Asian High School Wife, Part 5: Separation Anxiety
I have a pretty good deal with the work I do. It pays well and doesn’t take up a lot of my time. But every once in a while it’s an intense couple of weeks involving travel. I was about to leave for the airport and would be in California for almost two weeks. I had been married to my wife, Kana, for just six weeks but she couldn’t come with me because she was still in high school and couldn’t miss. Kana was 18 and we got married so that she could escape her repressive and controlling parents.

We had to say goodbye at home because Kana had not learned to drive yet. I was genuinely touched at how many times she embraced me and kissed me goodbye. I saw tears start to well up in her beautiful almond eyes and thought oh fuck, I’m going to miss my plane. I told her it would be okay, I would call her every night, we could even video chat, whatever she wanted. I have a great idea, I told her, have your girlfriends over for a slumber party over here this Friday. That cheered her up and she got herself under control. She gave me a slow sad wave as she watched me drive down the street.

I sighed with something like relief. I adored Kana, was outright obsessed with her to be honest. She was perfect in just about every way except she couldn’t drive or swim and made a noise like an air raid siren every time she had an orgasm, which was frequently. But still, she was 5’2” and under 100 pounds, long straight hair, perfect legs and ass and tiny breasts with dark rock-hard nipples that sat like jewels on her porcelain skin. She had pretty big lips for a Japanese girl and an almost obscenely large tongue. She liked to fuck several times a day, every day. And that was part of the problem. I was twice her age and she was starting to wear me down. I wasn’t getting enough sleep, my dick was so raw from the constant fucking that it was getting agonizing to just walk around. I needed a break from her. I couldn’t decide if she was a nymphomaniac or just catching up for lost time. Before me she had only a few clumsy and unsatisfying encounters with an ex boyfriend and had played around with an older cousin, giving him a few handjobs and a memorable blowjob. I was getting hard again just thinking of her with those other guys. Yeah, I really needed the break from her. It was beginning to be a problem.

I checked in at the airport and went to the bar. Today was opening day and there was a baseball game on TV. It was spring coming soon. Kana kept talking about going to Daytona Beach for spring break. I didn’t want her to miss that just because she married me. Maybe I could get a break from her for another week. That might be nice. I realized I sounded like a whiny bitch and focused on my beer and the game. But within 5 minutes I had my phone out and I was swiping back and forth between the pictures of Kana, then re-reading texts she had sent me. I was definitely obsessed with the girl, but it would be nice for my dick to have a break.

Later that night in the hotel I couldn’t sleep even though I was exhausted. I called Kana and was ridiculously relieved to hear her voice. Before I could stop myself I was telling her how much I missed her. Was I crying a bit? Fuck! Maybe. She said quietly that she missed me too. She could be reserved and mysterious a lot of the time and I couldn’t read whether she really did or not. I asked her if she would do one of her web cam shows for me. She said sure, she was going to do one later tonight. Kana had a web channel on a site and with a little help from me she was now getting checks for some of the ad revenue. It would’ve made a nice start toward her first year of college but she had other plans for it.

The show opened with very dim light. Kana came on the screen topless with her long hair pulled down covering the nipples of her A-Cup breasts. “You guys have been awesome” she typed, “I am almost at the goal.” “When do we see what we bought?” someone typed. Someone else typed “I want to see the before and after.” “Good idea,” Kana replied. “If I get the goal tonight I’ll show you the before.” “When will we know?” someone pleaded. “Tomorrow,” Kana said and blew out the candle lighting the room, sending it into almost pitch darkness as she pulled back her hair into a pony tail, giving us all a frustratingly suggestive outline of her spectacular breasts. “You need to buy a lamp first, then get bigger tits,” somebody posted. Kana just smiled and parlayed this comment as she always did with rude comments. “Tomorrow if I get enough donation, everything will be well lit,” she said, “but I have school tomorrow so goodnight.”

That girl had a future in business I decided. I wanted to text her back, ask her for a private show, but I felt like I had come across as slightly pathetic earlier. She probably needed a break from me too. I still couldn’t sleep. I pulled up the video I had made on my phone of me fucking Kana’s pussy and leaving a messy creampie. I had made the video after a night of too many margaritas and bourbon and I was glad I hadn’t deleted it. I jerked off to that video and got some sleep but was up again in two hours thinking about Kana and had to jerk off again before I could sleep. Definitely pathetic.

At 4:30 a.m. my phone rang and it was Kana. Is everything okay! I asked. Yes, it was 7:30 there and she was about to go to school. What’s the matter? I asked her. Something was strange in her voice. “Oh it was the only time I ever stayed by myself. I was scared. I put on the alarm.” You were brave, I told her. “Also I missed you,” she said. “I was thinking about you a lot last night,” I told her, realizing I hadn’t made much progress in giving my dick some recovery time. “I want to have sex so bad,” Kana said, “when are you coming home?” “It’ll be probably 8 or 9 days beautiful,” I told her, “I’m sorry.” “Such a long time,” she whispered. When she hung up I opened my laptop and did some research.

“Some guy came to the door” Kana texted me. “It was a package. I had to sign my name. Was that okay?” I texted back: “Yes. The package is for you. Open it.”

A few minutes went by. I imagined the courier and tried to guess what Kana had been wearing when she went to the door. It would be around 6 p.m. there so maybe she was still wearing her school uniform, but maybe not. I decided to ask: “what r u wearing? :)” Just then the phone rang. It was her. “So what are you wearing?” I answered. “Huh? Oh I put on your t-shirt and shorts” I pictured Kana in a long white shirt and a loose-fitting pair of my shorts, definitely no bra or panties, she didn’t bother at home, and I had a pretty good idea of what the courier saw.

“So do you like it?” I asked her. “what is it?” “You mean you don’t know? I know you’ve seen one before.” “What do I do with it?” she asked. “I bet you can think of something,” I replied, “it has a few different settings, you can recharge it, and there should be some lubricant in the box.” “Um,” Kana said with a thoughtful tone, “it’s’s pretty big.” “You’ll get used to it,” I said laughing, “and then mine will be too small.” “I will try,” Kana said with a tone of Japanese resolve.

I got busy at work and hours went by. I texted: “How do you like it?” and got a smiley emote in reply. Several hours later she texted: “u don’t mind?” I replied: “why would I ever mind anything that makes you happy?!!! I married you to give you everything, not to take anything away.” “UR so nice,” was her text back, often a kiss of death from any woman. “I used it a lot,” she texted with an embarrassed emoticon. I looked at my watch. It must be 3 a.m. there. “Wish I could see,” I replied. Why did I always sound so lame when I talked to her! But then she was sending me an invitation to video conference and there she was on the screen in her room. She was wearing nothing but my white t-shirt which came down to mid-thigh. She looked unkempt like she had been madly wrecking her pussy with the big black vibrator for the last eight or nine hours. Perhaps she had. She looked exhausted. “Are you getting enough to eat,” I said over the video link, again sounding more like a parent than her husband. “I forgot,” Kana said, flopping onto her bed and sitting cross-legged. “Look,” she said, pulling up the skirt and spreading her legs, then taking the big black rubber cock out from under her pillow. I recognized this was the place she kept her beloved iPhone, too, so she must really love this gift if it got the same place of honor. She expertly rubbed lubricant over it and dialed up a setting and unceremoniously slid it between her legs. The view was from about 5 feet away and I would’ve wished it was closer or clearer, but what I could see was incredible. I watched her work the cock inside her pussy in the way she wanted it, twisting it and angling it and slowly rubbing along her clit before plunging it back inside and then ramming it in and out fast and hard. I had to turn the volume almost completely down to drown out her shrill orgasms. I had my cock out and when she finally came up for air I showed it to her and said “I bet you won’t have any use for this smaller version now, will you?” “I miss him,” Kana said and blew it a kiss. “He misses you too,” I said. “Show me,” Kana says, “show the mess he wants to make for me.” “You wanna see that,” I asked her? Kana rolled her eyes and said “yeah I watched lots of guys when I could online…oh, before we got married.” “Kana,” I said in a lecturing voice, “you can still do all that shit, nothing about our marriage should take away anything from you, understand?” She nodded but I made her repeat what I said. “Nothing,” I said, “I mean it.” But in that time I had gone limp. The parental lecturing did not go well with an online masturbation session. “Okay,” Kana said, “now can I see your cock again, I wanna see your cum.” The words were so unexpected that I was immediately at attention again. “Dirty,” I said, smiling. “I like it when you talk that way.” She smiled “oh good I thought maybe you would be shocked.” “Maybe I like to be shocked,” I replied. “Like when I say ‘cum on my face,’” Kana said, “I know you liked it when I said that.” “Say it again,” I asked her. She was watching me stroke my cock with interest, absent-mindedly licking her lips. She used her pleading doe eyes and opened her lips wide and whispered: “cum on my face” and I exploded like a volcano. “Get some sleep and remember to eat something,” I told her, “I love you.” She blew me a kiss and closed off the video. Had I just said that, I asked myself, dick still in hand?

The phone rang at 4:30 a.m. again that morning, 7:30 her time. “I’m scared to be here by myself,” Kana said, “when are you coming home?” “Another 7 or 8 days,” I said. “Did you get any sleep?” “No,” she said, “I was too scared.” “And also enjoying your new toy, right?” She laughed. “Listen,” I said, “tonight is Friday and you were going to have some of your friends stay over, so you won’t be alone.” “It’s really okay?” She asked. “Yes!” I said, “it’s your house too. Order a shitload of pizza, throw a party if you want.” She sounded relieved. “But try to get a nap in after school okay?” “I will,” she said. “Do you wanna show me your cock right now?” “Kana, it’s 4:30 a.m. out here and you’ll be late for school…” the video link appeared and there she stood in her school outfit and I was switching on the lamp to show her my cock, which was if possible more raw and chafed than before I left on the trip. She pulled up the plaid skirt and was rubbing her pussy and she was saying “I like to go to school with your cum on my legs or lips” and “I think about your cock all day long when I am in school.” How can you ever say no to a girl like this! So we both got off together, thousands of miles apart.

I threw myself into my work and then went to the hotel and took a long nap. The phone woke me up after 10 p.m., which was 1 a.m. Kana’s time. “Hey beautiful, how is the slumber party?” “Some of my friends had some guys over,” she said, “hope that was okay.” “Sure,” I said, “whatever you want.” I waited. “Katie is having sex on the couch downstairs. I can hear her.” “Oh wow, that’s awkward,” I said. “No,” Kana said, “I really wanna.” I didn’t have to ask what she wanted. “I don’t know I can be alone in this house by myself another week. I’m scared alone. Can I come to California with you?” Part of me wanted to say yes, but … “Kana I’m not sure that makes sense, it’s a long trip and you’d miss school…” “You don’t miss me?” “I miss you terribly,” I said, “you have no idea how much.” “So…” Kana started to argue. “Hey, I have been thinking,” I interrupted, “your cousin seems like a pretty nice guy, he was never a part of the bad things was he? Why don’t you reconnect with him while I’m gone, maybe he’d be some company.” I could sense she was thinking through all the possibilities. “And if I recall, you two have some unfinished business, don’t you?” She started to argue and I said: “One more time, nothing about us takes away anything from you, if you want to finish what you two started, that’s your business and I would be okay with that.” “You don’t care?” Kana asked, sounding hurt. “It’s never that I don’t care, it’s that I want you to be happy and . . . I don’t know, the idea seems kind of hot to me.” “Oh I see,” Kana said slowly. “So the idea is exciting for you?” “Yeah, if it’s something you like too,” I said. “I see,” she said again, retreating behind her mysterious Japanese persona. “I really wanna tonight but I can’t use quietly” she said, holding up her big black dildo and looking at it regretfully. “If I were there I’d drive you out to this place I know where nobody is around and I’d bend you over the hood of the car and fuck you and you could scream as loud as you wanted.” “I’d like that, when you get back,” Kana said, blowing me a kiss.

Saturday afternoon was the next time Kana had a web session. There were 100 users in the chat room. Kana’s bedroom was flooded with sunlight. She was wearing the red silk robe and her hair was perfect, the sin-red lipstick applied to great effect. She gave the camera her “happy Japanese girl” wave that always made my heart flutter. “Good news guys,” she typed, “you are all my donors so you got this invitation. I have enough now and so you can see the before. Thank you for your money donation and sperm donation LOL.” And then she let the robe slowly slide down her shoulder and 100 men on line started stroking to my Japanese wife’s perfect tits, gloriously displayed in bright sunlight and high definition. You could see every line of her breast and every subtle bump on her tiny dark-red nipples. She gave us the full tour of her tits and played with the breasts and nipples while typing subtly naughty messages and surely launched 100 loads, including mine, before she left the room.

To be continued. . .