AT THE ADULT BOOKSTORE WITH THE WIFEThe wife and I finally had a weekend to ourselves and it was a 3 day weekend so we deicided to take a little roadtrip a couple hours away to popular vacation spot in TN. About 2 hrs into the drive I made a pitstop off the highway at an exit I know pretty well exit 90B off I-75. We got gas, used the restroom, got some snacks then I drove up the road acting like I had never been there before when we came across a little white building with a yellow sign that said DVD’S 4.99 I knew what the place was, it was an adult bookstore. I looked at the wife and said, hey let’s go get some movies and toys… what the fuck she said…We went in and looked around, the place was fairly busy… she looked back into a hallway and asked what is that? I looked back there and said, “I think it’s where you can go watch videos”… hmmm she said…. you wanna go check it out? Sure why not I said (though I had been there many times and been in both the arcade and theatre part…lol) We found a booth that was un-occupied and went in… I pulled out some dollar bills and fed the machine and on came the tv screen… She looked at me and said “have you been here before or somethihng (laughing)… she started browsing through the videos and came across a guy sucking a guys cock… hey babe… that turns you on don’t it as she laughed… I laughed and said.. ” you know it does babe” I was wondering how long it was gonna be before she noticed the gloryholes and just then she was like… is that what I think it is! Yep babe it’s a gloryhole… she looked down at the hole for a second put her fingers to it (not knowing) and a cock come through it, a NICE cock at that!…. 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