to your breathing.””You make it sound easy. Trying to focus my mind has never been easy.””Close your eyes and give it a try. Don’t have any expectations and practicing on a regular basis helps.”I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. My mind drifted from time to time, mostly with images of the three girls and their smoking bolu rus escort bayan hot bodies. Control wasn’t one of my strong suits, but I was able to re-focus on my breath a few times.Sounds became sharper and they seemed to flow through me. I loved how they came and slowly drifted away.The sun shining down had an amazing warmth and it was like being painted in a coat of golden bliss. My moment of bliss vanished when I felt a hand on my thigh. It made me jump slightly. For a moment I thought of moving it away, but my mind went back to my breath.The aspect of time disappeared and the hand moved slowly. I felt my cock begin to stir and and again a part of me wanted to stop the hand and another part of me didn’t. My cock was rock hard when he touched it.His fingers trailed from the tip to the base and caressed my balls. A moan escaped from my lips and a spot of wetness formed on my jeans. His touch made my head buzz and my hips pressed up to his hand.His other hand touched my shoulder and gently guided me onto my back. He rubbed my neck under my ear and his other hand felt up to the tip of my cock. I felt the wetness, and more dribbled out. I heard him shuffle next to me and his warm breath caressed my neck, followed by his soft, moist lips. A shiver ran through my body and a lightning bolt crackled from my toes to the top of my head. My breath was coming in short pants and he kissed along my neck and then up to my lips. I thought that two guys kissing was gross, but my lips parted and I would have begged for his tongue to slide into me.He pulled his lips away. “You want my tongue, don’t you?””Yes,” I whispered.”Beg for it.””Please. Please stick your tongue in my mouth.”He pressed his lips to mine and I parted my lips as his tongue pressed and slid inside. His tongue licked mine and mine explored his. It was sweet and I sucked on it. This time, the moan came from him. He kissed along my neck, unsnapped my jeans and lowered my zipper. Only my underwear separated his fingers from my cock. He reached inside and the tips of his fingers whispered over the top of my hardness. It was electrifying and my hips arched up to greet him. His fingers slid down and rubbed my balls, squeezing them lightly. He was in control. A hard squeeze would send a shock of pain through me, but his gentle touch sent waves of pleasure.The cock he held was six inches and he touched every inch lightly. He began lowering my underwear and jeans and I lifted my bottom to assist. I was totally exposed rus escort bolu to this stranger and my cock twitched as another drop of precum spilled from my slit. He took my hand and brought it down to my cock. It felt as hard and as hot as a poker that had been left in a fire. He moved my hand up and then down and then repeated it once again. He lifted his hand and whispered, “Don’t stop.”My hand went up and down my cock and I looked at him as he watched me stroking myself. I reached to touch him, but he moved my hand away. I touched the precum that had pooled on my tummy and he drew my hand up and I slid two wet fingers into my mouth. The taste was sweet and I wanted more, but he told me to keep sucking. My hips were moving and the change in my breath told me that I was close to cumming. He touched my balls and the first spurt of cumm landed just below my chin. The second spurt hit my chest and rolled to my side as the third and fourth spasms rushed through me. I held my cock still. The spasms weakened and then stopped. I had never cumm with such volume and intensity. My breathing stilled and Brian slid his fingers into the cumm on my tummy and brought it to my lips.”Lick my fingers clean,” he said.I’d never tasted my cumm, nor had I ever had the desire to do so. But the way he said it made me want to and my tongue slipped out and swiped along his finger. It tasted salty and he scooped up more and I licked again and again. He didn’t stop offering and I didn’t stop licking until all the cumm was cleaned off.I laid still for several minutes.”I should be going,” he said.I felt the first hint of guilt as I pulled up my underwear and pants. Kissing another guy, showing him my cock, rubbing myself and then tasting my own cumm. I like girls … I’m not gay!As we walked towards the car the guilty feelings intensified. I can’t tell my parents what happened and saying anything to my friends was simply out of the question.”My wife knows that I’ve had an interest in guys and that if the opportunity arose, I should act on it,” Brian said.I responded. “I’ve never been with another guy and I swear I’m not gay.””Labels have their place, but sexuality is too complex. You are a bottom and I’m guessing a submissive. You should be proud of that.”I looked at him. “I’ve no idea what a bottom is.””Let’s get in the car and I can explain on the way to your house.”I didn’t want him to know where I lived. “No thanks. I think I’ll just walk the rest of the way.””Okay,” Brian said. “I would like to see you again. Here is my number.”I entered his number in my phone.”This was my first time too,” Brian said. “I would love to see you again, but I understand if you don’t want to. Even if you just need to talk, give me a call.”I watched as he drove away. How could I let another guy kiss me? How could I lick his fingers? Why would my cock not go limp?