Another Annie StoryAnnie decides to take a shower and wash some of the cum from her face and asshole…she replays in her mind the **** of her daughter the sodomizing of herself and the sweet taste of Kay’s cunt still in her mouth. Did this just happen she thinks? As it is now a surreal memory.The warm water feels good on her body as she replays the events of the day over and over, her body aches a little as thinks about the pounding she has taken for first Danny and then Kay’s friend and then Leon’s huge cock.What a slut I am Annie thinks and a wry smile crosses her face, I like being used as a whore, I like nestling my face into Kay’s sweet cunt….she must have liked it too as you are sure that she came in your mouth several times.A phone call interrupts you hazy thoughts of today’s events, “Annie speaking” “Hi Annie, It is Peter, I need to see you immediately!” ‘Meet me at Somerford Hall” “I want you to wear a nice summer dress without any underwear “click.You quickly remember Peter and his two friends and how he made you into a whore, the deep double penetration of your asshole and your dripping cunt, how he left you on the floor with cum dripping out of every orifice….and now what?You hurry now to get to Somerford hall and put on your favorite summer dress and a long coat to hide your now protruding nipples and the dark patch of your crotch through your dress. It is a just a short drive from your home and you had met there for drinks before, You hope nobody sees you enter, especially without Robert as people may talk.You go to the reception and the receptionist instantly tells you the suite you are to go to. You knock on the door, your mind is racing now and you are very curious as to what is going to happen kayseri escort next. I open the door and nod with approval as you remove your coat and your ample breasts are clearly visible through the thin fabric.‘Hi Annie” “I have brought you here to perform for my friends who will be here soon” performance you think, what kind of performance is he talking about?You quickly understand what I mean when I force you onto the floor to perform your first act,” I need you to perform on me first Annie” I take my cock out of my pants and force you onto your knees, you willingly open your mouth and take my cock between your lips, this seems so familiar to you as its width forces your mouth to its fullest. I take my hands to the back of your head and drive my huge cock into your face, you start to choke for a moment until you adjust your jaws to take the meat. I am excited about today’s agenda with Annie and the excitement build quickly as Annie is doing a great job of cock sucking….”That’s right Annie suck my cock deeply” I quickly pull out from her deep throat to cum all over her face. “Clean this all up quickly Annie as I need you ready for the show” “Do not waste a drop Annie” and you quickly swallow all the cum on your face and use your fingers to clean up the rest of your face.There is a knock on the door. “Annie go to the loo and get yourself clean and come out onto the floor when you are finished.You go to the loo to freshen up and realize that your cunt is sopping wet with anticipation, you look into the mirror and approve of your looks and think about how much you enjoy being treated like a slut.You come out and see what looks like about 6 men sitting in the suite in a circle on the floor, you wonder if this is what I have in mind and if you are going to have to service everybody.“Annie sit in the middle” I say matter of factly. You look at the faces of the men you are now sitting in the middle of and they have a look of lust that gets your body aching for action. All good looking lads you think with a range of ages from 50 through 19 your think.“Now what can I do for you gentleman” you say coyly. I speak up. “Annie each of these men has bought a sex toy that you will use to climax on” “ you will willingly put on a show and after we have got ourselves excited you will service each of us using all your holes”The first friend looked to be about 24 he spoke with an English accent and was very wide eyed, I am sure he couldn’t believe that a woman in front of him was about to masturbate inches from his face. He pulled a small vibrator from a his shirt pocket and hands it to you. “Annie rub your clit with the vibrator!” “ I will choreograph the action” you take the toy and hike up your skirt and touch the vibrating end against your mound and spread your cunt lips with your other hand to put it on your clit. An electric jolt fires through your torso and the thought of you exposed to strangers has got you juices flowing. The next gent quite a lot older than the first brings out a sizable dildo and presents this too you. “Shove this up your cunt Annie” and it easily slides into you. “Fuck yourself Annie” You furiously fuck yourself as you continue to vibrate your clit. “ Tell your admirers what kind of girl you are” “ I am a nasty filthy slut that loves masturbating for you” “Tell them that you will do anything we ask”“I will do anything you ask” and a violent orgasm rips through your body, the sound of your sopping wet cunt is all that can be heard as the crowd is almost stunned into silence. “keep fucking yourself Annie”A huge black guy holds out a slender long vibrator and suggests “let me help you whore” and starts to circle your asshole with the vibrator. “keep fucking yourself Annie” and you furiously fuck yourself until you cum again, this time you squirt your cunt juice into a pool around your ass, the huge black guy sticks the dildo up your ass as you are coming making a quick multiple orgasm and more cunt juice flows out of you.“Annie I want you to take a break from fucking yourself and I want you to beg to be serviced by these gentlemen”You summer dress is soaked with your cunt juice and sticks to you as you kneel in the circle, “I want to be treated like a filthy whore” “please, please fuck me” trouser zippers are lowered and you are surrounded by 6 hard cocks. “ get down on all fours Annie and reach back and spread your cunt and asshole” you quickly oblige, you feel extremely dirty but can’t help the sexual thrill you are getting from being told what to do. “What do you want Annie” “I want to be fucked in my wet cunt while I am sucking as many cocks as possible” you are now on the floor being pounded from behind, you have a dick in your mouth and there is a line up behind you to replace a cock once the stranger has finished fucking you and depositing their cum in your cunt. Your mind is a whirlwind and for next hour you take cock after cock in your mouth and cunt. “ What do you want Annie?” I ask. “I want everyone of you to cum in my cunt or my mouth, Please” “what about your ass Annie?” “I am saving it for you Peter”Loads of cum are now dripping from your cunt and mouth, you notice me taking pictures of you and you wonder what the pictures must look like as cum drips from all over your body.