ANN’S MASSAGEANN’S MASSAGEby shelly”Baby this going to great!” I said as I looked out the airplane’s window. “The water is as blue as the sky,” I continued, as I gazed down below.My wife, Ann, was seated next to me at the window, and I was leaning across her body as I took in the spectacular scenery. Our jet was on final approach to our island vacation destination. I purposely had a case of “wide elbows”, which allowed my arm to graze along my wife’s right breast as I pointed out the landscape.”Careful there Big Boy” my wife grinned, as she realized the amorous intent of my arm. I withdrew my arm, but I had achieved the desired result. Ann’s nipple was erect and was poking against the material of her white blouse. I could even see a hint of her pink, brown tit on display through the cotton fabric of her shirt and bra. If she had known that I was sneaking peeks at her nipples, she would have quickly crossed her arms being Mrs. Prim and Proper.Ann, my wife of 19 years, is a beautiful, stylish woman in every way. She is a great mother, fund-raiser, and PTA mom for all our three teenage c***dren. Her network of friends and volunteer activities keep her very busy as a stay-at-home wife. Ann even finds time to keep herself in excellent shape playing tennis and working out at the health club. Her muscle-toned legs and butt (she calls it her bottom) look as though they belong to a 30 year old rather than a 40 year old. Her conservative wardrobe always downplayed her well-built body; however, a close inspection revealed a stacked and packed figure riding on her five and a half inch frame.I had planned this trip for weeks; meticulously asking friends and my travel agent for recommendations on an exotic island resort. St. Marten was the winner, because of the sunshine, clothing optional areas, and tropical flavor. I wanted to take my wife to a place where she could relax and “let her hair down”, if she wanted. Hopefully, our trip would allow her to relax and enjoy herself.Our plane touched down at the airport and taxied to the arrival gate where the passengers were greeted by a complimentary cocktail of rum and fruit juice. As we retrieved our luggage and hailed a cab, we felt the relaxing effect of our drinks. The warm, exotic glow from the rum seemed to loosen the muscles and increase the senses.Our black, native cab driver drove us to our resort destination and pointed out several points of interest as we made our along the winding road along the island’s terrain. Beautiful water and mountain views were visible in all directions.Our driver stated, ” You will have a beautiful and exotic stay on our island.” He seemed to emphasize “beautiful and exotic”, or maybe it was my imagination, the rum, or his thick island accent “Many couples come to our paradise to have the experience of a life time” he continued.My wife chimed in “Oh, we are going to have a great time!” She seemed to have a certain gleam in her eye.We arrived at the resort and my research had paid off- it was five-star hotel in every way. Two female resort staff members greeted our cab and wisked us to the front desk to check-in and promptly delivered us to our suite. Our room was spectacular with a bedroom and separate living room. The suite included a fully stocked mini-bar dominated by exotic rum flavors. I tipped the staff members generously, and they departed leaving my wife and I alone for the first time.”Honey, you have out done yourself,” my wife giggled as she referred to our swank, elegant suite. She proceeded to hug me tightly and press that beautiful body into my own. I could feel her tight breasts and well-toned pelvis press into my crotch. “Let’s go change out of these clothes and go to the beach,” she chimed.She turned and removed her one-piece bathing suit from her luggage and skipped into the bathroom to change. Ann always changed clothes in the bathroom, never allowing a glimpse of her body.I quickly changed into my suit and tee shirt. Ann emerged from the bathroom fully transformed into a beach -babe. She didn’t need a bikini to highlight her figure. Her yellow suit fit her body perfectly. Her light brown hair d****d just above her shoulders and her bathing suit was low cut to the deep cleavage of her C-cup breasts. Her well-toned legs were awesome ending with the curves of her hips and butt. Across the center of her pelvis I could make out the plump outline of her dense bush.We proceeded down to the pool and beach area. There were not a large number of people because it was becoming late afternoon. Several black, native attendants made their way to and from the beach bar dressed in gym shorts and tank tops of the resort, serving the few guests that remained at the beach rum drinks. We picked a spot at the end of the chaise lounges and umbrellas to settle in and have some privacy. A young waiter approached our spot to ask if we wanted any drinks. He was well built and muscular with a large bulge inside the shorts he wore. I noticed Ann’s eyes drift downward to his bulge several times as he asked us what we wanted to drink.”What do you suggest,” my wife asked. Before he could answer, my wife continued, “I want something strong and exotic. I want to drink something to relax my tense muscles, because we have just arrived. I want to unwind and enjoy the sun and breeze”The waiter said he knew exactly what she needed and came back with an exotic rum drink with an umbrella in the glass. “This will set you free,” the black waiter smiled. He told us his name was Leon and he would be waiting on us for our stay. The hotel actually assigned people to each party of guests. “I will take of all your needs during your stay-beach service, tours, reservations, and I am also a trained massage- ther****t.”As we continued to chat, I could see my wife’s drift over his body as he stood talking to us. The rum drink was apparently taking effect on her senses. She seemed excited, bubbly, and even flirtatious as we talked with Leon. Being about six feet four inches in height, Leon’s large bulge in his shorts was at eye level with our sitting position on the lounges. Ann’s eyes lingered longer and longer on Leon’s bulge as we chatted away the afternoon. By the time he had served our second round of drinks to my wife, she was totally at ease.As we continued to chat with this large black Adonis, Ann’s thighs seemed to be further apart as she sat back against the lounge. Maybe, it was just my imagination. Her luxurious bush made a plump impression on her suit; and as I gazed upward, I noticed her nipples had become erect and pointing through her suit for all to see. Leon noticed this also, as I saw his eyes drink in the sight of my wife.”Leon, I love your drinks! I believe they are setting me free,” my wife giggled. “So Leon, do many people request any of your other services, such as tours?” Ann asked.”The most requested service is my massage, and no one is ever disappointed, ever,” Leon grinned. He seemed to really emphasize “ever”.I could not imagine my wife ever getting a massage from a man, much less a huge black man. So, I think Leon may have met his match on the word “ever”. Maybe it was my imagination but it seemed like Leon’s bulge was larger than it was when we first met him. I think Ann noticed this also, because her wandering eyes seemed to spend more time eyeing his mid-section.”Well Leon, do your massages also set you free”, my wife laughed. What was in those rum drinks, I thought to myself?Ann’s thighs seemed to be further open and her dark, brown bush was ever-so-slightly escaping on the sides of her bathing suit, which was cut high on her wide hips. I could not believe my wife’s state of mind. She seemed to be uninhibited, or maybe she was not aware of her display. This was totally unlike Ann.”I might like one of those massages while we are here!!” My wife said smiling. “My friends at church and the PTA would never dream of getting a massage in a Tropical Paradise!! Their husbands don’t treat them as good as mine does!!”Leon seized the opening in her remark. “You will want a massage every day, so don’t start too late,” he grinned.He quickly turned and walked back to his station along side the beach bar leaving Ann hanging on his last remark. This guy knew exactly what he was doing.Ann thought for a moment and turned to me. “Would you be mad at me if I got a massage from Leon?” I was shocked, but I bit my tongue as envisioned a black man with his hands on my pretty white wife. Hell, we just got here 3 hours ago. Suddenly, that erotic vision got the best of me.”No Ann, I think that would be a excellent idea, you need to relax and let you hair down. And, we are away from home in an erotic island location, so enjoy yourself,” I replied. Did I just say erotic? “You need to live a little.”I could not believe my own words. Actually, I really could not believe Ann’s response.”Well, go ask Leon if he will give me a massage.” She continued, ” I do need to let my hair down a little-no I need to let it down a lot!”I was stunned. What was in that drink?I got up and walked over toward Leon’s location by the beach bar. I almost turned back about three times, but I kept walking. When I arrived standing next to him, I thought to myself?man, he is a big man! I told him my wife would like a massage, and asked him if he was available. He stated that he knew she would want one when he left us minutes ago, and that my wife would love his massage. He said he would be up to our room within 15 minutes. He then told me some very specific instructions. My wife was to remove her suit, but do not shower and to put on her resort robe. She could wear her underwear, or remain naked under the robe-it was her choice.I returned to my wife and told her massage was set, and we hurriedly made our way to our room. Ann was flushed from head to toe, I could tell.As she prepared for Leon, I told her his specific instructions. She removed her bathing suit right in front of me. She never does that. She always changes behind closed doors. Her C-cup breasts, large nipples and butt looked awesome, and were highlighted by her tan lines. Her dense bush was a work of art.I always liked bushes. Why? Because, to me, a woman with a bush means that she did not mean to be seen. I’m not talking earth moms here, just a nice healthy rug. The contrast of a beautifully maintained lady with dense bush is extremely erotic. The contrast of her beautiful skin as it travels to a bush that is wild, raw and might be hard to control. A women’s bush, pussy, twat, cunt etc. is an organ with a mind to its own. It’s the contrast.Ann put on a pair of panties (no bra) and then the resort robe. Her eyes seemed glazed, yet full of fire. It was lust! We sat in the living room of our suite as we waited for Leon to arrive. I could not believe this! Ann looked hot in her dainty white, upper-thigh-length robe.I went to the bathroom to relieve myself, and as I looked over to the bathtub, I saw Ann’s bathing suit daintily sitting on the side. I picked it up and looked towards the crotch of the suit and my dick shot in the air. It was soaked?just the crotch. Her pussy must have been creaming as she was eyeing Leon’s bulge on the beach!! I lifted it to my nose and smelled her scent. It was an erotic and strong smell-really strong. It was the smell of pure lust.My wife was sitting on the sofa, as I returned from the bathroom, with her eyes still glazed. My wife’s conservative appearance disguised the fact that her pussy was creaming in her pants!!!”Honey are you sure you won’t be angry at this? I am just on vacation, and I want to have a relaxing massage.” My wife said innocently.She looked so prim and proper sitting there. My wife, mother, volunteer, PTA organizer was waiting on a large black man to touch her white body with his huge black hands and fingers. Would she be able to control herself when Leon stroked her, I thought? What if he was aggressive or went to far? She would not allow that. I was positive—not Ann. But, she did ask for a massage.There was a loud, strong knock on the door of our suite. Ann and I jumped. I opened the door and Leon walked confidently into the room. He was still dressed in his white gym shorts and that big bulge was still there in front. Ann’s was still seated and smiled widely as Leon came into the room. I made nervous small talk to break the ice. I noticed out of the corner of my eyes that Ann’s gaze was looking at Leon’s bulge.”Ann, are ready for a massage? Are you ready to enjoy a great, relaxing experience that will set you free?” Leon asked grinning.Why did he keep saying that “set you free” phrase, I kept wondering? Leon had brought a small bag with his lotions, but not a massage table. He also brought Ann a third rum cocktail. She promptly downed her drink and began to flirt with both Leon and myself, as we all chatted. This is not like Ann, I thought, she is actually acting a little uninhibited.As we all laughed and talked, I noticed that the short, resort robe had inched up Ann’s thigh. I could make out the crotch of my wife’s white cotton panties as she would move and change positions during our chat with Leon. I could also see the dark shadow of her thick bush through the thin material of her white underwear, and even a few stray hairs creeping around the edges. Her tan smooth thighs traveled up to her nylon underwear, where the shaved skin gave way to her luxuriant growth of sex hair peeping out from beneath.She must have no idea I can see this, I thought. Then I realized?if I can see my wife on display, so can Leon! I looked over to him, and that was exactly where he was looking!! She was stealing glances at Leon’s bulge in his pants, and we were stealing glances at her panties and bush!”Well, Ann shall we get started, or have you changed your mind?” Leon asked. If he thought she was going to say no, he sure didn’t show it. I guess with a bulge that big you feel pretty cocky, so to speak. Then again, I bet Ann would turn back into her shy self and back out. I was tense!”Where do you want me Leon? Do you want to perform the massage on the couch or in the bedroom?” Ann asked excitedly. I was shocked.”You pick the spot Ann, but the bed will allow me to work on all sides better.” Leon smiled. All sides? What does that mean, I thought?”The bedroom in that case!” Ann said as her eyes looked at Leon’s bulge.”I am going to leave you two alone.” I announced. “There a game on television I am dying to watch.”Ann walked into the bedroom followed by Leon’s huge black frame. Her head only came up to his chest. That was the first time I had seen her standing next to him. A huge black man and my dainty white wife headed toward a bed.I turned the television on to provide some background noise, and then positioned myself at the bedroom doorway to watch my wife get her massage.”You can lay on your stomach on the bed Ann, with or without the robe, I want you to completely relax.” Leon said very gently.Ann kept the robe on. I knew she would, güvenilir bahis siteleri I thought. As she got into position, I soon realized the bottom of her short robe did not prevent Leon from seeing up the back her well-toned legs almost all the way to her panties and white butt. I had a raging hard-on, as I watched my innocent white wife lay prone on her stomach in front of a huge black man. She looked so submissive laying there waiting for her massage to begin.”I am completely relaxed.” Ann said in light, tipsy voice. “I feel exotic being in the islands with the warm open air and sunshine.” She said, almost as if she was talking to herself.Leon removed his massage oil from his bag and moved to the bed and leaning over Ann, gently rolling her robe off her shoulders to her waist. He applied the oil to his hands and began rubbing her shoulders.He got on the bed on his knees, which shook the bed and made Ann’s short robe ride up her thigh to her white butt. I could see just a glimpse of Ann’s panty crotch. Leon worked on her shoulders for about 10-15 minutes (This guy was taking his time, I thought)”That feels so good!!” My wife whispered. Her voice sounded deep and husky.Leon then began to work on the small of my wife’s back using deep, firm strokes just above her bunched robe and bottom. He grabbed a pillow and thrust it under Ann’s hips, which lifted her white butt in the air. This also allowed the robe to move up above her beautiful white buns trapped by her conservatively cut underwear. I was sure she was going to panic and run into the bathroom.”This pillow will help your back, Ann.” Leon said gently.Ann did not move! She just moaned and nodded with her head in the pillows at the head of the bed. Unbelievable! Leon took more oil and began to work on the back of my wife’s legs. From her feet to the back of her knees, Leon worked his magic. He worked on the inside of her calves and knees.Leon told my wife to open her legs a little, so he could better work on the insides of her ankles. I knew Ann would not do this, she was way to modest. I was shocked when her thighs and legs parted slightly about 3 inches. I do not think my dear wife knew or realized that her robe had worked its way over her butt. It must be the rum, I thought. Leon huge hands were moving all over the back of my wife’s tanned legs.”I have never felt this relaxed Leon.” My wife said as her breathing was very choppy and deep. If she was relaxed, then why was she breathing so hard, I wondered? ” My skin feels like it is glowing with warmth.” She moaned.I noticed that Ann’s thighs had moved further apart. As my eyes traveled up her legs, I almost fainted! The white crotch of her panties was becoming visible between her thighs and her upturned bottom. Leon could see this also.Leon moved his strong hands over the back of her thighs and I thought I saw Ann’s hips start to softly undulate. I was going crazy! Should I stop this? I was frozen with my eyes riveted to my wife’s crotch and undersides of her white buns.Her thighs parted further, and I actually could see between her thighs. My God! The crotch of her panties was damp?no it was wet!!! Ann’s dark bush’s shadow could be seen through the wet material. Leon could see this also, and his already large bulge became a huge lump in his shorts.He worked his hands to the top of my wife’s tan thighs and across the bottom of her white panties. My wife’s round buns jiggled as Leon worked hands back and forth. This caused her panties to creep toward her lovely deep crack in her butt.Leon liked what he saw, and began to discreetly repeat this motion of his hands. My wife white buns began to creep from the outside of her panty legs as the material seemed flow like a river toward her crack. Her bush seemed to slowly jump from the sides of the material as it moved inward like coiled springs yearning to be touched. It was almost like the brown hairs had been found and sprouted out for a breath of fresh air. Leon eyes were riveted to the erotic display.Didn’t my pure wife know this was happening? Was she too innocent, or too turned on? Surely she would put an end to this. Surely she would thank Leon for his massage and ask him to leave.”Leon your hands are amazing!” Ann said in an uneven, throaty voice.”Do you want me to stop or continue Ann?” Leon whispered. “I want you to be completely relaxed.””Please keep going Leon!! Your hands feel wonderful!!” My wife groaned.Leon became slightly more aggressive in his strong strokes across my wife’s upper thighs. I don’t know when he did it, but Leon had tossed my wife’s robe on the floor. There she was, with only her white panties on, with a black man fondling her legs near her round butt with a pillow elevating it on display.”Ann, most ladies like for me to massage their buttocks, because the resort’s beach lounges are a little hard on the backside.” Leon said gently. “I can rub them for you if you would like.””Yes, I would like that!!” My wife moaned. “I have been sitting on my poor buns all day?first on the plane and then on your hard lounges.”Leon’s hands immediately traveled onto my wife’s bottom and began to massage her buns through her white panties. This only accelerated her panty creep. The tan legs stopped and her round, sun-free white buns jiggled slowly out of the legs of the material. Ann’s deep long ass crack seemed to suck the panties inside. More fringes of her lush pubic hair became visible on each side of the material. More hot strands of coiled hairs were popping out for air.Also expediting the process was the fact that my wife was moving her hips up and down undulating her voluptuous butt under Leon’s black hands. As she did this, her buns seemed to flair open capturing more of her panties in her crack.”Oh Leon that feels wonderful!!” My wife moaned. “My poor butt needs some tender loving care. Your hands are so big and strong!!””Ann, that is what I am here for.” Leon said. “I can give your poor little bottom the attention it needs. You will love it!! Your butt is so soft and white.”She was oblivious to all the display of her ass, as she hunched her hips up and down. The wet spot on her crotch was growing larger, and the material was more and more transparent. This was displaying her sex to Leon as he manipulated her buns.Ann was humping slowly and deliberately against the pillow under her hips. I realized she was lost in tropical lust and nearing the point of no return. My sweet wife was out of control it seemed.”I have never had my butt massaged!” My wife moaned. “Your big hands feel so good!””I am going to get more comfortable Ann.” Leon said as he rose to his feet. My eyes immediately fell to his crotch where his bulge looked like a large g****fruit in his pants. He quickly removed his tank top showing his massive chest. And then yanked down his gym shorts. My eyes were riveted to the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life. It was easily 11 inches long and thick as my wife’s forearm.Ann never looked up from her prone position on the bed. She was still humping the pillow below her hips in dreamland, I suppose.I have seen porn movies, and I believe Leon would be an instant star overnight. He palmed his black meat as he stared down at my wife’s round butt. Then he turned and looked straight at me standing in the doorway, smiling at me. I was stunned! I was frozen in place.I should stop this right now, I thought All I could do was nod to him liked he had my permission. I cannot believe I nodded, but I did.Leon let go of his dick and it popped stiff with a loud slap against his hard stomach. The damn head on his dick was as big as a lemon and topped out a couple of inches above his navel. His balls were as big as oranges.Leon moved onto the bed and straddled my wife’s upper thighs. He picked up where he had left off, fondling Ann’s soft white butt cheeks through her panties, only this time he was actually spreading her ass as he massaged back and forth. His hands seemed glide across her upturn buns. Ann seemed to be thrusting higher off the pillow as she received his attention.I moved into the room and alongside the bed, watching this black man stroke my prim little wife.I could see much more detail from this up-close position. Her back was perspiring, and her breathing was a lustful pant. Her panties were captured almost all the way in her butt crack with wet pussy hair spewing wilding from her bunched panties. Even in the crack of her ass, dark hair crept from deep in her crevice framing her bunched panties. Oh the contrast! Silky white buns, toned legs, and the goose bumped flesh coexisting with raw sex hair creeping from beneath and out of her sex. Leon’s huge black hands were playing with her ass like a guitar.But, after all this visual stimulation, what really blew mind was the smell. I could smell my wife’s pussy from where I was standing!!! She smelled hot, wanton, wet, and down right dirty. My sweet eloquent wife reeked of hot pussy smell, like heat off of an asphalt pavement. No wonder Leon had instructed Ann not to bathe before her massage!!!”Ann, most people like for me to massage to whole body.” Leon said in a relaxing tone. “Would you like me to massage the whole area??””Oh yes, it feels so good.” My wife said. “I want the total experience.”She humped her hips up and down undulating her soft white butt as Leon took one hand slowly down between her legs and lightly stroked the crotch of her wet panties with his index finger. Ann bucked her hips higher as if trying to capture his touch. It was almost like she experienced an electrical shock.”Oh Leon you are making me feel so good. I cannot believe it!” Ann gasped, as she bucked her hips upward and back to make his finger rub harder along her pussy.”Do you like when I touch you there, Ann??” Leon asked. “Most ladies love it when I touch them there.””Yes Leon I want you to massage me all over!!” My wife moaned. “I cannot believe I am letting you touch my privates. But, your hands feel so nice.”She was totally at his mercy. Leon grinned at me standing there as he manipulated my sweet wife. He was really enjoying this, I thought.He moved slightly upward and moved his huge black dick across my wife’s humping white buns. Ann jutted her but in the air off the pillow as she felt his big, hard dick travel across her undulating buns and bunched panties.”What in the world is that?? My god!!!” she gasped. “Are you naked??””I did not want to get massage oil on my shorts, so I took them off. This is the way we massage in the islands.” Leon said matter-of-factly.I was waiting for my wife to scream and end the session, but I was totally wrong!!”Well I want to have my massage like every body else.” My wife announced. “When in the islands, do as the islanders do!! Gosh, you are huge down there!!””Do you think I am big down there??” Leon asked. “We grow them big in the islands!!””God yes you are big!!!!” My wife gasped. “Are all black men this big??””Not all of us, Ann.” Leon answered confidently. “But many of us have big dicks.”To give her an idea of what big really meant, Leon reached up and gripped her left arm and brought her hand back to her to her upturned butt. He slipped her eloquent manicured hand back to his huge black dick. He placed his big dick into the palm of her reversed hand behind her back.There was her wedding ring shining in the bedroom light as she gripped his huge black meat in her small white hand. The rest of his huge dick rested against her forearm. He was bigger than her forearm!! Her hand would not reach all the way around his thick dick.”My God, that is the biggest thing I have ever felt in my life!!!” My wife gasped. “Your thing is huge!!””Thing?? What thing??” Leon lewdly whispered.”Your, your, your …um, um…dick is biggest thing I have ever felt in my life!!!” My wife stammered.”Ann, do you like touching my big, black dick??” Leon lewdly asked.”God yes!! Your dick feels like a heater!!” My wife moaned. “My god, black men have big dicks!!”All the while, my wife was uncontrollably humping her white butt upward and back. I could see her white fingers gripping and pulling his huge black shaft.She was toast, I thought.Leon then moved her arm, which in turn, moved his big black dick to edge of the right panty leg of my wife’s underwear. The lemon-sized head popped under the material against her naked butt. He flexed his hips downward to drive is rock hard dick underneath the material. Ann’s panties seemed to swallow his big dick as he ground his meat into my wife’s soft white ass.”Your dick is hard as a rock, Leon!!” My wife gasped. “I can feel the heat on my buns!!”My wife shot her hips up to slap against his dick. I was losing my mind! I watched as he ground and fed more of his huge cock into the leg of her panties. His head of his cock popped out the top of her panties along the small of her back. She humped back and Leon drove forward. His black dick was moving all across my wife’s white butt, and she was sure helping the case.Have you ever seen a dog run around under the sheets frantically trying to find his way out?? You get the idea!! The contrast was unbelievable! Leon’s rock-hard, black dick was rubbing across my wife’s tender, white buns. The granite hardness of Leon’s black dick compared to the ultra soft bouncing of Ann’s white buns. Her buns seemed to dance to a beat as her hips thrust up and down.Leon abruptly stood up with his cock bobbing in the air. My wife turned her head and caught her first glimpse of Leon’s huge black dick. She could not see me, but I could see her face from my position. Her eyes glared in pure lust as stared at Leon’s huge black dick. Her upturned butt was still humping softly up and down on the pillow.”Leon you have the biggest dick I have ever seen!!!” My wife said in amazement. Ann never, ever talked dirty, but she was out of control. “Your dick looks like it belongs on a horse!!!””Well, I hope you enjoyed the massage Ann.” Leon grinned, ignoring her comment. My wife had biggest look of disappointment on her face, but her eyes never left Leon’s crotch.”Oh please, do not leave Leon. I want you to continue my massage please, please, please.” Ann begged. The rum, or the aphrodisiac in that rum, sure made my wife insatiable, or so it seemed. Did she forget about me, or was she totally blinded by lust?”Well ok Ann, but you have to follow my instructions if we continue.” Leon announced. “You must do what I tell you to do!!””I will Leon. Please. Please.” My wife pleaded. “I will do whatever you say!!”Leon smiled at me lewdly and said to my wife, “Your husband has joined us, and I want him to watch!! I want your husband to see his wife enjoying herself with a black man!!”I thought my wife would freeze at the sound of my name and come to her senses. But, I was totally wrong!!Ann looked up at me with a look of shock and lust and asked me, “Oh honey is this ok?? I am so turned on. I am sorry! Do you like seeing me with a black man??””Honey I want to watch. Enjoy yourself!!” I assured her. “Go for it!!”My wife eyes seemed to relax with my comment, as she seemed to let her last barriers to lust come tumbling down.Leon moved back on the bed and told Ann to remain in her prone position with white butt thrust upward. Leon moved to the side of my wife, but told her to turn her head away as he moved down next to her. He then started whispering softly in her ear.”Ann you a very pretty, little lady,” Leon whispered as he stroked his hand down her back and upturned butt. “I am going to give you pleasure like never before if you do as I say. Do you want that??”My wife seemed thrust higher as he rubbed across her buns. His huge dick was snuggled next to her left butt cheek, and she undulated her hips in a circular motion to contact it. No verbal answer to the question was required.”I want you to touch yourself Ann. Touch yourself on the outside of your pretty white panties. Put your hand underneath yourself and touch yourself now, or I will leave.” Leon said sternly.”But, I have never done that” my wife replied. “That is dirty.””Follow my instructions, Ann. I want you to play with your pussy.” Leon said sternly. “I love to watch white married ladies play with their pussies!!”She paused momentarily, but then took her hand and moved it underneath her hips, and I saw her fingers arrive at her crotch. My sweet little wife was going to play with her pussy in front of a black man! I could not believe it.”Oh God, my panties are soaked!!” my wife lustily breathed as she touched her crotch. “I cannot believe that my sex is this wet.”She began to hump her hips up and down as her fingers danced along the crotch of her panties.Leon moved to his knees, so he could watch my wife play with her pussy down below. Her hips were humping wildly up and down, and she was moaning softly. Leon ran his huge black hands all over my wife’s butt pressing and pulling my wife’s ass cheeks open and closed. He was not as gentle as before, but not rough, just more purposeful. He would occasionally run his finger to my wife’s crotch and then back over to her butt. Ann jerked at his touch on her pussy. Her lush bush had continued to escape around the sides of her soaked panties.”That’s a girl Ann. Play with your pussy!” Leon whispered lewdly. “Touch yourself. Ride your fingers. That’s a good girl Ann. Show Leon how you please yourself!””Oh Leon, I cannot believe I am touching myself!” My wife exclaimed. “My panties are soaked!! I am going to have to throw these panties away after you are through with me!!””My private parts have never been this wet. I feel so nasty!” Ann admitted.”I cannot believe you are making me do this, but God it feels so damn good!” She confessed. “You are making me act like a slut in front of my husband!!”My sweet wife’s hips were thrusting up and down as her fingers rubbed across her wet crotch on the outside of her panties. Her fingers were glistening with her sex juice, as her pussy flooded her panties.My conservative white wife was masturbating in front of a black man!!!! Her fingers were pushing the material of her white panties into her slopping wet cunt!!”Ann, you are playing with your pussy in front of a black man while your husband watches!!” Leon taunted. “My, my aren’t you a hot little wife! Play with your hot little twat!!!”Leon gently pinched my wife’s humping white buns as they as they danced underneath his touch.Leon glanced at me and smiled. He was dominating my wife before my eyes.Then he whispered, “Do you want me to touch you Ann? Tell me what you want.””Yes!! Oh, God yes! Yes, please touch me Leon!” my wife cried out begging.”Touch what Ann???” Leon tormented my wife. “What do want me to touch??””I want you to touch my pussy!!” My wife moaned. “Please touch my wet pussy!!””You want me to touch your wet pussy in front of your husband, Ann??” Leon lewdly asked. “You realize what you are asking?? You want a black man to touch your pretty white pussy while your husband watches??””YES!!! Please touch my pussy!!” My wife begged. “I want you to play with me in front of my husband.”Leon then moved and straddled Ann’s ankles, which were splayed wide apart. He leaned forward and down, and began licking the back of her thighs near her butt. He licked to her bottom near the juncture of her thighs. God that was a sight! A black man was starting to tongue and wet my wife’s white, tender ass. Her conservative white panties could not contain round white buns as they spilled out of their confinement.”Oh Leon!! You are making me come!!” My wife gasped with her butt humping wildly.I could smell her sex all over the place as Leon’s tongue lashed her tan thighs and white buns with his hot tongue. My clean, manicured wife’s raw pussy smell singed my nose as I breathed her sexy scent.”Ann stop playing with your pussy.” He commanded.My wife did not stop as instructed. She continued to play with her sex, as she was lost in the pleasure of her own masturbation.”Look at you, Ann. You just can’t stop playing with you pussy can you??” Leon taunted. “My white little soccer mom can’t stop masturbating!! STOP!! I said.”Leon slapped her white thrusting butt with his huge black hand to illustrate his point.Ann slowly withdrew her hand from underneath her and relaxed her arm to her side, as her wet hand and fingers glistening in the light.As I looked down to her fingers, I could see they were sopping wet, and the flesh was wrinkled. Just as though she had been taking a bath too long and the skin was totally saturated. My God, she was wet!!!Leon grabbed her wrist and brought her wet fingers up to her nose to make her smell her own sex.Ann’s nostrils flared wildly as her wet scent struck her nose. Her pussy smell, which was strong enough to fill the entire hotel room, was directly in front of her nose. She sniffed her strong sex order as her hips pumped up against Leon’s black body.”Oh, I smell so nasty!!!” My wife exclaimed. Her face was red with shame and lust. “My pussy smells so slutty!!””I cannot believe you made me do that!” My wife cooed. “You made me masturbate in front of you.”Leon looked at me with a wicked grin, as he tormented my straight-laced wife.”Taste yourself Ann.” He instructed. “Put you fingers in your mouth and taste your own pussy.”My wife immediately brought her fingers to her mouth and began licking the wetness from her fingers. She looked as though she was licking an ice cream cone. Her tongue licked and sucked her fingers up, down, and in between capturing the sexual taste in her mouth. Ann moaned and sucked her fingers like a pacifier.”Look at that!!” Leon said loudly as he grinned at me. “Look at your prim little wife tasting her own pussy!! She looks like she likes it!!”Leon then lifted his body back in a knelling position over my prone wife.”Pull your panties down Ann.” Leon commanded softly. “I want you to show me your white butt in front of your husband!!”My wife withdrew her hand from her mouth, and slowly hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties, and pulled them down to display her white butt to Leon’s eyes. Her panties were about mid thigh, and Leon drank in the sight before him.Her smooth white buns had tumbled into before him, and his eyes traveled over the lewd display below. My wife’s white buns were as smooth as velvet. In the center of her butt, her long deep crack was fanning open and closed as she humped her pelvis up and down in lust. Ann lifted her hips higher off the bed with each thrust searching for his touch.”Look at your wife’s pretty white butt!” Leon taunted me as he fondled her buns. “Her ass is as soft as butter. Your wife has one fine ass!!”Leon saw how her bush fanned out over her crotch, and how it continued upward to her butt crack. As she humped up and down, Leon saw her rich sex hair creep from between her buns as her butt cheeks spread open on the upstroke of her hips. He saw her pale white buns separate to reveal the sexy, forbidden crevice of her sex.”Ann, I want you to show me yourself. Show me you sex, Ann.” Leon hissed.He reached up and gently took her hands and brought them back to her white buns. Man, this was hot!!”Spread that booty for Leon, baby!” Leon ordered. “Show your married white butt to a black man!!”Without hesitation, my prim and proper wife gently pulled her buns apart to show this black man her white butt hole.”Lord have Mercy on me!! Would you look at that?” Leon exclaimed grinning lewdly and pointing. “Look at your wife!! She looks all shaved and manicured until you get to her hairy pussy and ass!! Look at the hairy sex on this little wife!!”Looking down at my wife. I saw her creamy white buns spread open framing her hairy sex openings to this complete stranger. Her pussy was wet and the crack between her cheeks was wet also. Her wild sex hair leaped from her sex and butt crack. My wife’s pink, brown anus was nestled in a sea of brown butt hair!!”Oh baby, look at you! You got a hairy ass!!” Leon hissed, as he gently tugged on the brown butt hair. “Look at that tight little butt hole hiding in that bush!!”My wife was embarrassed beyond belief. However, this black man had total control over her.As her pussy and butt came in to view, Leon leaned forward with just his nose and inhaled her earthy smelling pussy and butt hole. He smelled her for a long time with his nose sniffing and dancing up and down her totally exposed sex.”Oh my goodness Ann! You smell so naughty baby! I can smell your sex, Ann. I thought you were all prim and proper Ann, but you smell so naughty!” Leon whispered. He was slowly turning up the heat with his dirty talk.”Oh Leon, this is so nasty!! I have not showered, and I am letting you smell my sex!!” My wife gasped.”You are nasty, Ann!! You are letting a black man smell you pretty white ass while your husband watches!!” Leon taunted.He then began to lick my wife’s white, upturned buns all around the surface. He was wetting her buns with saliva and they glistened in the bedroom light. He was licking and wetting my sweet innocent wife’s white, round buns like he was basting a turkey!!!My wife would never let me touch her butt in a million years!! But, Ann was humping her butt up right in Leon’s black face!! She was twisting and turning her hips as she humped trying to work his tongue toward her crack.He realized what she was wanting and slowly snaked his tongue into my wife’s earthy crack. He licked her butt crack from top to bottom and as his tongue danced in and out of her butt crack. I could smell my wife’s wet dirty sex.”Oh Leon!! I cannot help it. Please lick my butt!” my prim and proper wife pleaded. ” I have never felt like this! Oh please don’t stop!” she grunted.”Ask your husband!!” Leon demanded. “Ask him to let a black man eat his wife’s ass!!”My wife looked at me with her face completely red with lust.”Oh honey, Leon wants to lick my butt. Is that ok??” My wife groaned. “I am so sorry!! Do you want to see a black man eat your wife’s ass??””Go for it!!” I said.I could tell he wanted to keep my wife on the edge of pleasure. He would lick her crack and blow his hot breath into her churning ass. Leon’s tongue would dance up and down my wife crack and would linger on her pink muscled butt hole. His saliva was wetting my wife’s sphincter.After several minutes of oral teasing, he backed off her white butt.Leon moved back to his knees and ran his huge finger up and down my wife’s upturned white butt crack. Wetting his finger in her pussy and running it across my wife’s wet butt hole. The muscled ring of her brownish, pink anus dilated and quivered. I was losing my mind!! Ann butt humped upward.”Have you ever let anyone up your ass, Ann??” Leon asked. “I bet no one has ever touched your little white ass have they??””No one has ever touched me there, Leon.” My wife groaned as she thrust her hips higher.”That’s a girl. Back up on that finger baby!” Leon whispered lewdly. “Tell your husband what I am doing!!””Honey, Leon is sticking his big black finger in my butt!!” My wife gasped. “I never knew this could feel so good. Damn his finger is big!!”My wife was trying to fuck his black finger in her butt. He was just sitting there holding his hand and finger completely still, and she was humping and pumping her ass in the air trying to fuck his finger. He slapped her ass firmly and she shot her hips up, as if to ask for more.The high elevation of her hips made her soft white buns flare open and exposed even more of her quivering pink anus nestled in a sea of earthy brown butt hair. Her pink muscled anus fanned open to suck in Leon’s big black finger.His finger was in my wife’s white upturned butt hole! She was humping her butt higher trying to gobble up more of it!!She was moaning loudly and continuously as he began to lightly spank her buns. My PTA wife was raising her white butt hole to a black man and wanting more! Leon began to turn up the dirty talk.”That’s a girl Ann show me that white, married ass. Get up on it baby!! Give it up!! You are dirty, baby. Let Leon have your pretty white butt. Open it for me. Take my black finger up your hairy, white butt.” Leon taunted.Leon looked at me and said, “Look at your wife!! Look at her taking my finger in her ass!! She’s a natural!! Her tight little ass is just munching on my finger. I can feel her butt clenching on my finger. Look at her!!!”I was going wild and Ann was moaning uncontrollably. Her elegant hands and nails were spreading her buns wide apart as her wedding ring sparkled in the dim light. Leon continued to glare down at my prone wife. Her bush was soaked, and her white buns gleamed with hot sweat and saliva.”Tell big Leon what you want baby” He tormented her.My prim little wife lost it completely as she began to come. Her orgasm racked her whole body as she back on Leon’s huge black finger. Ann lost all of her modesty.My innocent wife gasped, “Oh my God!! You are making me come!! You are making me come on your big black finger!! Fuck me!! Fuck my butt!!”Ann was talking so hot. I had never once heard even come close to these words she was using. My wife was so decadent sounding. Leon continued spank her ass lightly.”Oh yes Leon spank my buns!! I am taking your big finger in my butt hole. It feels so good!! ” My wife begged. “Fuck my butt!!”I came in my pants as I watched, and I was still rock hard!!!Leon leaned up to my wife smooth neck and ears and licked her neck and ear. “You want Leon’s big black cock, baby?” he whispered in her ear. “You want Leon to fuck your pretty white pussy? I might stretch your hairy pussy, Ann. Do you think your little white pussy can take this big dick?”He rocked back and began to rub the huge head of his dick up and down the folds of my wife’s hairy pussy wetting the knob with her pussy juice as it was gliding up and down. His finger was still in her butt hole. Ann thrust her hips higher trying to get his huge dick in her pussy.”Tell Leon exactly what you want baby. Tell him!!!” he commanded. “Do you bahis firmaları want your husband to watch you take a big black dick??”My wife moaned “Please, I want you to fuck me with your big, black dick, Leon. Fuck Me! Fuck me! I want you to fuck me in front of my husband!!”I could not believe my ears!!She reached down behind her with her wedding ring hand searching for his huge black dick. She was desperately humping her ass in the air. Finding his dick with her dainty white hand she pulled his dick into her hairy cunt. Leon smiled at me and winked as my wife begged for his cock.”Please Leon.” My prim and proper wife begged. “Please let me have your big black dick!!”Leon looked at me and taunted, “Look at you wife!! She wants to be fucked by a big black dick!! She will never be the same!! Your wife wants some black dick!!”His huge cock slowly began to enter my sweet adoring wife. She bucked backwards trying to capture Leon’s huge cock more and more. 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I bet he does not believe his little white wife would be so damn naughty. Ann you are being so dirty! You are letting a black man use your white body.” Leon said as he looked at me. “Look at her pussy juice coating my dick!! Your wife is turning my dick white with her come juice!!! She’s coming all over the place!!””I cannot believe you are making me do this!!! I am married!!” My wife gasped. “I cannot believe I am letting a black man have me!! It is just too damn good!!”Leon continued his verbal assault.”What would your parents think if they saw you holding your white buns spread open showing me your hairy crack?” He lewdly asked.”I don’t care if they see me Leon! You are making me be so nasty!” My wife rasped.”Your cunt is foaming all over my black cock baby. My little white soccer mom is coming all over a big black dick!! You don’t even have half of my big, black dick, baby! There is still 5 inches to go. Your pretty little pussy cannot take all I got Ann. Your hairy cunt lips are stretched tight on my big dick.” Leon announced.”Look at your husband!!” He continued. “Tell him what I am doing!!”Pat looked at me and gasped, “Your wife is getting fucked by a big black donkey dick!!! Look at that big black dick fucking your wife!!!! Do you see it? Look at this big black dick fucking me!!! Do you see your wife coming all over this big black dick!!!”My wife was thrashing underneath Leon’s big frame. Moaning loud and clear.”Ann pull those white buns open for me. Show me taking your married cunt!” Leon ordered.”Can you see it Leon? Can you see my pussy stretching on your big dick?” My wife asked, as she was fucking this black man. “Can you see my hairy butt hole???””Yeah, baby. I can see it!! I can see your hairy pussy taking a big black dick!! Your pussy will never be the same!!” He taunted.Leon was right about that!!”Ann, do let your husband touch your butt hole? Has he ever seen your white butt? 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I can smell your hairy cunt. I can smell your hairy ass. Ann, you are acting so dirty, baby.” Leon whispered.”My pussy is so wet. You are making me come all over your big black dick like a slut.” My wife groaned. “Your black dick is making my pussy stink!!! God it is so good!!” My wife gasped.”God Leon, you are making me act so dirty!” My red faced wife mewed. “I cannot help myself!!!””What would the PTA board say if they saw with humping my big black dick, Ann?” Leon taunted.”Oh God!! They would die!!” My wife smiled. “My friends would be shocked, that I let a black man fuck me.””Would your friends make you show them your hairy cunt when we finished?” He asked.”Oh Yes, I am sure they would!!!” She answered going over the edge. “I bet my friends would make me pull my dress up and show them what you did to me!! I will spread my legs and let them look at my hairy pussy!!!”Ann was coming over and over.Leon pulled back and Ann’s white butt moved back to keep him in her pussy. He finally pulled free with a loud plopping sound as his huge dick sprang up and slapped against his stomach. He removed his fingers from my wife’s butt hole and began rubbing huge black cock head up and down my wife’s deep ass crevice.”Oh Leon, please don’t stop fucking me!! I don’t want you to stop!!” My prim wife pleaded.She pulled her cheeks apart, as he eased his dick in circles around my wife’s dilated, anal ring. Surely she would not allow this black man to fuck her ass!! There was no way it would fit!I was horribly wrong.My wife pushed up and the black knob began to spread the brownish, pink ring of her butt hole as it opened inside her hairy crack.”Oh Leon, what are doing to me?? You are rubbing your big dickhead on my butt hole.” My wife moaned. “This is so dirty!! Please stop that and fuck me some more.””I want your virgin ass, Ann.” Leon whispered. “I want you to give me your white married ass, or I will leave!!””Please, no. I have never done that.” My wife pleaded. “I don’t want you to leave, but you are too big to fit back there. Please. Even my husband has never been allowed to do that!!””I am leaving, Ann!!” Leon announced.”No. No. Wait. Please do not go.” My wife pleaded lost in lust. “Please be gentle with me.””You have to ask for it, Ann!!!” Leon commanded. “You have to beg me to fuck you in the ass. My little soccer mom has to ask me to stick my big black dick in her ass!!””Oh Leon, I cannot believe you are making me do this!!” My wife groaned and paused. “Please fuck me in my butt!!””Not good enough!! Beg me!” Leon taunted. “Beg me to fuck your in the ass!!””Oh Leon. Please fuck me in the ass with your big black dick!!” My wife moaned uncontrollably. “Please. I am begging you!!”Leon slowly pressed down and the huge black head disappeared into my wife’s tight butt hole. She was frozen in place with her teeth biting the sheets on the bed. As a couple of minutes passed, I noticed her plump butt begin to slowly push back toward Leon’s big dick.”Do you like it??” Leon taunted. “You are giving your white ass to black man, Ann. Tell me about it!!!””Oh Leon, you are filling my white butt with your big black dick. Oh!!!! I feel so full back there. Go easy, baby.” My sweet wife grunted. “It feels so different and so good!! I never knew it would feel this good!!”I was watching my wife give her butt hole to black man. The same wife that always changed her clothes hidden in the bathroom was allowing a black stranger to have her most secret hole.My wife’s hips began to hump up and down to take more of Leon’s huge dick. The expression on her face turned from nervousness into pleasure.”Oh Leon, you are going to make me come!!” She cried in a****l lust. “Your big black dick is making me come!! Fuck me!!”Leon smiled over at me as I stood to side of the bed.”Give Leon that pretty white ass. Your hairy little white butt hole is stretching open around my big black dick, Ann. Come and get it baby. Gobble my big dick up, Ann. Back up on up! Spread your white buns and show me taking your little tight ass. That’s a good girl.” He whispered.Ann spread her buns even wider, and rocked her butt further up in the air. She was groaning like a stuck pig!! Leon lightly spanked her butt as she humped her butt up to meet his stationary dick.”Give it to me, Ann. Do you think your husband likes to see you with a black cock up your white butt??? My big black dick is sliding in and out of you white butt, Ann.” He verbally assaulted her.”God I don’t care! I don’t care if my husband sees me. It is just too damn good!!” My wife moaned out loud.”Tell your husband what you are doing, Ann!!” Leon whispered lewdly. “Tell him what his faithful wife is doing!!!””Oh honey, your wife is getting fucked in the ass!! Do you see this black man taking my ass??” My wife said as she looked at me. “Look at his big dick fucking me!! I am giving my ass to a black man!!”Ann’s white round buns were pulled open with her wedding band hands. Her brown butt hairs were creamy white with her sex juice. Her tender pink anus was stretched around Leon’s thick black shaft like a rubber band. Her tight anal ring was twitching up and down the huge black shaft as it stretched.My wife’s soft, white butt?the same butt that sits on the front church pew on Sundays– was getting stretched by a big black dick!!”What would your minister think, Ann? Would he let you volunteer for jobs around the church? Would he throw over his knees and spank you your white butt with his big hand. Gosh, Ann, what would he think of you with a black, thick log up your soft white ass?” Leon tormented her.”Yes! Yes! Yes! He will spank me for being so damn dirty!!” My prim and proper wife yelled. “God I deserve it!!”My sweet wife was biting the sheets slobbering all over them. She was coming again loudly, and thrusting her butt in the air trying to take more of Leon’s big black dick.”Ann do you want me to shoot my black come up your lilly white ass? Tell Leon baby. Tell him.” He commanded.”YES!! YES!! Shoot your come in my ass, Leon.” My sweet wife begged.Ann’s buns were quivering and bucking wildly and rearing back in the direction of Leon’s huge dick. He still had at least five inches of black dick sticking out between her buns, if my wife wanted any more.Leon continued to taunted her, “Ann, when you go the your doctor next time, will he know you have had a nasty black dick fucking you? Will you pull your white buns apart and show the doctor your hairy crack and ask him if you have any bruises on your sore butt hole??””YES!! YESS!! I will show him where you stuck your big black island dick!!!” Ann cried in total abandonment. “I will show him what you did to me!! I am going to show my doctor my butt hole!!! I am going to ask him to put some medicine on it!!!!!!!!!!!”My wife was in total exstacy. Coming continuously.Leon taunted, “Will you have to sit on a pillow in the airplane on the flight home? Will you ask your husband to examine your swollen butt hole in the morning, and show him how I stretched your tight ass?””YESS! I will show my husband everything. I will tell him I am sorry, but your big black dick was just too fucking good!!” My wife screamed. “I will tell him I love you!! I will ask him to kiss my butt hole and make it feel better!!!!””Yeah –you do that Ann!!” He barked.Leon smiled at me as his black ass began to clench. I knew would be shooting his come soon.”I am going to set you free, Ann!! I am going to bake your white butt hole with my hot come. Here it comes baby. Take that black juice up you your white, married butt hole!!” Leon demanded.My wife’s soft white buns were jiggling like belly dancer, as she took Leon’s scalding black come up her butt hole.Ann screamed as she hunch up her butt and milked Leon’s come in her bowels. They both were frozen together. Ann was still coming long after Leon had finished, moaning over and over. Her ass would not stop humping up and down!!!Leon slowly eased his softening dick out of Ann’s tight butt hole with a loud plop. Come streamed out of her swollen, enlarged anus, which was red with heat. The come flowed down to her bush between her tan thighs and soaked the sheets even more than they already were.Leon grinned at me and gathered his clothes and oils then walked out to the living room of our suite. His wet, black dick still hung down to the middle of his thigh glistening with a mixture of my sweet little wife’s sex cream and his own come.I was frozen in place as he passed by me.Leon whispered. “I just fucked the shit out of your little wife, man. And she loved it!! I am taking her panties with me as a present. Man they stink!!!”I heard him dress and leave silently.I stared at my wife’s prone body. She was passed out and breathing like she was out of air. My prim and proper wife had just been fucked beyond my wildest fantasy.She had begun the day as a sweet, modest housewife. She had ended the day as the ravaged, naughty sex toy of a black man.I leaned over her and smelled her hairy sex, which reeked with an a****l scent. I spread her white buns and stared closely at her ravaged pussy and butt hole surrounded with matted hair. Her butt hole was still clenching open and closed as she lay there fading into a deep sleep. I glanced upward to my wife’s innocent face, and notice a lewd smile of total satisfaction on her sweet lips.Wow, what a day, I thought!!I smiled to myself as wondered what day 2 of our vacation would bring!!