Alone with Tom at the backyard
That afternoon I was sunning at our backyard, when my beloved husband came home with one of his buddies from the office.

His name was Tom and he was Victor’s old friend.
They went directly to the kitchen, to grab some beers.
Then they both came outside and Tom whispered when he saw me in a very tiny yellow bikini. It was really a very small piece of cloth, that barely covered my shaven mound and my dark nipples…

I liked the guy, but I was a bit ashamed he could see me almost naked. He could not never keep his eyes off my breasts. I could remember him during a football game at home, having an erection in his trousers as I leaned over him to offer a drink…

Now at the backyard his eyes went right to my boobs.
But Victor was oblivious to his friend’s interest in my anatomy.

They greeted me and got lawn chairs to sit on each side of me.

Victor said I was going to get sunburned; so he quickly went inside to look for some lotion to rub on my body.

As my husband went inside, his friend took advantage and really looked me over good. I could feel his eyes trying to see as much of my boobs and thighs he could.
I noticed he was holding his beer in his lap, so something must have begun to happen down there, that he was trying to hide.

As Victor came back, I turned over to lay on my stomach, as he started to rub the lotion on my back. My loving hubby rubbed my neck and my back down to reach my buttocks.
Then he paused and told Tom he would go inside for making a call to his Boss; it was something important and he had almost forgotten it… He handed the lotion to his friend.
Victor went inside the house and then Bill looked at me, guessing if now it was his job…He poured some liquid in his hand and knelt on the grass beside me, beginning to rub my legs and my feet.

I protested, saying his hands were cold.
He smiled back, saying he had another warm thing for me.
I smiled to myself and decided to tease this horny guy…

I saw in the corner of my eye, that the bastard was trying to hold his dick quiet inside his pants and it was really a huge thing…

Then he kept rubbing lotion on my thighs, coming up to my crotch.

I began to giggle and told him he was tickling me…

But the bastard did not stop; but rubbed closer and closer until I could feel his fingers probing between my thighs. I looked at the side and noticed the bulge in his trousers seemed even bigger.

Then I asked him if he was sure he could stand it. He grinned and pushed me back on the beach towel, as he rubbed my thighs. But I noticed he had no lotion in his hands now. Soon I felt the tips of his
fingers slipping under my bikini bottom.

I was really beginning to like what he was doing.
Before I knew it, Tom was rubbing my pussy lips gently and tickling its opening with one of his fingers. I could feel myself getting wet.

Keeping my eye on his bulge, I spread my legs further apart.
Soon I felt his finger enter me and begin to push inside of my cunt.
He touched softly my swollen clit, making me shiver in pleasure.

I began to moan and the bastard put another finger in…
Then I reached over and began to rub the bulge in his trousers.
Tom grunted and I unzipped him. The biggest cock I had ever seen popped out and stood at attention. It was even bigger than my husbands…

I pulled it over to my mouth and began to lick the tip. It felt so good to have my fingers wrapped around a cock that big. I took the entire head in my mouth and began to suck gently on it.

Tom pulled aside my bikini enough to get his tongue in there with his finger. He had me humping as I was getting close to an orgasm.

Then his cock began to throb in my fingers.
Suddenly I came, moaning even louder and sucking harder.
Seconds later he came too, filling my mouth with his salty semen.

As I kept licking him and swallowing, he gave my cunt a few more deep lapping and then he fell limp by my side. I kept sucking until I got the last drop out of him and his limp dick fell out of my mouth.

Then we heard Victor coming back from inside.

Tom jumped up, shoving his dick back in his trousers, as I arranged my bikini bottom. Then he started rubbing some lotion on my feet.

Victor showed up and he joked his friend, telling him to be care to get close to “the cookie jar”, because he liked to keep this to himself…

I pretended to be dozing and hoped my hubby would not notice the warm blush I felt on my face. Tom laughed and told him that he had got back just in time…

Both men had some more beers as I enjoyed the salty taste of cum in my mouth. A while later Tom’s wife called and then he invited her to come here at our backyard, saying the party was just starting…