Annie runs out of petrol1Annie knew that she should have filled up with fuel before she left the motorway, but who could have imagined that the weather would get so bad and that she would get diverted down so many back roads because of the accident.The fuel gauge was showing nil and the warning light was flashing on and off as she whispered to herself “please don’t stop…please don’t stop”. But, then the inevitable happened. The car chugged and spluttered and she was stranded in the back of beyond and the rain was pouring down. What she didn’t realise was that worse was to come, far worse.Annie picked up her mobile phone and was faced with another disaster……no signal!!What could she do? No fuel, no phone and no real idea of exactly where she was or how far from the nearest civilisation she was. She decided that she must at least walk along the road a little to see if there were any houses or something nearby. She put her coat over her head and started to walk in the dark and driving rain. Within literally seconds she knew that she was soaked through. The coat she had taken with her to the meeting was only flimsy and the rain tore through it and her white blouse was soon sticking to her breasts and her skirt was pressed hard into her thighs and she could feel the cold rain water dripping between her legs and over her rain sodden feet, ruining the high heels she wished she had never worn today.She must have walked about 100 metres when she heard the sound of a vehicle. Thank goodness! Someone is coming! She was caught in the headlights of something quite large and noisy. An old land rover that had obviously seen better days stopped right in front of her. What a sight she must be, thought Annie. But she didn’t care how she looked or who it was, as long as they could help her.Annie walked round to the driver’s door and the window opened slightly and she was greeted by an old and craggy faced man. “Can you help me please? I’m completely lost and my car has broken down.” pleaded Annie. “What you come down here for? This road only goes to our farm and nowhere else?” growled the old man. “I got completely lost” said Annie again. “S’pose you better get in.” he mumbled and pointed to the passenger side of the truck.Annie almost ran round to the passenger door and as she got there it opened and she slipped in, only to be confronted by another man, this time a lot younger, but huge in every respect. “You’ll have to sit on his knee” said the old misery “unless you want to get in the back with the dogs”. By now Annie was just grateful to know that she would be out of the rain and warmer. “I’m sorry, but I’m very wet” she said as she slid onto the younger man, but he said nothing. However, when she caught a glimpse of his eyes she could see his interest had been taken by the transparency of her blouse and bra. Annie’s nipples were standing out proudly and she could have been naked for all that was being covered by her rain soaked clothes. Within a few seconds Annie was sure that she could feel a stirring under her and for a second or two was horrified to think this man might have an erection pressing up into her behind, but it didn’t take long for her to become excited by it.The weather was so bad and the wipers on the land rover so slow that it was impossible for Annie to gauge just how far they had gone before they came to a farm cottage that itself seemed to be completely on its own, apart from a few barns and sheds nearby. The young man had by now had his right arm around Annie and his left hand had been almost probing between her legs as they bounced along the back roads, but what could she do? She was at their mercy and all she could do was smile and pray that they could take her back to her car with some fuel.The passenger door was opened by the man that Annie had virtually and unwittingly been pleasuring for the journey to the cottage and so she slipped off his knee and out into the driving rain again. Her left shoe got stuck in the mud and as she tried to bend down to retrieve it she stumbled and she could feel the mud squelch onto her knee and splatter against her skirt. Could anything worse happen, she thought?The two men walked towards the cottage türbanlı bayburt escort without a word, so Annie hurriedly got up and followed them. Once the door was opened a large and very warm farmhouse kitchen greeted her and she was so grateful to see an old woman sitting in a chair near the fire. “What you got there, Jack” the woman asked. “Found this girl lost down the road and she said she wanted some help” said the young man. It was a long time since Annie had been referred to as a girl, but what the hell, they can call her anything they want as long as they give her some help.“You better get them clothes off if you want to come in here” said the woman. Annie looked around for somewhere to go to undress and was immediately transfixed by the young man, who she now knew as Jack, who had pulled his boots off and was unbuckling his belt and stepping out of his jeans. He then pulled his shirt over his head and next to go was his grubby pants and she was gazing at a man of what she estimated as about twenty years of age absolutely naked apart from a pair of grey socks! “Had a good look at my boy have you?” said the old woman. “I’m sorry” said Annie suddenly. “Is there somewhere I can get out of my wet clothes please and could I perhaps borrow a dressing gown or something?”Jack took his wet clothes over to who Annie supposed was his mother or grandmother and she laid them across the fire surround and he then sat down next to the fire, with absolutely no concern that his huge and thick cock was sitting proudly on the top of his leg and in full view of both his grandmother as Annie later worked out, as well as in front of Annie, a damsel in distress who he had never met before.As granny laid out Jacks clothes she said “You’ll have to take them wet things off there my girl if you want to enter my kitchen. Jack, go and get one of your nightshirts for the girl”. At that Jack rose up and went out of the kitchen, so Annie took the opportunity to undress as quickly as possible, eyeing up a large bed sheet that was folded up nearby, hoping she could get that round her before Jack got back.When Annie looked down at herself she realised just how bedraggled she looked. Her blouse was starting to dry, but it was almost grey with the damage it had sustained. Her black skirt was creased in every way and her shoes were obviously ruined. She took off her shoes first, then unbuttoned her blouse and took that off, then unzipped her skirt and next was her tights, that she could see had become laddered as well. Annie stood in this strangers farmhouse kitchen just in her soaking wet white lacy bra and the white thong Robert had persuaded her she should wear. “I ain’t going to bite you. I can see your knickers, what there is of them, is soaked, so is your bra. Get them off and bring them over to the fire” said granny.Begrudgingly Annie obeyed. She unclipped her bra and her huge tits tumbled out, her nipples still erect and proud. She then slipped her thong panties down her legs and she was naked. To her horror she then saw the older man, who she heard called Joe, standing in the pouring rain outside the kitchen window! He had watched Annie strip and was now transfixed by her tits. Granny laughed. “Don’t worry about Joe, he just wanted to see what you got girly” At that moment Jack walked back into the kitchen and Annie tried to cover herself by putting her hands over her breasts and turning away so as to hide her pussy, but all she did was look even more enticing to the two men ogling her.“Give me that shirt” Annie screamed at Jack and tried to rip the shirt from his grasp. “Don’t you shout at my boy” snarled granny “We don’t have to help you. Just because you look snooty don’t mean you’re better than my boys!”Annie was frightened and angry “They are disgusting staring at me like that. You should be ashamed” she screamed.At that Joe opened the kitchen door and came in, trailed by two large grey Irish wolfhounds and a black Labrador.“This girl reckons we’re disgusting Joe. Reckon you may as well leave that door open so she can go back to her broken down car” said granny. “No please!” said Annie “I just türbanlı bayburt escort bayan want you all to act decently and I’ll pay for your trouble”.“Oh you’ll pay all right young lady” said granny “You think you’re above us, but it’s the other way round. My boys are too good for you, but you can still pay by doing a service that you won’t forget. Then we’ll get you on your way.”The old lady grabbed Annie roughly by her right arm and dragged her across to the kitchen table, shocking Annie by her strength. “Get hold of her Joe” she shouted and Joe held Annie’s other arm and she was pulled so quickly that she fell backwards as they literally lifted her off her feet and lay her on the table, s**ttering plates and pots as they did so. “Jack, grab her legs” shouted granny and Annie could feel the boys hands wrap around her ankles and pull her legs wide apart.Annie was helpless as she felt herself being slid down the long table until her legs were dangling over the end and her bottom was just on the edge. She tried to struggle, but all three of them were so strong. She felt something sharp round her wrists which she later realised was twine and the more she struggled the more it cut into her. Her arms were stretched wide and she could hardly move them. Next she felt her ankles being tied as well, she was spread eagled across the farmhouse kitchen table looking up at the ceiling, her tits heaving up and down and the warmth of the fire wastouching her wide open pussy. “Please don’t hurt me” she pleaded “I’m sorry about what I said. I’ll pay you whatever you want, just please don’t hurt me” she kept pleading.“Don’t you worry, we’re not going to hurt you. We’re just going to have a bit of sport with you to take as payment for our trouble.” said Joe in his gruff voice. “Ma, go and get that camera” he said.“What’s your name?” he asked of Annie “It’s Annie” she said. “Well Annie, you’ve got a fine pair of tits there and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed watching a strip as good as that for a long time. Did you not want me to look at you then.”“No, I don’t mind. Look as much as you want. Just don’t hurt me please. I’ll do anything you want, but don’t hurt me. If you are going to **** me please be gentle.” pleaded Annie.“My boys wouldn’t **** a woman!” screamed granny. “You ungrateful slut! My boys are too good for you anyway. I wouldn’t let them give you such pleasure!”. “But Mum, I want to fuck her” said Joe “and I want Jack to fuck her too”.“You’re too good for her. Get them ready” said granny. Annie didn’t know what was meant, but she was grateful that the old woman seemed to be stopping these two disgusting farmhands from taking her and that’s all she could think about.Annie had forgotten about the dogs until she heard some whining and then she felt a hand on her cunt and something wet and gooey was being rubbed around her pussy and into her public hair! “Don’t you worry yourself, you don’t get me going. I’m just getting you ready for something that I bet you’ll like” said granny. Annie then realised that it was the old woman that was rubbing something over and in her cunt! “Come on over here boy. You like this dog meat don’t you” Annie heard Joe’s granny say and she then felt something very warm and rough licking her pussy. “Granny, can’t I lick her out? Why does the dog get to do that” moaned Jack.Annie was horrified. She then understood what was happening. Even though she couldn’t see what was happening to her she now knew that one of the dogs was eating her pussy and what was even more horrifying was that it felt so good! She could just about see the other two dogs and so she knew that a black Labrador was between her legs and licking right inside her pussy while these three yokels watched. Whatever was Joe doing to the wolfhounds? He was wanking them!“They look ready. Move that one” said granny. Annie felt the rough but fantastic sensation of the dog’s tongue being pulled off her and something was happening that she couldn’t see. Then, she felt hair and claws trying to get a grip on her belly and someone’s hot breath on her. What on earth is happening now? At that Annie felt something very türbanlı escort bayburt narrow but very hot slip into her gaping cunt! She then understood what granny had meant when she said that her boys were too good for Annie, but she was still going to pay. An Irish wolfhound was shagging Annie after a black Labrador had got her ready and the clicking she could hear was pictures being taken of the perverted act taking place!Annie tried to be revulsed by what was happening to her, but she couldn’t be because she was enjoying every minute of it! She raised her head and looked into the eyes of the dog as it thrust its long and thin cock in and out of her while it whimpered and whined. She looked to the side and she could see Jacks huge thick cock being pulled backwards and forwards by his granny as they both stared at this unknown woman being ridden by one of their dogs and Jacks father, Joe, was standing watching Annie being taken by one his dogs with his trousers and pants at his ankles and dripping wet on the kitchen floor, while he pulled his own cock and clicked away, taking pictures of the scene and most probably the look of filthy ecstacy on Annie’s face.She felt such a slut, but even though the twine was cutting into her legs she was desperate to wrap her legs around the huge dog and granny could see this and she cut the twine with a knife and within seconds Annie was in the middle of the table and the dog was astride her and she was lifting herself up and down to get the full length of the hound inside her. The twine around her wrists was slashed by granny and Annie was free, but she didn’t stop her depraved acts. Annie looked hungrily at young Jacks cock in his granny’s grasp and he was then led over to the table by granny who let him go so that Annie could take him between her lips and into her hot mouth, while the dog continued to plunge in and out of her sopping wet pussy.In the next hour both wolfhounds had taken Annie and father and son had pushed their cocks in Annie’s mouth and then they had each fucked her. The only time Annie tried to resist was when Joe pushed his cock up her arse, but granny was sitting in her chair right above them and smacked Annie hard on her left bottom cheek and scolded her for trying to spoil her boys fun. At one point father was up Annie’s arse while his son was deep in her vagina. All the time granny sitting in her chair right above them as they lay in front of the fire taking it in turns to pleasure this slut of a woman. Whenever they stopped for a few moments Annie would beckon one of the dogs to lick her clean, before another member was thrust inside her.All the time one or the other of the family, mainly granny, were taking pictures of what was happening.Annie spent the night at the farmhouse and was forced to take part in many despicable and perverted acts with the family and there a****ls, but she couldn’t resist, she was enjoying it so much. Even though she was sore and sometimes in pain she didn’t want it to stop.It was only in the morning when her husband and one of his friends arrived at the door that she realised that granny had got a signal on the phone at the farmhouse and rang Robert from Annie’s phone quite early in the evening and told him where she was that she worked out that he had urged granny to take advantage of his slut wife.All Robert had wanted in return was pictures of what had gone on that he could circulate to show just what a slut Annie was and to blackmail her into allowing him to arrange such use of her whenever and with whoever he decided.On the way home Annie sat meekly in the passenger seat of Robert’s car dressed in the clothes Robert had chosen to bring along, which consisted of skimpy black panties; black lift up bra; dark hold up stockings; plunging neck line woollen black top and a very short and tight black skirt.The black top Annie was wearing was slightly marked, due to Robert demanding that she kneel down in front of young Jack before they leave and give him oral satisfaction in front of everyone, including Robert’s new friend Simon. Jack was so excited that he spurted in and all over Annie’s mouth and face.Robert continued to drive home, while Simon followed in Annie’s car that had now been filled up with fuel. After a few miles Robert pulled over into a picnic area and Simon pulled up behind. “Annie, I want you to go into the woods with Simon and thank him in the way only a slut such as you can for coming out with me to help you this morning. I’ll just look through this collection of photo’s while you’re gone”.