And I met bothHere I was in a Hotel again, but for a few days this time, and I really was horny, but didn’t really have a plan, so I surfed the web, looked at the online clubs and I finally found a local club that was for abundant women, i.e. BBWs. I really have a thing for a voluptuous woman. I started reviewing the profiles and started messaging a few and finally found a few that would reply back, and we would chat, checking each other out, really trying to see if there was interest and openness.There was one in particular that seemed kind of sassy, and was talking a bit of shit over chat, so I liked that. She was married, so less problems, so I invited her to come visit me in my room. She was hesitant, so maybe all this shit she talked wasn’t so real. But I continued to talk to Valerie and she finally said that she would come visit tomorrow. Excited was an understatement, but I also know how few times these thing work out, so I kept my expectations low.I made sure the room was clean and made sure I had no commitments that night, I was just so horny to eat some pussy and anything else that might happen. She was supposed to come at 7pm, but no show, I called her and she said that she was still coming, but she was going to bring her friend for protection. I am thinking, I am a nice guy, why would anyone need protection from me, but I did understand her risk and was just glad that she was really going to come over.8:00 came and they still weren’t there and was I thinking this really isn’t going to happen, but finally the called and said they were parking and were up to my room before 9. They were a sight to behold, Valerie was tall and with a big round behind along with nice tits and her friend Tonya, was short, smaller behind, but with big round melons. Yes, I was very pleased and would have been happy if nothing had happened, just that they had actually came.Now we were in the awkward moment, what do we do now, well Tonya actually was the outgoing one and Valerie was kind of reserved, not how Valerie acted online. Tonya said she was hungry, so I ordered some food and a bottle of wine from room service. So we watched some TV, while waiting for the food and wine, chatted, etc. We sat on the same bed queen bed together, Tonya laying in the center, while Valerie was on the end and I was on the side. I kept trying to turn the conversation erotic, I kept trying to touch, but it just doesn’t seem to go the way I wanted, but I was still cool. The food & wine arrived and Tonya and I ate and started drinking, but Valerie, didn’t seem to want any of anything. Maybe it was the idea, that if she didn’t do anything, nothing would get started. I could tell that Tonya was up for anything, but she wanted her friend Valerie to be taken care of, like she was the poor sister that never got any attention. Well the wine was definitely loosening me up, if it wasn’t them. And I finally told them my fantasy. It was to eat two women out at once. I am not sure if they were shocked or what, but at least, we started having some conversation in that line. Well Tonya and I had polished off the bottle of wine and we ordered another from room service. At this point, I was feeling very good and told them I was going to get comfortable and stripped down to my t-shirt and boxer shorts. They didn’t move, but they didn’t seem to mind either, but now I think Tonya wanted to get this party started. I told Valerie that she should let me start with her, but she was reluctant, and just sat there, but then really an ingenious move by Tonya. Tonya suggested that Valerie go take a shower and she would feel better and more relaxed. And believe it or not she actually agreed, Tonya and I talked while she was in the shower and said that her main priority was that Valerie get serviced and she would get hers, so I assured her that I would do anything that Valerie desired.Valerie went in took a shower and I was hoping that she would come out in a towel, but she came out full dressed. I just thought damn, this just isn’t going to happen. Then Tonya went in to take a shower also, so now Valerie and I were alone and as we talked she said that she really wasn’t focused gaziantep suriyeli escort on getting eaten, but she wanted to give me some head. What a smile I suddenly had, you know I was out of my shorts in now time and Valerie was putting her thick lovely lips around my knob and down my shaft. Wow, she took it deep, and it was so good, I don’t know if I had ever had head that good in my life, I could tell that I was getting closer, so I told her to hold off.That was because I wanted her to give me head in front of Tonya, as I am a bit of an exhibitionist, I wanted to see her with my cock in her mouth as Tonya was watching or even better yet as I was licking on Tonya. Tonya soon came out of the shower, laid on the bed and Valerie went back at it sucking my cock, giving me pleasure that it hadn’t seen in a while. I leaned over to Tonya and had her scoot out of her shorts and I was there licking and sucking on Tonyas pussy while Valerie was on my cock. I was in heaven, this was my wildest fantasy and I was living it right then. Soon, I couldn’t hold it back any more and I shot a load and Valerie caught every drop, but I couldn’t see because I was so deep between Tonya’s thighs. I loved it she was clean and sweet, I was using my tongue licking her nub, using my lips sucking the pussy. Valerie came around and lay next to Tonya and I was fondling her body as I was sucking more of Tonya. That went on for so long, my tongue, jaw and lips were getting weary and raw, and I hadn’t touched Valerie yet. I finally came up for air from Tonya and there Valerie was ready for me to start, and I dove right in, starting at her thigh and moving down to her lips. I licked, nibbled and sucked away, and now behind me I could feel Tonya massaging and playing with my ass. I was oblivious to everything, she slapped my ass and I could feel the pleasure jolt through me, I wanted her to play with my ass as I licked away on Valerie, but she was only playing and didn’t take it any farther. I could hear Valerie moan she really wanted my cock. My cock had never really been soft even after that great head, I was just receiving too many erotic impulses at once. I rose up and Valerie spread her legs and moved them up so I could slide right up to that wet juicy pussy. And was it warm and juicy, it felt so very good and finally I was exhausted and lie down between these two voluptuous beauties like a sandwich, they were the bread and I was the meat. And I started to take turns sucking on each set of titties. Both had great titties to suck, but they were so different and now naked, I can give a more detailed description. While Tonya and the round fluffy tits that look really good in a low cut top, Valerie had the long titties that were easy to hold and suck with great nipples. As a tit man, I was in definite heaven, taking turns sucking each tit, getting my fill, then all of a sudden, just pushed Valerie tits into Tonya’s mouth and she took it ready and willing. She was sucking like it had been a fantasy of hers all along. Then I pushed Tonya’s tit into Valerie’s mouth and they were both sucking each others tits and I had my hands all over both of them. A mixture of lips, tits, hands and bodies the like I had never experienced before. As they sucked each other, I could tell Tonya wanted me back sucking on her pussy, which I happily obliged, I was determined to get her to an orgasm. Valerie had come back around me and grabbed my cock from below as I was now licking and sucking Tonya. I slid down the bed so that Valerie could sit on the floor with me standing over her and suck my cock while I continued to eat Tonya. These two girls were using every ounce of energy I had to keep up with them, but I was doing my best. Valerie was again giving me some of the best head I ever had and she was determined to get me to blow another load down her throat while ate her friend. Finally Tonya got the nut she wanted and I blew mine, then we all crawled back on the bed together exhausted. I can’t remember when I was so tired, moving with two voluptuous women on a queen size bed was quite treat and a feat. They finally got dressed, took a good bye pic for me and said their good byes, I think was fast asleep before they even got to the elevator.