As Summer Begins: Part II
Unfortunately, the other girls never showed up at Brianna’s for whatever reason last night, but she did update me with all the local gossip and metioned that the friends we all used to hang out with, kinda broke up within the last couple years. Brianna did tell me that she had been accepted to a private academy in Fortuna, which was in between Eureka, where Brianna lives, and also my dad too, and where I live now with my mom in Santa Rosa. I was so excited for her and that was also great news for me, because, even though my parents still do live in California, I still have my best friend back in my old home town and we could still see each other, even during the school year, if we needed each other. Best of all, Brianna’s family was there, and of course my dad too.

So now I’m back home at my dad’s for summer vacation, which is good, because I get to spend some time with my dad. My dad still has to go to work, but that’s fine because we still can see each other. After being home for a couple hours after Brianna’s mom dropped me off from the sleepover last night, my dad and I sat down to have a chat about what’s been happening in both our lives since the last time we saw each other.
I told my dad about school, and how I have one more year in middle school, which begins in September. I told him about some of the new classes I was going to take and the friends that I have made there after my parents got divorced and moved two years ago. Then my dad asked me, “How’s your sister’s doing?”

I answered, and said, “They’re good,” then I asked him, “What’s been happening around here?”

My dad thought for a bit and then said, “Nothing, really.”

I said, “Nothing at all?”

Then my dad said, “Well, there’s Jon, next door.”

I then asked curiously, “Who’s Jon?”

“He lives next door,” my dad said.

I then said, “Ummm – – – ok, so tell, tell – – – tell me what the gossip is on him.”
My dad then began telling me things like, his wife had left him, and that he hasn’t been going out at all, but only to go to work.

My dad then said, “Mrs. Bragdon from across the street has been going there to see if he is okay.”

I then said jokingly, “Sure she has,” with a laugh.

Than my dad said, “What do you mean by that, Teagan?”

Than I said, knowing that I just put my foot in my mouth and was nervous to answer him, “Ummm – – – Mrs. Bragdon is just going over there to see if she can get some.”

Then my dad asked if I could help him with the groceries in the car, and nothing more was said, which was kinda awkward for a second. While helping my dad, I was wondering about what this man named Jon was like, so later in the day I apologized to my dad about what I said about Mrs. Bragdon, and then sneaked in the question of, “So what is Jon like?”

My dad then looked at me with a weird look and said slowly, “He seems nice – – – only said hi once or twice across the driveway.”

I then asked, “Is he like, old or young?”

My dad just stared at me, and I could feel the awkward presence again, as he said, “I don’t know, he’s probably in his late 40’s to early 50’s – – – much older than me, and much, much older than you young lady.”

The next morning, I was up having breakfast with my dad before he had to go to work.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, why?” I said

Oh nothing, you just look like something is wrong, is all.” he said as he finished the rest of his coffee.

“No, seriously dad, I’m okay,” but really, I was thinking about the mystreious man next door.

“Ok love, as long as your ok, I’m ok,” as he kissed me on the forehead and gave me a hug before leaving to go to work.

Now home alone for the day, what was I going to do? After watching nothing on t.v. for a couple of hours I decided to go upstairs to my room to get dressed, and that was when I heard the door bell ring. I wasn’t expecting anybody, so I sat their on my bed and waited. Then it rang again, so I decided to go downstairs and answer and when I did open the door, there he was, standing there.

“Ummm. . hello, can I help you?” I said, looking up at him.

“Oh hello there, I’m Jon and I live next door. I thought I would introduce myself, but I wasn’t expecting a pretty girl like you to answer the door.” he said, looking at me with a big smile.

“Ummm . . . thank you, but I think your looking for my dad. He’s at work right now though.” as I tried to explain nervously without trying to explain to much.

“Oh, no worries dear, and your very welcome.” he said, as he continued smiling and now looking past me into the house.

“Ummm . . . do you like want to come in?” I said, with doubt, as I could hear my dad’s voice screaming in the back of my mind not to let strangers in the house.

“Yes please.” he said, as he walked in and we sat at the kitchen table and talked about nothing really.

“So, I haven’t seen you around before.” he said with a small grin.

“Ummm . . . yeah, I don’t really live here all the time, I’m just visting my dad because I’m on summer break now.” I said nervously, hiding my shakey hands under the table.

“Okay, I see. . well, are you enjoying it?” he calmly asked.

“Ummm . . . yeah,” I said, looking away as he just kept looking right at me across the table. I was nervous as heck and was starting to feel a little awkward.
“Ok dear, well I better go. Things to do, you know.” he said with another grin, as he stood up and walked towards the front door.

“Okay. Come back anytime.” I said, in a fast tone, hearing myself and I knew I sounded like an idiot.

For the rest of the day I ended up doing a few things around the house for my dad and when I looked through the kitchen window, I could see Jon sitting on his front porch on his lap top. I thought to myself what he was doing or looking at on there.

When my dad finally came home from work he asked me how my day was.

“Good.” I said, as I was now thinking about Jon once again.