Amanda Ex part 2About two weeks later, on a Friday morning, I was standing naked in front of the sink shaving, having just got out of the bath. By this time, Amanda and I were sleeping in separate bedrooms. She appeared at the bathroom door, leaning on the doorframe. Her long black hair was tousled, and her pretty face still showed the signs of tiredness. She wore only a short blue robe, which showed a lot of cleavage, and accentuated her long white legs, and pretty feet with their scarlet painted toenails.”How’s it going?” she asked, with a grin on her face. “Have you done plenty of jerking off, picturing me with Ray’s fat cock embedded in my pussy? Or perhaps you imagine my pretty red lips around his shaft as I suck him off and swallow his cum?” She stood right in front of me and opened the robe.”Or do you perhaps imagine what those black studs are doing with all of this? I see my words are having an effect on you!” I hung my head. Lifting my chin up, she said:”You would really love to be allowed to fuck me again, wouldn’t you Michael? I nodded that I would, more than anything did.”I’m sorry to disappoint you, my poor, celibate cuckold hubby”, she responded. “But I have more than enough on my plate, dealing with all my black studs.” Laughing, she made towards the door, then turning back, told me not to be late home, as we had people coming.”Who?” I asked.”You’ll see” she laughed, and walked away.I arrived home at around seven that evening, and went straight to the lounge. Inside were Amanda, Ray and his flatmates Dave and Roger. All three were naked, and my wife and tipobet365 güvenilirmi Ray were on the sofa smooching, while Dave and Roger watched from the armchairs. They had all obviously had quite a bit to drink. On seeing me, my wife jumped up and came over to me.”Darling”, she began, “This is Roger, and that is Dave. I should tell you that I have had the pleasure of receiving the large cocks of all three of these gentlemen in every orifice of my body, while denying you, my dear husband, any sexual contact whatever.” She giggled, and the three men laughed at me.”We decided”, she went on. “That you should not only know that you are a cuckold to these three men, but should also see it, and participate. So be a good boy and strip, just like the rest of us.” I protested that I would not, and Ray jumped up, grabbed my arms and pulled them behind me.”Amanda, I think you should slap your husband, until he agrees to do as he is told.” He said.”It will be a pleasure.” Replied my wife.Moving forward, she raised her arm and slapped my face backward and forward, at least a dozen times, with all the force she could muster. My ears were ringing, and I begged her to stop, saying I would do as she asked. When I stood naked in the middle of the room, they all had a good laugh at my poor endowment.”Now”, Amanda told me. “As I said, we want you to participate, so I want you to crawl over to Roger, and kneel between his legs. That’s it. Now, I get more pleasure after the boys have cum once, because they last longer. What I would like you to do is suck the first tipobet365 yeni giriş load out of each of them to increase your wife’s enjoyment, OK?”Knowing I had no choice, I took Roger’s cock in my hand, and lowered my mouth on to it, beginning the unpleasant task of sucking him off.”Boy”, Roger laughed. “This wimp needs a lot of practice!””Don’t worry”, replied my wife. “Before we are finished we will turn him into an expert, cock sucking faggot.”When I had relieved all three men of their cum, they relaxed and had another couple of drinks. Finally, Amanda got up and told me to watch, as she pleased all three men at the same time. Roger lay on the floor, and my wife straddled him and placed his once again erect cock into her cunt. From behind, Dave slid his cock into her arse. In the meantime, Ray had knelt in front of her as she took his swollen member into her mouth.I was forced to watch the scene, as Amanda whimpered and sobbed over Ray’s cock. While the other two pushed into her from front and back. With a cry, Ray came first, and shot his load into my wife’s soft mouth. He beckoned me over, and made me place my open mouth just below Amanda’s. She opened her mouth, and a mixture of Ray’s slime and her saliva slid into my mouth and down my throat. I gagged slightly as I swallowed.Roger and Dave carried on a little longer, and finally with a yell, shot their loads almost simultaneously. Amanda let out a loud moan, as she was flooded with sperm from both sides. Dave pulled out, and my wife raised herself off Roger’s cock. She turned to me.”Get tipobet365 güvenilirmi down and suck Roger’s cock clean”, she ordered. I knelt between his legs, and sucked the remainder of his cum and my wife’s juices until he was clean.”Now suck Dave clean”, she said. “He will be different, there will be a flavour of my shit on his cock. Just another taste for you to get used to!” I did as I was told. It tasted awful, and I almost vomited as I carried out the disgusting task.”Now for your first contact with my body for some time”, laughed Amanda, as she kept me on my knees for a good twenty minutes, sucking the cum, first from her arse, and then from her sopping pussy. After I had finished, Amanda dismissed me.”You get off to bed,” she said. “You can jerk off over what you have seen tonight, while the boys carry on fucking me on your behalf!”After that night, one or other of the men would come to my house to take Amanda out. They always made sure they arrived early, so that when Amanda came down, she would find me on my knees, with her lover’s cock deep in my mouth. This always gave her pleasure, and she would taunt me, calling me her cock sucking, cum drinking, cuckold faggot.As if all this were not enough, Amanda dropped a bombshell on me two months ago. She told me that she was going away for a month, with Ray and a number of his friends. She explained that she had come off the pill, as Ray had decided to breed her. She went on to tell me that she was to be fucked by an equal number of black and white men.”If you are lucky”, she told me. “A white man will swell my belly. If not, the whole world will know that your wife takes black cock. Personally, I hope one of the black guys does the job, because I want you to be totally humiliated in front of your family and friends.”She has been back a month, and is pregnant. All I can do is keep my fingers firmly crossed.