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Arrest PowersEd and I found out that we’d been seconded to Section H-2 late inthe day. That’s how it always is, especially in the Department ofHomeland Security. We work for ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement,which DHS took in after it was established as a department in 2002. ManyAmericans don’t know that creating DHS caused more inefficiency frombureaucratic confusion and duplication than any benefit from coordinatingdifferent agencies.We were very much in demand since we’d captured Ibn-el-Saud whilehe was trying to enter the U. S. from Mexico a couple of months ago. The”suits” and paper-shufflers (different names for the same thing)especially viewed us as a couple of super-cops, but in reality ouraccomplishment had been a combination of hard work and luck, mostly thelatter.The request from the agent in charge of H-2 carried a lot ofweight, because Section H-2 was one of the few that performed realenforcement to keep our country safe. Most of DHS consists of people whoconduct studies, deliver lectures, brief politicians, generate reportsthat nobody reads, and review and criticize the actions of the few who dothe real work. The American people got a good view of how DHS reallyworks after Hurricane Katrina, when avoiding blame seemed to be thehighest priority among the bureaucrats. Ed and I, on the other hand,carry badges and guns, and have powers of arrest. While working with H-2,we’d have special powers of arrest. We wouldn’t need warrants forsearches or arrests because H-2 deals directly with terrorism.Given all this, our supervisor in the Special Operations Sectioncouldn’t refuse the request for our services. He told us to go home andpack, but that we’d be working in civilian clothes this time. He addedthat tickets for the first flight out would be waiting for us at theairport the next morning. The destination was Colorado Springs viaDenver. I didn’t like this because Colorado Springs is a very expensiveplace to live and our government per diem probably wouldn’t cover ouractual expenses. The government allots us a certain amount per day and ifit isn’t enough, tough shit.On our last assignment, we were lucky that Stan, an old friend andstation supervisor, had put us up in his spacious house near the Mexicanborder. This time we couldn’t count on being as lucky because we didn’tknow anybody in Section H-2. We arrived in Denver and as we walked out ofthe arrivals area we saw a guy who carried a sign with our names. Helooked about our age, mid-thirties, muscular, with brown hair and eyes.We introduced ourselves and showed him our ID, as we were all in civilianclothes. His name was Fred and he was the agent assigned to us. He led usout to a Ford Crown Victoria, the standard issue police vehicle for mostagencies, and we began the long drive down to Colorado Springs.”It’s too late to go to the office, so I’m going to take you toyour motel,” Fred told us. Tomorrow morning I’ll take you in to meetthe supervisor and he’ll give you the details. For now, just relax andenjoy yourselves.”I-25 is congested during most of the day, but at four P.M. it wasliterally bumper-to-bumper in Colorado Springs. The town has no actualMain Street, and I-25 is the main route home for almost all commuters.”I’m sorry, but this is about the only motel your per diem willcover,” Fred said as he drove into the driveway. I understood hisapologetic manner, as the motel looked like a dump, poorly maintained anddirty. I hoped the room wasn’t too dirty, because I definitely didn’trelish having to decide between going to a high-priced motel and sleepingon the streets. Fred had made reservations for us and we checked in.There was a Denny’s across the street and when Fred saw that I waslooking at it, he said:”For your first night in town you shouldn’t have to eat overthere. Come on over to my place and I’ll fix a good meal for you” Weleft our baggage in the room and climbed back into the car. Fred lived ina small apartment with a small living room, a kitchen with a table forfour, and a bedroom with a queen size bed in it.”I’m sorry I can’t put you up while you’re here, but you seethe size of my place. I had an ulterior motive bringing you here. Iwanted you to see that place so you’d understand I wasn’t beinginhospitable. Anyway, I hope the food can make up for it.” It did. Fredcooked a splendid repast of spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread, andsalad. He broke out a large bottle of red wine to accompany the meal, andafter eating we sat in his living room finishing off the bottle.I’d noticed that he had a statue of naked Greek wrestlers on aside table. This wasn’t conclusive, but during casual conversation hetold us that he’d never been married. Ed spoke up:”Well, we’ve never been married either. Jack and I share a houseoutside of Washington.” Fred nodded thoughtfully and took another sip ofwine.”I like your statue,” I said, taking the plunge.”I’m glad you do,” he replied. “It’s nice that we havesomething in common, something out of the ordinary. Did you have anyspecial plans for the evening?””We were planning to go back to the motel and get naked afterdinner,” Ed said. “However, we’re lucky to get to meet somebody new.””Well, then let’s get acquainted,” Fred declared. He stood andbegan removing his clothes. We followed his lead. Our eyes were on eachother’s crotches as we disrobed. We stacked our clothing neatly on thecouch, and then Fred led us into the bedroom.”I’m really lucky tonight,” he commented as we sat side by sideon the bed with him in the middle. “Two uncut guys together. It’s hardto find even one guy who hasn’t been cut.” I’d noticed his bare-headedprick when he’d disrobed, the small helmet set off by a thick brown scarbehind it. I knew he couldn’t have missed our long, pendulous foreskins.He reached out to either side and wrapped his fingers around our pricks.I clasped his glans between two fingers and began squeezing it gently.The head was smaller than his shaft and when I lifted it I saw that hestill had his frenulum.”You’ve still got your gee-string,” I commented.”At least the doctor hadn’t cut that off during the circumcision,” hesaid. “Like most guys they did it to me when I was born. I wish I’dbeen born in Canada. My sister married a Canadian and she just had a babyin Winnipeg. The doctor didn’t even ask her if she wanted the boy cut.They hardly do that anymore up there.””Not like here,” Ed said. “Last year my sister had a boy, and she andher husband almost had to fight off the doctors who wanted to slice him.Lucky she married a lawyer. When the doctors found that out, they backedoff real fast.” We were all hard now, and I appraised Fred’s prick. Hehad a thick shaft and the rim of his glans was slightly smaller than thediameter of his shaft. Overall, his prick was about 5-1/2″ long, slightlyshorter than ours. It had a big vein on the right side and a slightupward curve. His scrotum was average like mine, and was rapidlytightening with excitement.”I love playing with uncut natural cocks,” Fred confessed. “They’re areal turn-on for me. Mind if I jack both of you? I love the see the comespurting out of the skin.””Okay,” Ed said. “What do you want us to do for you?”Well, I’ve heard of docking, but I’ve never done it. It sounds sothrilling, but since almost everyone around here is cut, I didn’t havemuch opportunity. One uncut guy I knew was willing, but his skin was tooshort for my head to fit into him. Both of you have lots of skin, morethan enough to take me.””Well, you decide which of us you want to dock with,” I suggested.”How about with Ed?” Fred asked. “Either one, really. You’ve both gotlots of skin.””You stroke me until I come, and then he’ll dock you,” I said. “Maybeyou and Ed can come together.””That sounds great,” reflected Fred. “It’ll be something really newfor me.””Better than that,” I added. “You’ll be head to head with him insidehis foreskin, and when he comes you’ll feel his helmet throbbing againstyours. If you come together it’ll be heaven.” This possibility seemedto fire him up, and he began working my foreskin in long, sensualstrokes.”Stop doing me,” suggested Ed. “You don’t want me to come before Idock you.” Fred immediately stopped stroking Ed’s foreskin, devotingall his attention to mine.”I like the way your skin comes all the way up to cover the head andthen some,” Fred told me. “Now I pull it down and the entire headsticks out. The head’s so shiny and purple.””I’ve got a helmet-type head,” I said. “So do you. So does Ed.””Yeah, but you both have such big helmets,” Fred replied. “They lookreally nice. I like the way they smell, too. I wish my cock smelled manlylike that.” Fred’s long strokes on my prick was causing me to release asteady drip of natural lube, and as it seeped from my orifice each upwardstroke captured the drops and spread them over my glans on the downwardstroke.”You’re doing a good job on Jack,” Ed commented. “His balls are tightagainst his body now.””His cock’s juicing a lot too,” Fred added. “Mine doesn’t juice asmuch.” Now I lay back on the bed while Ed reached over to cup my balls.His other hand reached for a box of tissues on the bedside table.”Wow, your tip’s getting really dark purple too,” Fred said. “Minedoesn’t get that dark.””That means he’s getting close,” Ed advised. He was right onthe mark. I felt a tickle begin in my rim, slowly spreading over myglans. Fred’s eyes glittered as he worked my long hood up and down,bringing me closer to the point of no return with each stroke.”I’m tingling…” I whispered as my eyes closed. The heavytingle filled my glans and then shot down my shaft to the root, where ittriggered my orgasm. I felt the first surge of hot cream rushing up mytube just as Fred’s strong fingers snapped my foreskin down, and itslammed through the lips of my orifice into the air. Fred’s pulled myforeskin all the way up as my second torrent of white juice shot throughmy prick, and I felt it rushing through the pucker of my thick hood.I was crying out in ecstasy, wracked by intense sensations,mindless of anything but the hot thrills shooting through my body. Fredgave me another rapid stroke and brought another hot rush of semen togush from my foreskin tip. Now he changed his stroke to small jiggles,perhaps because he sensed that my uncut helmet was becoming overlysensitive. Another contraction gripped the root of my prick and sent afourth jet hurtling up my throbbing shaft and helmet. I was gasping andwrithing when the fifth discharge erupted, and then my jets changed todribbles because I was nearly drained.I was not slipping away into the daze that follows orgasm, relishing theafterglow and the sense of total relaxation that filled me. I was barelyaware of the dabbing at my prick, sopping up the excess cream. Later,when I opened my eyes, I saw Ed slipping my foreskin fully forward overmy shrinking glans.”That was awesome,” I complimented Fred. “You really drained me.” Inoticed that both of them were fully hard, no doubt aroused by watchingand feeling me come. I also knew that Fred was looking forward to beingdocked.”Oh, I know it,” answered Fred. “Your dick was throbbing hard whileyou were coming. You really shot through your skin. Some of it landed onyour chest. That first shot went up three feet.””Thanks to you,” I countered. I knew that, while Fred lacked expertisein stroking natural pricks, he more than made up for it in enthusiasm. Ednaturally always enjoyed these sessions, and I knew he too looked forwardto docking Fred.”Okay, Fred, just lie on your side facing me,” Ed coached. I moved tomake room for them, and within seconds they were lying on their sides,with Ed guiding the tip of Fred’s prick against his own. Ed had strippedback his hood to let his slippery wet helmet rub against the front ofFred’s, and now he moved it in small circles around Fred’s engorgedglans.”Aaaaahhhhh!” Fred sighed as the sensations flooded into his prick. Ireached over them to cop their scrotums, already tight against theirbodies. Now Ed began slipping his copious hood over Fred’s swollenglans. The many times Ed and I had docked it had been a tight fit becausealthough our foreskins are long and roomy, we both have large helmets.Fitting Fred’s small tip inside was no problem at all, and within acouple of seconds Ed had it totally engulfed.Fred continued to sigh as he felt his glans being blanketed and strokedby thick warm foreskin, giving him a new thrill he’d only dreamt ofbefore. I began gently kneading their balls through the thick wrinkledskin, confident that I was adding to their sensations. Fred was so workedup he began thrusting his prick deeper into Ed’s long foreskin. Edslowly stroked the end of his foreskin over Fred’s small helmet.”Now just let things happen naturally,” I coached Fred. “It’s goingto be the greatest feeling in the world for you. Just relax and enjoyit.””Can we come together?” he asked Ed and me.”Maybe, but that’s not important,” Ed replied. “Even if we come oneafter the other, you’ll still feel my tip throbbing against yours when Ilet go. You’ll still be shooting inside my foreskin, and you’ll feel meshooting my loads against your head.””How do you feel now?” I asked Fred.”My tip feels so warm inside that skin,” Fred answered. He was stillthrusting, and I continued kneading his balls. I noticed that Ed hadbegun twisting his foreskin as he stroked it over Fred’s glans, givinghim the delicious sideways movements that were so effective around thecorona.”My tip’s starting to tingle,” Fred whispered. At this point Iwondered what he’d do while coming. Would he cry out? Would his entirebody tense? I already had a part of the answer when I saw his stomachmuscles tighten.”I’m getting it too,” Ed murmured as he continued strokingFred’s tip with the long thick sleeve. I knew that he was feeling thethrusts against the big front dome of his glans as Fred bucked his hips.The muscles in Ed’s jaw clenched, but his eyes remained fixed on wheretheir two pricks joined between them.It’s rare for two guys to start coming at the same instant, andnow I heard Ed cry out as his first discharge filled his foreskin. Icould imagine Ed’s hot cream jetting against the front of Fred’s helmetand then swirling over the rim on top and around the corona. This wouldpush him over the edge. A moment later Fred howled in joyous release ashis prick began to empty itself into Ed’s roomy foreskin.As I was cupping their balls, my fingers pressed into the delicateflesh behind them, and I felt the pulses of orgasm as each dischargerushed up their tubes. Fred thrust again and Ed roared with delightfulagony as they came again. I knew Ed released tremendous discharges as Idid, but it seemed that Fred was also a big shooter. Ed’s foreskin wasdistended with their cream, and some began to leak from where the end ofhis foreskin was wrapped around Fred’s shaft. There was a lingering odorof chlorine from my ejaculations, but now more floated up to me as thetrapped semen hit the air. I released Ed’s balls and grabbed a wad oftissues to place under their throbbing pricks.I knew that they were enhancing each other’s orgasms as theirdischarging helmets hammered against each other. Both were crying out inblissful agony, caught up in the frenzy of orgasm, totally focused on therapturous sensations in their throbbing pricks. For my part, I wasvicariously enjoying their sensations, as I had vivid memories of thefeeling of going head to head with another guy inside his foreskin ormine.Now their movements seemed less frenzied, less urgent, as theywere nearing the end of their climaxes. It was obvious that they wouldend up totally drained, as I had, and would slip into the beautiful andrelaxing daze, as I had. I carefully held the tissues under their pricksbecause I knew that, when they began to soften, a heavy gush of whitecream would drain from Ed’s distended foreskin.After a few minutes, when we were all recovered from our torpor,Fred suggested that we take a shower. It was cramped in his shower stall,which was as diminutive as the rest of his apartment, but we relished theflow of hot water over our bodies. Fred was very obvious about staringenviously at our heavy-ended pricks, the bulging helmets covered by ourpendulous foreskins. He enjoyed watching us pinch the ends of ourforeskin nipples, making the hoods distend as we peed inside them, andeven pinched mine a couple of times.After we’d dried ourselves and dressed he drove Ed and me to ourmotel, still apologetic about not having the room to put us up for thenight. In parting, he said he’d pick us up at 7:30 in the morning.Ed and I were on the sidewalk in front of the motel at theappointed time. We’d slept well, happy that the motel had turned out tobe cleaner than it had looked at first sight. Fred turned up right ontime, and drove us to the H-2 office, where he turned us over to theagent in charge, Sam. The office seemed strangely empty.”As you can guess, we’re understaffed,” Sam began. “Fred’sthe newest agent, and the only one here at the moment.” He picked up aclipboard.”Kyle and Justin are on an investigation in Maine. Tyler andTrevor are in New Mexico. Jason and Mark are in Washington State. Troyand Lance are in Florida. So you see, you two are almost my entireresources at the moment, and we’re sitting on what might be a hotcase.” I shrugged noncommittally, conscious of the new SIG P229 in theshoulder holster under my jacket. We’d just re-equipped with the newpistols because the department had decided that the .357 SIG was a moreeffective round than the old .40S&W our Glocks fired.”We’re really concerned about a pattern of chemical purchases bya group of people in the Colorado Springs area. As you know, althoughmilitary and high-tech explosives are closely regulated, there’s almostno control over their precursor chemicals. Our office has an informalarrangement with chemical supply houses to notify us when anyone butlong-time legitimate customers makes purchases of these chemicals. Thisis like the Secret Service that tracks purchases of certain types ofpaper and certain inks often used by counterfeiters. Look at this.” Heturned to a computer monitor, tapped the keyboard, and a list came up onthe screen.”These are recent purchases from supply houses around thecountry. All are of only one chemical, so as not to arouse suspicion.” Iknew what he meant. If someone bought several chemicals that, processedtogether, would result in an explosive, it would be quickly obvious whathe had in mind. On the other hand, s**ttering the purchases would notcreate a pattern.”There’s no obvious pattern,” Ed said, echoing my thoughts.”Right,” said Sam. “The only way we became aware of this isthat these purchases from companies s**ttered around the country all wentto addresses in this area.””Have you been able to establish any connection between thebuyers?” I asked.”No, we’ve got nothing. That doesn’t mean that we’ve tried.That’s why you’re here. We haven’t had the manpower to follow up onany of this. That’s your job. Get into our databases, from post officeto telephone companies, credit card companies, and others, and see if youcan find any connection between any of these people. My guess is thatthere’s a terrorist sleeper cell here preparing an attack involvingexplosives. They’re pretty sophisticated, if my hunch is right. Thiswon’t be any cheap and dirty thing like Timothy McVeigh’s ammoniumnitrate and fuel oil.””The Denver area’s a target-rich environment,” Ed musedthoughtfully.”You’re right again. The bottom line is that anyone could rent atruck, fill it full of high explosive, and drive it to any of a thousandbig buildings and really do a number on it. We’d have no defense,especially if it’s a suicide bomber. That’s why we have to find outwhat going on before they act.””I’ve heard that H-2 is tapped into all the intelligencecomputers, right?” I asked.”Right again. You can use the CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA, NRO, and otherdatabases. They have everything, even facial recognition software, andyou’re authorized to get into anything you need.” This news wasreassuring. We’d have the tools we’d need to follow up.Most Americans buy into the myth that American law enforcement andsecurity agencies work together harmoniously to keep them safe. The realpicture is that they’re all very territorial, protecting their turf, anddon’t willingly release information to sister agencies. Even as far backas the John F. Kennedy assassination, the FBI knew about Lee HarveyOswald, but kept the Secret Service in the dark. I was very glad that Edand I would be able to walk in and take what we needed instead of askingand then waiting weeks for a reply.Sam led us to a large workroom with several desks and tables, anda dozen computer terminals.”This is where you start. Dig for information. You’ll probablyhave to do some legwork too. Here are the keys to two cars, one for eachof you, out in the parking lot. They’re not Crown Vics. They’re tooobvious as cop cars. One’s a Toyota Camry and the other’s a Saab. Idoubt anyone would make them as official cars unless you do somethinginexcusably stupid. Good luck.” With that he left the room.”I guess we can also make our own hours,” Ed suggested to me.”Yeah, sure, as long as we put in more than 40 hours a week,” Ireplied cynically. We set to work. It took hours to dig up a shortbackground history on all of the people on Sam’s list. Now we had tocheck it out. By this time it was after six, and we left for our motel,taking the Camry. We ate a light dinner at Denny’s and went to bed,aware that we’d probably awake up early and want to get into the officeto resume our search.The following morning we set out, after eating just toast andcoffee at Denny’s, and arrived at the office at seven. We hadn’t hadlunch the previous day, and we resolved not to miss a meal today.I started by running photos through the CIA’s facial recognitionsoftware and database. A man named “Jim Walker” popped up as resemblingMohammed Massoud, listed as a terrorist.”He, maybe I’ve got something,” I said to Ed. I showed him thescreen. “This is one I’ve got to check out personally,” I added. Henodded and went back to work as I left, after printing out Walker’spaperwork and putting it in a file folder.My first stop was at the University of Colorado in Boulder, overtwo hours’ drive north. At the registrar’s office I showed mycredentials and asked to see the records on Walker, who had supposedlygraduated with a degree in engineering ten years earlier. The registrarconfirmed that indeed James H. Walker had graduated with a degree inengineering but the photo did not match the one in my folder. I thankedher and left, speculating that Walker might actually have a degree inengineering, but might have earned it at the University of Cairo orBaghdad.Back at the office I showed Ed and Sam what I’d discovered.Checking with the telephone company’s reverse directory disclosed thatWalker lived on a quiet residential street just outside ColoradoSpring’s city limits, and that one of his neighbors was a retired U. S.Marines Colonel. It was time for another field trip, albeit a muchshorter one.Ed and I drove together in the Camry to Colonel Sturgess’ house.We introduced ourselves and elicited the information that, although theColonel didn’t know Walker well, he had noted that he spoke with a traceof an indeterminate accent that suggested that he wasn’t a native-bornAmerican. We thanked him and asked him to phone us if he thought ofanything else significant.Back at the office a phone call to the U. of C. alumni associationrevealed that James H. Walker was a member and that he was currentlyworking and living in Buffalo, NY. This reinforced our suspicion. Walkerin Colorado Springs wasn’t the real Walker, because the real Walker wascurrently at the other end of the country.I sent a request to the Buffalo Police Department to verify thatthere actually was a James H. Walker living at his listed address. Thiswas a routine request, and I was certain of the answer. Meanwhile, Edentered the local telephone company database to retrieve Walker’sbilling records. They went back two years, as long as Walker hadsupposedly been living here.”Shit! We’ve missed lunch again!” Ed grumbled. It was nowquitting time, and we were just becoming aware that we were hungry. As itwas 5:30, we immediately took off for the parking lot. There we foundFred waiting for us.”Sam told me how hard you guys have been working,” he said,”and that you hadn’t even taken lunch two days running. I’ve got aroast in the oven at home, and the timer started it an hour ago. Itshould be ready by the time we get there.”Ed and I gratefully followed him home in the Toyota, and when wewere inside his small apartment he immediately threw off his clothes. Wefollowed his lead and as usual he stared shamelessly at our pendulousforeskins.”I have to get dinner ready,” he explained as he went into thekitchen and donned an apron. He was definitely aroused because we saw thebulge of his prick through tuzla escort the apron’s fabric. We took seats at thetable and he poured glasses of wine for us, occasionally taking a sipfrom his own glass as he mixed the salad and sliced the bread. A fewminutes later the roast was ready, and he pulled it out of the oven tocool for 15 minutes before slicing it. Then he sat down.”What have you been doing?” I asked gently. He’d beenunavailable to help with our investigation, and I was sure Sam had beenkeeping him busy on other projects.”Oh, Sam’s had me tied down doing support work for the guys outin the field. They send me queries and I do my best to give them whatthey want. Then there are reports I have to send up the line, and all theother stuff I have to take care of in what’s really a two-man office.Sam’s been busy keeping in touch with the teams and I help him however Ican.””I guess you’ve been reading our reports,” Ed suggested. We’dbeen writing terse reports of our progress in the investigation for Sam,and it wasn’t hard to imagine that Fred had been reading them.”Oh, yes, I’ve been following you two with great interest,mainly because Sam has too. You might be on to some of the most dangerouscharacters in this country.” Fred took another sip of wine.”At least we’ve got an entry into the case now, with this guyWalker,” I said.”I’d heard about the way you’d caught this guy Saud trying toenter the country at the Mexican border,” Fred said. “You did aterrific job picking him out of all the people who try to get in everyday.””It was mostly luck,” Ed confessed. “We kept our eyes and earsopen, but in the end it was mainly luck.” His excessive modestysometimes peeved me. After all, it had been Ed who originally drew myattention to the disguised terrorist, and yet he refused all of thecredit.”Well, it’s slicing time,” said Fred as he jumped up andgrabbed a knife and serving fork. Two minutes later we were wolfing downthe food, too busy chewing to speak. We finished the delicious mealquickly and helped Fred with the dishes. We then finished the wine andwent into the bedroom again. Fred, who had remained half-hard during themeal, was fully hard now, his eyes fixed on our crotches.”I’d really like a three-way with you two,” he confessed. “Anyway we can arrange it?” Normally we would have been tired, but betweenthe energy that his delicious meal had given us and the nervous tensionaccrued from the day’s work, we needed release at least as badly as hedid.”Well, Ed and I could do Princeton,” I began.”I’ve heard the word, but what exactly is it?” Fredinterrupted.”One guy puts on a condom and goes between the other guy’slegs,” I explained. “While he’s pumping his prick between hispartner’s thighs he’s stroking him.””I’d love to watch you two guys doing that,” Fred respondedwith enthusiasm.”You don’t have to watch,” I riposted. “You can be part of theaction. Ed can pump his prick between my thighs and you can be in frontdocking with me. You docked with Ed last time, and now it’s my turn.””I’ve got some condoms,” Fred offered. “I’ve got differentsizes, but I think you’ll need the large size. Can I put it on you?” Bythis time Ed and I were almost fully hard, and Fred gently stroked Ed’slong foreskin to firm up his erection. Now he skinned Ed back all the wayuntil his foreskin locked behind his rim in a thick fleshy ring andunrolled the condom down Ed’s shaft. I lay on my left side on the bedwhile Ed slipped in behind me as I lifted my right thigh. I felt hislatex covered prick touch my perineum, sliding along it until the headbumped my balls.”Now Fred, you lie facing me,” I said as I lowered my thigh,encasing Ed’s hard prick between my thigh muscles. Ed began thrustinggently as I spread the forward edge of my foreskin to allow Fred toinsinuate his small helmet inside it. I felt a ripple of sensation whenthe tip of his glans touched the blunt front dome of mine, and then Iclamped my fingers around my foreskin to hold it over Fred’s tip while Istroked.”With luck we’ll all come together,” Ed said over my shoulder.”Even if we don’t, it’ll be a hot ride for you.””I’m sure it will,” responded Fred as he felt my fingerssliding my thick fleshy hood over his glans. “I docked with you theother day, and ever since I’ve been wondering what docking with Jackwould be like.””Disappointed?” I teased.”Not at all,” he said as he leaned forward to kiss me on thelips. “Getting my tip docked by two hot uncut guys is just heaven forme.” He’d also begun to thrust, aroused by having his prick tipenveloped in my warm fleshy foreskin, and I felt the end of his glanscompressing the blunt front dome of my helmet.”Let’s just maintain the pace,” I coached him. “We can keepthis up for awhile, and the longer the build-up the hotter and moreintense our orgasms. Just relax and let the feelings build upnaturally.””I found that out jacking off,” Fred replied. “I can hold offcoming for an hour or more, until I just can’t stand it any more, andthen when I let go it’s out of this world. When I stroke hard becauseI’m pressed for time, or just t get quick relief, it isn’t as good.”Fred was as good as his word, gently thrusting as I worked my foreskinlightly over his glans, thumbing his corona but avoiding hitting his hotspot underneath. Ed continued thrusting at a measured pace, his glansbumping my scrotum with each forward movement.We rode the waves for half an hour, and I occasionally called ahalt when I felt we were getting too close. Then we lay still, Ed kissingmy shoulders and neck and Fred kissing me on the lips while I caressedhis neck tenderly.”I’ve just got to let go,” Fred finally said. “I can’t holdoff any more.” I squeezed his little helmet through the foreskin, and Ifelt the responsive throb as his glans pressed against mine. Ed thrustmore quickly and I increased the pressure on his prick with my thighmuscles. At the same time I stroked my foreskin faster over Fred’sturgid glans, thumbing his rim and pressing my index finger into the hotspot under his helmet where the twin lobes meet. His thrusts grew moreurgent, as did Ed’s and I knew we were close.”Your tip’s gotten harder,” I told Fred. “You’ll be poppingsoon, and so will we. I’d begun to feel a tickle in the front dome of myhelmet where his rhythmic thrusts were compressing the nerve endings, andEd’s rapid brathing told me he was getting there too.”My tip’s tingling,” Fred cried out. Ed was thrusting hard now,and I felt the tickle in my glans intensifying. We were within seconds ofblowing our loads, and the feeling of anticipation was overpowering.”AAAAHHHH!” Ed cried out as I felt him pumping hard into me. Igave Fred’s helmet a heavy squeeze and he howled in response as hisfirst hot jet gushed against my tip and flooded my foreskin. His prickwas smaller than mine, but he shot a man-sized load. My eyes closed andmy helmet exploded in a hot tingle that shot down my shaft, triggering myrelease, and I cried out helplessly, totally caught up in the frenzy oforgasm.Our bodies strained against each other as we blew another load,Ed’s prick throbbing hard between my thighs and Fred’s hot hard glanshammering against mine. Our hot sperm swirled around my corona, almostburning the delicate nerve endings, and gushed over Fred’s throbbingtip. My third discharge was heavier yet, and I felt the heavy pulse in myforeskin as it distended with the pressure.We howled in joyous agony as the intense sensations swept over ourstruggling bodies, sharing the magic moment of release and totallyunaware of the world outside our little haven. Our pricks throbbed againand we shuddered in ecstasy.Now our ejaculations had slowed to dribbles, but our bodies werestill enjoying the warm sensations. We were breathing hard, gasping andgrunting, suspended in timeless bliss, until we were still. I felt theresidue still seeping from my slit, lubricating the ends of our helmetsas they pressed together. Some liquid had leaked from the end of myforeskin, filling the air with the odor of chlorine and dripping onto thesheet.After I’d opened my eyes, emerging from my daze, I saw Fredsmiling at me. I was still holding my foreskin tightly, trying to preventthe thick, creamy fluid from dripping onto the sheet.”Don’t worry,” he whispered in my ear. “I don’t mind sleepingon top of your come. In fact, I’ll enjoy it.” We got up and showered,repeating the events of the first evening we’d been here. Fred was stillfascinated by how we pinched our foreskin nozzles when we peed.”It’s good to pee in the shower after sex,” I said. “Itflushes out the system.””And it’s so much fun,” he added. “We embraced tightly in thecramped shower stall, and then turned off the water and dried ourselves.As Ed and I got dressed I said:”Since we’ve got our own wheels, you don’t have to drive ushome. You just relax and sleep.” He lay down on the bed, and both Ed andI leaned down to kiss him goodnight.Once we got to the motel, we stripped down and climbed into thedouble bed we shared. Ed and I hugged as we talked.”That was really nice tonight,” he said. “Fred really drainedhimself.””I enjoy the way he’s turned on by our pricks,” I replied.”He’s very much into foreskins,” Ed commented.”So are we,” I added before we fell asleep in each other’sarms.In the morning we awoke, cleaned up, and got dressed before eatinga hearty breakfast at Denny’s. The food lay heavily on our stomachs, butwe knew we probably wouldn’t have lunch that day either.”I really don’t mind missing lunch,” Ed commented to me as Idrove us to the office. I feel there’s some urgency to thisinvestigation.””Right,” I responded. “We’ve got a good idea of what thesescumbags are planning, but we have no idea about their timetable.” Thiswas the agonizing problem we faced. We were making progress, but we mightalready be too late. An attack might be underway that very moment, andwe’d be forced to admit failure. It would be a catastrophic failure, onethat would go down in history.At the office I went to work on the telephone bills, trying totrace everyone with whom Walker had been in contact during his residence,but starting with the most recent calls. I found a match between oneperson he’d contacted and a name on the list of chemical buyers Sam hadgiven us, and passed it to Ed for follow-up.Ed went to the address, and quickly found out that it was anapartment house. The man, George Fellows, was apparently living alone,had few visitors, and kept to himself. Neighbors described him assecretive about his origins or occupation, and Ed told me upon his returnthat he felt that he had no regular employment. Further, he’d beenliving at that address only three months and nobody knew where he’d comefrom. The apartment manager had a previous address in Springfield, IL,listed, but when we checked that out we found it to be a warehouse. Thiscase was getting hot.While Ed had been out in the field, I’d been busy. I’d foundanother match, and as time seemed to be of the essence now, I got on thecomputer and found this to be another apartment house. I got the phonenumber of the manager, identified myself, and asked him about his tenant.The apartment was in a seedy part of Colorado Springs, where the managerdidn’t ask many questions because his tenant had paid several months’rent in advance, in cash. This was no doubt the sort of situation wherethe manager charged more than the rent and pocketed the difference inreturn for his discretion.Now it was noon, and Ed and I decided to pay this person, whosename was Edwin Gowdy, a visit. When we confronted the manager, he gave usmore details. The man spoke with a pronounced foreign accent which hecouldn’t identify, but which might have been Middle Eastern. Gowdy wasnot home, but we picked the lock, something allowed us without a warrantunder the Patriot Act, and searched his apartment. On the desk was a listof phone numbers, which I copied into my notebook. We locked up and left,worried by the nagging concern regarding Gowdy’s whereabouts. Themanager didn’t know if he had a job, or where, so this was one moreloose end.At the office further work disclosed another match, this time witha man living on the south end of town in a private home. This man,William Wood, checked out to be an American, but we knew that not allterrorists were of foreign origin. McVeigh had been a blond, blue-eyed,corn-fed American citizen, after all. We decided to ask Sam for help, aswe were stretched too thinly.Sam assigned Fred to us, telling him that he could postpone hisroutine work. I briefed Fred:”We’d like you to stake out this guy Fellows. See when he comeshome, and where he goes afterward. Use your cell phone when you havecontact. Meanwhile, we’re going to watch Gowdy’s place.” I gave Fredour cell phone numbers and he left.There was a diner down the block from Gowdy’s apartment, and wetook a table inside near the window. We knew that two men sitting in acar screamed “surveillance” to anyone with even modest training inclandestine work, and we wanted to be inconspicuous. Many a case had been”blown” by inept officers allowing themselves to be spotted. We tookadvantage of the opportunity to eat, ordering sandwiches and paying forthem immediately so that we’d be able to leave in a hurry if we had to.By five, we’d seen nothing and nobody. We’d been able toretrieve a photo of Gowdy from CIA files, so we knew what he looked like.We decided to continue the surveillance.At seven a man resembling Gowdy pulled into the apartment house’sparking lot, and stepped out. He went inside, to re-emerge half an hourlater and get into the car again. We wished we’d had the resources toinstall a tap on his phone, as we sorely wanted to know if he’d made anycalls and to whom. Lacking that information, we decided to follow him. Iknew that, stretched as we were, more counted on luck than anything else.We’d had the foresight to bring both cars, so we were able tofollow him in stages, I taking the lead in my Toyota and then droppingback after a couple of minutes to let Ed take the lead in his Saab.Gowdy led us to Wood’s house. Now we were certain that this wasmore, much more, than coincidence. Gowdy remained inside for half anhour, and then drove away in his car, a shabby Chevrolet in keeping withhis apparent lifestyle. He was headed towards home, so Ed and I conferredby cell-phone and decided to take him down at his home. We sped up,passed him, and arrived about a minute before he pulled in.We were waiting in the parking lot when he arrived, bent over andlooking into the engine compartment of my car, which had the hood up.Gowdy parked next to my car and we turned and grabbed him, slapping onthe handcuffs before he knew what was happening. We quickly patted himdown but he was unarmed.There are several essential elements to an arrest: surprise,speed, decisiveness, and overwhelming force. We weren’t looking for agun battle in the style of Ruby Ridge or Waco. We wanted him alive andwell to milk him for information. We took him to the office and into aninterrogation room.What are you doing to me?” he asked in a passable imitation of anAmerican accent.”Go ahead, take off your clothes,” Ed told him”Who are you?” Gowdy asked, almost frozen in fear. I surmisedthat he wasn’t afraid for his safety or his life but of failure, andright now it appeared that he was on the brink of failure in hisassignment, whatever that might be.”Strip!” I shouted, and this made him move. He removed hisclothing and stood there with only his shorts on.”Those too!” I ordered, pointing. He dropped his shorts. Gowdy,like the terrorist we’d caught some months ago, was circumcised. AllMoslems are circumcised. This was absolutely inconclusive, almostmeaningless, because most American males in his age group had also beencircumcised. The scar didn’t prove him to be Moslem in this context. Hecould have been Jewish or Episcopalian, but maybe he didn’t know that.Ed walked up to him, put a finger under his glans, and lifted it as if toshow it to him.”You have hotneh,” he said. To an American the Arabic word forcircumcision would have been meaningless, but we both noted a flicker offear cross Gowdy’s face. We had him.”Where are you from originally?” I asked. He remained silent.”Talk to me,” I added. We were using the technique we called “Shockand Awe.” This doesn’t rely on brute force, but surprise and keepingthe subject off balance. To be sure of obtaining good information, wedidn’t ask leading questions, because it’s a serious mistake to feedthe subject the answers. You get what you want to hear, but it may bewildly inaccurate.”Everybody talks,” Ed reinforced.”We know about Wood. We know about Walker. We know about Fellowsand the others,” I said. I didn’t add that we really knew jack shitabout these people, not as much as we would have liked to know.”If you don’t talk, we’ll arrest Walker, Fellows, and Wood andthen let you go. We’ll tell the newspapers that information provided byyou led us to them. Think of what that will mean for your family backhome,” I bluffed.It worked. The thought of being dishonored, and how it wouldreflect on his family, broke him. He may also have been thinking that hiscompatriots were ruthless and merciless, and would take reprisals againsthis relatives for his treason. He told us he was part of a cell that wasplanning to build a bomb that they were going to detonate outside a largeglass-fronted building in downtown Denver at the noon hour, when manypeople would be on the sidewalk for their lunch break. He said that theonly member of the cell he knew was Wood, because ofcompartmentalization.This meant that if any member was apprehended, he would be unableto identify the entire cell because he only knew one other member. Thiswas a common security measure with underground movements or sabotagerings. He did add that he had delivered the chemical he’d ordered toWood’s house a week earlier. At this point Ed and I decided we’dextracted all we could from him, and we so informed Sam. Sam made a phonecall and afterward told us that two other government agents, “Smith”and “Jones,” from an unnamed agency would be coming to take Gowdy away.Ed and I looked at each other, understanding that this did notportend well for Gowdy’s future. We remembered that after “Smith” and”Jones” had taken Gilberto/Saud away, he’d never been heard fromagain. In any event, we had more urgent tasks than concern ourselvesabout Gowdy’s future.”I may be just guessing,” Ed said, “but I think the most likelyplace where the chemicals are stored and where they’ll manufacture theexplosive is Wood’s house. It’s big enough, and looks like it has abasement. We know it’s got a three-car garage.” I agreed.”Look, it’s now ten P.M. We’ve been up all day and we’rewhacked out with fatigue. I think we ought to get some rest and take thisup in the morning. We can interview Wood’s neighbors and see what hislifestyle is like.” Ed nodded and we drove to our motel in separatecars.Next morning, after a substantial breakfast, we drove to theoffice to plan our day and to coordinate with Sam and Fred. Fred reportedthat Fellows had come home at 11 P.M. and he’d then abandoned thesurveillance. Sam put him to work checking telephone billing records forall suspects so far identified, as we wanted to build up a matrix ofprobable contacts and members of the cell. Meanwhile, Ed and I were goingto drive out to try to glean information from Wood’s neighbors.We found his immediate neighbor very helpful. She was a housewifewith three school-age c***dren who told us that Wood was a print shopowner with his business in town. He was single, but she didn’t know ifhe was widowed, divorced, or never married. She even allowed that hemight be gay, since only other men visited his home and she had neverseen him with a woman. He’d been living there five years, and seemed tobe a good neighbor, not causing anyone problems. However, he wasn’toverly friendly, keeping mostly to himself.We thanked her and left. What she’d told us was helpful, buthardly a smoking gun. Back at the office we conferred with Fred and Sam.”We still think that Wood’s house is the most likely place tostore the chemicals, mix them, and assemble the bomb,” Ed said,restating yesterday’s conclusions.”One of the most valuable bits of information we got from Gowdywas that the cell is very compartmentalized,” I added. “This impedesus, but the good part is that we can take Wood down without alarming mostof the members. Even if one suspects Wood’s been arrested, he can’tcommunicate his concerns to the others. I’d like to go there thisafternoon, search the house, and then bust Wood when he gets home.””No, if you find something don’t wait for him to get home,” Samsaid. He might be alerted if he sees your cars outside or near his house,and you two searching his house. It might be better to bust him where heworks. You can just walk in like any other customers and by the time herealizes he’s in trouble you’ll have him cuffed.” Sam was right. Edand I hadn’t reasoned it out because we were foggy from fatigue.”Okay, we’ll do it that way then,” I said. “We’ll take ourballistic vests with us in our cars, and if we find something conclusiveat the house, we’ll go straight to his print shop and take him down.””Can we have Fred stake out his shop?” Ed asked Sam. “I knowhe’s usually at work, but if for some reason he decides to go home earlyit wouldn’t do to have him surprise us.””Do that,” Sam told Fred. “You’ve got their cell phonenumbers, right? If you see Wood heading home, give them a ring so thatthey can clear the area.” Fred nodded, and we got up to leave.Ed and I parked the Toyota down the block from Wood’s house andwalked around the house, hoping to find an unlocked entry. Although wedidn’t need a search warrant because of the urgency of the situation, wepreferred to walk right in rather than pick a lock. The house was lockeddown tightly, and we saw that there were alarm tapes around the windowsand induction sensors on each door. I phoned Sam, asking him to contactthe alarm company and advise them that they were to disregard any alarm,as a search was in progress.I picked the front door lock with a kit I’d retrieved from thecar. It was a simple tumbler deadbolt lock, and I surmised that Wooddidn’t consider a more secure lock necessary because of the alarmsystem. Inside the house there were the usual furnishings in the threebedrooms, the living room, dining room, and kitchen. One room was set upas an office, with a desktop computer, fax machine, and a safe. Wecouldn’t guess what was in the safe and didn’t have the skill or thetime to open it.There was no basement but the garage was pay-dirt. We found drumsof chemicals, some liquid and some solid, as well as a mixing vat andsmaller containers presumably to hold the finished product. On aworkbench there was also a kitchen timer modified with electric wiresrunning from it, and I pointed this out to Ed:”This may not be a suicide bomb attack after all. For thatthey’d just need a switch. I guess the driver of the truck plans topark, set the timer, and walk away, just like McVeigh did.””I’ll buy that,” Ed replied. “Want me to phone Sam and tellhim what we found?””Yeah, you do that, and meanwhile I’ll phone Fred on his celland confirm that Wood’s still at his shop.” After we’d finished ourcalls we went to the car and brought back the ballistic vests. Inside thehouse we removed our jackets and shirts and put on the vests, carefullyarranging our clothes to conceal the vests and the shoulder holsters wewore under our jackets. As Fred had told us that Wood was inside the shopwith two of his employees we went there, arriving at four P.M.We heard a bell ring as we entered the shop, alerting Wood thatcustomers were in his lobby. He came out to greet us, and I smiled andextended my hand to shake his. As he grasped my hand I twisted his armbehind his back as Ed grabbed his other hand, and we had him in handcuffsin a couple of seconds. After we’d searched him we identified ourselvesto his employees, who had been attracted by the slight commotion, andthen drove Mr. Wood to the office.”We found some very interesting material in your house,” I beganafter we’d sat him down in the interrogation room. It was empty because”Smith” and “Jones” had collected Gowdy that morning. Wood saidnothing, but looked very dejected, as he understood that the chemicalswere very incriminating.”Now we can do this the hard way or the easy way,” Ed saidgently. “You’re not charged with murder, and if you cooperate, withluck you might get a light sentence. On the other hand, if you don’tcooperate and break our chops, the court can come down very hard onyou.” This wasn’t the good cop/bad cop routine you see on TV, but asimple appeal to self-interest, and it worked like a charm.Wood explained that he wasn’t Moslem himself, but was working forthe terrorist network because they’d promised him a million dollars toorganize the cell and use his home for preparing the bomb. His maltepe escort contactwas a terrorist leader who would be visiting him in a couple of weeks,and would bring with him a quantity of radioactive isotopes. This madethe hairs on my neck stand on end.”Fuck fuck, fuck!” I thought to myself. Radioactive isotopesdispersed by conventional explosives will contaminate the affected areafor years. Anyone who inhales some of the material after the explosionwill most likely become very ill and possibly die. There was a very realpossibility that detonating such a device in downtown Denver would causethousands of casualties on top of those killed or injured in theexplosion.As the evening wore on, we extracted from Wood the number of menin his cell (10), the combination to his safe, and the timetable. Amongother things, the safe contained the down payment made to Wood and thenames and addresses of all cell members. The bomb was to have beencompleted in three weeks’ time, and detonated the next day. Ed and Irelaxed slightly on hearing this, as it meant we had some slack time.More problems faced us, though. We had to round up all cellmembers, and tackle the problem of how to handle the terrorist leader duein two weeks’ time. By now it was 10 P.M. and we were exhausted. Fatigueshowed in our faces, for Sam came in and told us unequivocally to takethe next day off.”That goes for Fred, too,” Sam added. “Tell him when you seehim. He’s put in 110 percent too.”Fred met us as we were leaving, and suggested we crash at hisapartment, which was closer than our motel. We left our cars parked atthe office and Fred drove us to his place. We hadn’t eaten dinner, andwe welcomed the hearty sandwiches Fred put together from the left-overroast beef, washed down with several glasses of wine.We undressed and climbed into Fred’s bed. It was a tight fit forthree of us, but fatigue overwhelmed us and we dropped into a deep sleep.Next morning I came awake with my usual erection, but acutely consciousthat warm fingers were wrapped around it and stroking my foreskin gentlyup and down. I opened my eyes and saw that Fred, who was sandwichedbetween me and Ed, had both our pricks in his hands and was enjoyingworking on them. Fred’s prick was also erect, flat against his abdomen,but I didn’t know if this was because his bladder was full or from theexcitement of playing with our foreskins.Now Ed came awake, his eyes immediately going to his prick,encased in Fred’s encircling fingers. He reached for Ed’s stiff organ,squeezing the head rhythmically, producing an immediate sigh of delightfrom Fred.”We’re all stiff, and I don’t think we can pee this way,” Fredannounced.”I’m sure you’ve got an idea,” Ed replied for us.Fred’s response was to take a small, battery powered cylindricalvibrator from the draw in the bedside table. He crawled back to us andtold us to lie facing each other. He clasped our hard pricks together,placing the vibrator between them and turning it on. A pleasant vibrationpenetrated the underside of my penis from base to head.”He’s going to make us come this way,” I said to Ed, who wasstaring avidly into my eyes.”There are worse ways to get our rocks off,” Ed replied.”After we unload, we’ll take care of you,” I said to Fred, whowas now moving our foreskins up and down while the vibrator filled ourpricks with sensation. He was using both hands, thumbs riding our rimswhile his other fingers kept the vibrator locked between our rigidshafts. The nose of the vibrator, from which the strongest sensationswere coming, was pressed into our triangular grooves, buzzing into ourgee-strings.He must have been using fresh batteries, because the eroticbuzzing was intense, and I knew that we wouldn’t be able to hold backour orgasms for long. The pressure in our bladders increased the tension,and although I was trying to relax, I felt it building inexorably towardthe climax.”This is hot,” Ed murmured as he seized both my hands in his.With our pricks parallel to our bodies and clamped between them, we werevery close. I felt his heartbeat as his chest pressed against mine. Fredwas still thumbing my corona, and I felt my helmet swell further while itwas aching for release. Ed’s eyes glazed over as we approached the pointof no return.”You guys are hot,” Fred commented. “I feel how your rims justgot harder. I’m going to watch you shoot your loads through yourskins.” I was getting a tickle in both my rim and my gee-string from thedual sensations, and I knew that release was only seconds away. Ed beganto moan helplessly, caught up in the whirlwind of sensation, and I knewwe were at the same level, ready to shoot in a couple of seconds. Myinsides tightened as the tickling sensation in my glans changed to thefamiliar hot tingle, and my eyes closed as I began grunting.”HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!” I grunted as my insides exploded, the spasmsripping through me and sending a torrent of cream burning up my tube. Ed,too, was crying out as the hot spasms shot through his body. I felt aflood of hot sperm inside my foreskin as it poured out the end, and Ed’sbody strained against mine as the tidal wave of orgasm hit him.The buzzing seemed to become more intense against my throbbinghelmet, lancing through the foreskin to pierce the nerve endings deepinside. I cried out again as another wave of hot liquid poured from myorifice to swirl around my trapped tip before gushing through the nozzle.I felt the throbs of Ed’s prick as he joyously released his sperm, andknew he was also feeling mine.We drained ourselves completely, aided by Fred’s intenseministrations to our coronas, as the unrelenting buzzing shocked ourpenile nerve endings. I yelped because the sensations were becoming toointense, and Fred released our pricks and removed the vibrator. Wegratefully sank into the afterglow, utterly sated.A couple of minutes later, I felt an urgent need to pee and openedmy eyes. Ed obviously felt the same way, for he pulled away from me andheaded toward the bathroom. We stood side by side at the toilet, skinningback to let our cream drip into the bowl while our yellow streams shotforcefully downward. Fred’s eyes were fixed on our draining pricks as hestood silently appreciating the scene, his hard prick standing proudly infront of him.We dabbed at our wet helmets with toilet paper and then pushed ourforeskins down to envelop the precious tips before returning to thebedroom. We hugged each other and then hugged Fred gratefully beforegently pushing him flat on the bed.”We’re both going to work on you, Fred,” Ed told him as hecupped Fred’s scrotum. I leaned over and clasped the base of Fred’sshaft in my fist in a clamping action to constrict the veins and increasehis hardness. My lips enveloped his glans, feeling the rim swell andflare as the blood pressure inside it increased. I saw Ed run his otherhand along Fred’s inner thighs, adding to his sensations, as I tickledthe lips of Fred’s slit with my tongue-tip.”I can’t, I can’t…” Fred cried out as the full force of thecombined sensations hit him. I knew he was already primed by havingbrought on our orgasms, and he was poised on the brink. I twisted my headto give him a rotating movement around his hard flaring corona, thedelicious sideways friction that always brought on orgasm, and heard himcry out as his helmet throbbed against my lips and tongue. A hot jetflooded my mouth as his slit spat its first load, and I swallowed hard.Fred cried out again, and another heavy discharge filled my mouth.His prick was smaller than ours, but his discharges were heavier. Ed andI felt his body writhing as we continued to pull the orgasm from him. Hishot hard glans throbbed against my tongue again, and I tasted thesaltiness and smelled the chlorine odor of his sperm as it filled mymouth.We continued to draw the jets from Fred’s straining prick untilthere was nothing left. Ed’s fingers pressed into the underside of hisbody behind his balls to push the residue forward, while I carefullymilked his prick from the base forward. Fred lay torpid on the bed,utterly drained, utterly exhausted, and utterly still, his breathingcoming back to normal.Later when he’d recovered, we showered together in the smallshower stall, the crowding enhancing the intimacy. Fred’s erection hadsubsided, and the hot water flowing down his prick made him drain hisbladder. Meanwhile, Ed and I had a renewed urge to pee because the hotwater had the same effect on us. Ed lovingly pinched our foreskin nipplesto make the hoods swell, and then released them to let the flows go downthe drain.We dressed and went out to breakfast, taking our time becausewe’d been ordered to take the day off. Something was bothering me, but Icouldn’t focus on the thought because I was still foggy from theresidual effects of fatigue.”We’ve got the day off, but I really want to go back to bed andget some rest,” Ed said as we finished our breakfasts. With our stomachsfull, we relaxed despite the copious amounts of coffee we’d drunk, andthe idea seemed very good to me.”I’ll head back to my place,” Fred told us. “I can use morerest too.” We parted, and Ed and I drove back to our motel, where wecrashed. After a few hours we got up, read the newspaper, and watched theTV news. Not a word had appeared regarding the terrorist cell, and itseemed that Sam was effectively keeping it under wraps. Unlike thepoisonous political atmosphere in Washington, law enforcement officerswho worked the streets didn’t try to get attention by leaks.Later that day, a thought that had been at the back of my mindleaped to the forefront. Wood had told us that his cell wascompartmentalized. If so, then what had Walker been doing telephoningFellows and Gowdy? Had Wood been lying? Perhaps Fellows, Gowdy, andWalker had known each other previously.”Ed, our research showed that Walker phoned Gowdy and a couple ofothers. If they’re so strictly compartmented, how did he do that? Howdid he know any of the other cell members?” Ed turned his head to faceme, insight slowly dawning.”Yeah, how?” he asked to nobody in particular. “If the othersstart comparing notes, they’ll find out that they haven’t heard fromWood for a few days, and maybe one of them will take a run by his houseand see that something’s wrong.””Maybe one of them has already,” I conjectured. “Then ouroperation’s blown.””Well, we’ve got the chemicals. They won’t be able to do muchwithout them,” Ed said.”But they might s**tter and re-form somewhere else under newidentities, and we’ll have to start all over again,” I objected. “I’mcalling Sam.”I explained our discussion to Sam, and he agreed that we’d bettercome in and start running down the remaining members of the cell. On theway to the office we detoured to Walker’s house. A car was in hisdriveway. Maybe by luck he was there for us to scoop up. By this time wehad no doubt we had to hurry and round up the “usual suspects.”We were going to arrest Walker, but we weren’t going to give himany chance of resisting. Ed was in the Saab and I was in the Camry. Weconferred by cell phone around the corner from Walker’s house anddecided on a plan. We wanted to get him out of his house on a ruse. Istarted up again and swung around the corner, veering into Walker’sdriveway to smash into the read end of his car. Ed was right behind me,and parked at the curb. A couple of people emerged from the house acrossthe street, staring.A man came out of Walker’s house, small, dark, and looking MiddleEastern. He looked at the damage to his car and then at me. I wasclimbing out of the Camry, and Ed clambered out of the Saab, shouting:”I saw it! I saw the whole thing! He must be drunk!” Heapproached us, and I stepped closer to Walker, saying:”No, I’m not drunk. I just lost control for a moment. Myinsurance will pay for the damage.” By this time I was within touchingdistance, and I grabbed Walker by the sleeve of his suit jacket. Edstepped right behind him and within seconds we had the cuffs on himbefore he realized what was happening. A quick frisk revealed that he hada knife inside his right sock, and I removed it and put it in my pocket.At the office we put Walker into the interrogation room. He wasdefinitely frightened, because he knew secret police tactics from his owncountry, and was no longer pretending to be an American. Ed, Sam and Iconferred in Sam’s office.”I think we ought to round up all the people on Wood’s listpronto,” Sam declared, understanding the urgency. “We won’t have tocontinue with matching them up with the telephone billing records oranything else. Now Even with Fred, helping, it’s going to take sometime.””Right, Sam,” Ed interjected. “Not to say anything againstFred, but by himself he isn’t much help in making arrests. We don’twant to see anyone making an arrest alone. Jack and I are used to workingtogether and we have a good teamwork approach to this that minimizes thedanger.””I can see you need more help,” Sam agreed. “I’m going tophone your supervisor and ask for another team to be sent out. Anyparticular guys you’d like to work with?””I think we’d prefer Bryce and Jacobs,” I said quickly. We’dworked together in the past and we’d always found them to be dependable.”Bryce and Jacobs it is,” Sam said. “Now how about going outand rounding up another member of the cell?” Ed and I filed out of theoffice, stopping at the temporary desk we shared. I picked up a messagethat had not been there before and read it.”Buffalo Police got back to us. They said that James Walker isliving and working in Buffalo.””No shit, Sherlock,” said Ed in a sarcastic tone. We donned ourballistic vests and then went out to the parking lot, where Ed got intothe Saab and I got into a Honda CRV, the replacement for the Toyota I’ddamaged while arresting Walker. We drove to Fellows’ apartment house,parking our cars down the block. By this time it was early evening and wehoped that Fellows would be home. He didn’t work, we thought, but maybehe was out at a movie. From the street we saw that there were no lightsin his apartment. This could mean he wasn’t home or that he was fastasleep.”Let’s take a chance,” I urged. “I say we pick the pock and gointo Fellows’ apartment. If he’s asleep we may surprise him. If he’snot home we can stake the place out until he gets there.” Ed agreed anda minute later I was working my pick into the cylinder of Fellow’s doorlock, trying to be very quiet. Ed stood behind me, pistol in his hand, incase of any unpleasant surprises.The locked clicked open, and I eased open the door. The lightswere still out, except for a night light coming from the bathroom. Igently pushed the door shut and locked it from the inside. We spread out,silently examining the apartment, until we were satisfied that nobody washome. We went back to the living room and took seats on opposite sides ofthe door. Now the hardest part of this task would begin. We had to remainwatchful, alert to anything, and ready to move instantly if Fellows camethrough that door. Both Ed and I were tired, and it would be hardresisting the urge to sleep. We couldn’t talk to keep awake, either, forif Fellows came home and heard our voices, he’d rabbit.”Bitch, bitch, bitch,” I thought to myself. “This is going tobe an unpleasant evening. Worse, I don’t know how fucking long we’regoing to be in this rat-hole.” I could barely see Ed, but I knew himwell enough to know he was thinking similar thoughts.It was hard, but we sat there silently, and we kept ourselvesawake by getting up and moving around every ten minutes or so. I’d dostretching exercise, touching my toes, while Ed would flap his arms. Weknew we had to avoid getting stiff because we’d have to be alert andlimber if Fellows suddenly came through the door. It wouldn’t do to havea muscle cramp or a leg fall asleep from inactivity.The Indiglo face of my cheap digital watch read 10:14 when weheard footsteps outside, and a moment later we heard a key slide into thelock. Ed and I stood on each side of the door, and when it opened wetensed, ready to spring. A man came in, his hand reaching for the lightswitch. The moment the room came alight, we sprung. We each grabbed anarm and pushed him firmly to the carpeted floor. He went down with a”thunk” that took the breath out of him, and before he could recover Edhad tightened the handcuffs around his wrists.We pulled Fellows to his feet and quickly patted him down, butfound no weapons. We took his keys, locked his apartment, and marched himoutside, where we used my handcuffs to fasten him to a seat support inthe back of my Honda CRV. Ed followed me in his Saab as we headed for theoffice.In the interrogation room, we didn’t bother stripping him. HisMiddle Eastern accent was prominent, and his attitude defiant. He didn’tpretend to be an innocent American citizen, but simply told us thatwhatever we did to him, he was proud to be a martyr to the cause.”You’re not a very good martyr,” I told him. “Your orders wereto remain compartmentalized, yet you repeatedly telephoned some of yourcolleagues, such as the man we know as Gowdy. Does your God love stupidmartyrs who get their comrades arrested through their carelessness orstupidity?” This seemed to shock him, as he apparently had not thoughtthat telephone calls would lead to his doorstep.”I did not call Gowdy,” he hissed. “Gowdy called me! He is theone who broke security!” I listened avidly, as Fellows’ words werepositive confirmation that we’d been on the right track with him.”That’s all right,” Ed said. “We have Gowdy in custody too.””How many others have called you, or have you called?” I asked.I thought we didn’t really need the answer, as we had the statement fromWood and the telephone company records, but in an investigation ascritical as this one, it was wise to double-check everything. One looseend could cause a lot of trouble.Fellows gave us three other names, and they were on our list. NowI felt we had exhausted the possibilities for the moment, and we couldeasily leave him to be collected by “Smith” and “Jones” for whateverthey intended to do with him.Sam had already gone home, and we left him a note on his desk. Weleft Fellows locked in the interrogation room, which had an attachedtoilet, and headed for our motel, again taking both cars. At thiscritical stage, we had no idea what surprise might be just around thecorner, and it was smart for each of us to have his transportation.We were by now too tired to be hungry, and we undressed andflopped into bed as soon as we entered our room. The good part about ourextreme fatigue was that we fell asleep immediately, not to awaken untilseven the next morning. We awoke hungry, and after a quick shower andshave we went off to eat a large breakfast again. Our experience on thiscase had made it clear that lunch was a luxury we couldn’t take forgranted.We drifted into the office later than usual, about nine, and foundSam and Fred waiting for us. Bryce and Jacobs, our reinforcements, hadarrived late the previous night and were also in the office. They, too,were in civilian clothing and eager to take part in the investigation.Sam began the briefing:”Our task is to round up the usual suspects as quickly aspossible. This is top priority, so Fred and I are going to dropeverything else and work at this with you. I think the immediate dangeris over, as we’ve secured the chemicals and thus eliminated theimmediate danger of building a bomb. However, the remaining six suspectsare still at large, and if they escape and go underground I’m surewe’ll be hearing from them again. Fred was able to download a photographof each one from the national intelligence database. Now I’m going tolet Jack and Ed lay out the plan to apprehend these suspects, sincethey’ve been working on the case from the start and in fact have alreadytaken four of them into custody.” At this point the office door openedand “Smith” and “Jones” entered. I unlocked the door to theinterrogation room and they took charge of Fellows. As before, they gavehim an injection that rendered him u*********s within seconds beforetaking him away.”Okay, here’s what we’ve got,” I began. “We’ve got sixdangerous guys out there, but we’re not absolutely sure of how to locatethem. We have their addresses and their phone numbers, but we don’t knowif they work or where. We also don’t know if any of them have alternateaddresses in case of emergencies. We’ll split up into three teams andstart working the addresses. That gives each team two addresses each. Wecan shuttle back and forth between the addresses until we find oursuspect is home or we discover his whereabouts. If one team gets luckyand apprehends their two suspects immediately, they start looking foranother one from one of the teams.” The others nodded agreement, and weleft the office.Ed and I got lucky. The first name on our two-person list lived inan apartment in a single-story development. Each apartment had its ownpatio, garden, and covered parking space. There was a car in oursuspect’s parking space. We pulled into other parking spaces severaldoors away that were conveniently vacant because the residents were atwork.Then we got really lucky. Our man was just coming out of his door,heading for his car. I shouted at him from about 20 feet away:”Hey, can you tell me where Bill Dupont lives?” I had just madeup that name, with the question designed to keep him occupied while Edclosed the distance behind him. It worked like a charm. Our suspect wasin handcuffs before he knew what was happening, and we searched him andtook him back to the office, where we discovered that Bryce and Jacobshad been even luckier. Despite their unfamiliarity with Colorado Springs,they had quickly located one suspect’s address and had captured him ashe was entering his front door struggling with a couple of grocery bags.We had two down, and four to go.I got Sam on his cell-phone and gave him the good news. He andFred had been less lucky. A neighbor had told them that they had missedthe first person on their list by five minutes, and they had not comeclose at all to the second suspect.We had locked both of our suspects in the interrogation room. Atthis point, it didn’t matter if they compared notes and decided how toresist interrogation. Ed, with his twisted sense of humor, went out tobuy ham sandwiches for their lunch. We left the office and stopped at thesame delicatessen for sandwiches, calculating that we would eat themwhile driving.The second person on our list wasn’t home, the neighbors had noidea where he was or when he’d return, and our only choice were to stakeout the premises or come back later. At this point I got a cell-phonecall from Bryce and Jacobs. They told us that their second suspect livedin an apartment complex with parking lots on all sides, and that althougha neighbor had informed them that the suspect usually returned home atfour P.M., they simply could not cover all sides without splitting up,which in principle they were reluctant to do. I agreed with them, andtold them that we’d be right there.After a short conference we agreed that Ed and I would stay in thesouthwest corner of the parking lot, and that Bryce and Jacobs wouldcover the northeast corner. This way each team would be able to cover twosides of the building at once. We all were wearing our ballistic vestsbut for this operation we also carried small portable radios, the sortused by the Secret Service on protection details. There’s an earplug atthe end of a wire coming up from under the jacket collar, and amicrophone that clips inside the jacket sleeve. This allowedinconspicuous communication, although I don’t fully understand howsomebody talking into his sleeve can be truly inconspicuous.We’d been watching from our respective cars for over and hourwhen we heard a message from Bryce saying he’d just spotted his mangetting out of his car. Ed and I hurried through the entrance on our sideof the building in case the suspect tried to escape through the building.By the time we Got to the other side Bryce and Jacobs had already takenhim down. He was standing, hands cuffed behind his back, while Jacobsgave him a through pat-down.To date, our pat-downs hadn’t been really thorough. We’dsearched for obvious weapons such as a gun or knife, but had not closelyexamined seams and collars for suicide tablets. It seemed strange but fora group of people prepared to make suicide attacks, they did not issuelethal pills to prevent us from extracting information from them.Bryce and Jacobs took their prisoner back to the office while Edand I went back to our remaining suspect’s apartment. We ran into himjust as he was coming out the door, and we subdued and cuffed him almosteffortlessly.Back at the office we gathered our prisoners in the interrogationroom when Sam and Fred walked in, escorting two prisoners. This surprisedus. We had not tought two of them would be caught together. Actually,they had not been together. When Sam and Fred told us how they capturedtheir two targets, we stared in admiration. kartal escort I thought that, if there werea Nobel Prize for boldness and nerve, these two deserved it.They had captured one suspect returning from the grocery store.While transporting him back to the office they realized that the secondman on their list lived only a block off the route they would have totake. They decided to detour just on the chance that they might spot him.Their second suspect was unlocking the door of his car when they pulledup. Sam shouted to him:”Hey! Your friend here wants to talk to you!” Completelybewildered, the second suspect came over to their car and leaned inthrough the open window. Within seconds, he too had steel braceletsaround his wrists.This made a clean sweep, but we were still not satisfied. Wedecided to interrogate them to find out if there were any more cellmembers on the loose. We didn’t expect any, but at this stage itwouldn’t hurt to ask. None of them would admit to anything, whichdidn’t surprise us.We had too many prisoners to retain in our own facility, and wedrove them to the county jail where they were placed in an isolated cellblock. Bryce and Jacobs decided to fly out that evening, as there wereseats available on the last flight, and Sam told Ed, Fred, and me to getsome rest.Fred invited us back to his apartment, where he ordered in a largepizza. None of us had the energy to undertake any cooking, and we feltthat a simple repast would be perfect for us. On the way we had picked upa couple of six-packs of Lowenbrau, and we felt that this would make upfor the semi-starvation of the last few days.We were really wired at our success, and smiled foolishly at eachother as we ate. Ed simpered unbelievingly:”Can you imagine? We got them. We got them all!””Not so fast,” I checked him. “What about Mohammed Massoud?He’s the one coming in with the nuclear stuff in a couple of weeks.””I mean the fuckers here in town,” he countered. “We got themall. Massoud can wait.””He’s right,” Fred addressed me. “Right now we can relax andworry about Massoud later.” We finished the pizza and beer in silence,the tension draining from our bodies. After eating we went into theliving room, sitting together on the couch.”Well, we can celebrate tonight,” I said. Actually, we were notin the best shape to celebrate much, as fatigue washed over our bodies.”I’d like you guys to stay with me tonight,” Fred said. “I’mglad I got a chance to work with you. I learned a lot.””We’re glad we had the chance to work with you and Sam,” Isaid. “You two had balls the way you captured that last asshole. You’regoing to be legends.” Fred got up and stripped off his clothes. Ed and Ished our uniforms and then we headed for the bedroom.We cuddled together sleepily in the crowded bed, feeling thewarmth of each other’s bodies, and then we fell asleep, happy andrelaxed. I awoke shortly after seven. I was hard, and I felt warm fingersgently squeezing my prick. I opened my eyes to see Fred’s hand on me. Edwas still asleep, and Fred was as hard as I was.”I’d like you to dock me,” Fred whispered.”We’ll wake up Ed,” I whispered back.”No, I’ll wake up Ed,” he said as he began sliding the foreskinon Ed’s morning wood. Ed moaned and then his eyes opened.”What, again?” he said in mock surprise.”Jack’s going to dock me, and then I’ll bring you off with mymouth,” Fred informed him. “Meanwhile, you get to watch.” Ed smiledand Fred and I lay on our sides, face to face. His naked helmet wastouching my foreskin’s pucker.”I’m glad you’ve got enough skin to keep the head covered evenwhen you’re hard. With some guys, the skin goes back when they get hardand sometimes it looks like they’ve been cut.” As he spoke I graspedthe edges of my foreskin and slid it over his head. He immediately beganthrusting gently against my glans, compressing the rounded front dome.The touch of his hard helmet against mine sent an electric thrill down myshaft and I felt the first drop of lube begin crawling up my urethra.I kept working my foreskin over his rim, with a couple of otherfingers pressed against the other side of his glans. As we were both hardfrom the outset, and had the pressure in our bladders adding to thetension, it was a safe bet neither of us would last long.Ed added to our excitement by reaching over Fred’s body andcupping our sacs. His warm fingers closed around mine, squeezing verygently to fuel my fire.”It’s getting slippery in there,” Fred commented as his helmetslid up over mine, and I felt the twin lobes of his glans sliding againthe broad upper surface of mine. I was lubing heavily now, and the noseof his glans was no longer compressing mine, but sliding around it. Ikept my fingers clamped around the end of my foreskin, which was in thegroove behind his corona. We began breathing heavily because theexcitement was catching up to us.”I can feel your rim getting harder and swelling more,’ I saidto him.”Both your balls are really tight,” added Ed. “You’re bothclose.” I knew he was right, as Fred had deepened his thrusts and now Ihad increased the pressure of my fingers, working the foreskin over hishard helmet.”I’ve got a tickle in my rim,” Fred said.”My tickle just started in the front of my helmet,” I replied.Now Fred had grasped his shaft and was sliding his glans sideways acrossthe front of mine, making the lips of our orifices kiss and spreadingthem with each stroke. This enhanced our sensations, and made the ticklespread down to the rim of my helmet. Our breathing was faster and moreshallow, and it was clear that we’d be unloading within seconds.”Just watching and feeling you guys is keeping me hard,”commented Ed. “I haven’t touched my cock at all, just your nut sacs.Fred had begun to grunt softly in time with his thrusts, and now Igave my foreskin several twists to add to his sensations. I, too, feltthe sideways strokes, and my tickle became more intense. I was nowbreathing hard, totally caught up in the spirit of our mutual joining,and the tickle in my helmet was turning into the familiar hot tingle. Myeyes closed.”Any second,” I muttered, just as Fred trust hard, deep into myforeskin, stretching its many delicate nerve endings. The hot tingle inmy glans exploded, sending a fiery thrill down to the root of my prick,which started throbbing. The first hot jet poured into my urethra, and Ifelt the intense, burning tickling as it rushed up my tube, making me cryout helplessly.I felt it slamming through the lips of my slit as it poured out tobathe Fred’s thrusting glans with its liquid fire. I heard him grunthard as his hot hard helmet throbbed against mine, and an instant later Ifelt the hot flood pouring from his tip to swirl around mine. Now we bothshot again, hot tips throbbing against each other, further filling myforeskin with burning liquid.I was consumed by the heavy pounding of orgasm as I cried outagain, floating in the free-fall of my orgasm. His helmet hammeredagainst mine as he discharged another load, and I felt my foreskin wastightly stretched, totally distended by the volume of hot sperm swirlinginside it. I couldn’t hold it, and I felt the viscous liquid pouring outover my encircling fingers as it escaped from my foreskin.Our helmets were swimming in sperm, but I still felt the throbsfrom his as we both continued to expel our juices. Our bodies strained inthe throes of successive hot thrills as we grunted and moaned helplessly.Lesser spasms now shook our bodies, and our ejaculations becameless forceful, until they dwindled to a few drops still seeping from ourorifices. I felt myself sinking into the usual torpor that followsorgasm. My eyes were still closed but I felt Fred withdrawing hisshrinking prick from my hood. Then I felt someone wrapping paper tissuesaround my prick and I lay still as our combined juices drained out of myforeskin into the soft absorbent paper.Now I heard Ed moan, and I opened my eyes to see Ed flat on hisback with Fred crouching over him, his head bobbing up and down. Orgasmhad sedated me, but Fred seemed to have been energized. He was holdingEd’s prick firmly around the base, clamping the foreskin tightly back toensure that Ed’s helmet was completely naked so that his lips and tonguereached every surface, every contour.For a moment Fred lifted his mouth and I saw Ed’s naked purplehelmet, the front dragged slightly downward by the tension of hisfrenulum. Fred’s tongue darted out, probing Ed’s long slit, and thenhis lips engulfed Ed’s glans once more. His lips locked into the groovebehind Ed’s flaring corona, and now Fred twisted his mouth on thecaptive prick, bringing forth louder moans from Ed.Ed had been watching our penile coupling and had helped by cuppingour balls. This had him very hot and primed for his orgasm. Now, withFred’s hot mouth working on his prick, he wouldn’t last long. Hisscrotum was already tight against his body, and when Fred lifted hismouth to begin a rapid up-and-down pumping, I saw that Ed’s helmet wasdark with retained blood.Fred was moaning as his eager lips and mouth pumped Ed’s glans,and Ed was breathing hard as his excitement mounted rapidly. It wouldtake only a few seconds for Fred to suck the sperm from his swollenprick, and the tone of his breathing changed to loud moaning as thesensations built to a crescendo. I guessed that he by now must be feelingthe hot tingle that immediately precedes the explosion, and the movementof his hips confirmed this.”HAAAAHHHHNNNN!” Ed howled as the orgasm overtook him, and I sawhim throw his head back as his jaw dropped. Fred’s Adam’s apple bobbedas he swallowed the first stream to erupt from Ed’s throbbing helmet,and he pumped his lips again, riding over Ed’s flaring purple rim andlocking into the groove behind it. Ed howled again as his hips thrustupward, and his second discharge flooded Fred’s mouth.Ed again thrust upward as Fred efficiently drained him of histhird load, and then Fred lifted his head so that only his lips touchedthe throbbing glans, enclosing the orifice that kept spurting jets intohis mouth. Ed’s helmet was now over-sensitive, and more friction wouldoverload him.Ed’s glans and shaft glistened wetly as he blew his last gushesinto Fred’s mouth. He was still moaning but I knew that his streams hadslowed to dribbles. Fred faithfully kept his lips pursed around Ed’sorifice, avidly swallowing the last drops. Ed’s penis began to softenand Fred milked the urethra, beginning behind his balls and thencontinuing along the bottom of his shaft, until he’d drained every dropof residue. Now he gently eased the foreskin up over the helmet toenclose and protect it.After a couple of minutes we were recovered enough to take ourshowers. We squeezed into the small shower stall, overheated bodiesagainst each other, enjoying the intimacy as the hot water sprayed overus.”Can you dock me while you pee?” Fred asked me. “I know what itfeels like to have your juice shooting against my head, but I’d like tofeel what you feel when you pee with that skin.” We faced each other andI quickly enveloped his glans with my long hood as I relaxed mysphincter. I felt my hot stream gushing into my foreskin swirling aroundmy helmet and no doubt his as well. A relaxed smile came to his face andI was glad to provide him with a sensation he’d never felt before.”Your hot pee, it’s making me go too,” he whispered, and I felta strong gush against the front of my helmet as he let go, filling myforeskin and distending it further. I wasn’t clamping it tightly aroundhis shaft, and our combined streams flowed freely, creating a gap betweenmy foreskin and his prick. It took only a minute at most to empty ourbladders, and then Fred withdrew his penis and turned to Ed.”Did you pee yet?” he asked him.”No, I came only a couple of minutes ago and haven’t yet relaxedenough,” he responded.”Would you dock me when you pee?” Fred asked.Ed quickly placed his prick in front of Fred’s and pulled out theforeskin opening to dock Fred’s shrunken prick almost to the base. Now Isaw his body visibly relax as he consciously let go his sphincter. Fredagain got a beatific look on his face as Ed’s hot stream flowed aroundhis glans, rinsing it thoroughly and pouring out between Ed’s foreskinand his shaft.We tenderly soaped each other’s bodies, and then rinsed and driedoff. By this time we’d developed strong appetites, and we decided to goout to breakfast. Ed and I had to arrange our flight home, and Fred hadto report to the office to tidy up the paperwork with Sam. We accompaniedhim to the office, where we used our government travel warrants to obtainour airline tickets. We learned that “Smith” and “Jones,” busyfellows, had already collected our prisoners from the jail.The flight was at three, and we returned to the motel to pack and checkout, and then turned in our cars at the office. Sam assigned Fred todrive us to the airport, and we said goodbye as he dropped us at theoutgoing flights deck.When we got back to Special Ops the next day, our supervisorsummoned us into the conference room. Inside were a representative fromthe DIA, CIA, FBI, and a couple of other alphabet soup agencies. The netresult was that we had information regarding the terrorist leader, whosename was “Malawi.” Our agents in Europe had traced him to GreatBritain, where he was staying at a safe house in Ruislip, a suburb ofLondon. NSA had intercepted some of his cell-phone calls, and I wonderedhow this could have happened.It was public knowledge that our NSA eavesdropped on cell-phoneconversations around the world, and most terrorist networks had abandonedtheir use, instead relying on couriers to carry sensitive information.Again, perhaps Malawi had calculated that we didn’t know his name orlocation, and that his calls would be lost amidst the billions that tookplace every day. In any event, I was certain that Malawi was an alias, asit’s a common Middle Eastern name.Our supervisor assigned Ed and me to carry out the arrest ofMalawi when he arrived. He apparently intended to fly to New York Cityfrom London, arriving at Kennedy Airport at seven in the evening onSeptember 25th. We had Bruce and Jacobs as a back-up team, and I feltgood about that. They were as experienced as we were, and the only reasonEd and I were the primary team was that we’d been on the case from thestart.”Take some time off until then,” our supervisor told Ed and me.”You’ve been working real hard in Colorado, and I want you guys freshwhen you arrest Malawi. There’s no room for error at this stage.”Ed and I drove to our house in our government unmarked CrownVictoria IIs, and once inside, we quickly undressed. We had several daysto ourselves, barring last minute changes of plan, and we intended tomake the most of them.The first step was foreplay. I grasped the tip of Ed’s long,pendulous foreskin between thumb and forefinger, stretching it all theway out, and he did the same to me. I watched as the long hood stretched,the outline of his rim becoming even more prominent as the skin thinned.I felt the nerve endings in my foreskin being stretched under thetension, and the gentle friction as the hood slid over my glans added tothe sensations.The core of my prick swelled to fill out my foreskin, as didEd’s, and soon we were fully hard. Our helmets bulged under their hoods,and I shifted my fingers to stroke Ed’s glans through its fleshycovering. We shifted around on the bed to a “69” position, and I sawEd’s prick pointing directly at my face. I tickled the hairs on his sacwith my fingertips, watching the scrotum contract to draw his balls closeto his body.The aroma of his foreskin filled the air, the male perfumeexciting me. I insinuated my tongue into the pucker, tasting the saltyflavor of his natural lube, and I felt his tongue probing into my hood,seeking out my helmet. His tongue-tip probed my slit, and then swipedacross it, giving me an electric thrill. Ed shuddered as I probed hisslit, and then traced small circles around it with my tongue-tip.”I love the way your cock smells,” he said. I began stroking hisforeskin gently as my tongue probed more deeply into his hood. The glassysmooth texture of his hard helmet was against my tongue, and I swirled itaround the circumference of his head, stretching his foreskin’s manynerve endings. I smelled not only his foreskin aroma, but the sweat fromhis shaft and scrotum.”I think you’ll be ready to go before me,” he told me. “Yourtip’s really hard under there.” He put his mouth back on my penis andworked his tongue deep inside my hood, and I felt his tongue workingaround my swollen corona, hating all the nerve endings on the ridge andits back-face. I moaned in delight, knowing that he was eager to bring meoff.”Okay, do me,” I said. “Then I’ll do you.” Ed worked histongue several times around my swollen helmet, pausing each time totickle the gee-string underneath. I continued to probe his foreskin, andcupped his balls with one hand. I felt him do the same to me, but hisother hand tightened its grip around the veins of my shaft, compressingthe veins and bringing my helmet to its final swelling. He tugged on myshaft skin, drawing my foreskin off the head, leaving it free in nakedglory.His lips engulfed my helmet and locked in the groove behind therim while his tongue swiped repeatedly across my slit, spreading thelips. I swiped at his long slit, parting the lips, but keeping the hoodcovering the head. I felt Ed’s lips rotate around my rim as his tongueworked my slit, and a mild tickle began where his lips touched my tendernerve endings. I paused to speak:”I’m getting that tickle in the rim.” He began sucking hard onmy prick as he changed to an up-and-down stroke, his lips riding over mycorona and sliding down the taper of my glans. Then he reversed and Ifelt his lips engulfing my glans again to ride over the ridge and lockbehind it. The tickle had spread all over my helmet with the totalfriction he was applying, and I knew I was quickly approaching the brink.His warm fingers kneaded my balls as his lips worked their magicon my helmet’s sensitive nerve endings, and the tickle changed to a hottingle. I was trying to remain relaxed but the tingle made my bodytighten up. I removed my mouth from his hot prick, a precaution in casemy jaw tightened during orgasm. An instant later it hit me.”HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!” I grunted as the hot thrill shot down myshaft to set my insides churning. The first hot gush poured into myurethra, burning its way up my shaft to erupt inside his mouth. Ed suckedhard as he swallowed, and I felt the thrill in my helmet and cried outagain. Another spasm wracked my insides and the second torrent of hotcream shot up my prick, slamming through the lips of my slit to dischargein his mouth. I tumbled in the free-fall of orgasm, my mind on HOLD,aware only of the overpowering sensations in my throbbing prick.I felt another hot contraction grip me, sending another gush up myprick to explode into his mouth, and I wailed again. Now I felt himwithdraw, just keeping his lips pursed around the front dome of my glans,but he kept my skin drawn back tightly, stretching the nerve endingswithout friction.Several more gushes of sperm followed as my orgasm faded, untilall I felt as seeping through my tube. I felt his finger pressing into myurethra behind my sac, pushing out the residue, and following up withpressure under my shaft to drain me totally. I was shocked and dazed, andlay still until I recovered. I was aware that Ed had pulled my foreskinforward over my shrinking helmet, to keep it moist and protected.When I opened my eyes Ed’s hard prick was still in front of me,and I grasped it around the shaft to reveal his hot purple helmet. I putmy lips on the front dome and slowly pushed forward to blanket the glansuntil they dropped into the deep groove behind the rim. Cupping hisballs, I kneaded them gently, alternating with caressing the insides ofhis thighs.I worked my lips slowly over the contours of his glans, tastinghis natural lube and feeling the smooth glossy texture of the delicatemembrane. I probed the long lips of his slit with my tongue, then workedunderneath into the vee-groove where is gee-string was attached. Then Ireturned to his slit, swiping my tongue across it, parting and spreadingthem to heighten his sensations.I heard Ed moaning as the sensations entered his body, and Iclamped my fingers tighter around the base of his shaft. I felt animmediate swelling of his helmet as its surface lost the last of itssponginess and hardened against my tongue and palate.”Tickle,” I heard him whisper as I rotated my lips around hiscorona. I worked him rim for a couple of strokes, and then began a rapidpumping motion on the whole of his helmet, from front dome to the groovebehind his rim.”Tingle” he whispered, and I knew the magic moment was at hand.I felt his shaft throb in my hand, and his swollen helmet hammeredagainst my tongue and palate as a thick gush of cream exploded into mymouth, filling it with a salty taste and the odor of chlorine. Ed wasgrunting loudly, caught up in the frenzy of his orgasm, as he thrust hisprick deeper into my mouth.I felt his straining glans throb hard as he pushed it to the backof my throat and disgorged another torrent of fragrant hot cream into me.I knew exactly what he was feeling, because I’d come only a couple ofminutes before, and I worked hard to intensify the good feeling for him.Ed’s hips were bucking as his helmet hammered against my tongue,releasing another thick gush of viscous juice that I avidly swallowed. Isucked hard at his glans and he rewarded me with another load of sperm.Now I backed off, just keeping my lips pursed around the front dome ofhis glans, because I knew that he was getting over-sensitive and frictionwould only cause him distress.I kept my grip on his shaft skin to maintain the tension on hisretracted foreskin and gee-string. This kept the sensations comingwithout friction, and his orgasm continued, releasing ever-decreasingloads into my mouth. Swallowing was easier now, and when the throbbing inhis glans stopped I sucked at it to draw out more drops. I began milkinghim as he’d done to me, pushing the residue forward until it poured ontomy waiting tongue. Then I gently drew his hood toward me to enclose hisshrinking helmet.A few days later the big way arrived. We were going to pick upMalawi upon his entry into the country. We flew to New York, arrivingduring the middle of the afternoon, long before our “client’ was due.We gathered in a conference room and made our final plans.As usual, our main concern was to take the suspect down withoutgunfire. We knew that once shots were fired the danger to officersincreased exponentially. So did the danger to bystanders, the very peoplewe were sworn to serve and protect.Some law officers have records of many shootouts with armedsuspects. Ed and I, on the other hand, had a record of never having fireda shot except for qualification.In this case we felt that the suspect would not have been able tobring a gun on board the aircraft because of the security check at LondonAirport. However, there was a chance that he might have been able tosmuggle an edged weapon made of fiber-glass on board, and we wanted toneutralize any chance he had to use it. We decided that we’d don airlineuniforms and meet him at the jetport. Uniformed and plainclothes officerswould be in the passenger area as back-ups. Bryce and Jacobs, in uniform,would be just around the corner closest to us.The flight was 10 minutes late, and the tension built as we waitedfor it to pull up to the gate. Finally it arrived as we watched theground crew direct it into alignment with the jetport. The jetport slidout as the plane stopped, its gasket coming to rest enclosing the door,which swung open after a few seconds.As part of the disguise, Ed and I held large boxy briefcases usedby flight crews. We planned to drop these as soon as we moved to arrestour suspect. He was one of the last ones out, and as he stepped throughthe doorway we set our briefcases down and swung in behind him as hepassed us with no more than a cursory glance. We grabbed his arms and hadhim face-down on the floor within a second, levered his arms behind hisback, and Ed snapped the cuffs on his wrists. This was one of the mostdangerous men ever to enter the country, and now he was helpless in ourhands.He cursed in Arabic, knowing that his mission was a total failure,as we stood him up and frog-marched him to the airport security office.Inside we strip-searched him, and along with a British passport we founda receipt for a cargo container on a ship that had already docked the daybefore.We changed into our regular uniforms and with several otherofficers drove to the dock. We soon found the container, a steel boxabout 10 feet wide, 10 feet high, and 40 feet long. We opened it to findlead sheeting lining the walls. This was how the contained had passed theradiation detectors that scanned every ship that entered the harbor. Atthe center was a small steel barrel which we left strictly alone. We knewthat it was “hot” with nuclear material, and that we might have alreadyoverstayed our welcome. This was a project for the nuclear disposal crew,not us.The end