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Ana’s lifeAna is a woman who grew up in a family that was not poor but, still not much money came there way. So to at 36yrs. a great husband Tom a 38yrs. investment banker in the big city and Mary her sixteen year old daughter and their three story home she felt like a queen but, she always felt she owed it to people to help as much as she could. The high school asked her to run the food stand that the football games she did her beat even making homemade candies and cookies. As a reward for a good job she was given tickets to the colleges big championship game living in the area she does the college is very important to everyone but her so she tried to give the tickets away but people insisted she go. She went with a few other women from the school and at halftime the women were honored and asked to stand for the people to see. After the game the cheerleaders ask the women to attend a party with them Ana didn’t want to but was talked into it there a girl around 22yrs. started to talk to Ana and she was easy to talk to they were having a great time but the smoke got to Ana so Jenny the girl asked her to step outside with her Ana did and they talked more as the night air got colder Jenny leaned Ana against the wall and kissed her this made Ana cringe Jenny played it off saying well bye I have to go now but still held Ana and looking in her eyes she could see the fragile disillusioned women telltale signs of confinence fading away just then the other women came out saying it was time to go. Ana on the ride home was quiet and in deep thought the kiss shook her deep it felt good real good but in her mind she knew it was wrong. In the K-Mart a week later her daughter was talking to a friend as Ana looked for a new dress ending one she looked for Mary not seeing her she went to try it on in the dressing room she hear her Mary talking in the next stall then listening closer heard Mary moan peeping around the wall Mary was kissing the girl who had her hand between her daughters legs Ana tried to move to stop it but was planted in here spot when she seen it was Jenny kissing her Mary the Jenny from the bar in town as she watched Mary moans grew louder türbanlı ığdır escort and her body shuddered and shook breaking the kiss Mary was panting hard still riding Jenny’s hand. Then Jenny looked at Ana and mouth Hi as she walked away Mary looked around so Ana stepped back then came out like nothing happen. Ana waited all the next week to see if Mary would come to her about the assault but she never did. Ana went to the school to check the stand for the big up coming game it was 10:00am the air cold but sunny out she unlocked the door and as she stepped in a hand came around her covering her mouth whispering in her ear a voice that made her uneasy asked if she liked the show not answering the scorching hot breath on her neck said I know you did and now you have a choice to make it’s either your pussy or little Mary’s pussy the dominance in her voice told Ana it was a choice she had to make. Jenny told Ana to turn around letting go of her Ana turn to face Jenny the girl looked in her eyes and Ana could see herself fading her resolve was gone Jenny said we are going to have a good time here so get naked and for a unknown reason Ana was obedient removed her clothes and waited to be told what to do next Jenny to got undressed and the sight of her pirced nipples and clit her 22yrs. gorgeous body amazed Ana in a way she was excided. Jenny once again kissed her but this time Ana kissed back she was scared but also sexual energize welling to do as told Jenny gave her a lesson in pleasure granting her a taste of pussy for the first time allowing Ana to devower her cunt till she creamed then bring her off with her tongue and fingers making Ana moan and panted for breath as the two regain control the lunch bell rang Ana told Jenny she needed to leave cause Mary was coming there soon Jenny smiles saying no she’s not and just then Ana’s phone rang answering it Mary tells her a friend is picking her up for lunch and also she’d be coming home late. Ana just dumbfounded says ok and hangs up then Jenny’s phone rings Jenny puts it on speaker and Mary says I told my mom I’d be late coming home so you can come türbanlı ığdır escort bayan get me now and have me till about 5 or so. Jenny says sure I’ll see you soon and hanging up smiles at Ana as she leaves. Ana watches as she walks away and thoughts of Mary do the things she just did to Jenny flood her head in a dream like state she starts to finger herself to a orgasm that rattles her was it the fact that Jenny was having sex with her daughter or that her daughter was do the same things to Jenny as she just did that got her so hot. Going home she was on fire not able to clam down when hubby came home at 2:30 she meet him at the door naked being a man he had no problem with it and fucked her good right there on the floor in the kitchen. She normally only blew him on a birthday but today she sucked him good he even let him cum in her mouth witch she didn’t do much but still the thought that her daughter was with Jenny was over powering her was Jenny forcing Mary to suck her pussy or was Jenny doing her could it be that they only kissed the more she thought the hotter she got her panties were soaked her tits longed to be touched and she only that morning tasted pussy but she craved more then a car dropped Mary off Ana tried to spot Jenny was unable to see asking who that was Mary just said a friend. For Ana the next three days were a nightmare not able to get over the feelings the taste she still longed for and not wanting to ask Mary for fear of haven’t to explain how she knew Jenny Ana was claiming the walls till she found Mary’s phone looking for Jenny’s number she found pictures of Jenny and Mary holding each other then the phone rang scaring her answering it Jenny said hi Ana unable to maintane any kind of control begged to see her Jenny could tell she had her asked why Ana with no shame said I want to taste you again to eat you out suck your sweet pussy please I need you please? Jenny loved all the begging and drew it out as long as possible but then told Ana where to go and how to dress Ana wrote it all down as to not get any of it wrong and at the right time was at the waterway türbanlı escort ığdır park in a short skirt and loose top Jenny walked up and asked HOW BAD DID YOU MISS ME? Ana trufully said that she indeed miss Jenny again asked BAD ENOUGH TO DO AS I SAY? yes oh yes Jenny told her tonite I will own you she took Ana to a table and removed her top licking and sucking her tits Jenny had Ana in a frenzy she was about to cum without her lower body being touched at all Jenny pulled her panties to the side and feed her cunt to Ana on top of the table sitting on her face Jenny ground her cunt fucking Ana’s tongue then turned around and 69 with Ana who yelled into Jenny’s pussy as she came hard laying on the table trying to recover Ana eyes shut no even feeling the cold air Jenny took hold of Ana’s legs spread them and Ana thought round two was coming till she felt something at her opening it slid into her wet cunt easy at first then the thickest hit her the feeling of being filled over took her never had she felt so full and it went in inch by inch much more then Tom ever had slow at first but soon Jenny was powder driving her out to the tip them slam it to the hilt back in Ana’s orgasm came in unstop each more intense then the last her whole body shook the sounds coming from her were that of a wonton whore not a goody goody mom. After the fucking of her life Jenny presented the cock to Ana’s mouth she inhaled it as deep as she could savoring the taste of her own cunt juices on it sucking it like a common street whore she chocked a lot but did not stop till it was all in her mouth Ana now was truly Jenny’s slut she asked Jenny if she had done things with her daughter and Jenny only said it doesn’t matter so Ana dropped it. Over the next six weeks Jenny pounded Ana all the time in her house on her bed at the park and even in the student housing room Jenny even had Ana and her room mate one night the girl was also own by Jenny ( Jenny had ****d her the first week of school ) the two of them made to give Jenny a show before Jenny fucked them both. One night Jenny had Ana naked in the backseat of a car having just fucked her ass deep when Jenny said I have a surprise for you opening the car door Mary was there handing Jenny a hand full of money Jenny looked at Ana and says meet your new mistress and pulls Ana out in the street the look on Ana’s face make both Mary and Jenny laugh and Mary says best 500 dollars I’ve ever spent grabs Ana’s hand saiding come on mom you have a lot of pussy sucking to do….