African Prince 1Chapter 1As Mikey mechanically got off the school bus and turnedtoward his house he mentally kicked himself for missinghis stop again. The monotony of six years of elementaryschool and a year and a half of junior high had givenhim an uncanny ability to zone out and disappear intohis own fantasy world. Unfortunately this abilityreared its head regularly, wanted or not. For thehundredth time he reassured himself that it was no bigdeal. He would walk an extra half mile or so today.As Mikey walked, still in the fog that had caused himto miss his stop, he kicked rocks and sticks and anyother targets that happened to come in range of hisfoot without forcing him to break stride. What wasreally on his mind however was the erection that hadsprung on him during his bus ride, thinking about hisneighbor Julie Osbourne. He thought she was the cutestgirl in school and he kept imagining all sorts ofthings.Julie had moved into his neighborhood two yearsearlier. Although she lived right down the street fromMikey and was always especially nice to him in school,he was just too shy to talk to her on his own afterschool. They often talked in school and she wasdownright flirtatious with him at times. Although heenjoyed this immensely, his shyness was overpowering.He always wanted to further the relationship, but hecould only manage to do so in his fantasies.Perhaps his shyness arose from the fact that he felt soout of place in his small, white, largely Christiantown. Mikey’s Mom was African from Kenya and his fatherhad been of Native American descent. His Mom was adeeply spiritual person, but this quality seemed toMikey to come out as eccentricity. The house wasthoroughly decorated with African and Native Americanart. To Mikey it was all just a reminder of howdifferent his house was from everyone else’s in town.Trying to think of other things, Mikey managed to gethis erection down to a softer, controlled, less visiblephenomena before he entered the house. His Mom hadbaked some cookies for him – the closest thing to junkfood grandbetting yeni giriş he ever found at home. He gobbled the cookies downone by one, pausing only for intermittent gulps ofmilk.”I’ve got to go to the bank and run some errands,honey,” his Mom said in her sweet motherly voice.Even though he was embarrassed of his Mom’seccentricity and sometimes even her race, Mikey lovedhis mother dearly and he felt closer to no one else. Hehad only a couple of vague memories of his father. Hewas killed by a policemen when Mikey was a small c***d.His mother believed the policemen had killed herhusband out of mistaken identity, brutality, or racism.Regardless of the reason, to cover up their crime thepolicemen had planted a gun and a large bag of cocaineon her husband. He was a strong man and a good husband,and with justice never having been served nearly tenyears later it still tore her up inside.”Okay,” Mikey replied, hiding his genuine happinessthat she was going out. He would have a chance to takecare of his horniness at last. Still sitting at thekitchen table, his erection started to swell again, andhe pulled his tee-shirt down to be sure his Momcouldn’t see the bulge. He waited and watched as shegot her purse and keys together and finally went outthe door with the final words, “I’ll be back in alittle bit.”As soon as the door closed behind her, Mikey got up andwalked to the bathroom. He retrieved a handful oftissues and proceeded upstairs to his room. He wasquite paranoid of being caught, and on his way bylocked the front door to slow his Mom down if she camehome sooner than expected. As he entered his room, heclosed the door firmly behind him, pulled all theshades in his room, and got naked.There was something energetic and erotic about just hisown nakedness and especially so with sexual thoughtsabout Julie racing through his head at a phenomenalrate. He laid down on his bed, his erectionunbelievably complete. The skin on his penis was sotaught that the slightest touch by his own hand grandbetting giriş sent ashiver through him. He couldn’t believe how charged uphe was. It seemed his erection was bigger and harderthan it ever had been before.As thoughts of Julie naked, smiling, running her handsacross his bare chest filled his mind, he began toslowly stroke. Mikey forced his imagination to backstep the encounter with her. He liked to imagine theseduction, the kissing, the removal of clothing, thesucking of nipples, eating her out, her giving himhead, and not until he was ready to blow did he reachthe ultimate fantasy of sinking his dick into her. Oneby one he proceeded through vivid mental images of theencounter, stroking himself slowly, forcing himself toslow or stop when he felt close to the edge.Although Mikey had only been masturbating for about ayear, he had mastered the technique of bringing himselfto mind-blowing ecstasies. Whenever he masturbated hetried to make it the best he could. He had realizedearly, the sacred rule of masturbation. There is nopoint in rubbing yourself raw for a mediocre reward; Ifyou’re going to do it, do it right.His Mom’s spirituality and her philosophical ofstrength had made him a perfectionist in manyrespects. Mikey’s upbringing was both solid andchaotic. His Mom was truly a role model, and internallyMikey was strong like her. But when it came to dealingwith the external world, socially, Mikey faltered inembarrassment and fear.Mikey’s stiff little prick was oozing pre-cum at aprodigious rate. Meanwhile, Julie had just planted herfirst kiss upon the head of his penis. He had a crystalclear vision of her wrapping her lips around just thehead of his penis as she looked into his eyes. Heremoved his hand from his penis momentarily as thisimage was just too much to hold out any longer. It wastoo late.He began sliding his open fist up and down the lengthof his penis faster than ever as he imagined plunginginto her from behind. Julie on all fours; Perky breastsshooting down toward the grandbetting güvenilirmi bed that they were on; Hercries piercing the air as she screamed his name inpassion. As he began to spew, the first blast of cumlanded on his stomach.Images began to race through his head. The second, muchmore powerful blast landing in a line running acrosshis left nipple. His thoughts raced from Julie to athousand other sexual desires. Another, slapped acrossthe center of his chest and landing at the base of hisneck. Images of girls and women from every aspect ofhis life. He saw his cum splashing on the face of hisbest friend’s older sister. A fourth shot of cum hitthe underside of his chin.He saw Mrs. Andersen, his biology teacher, bare-chested; his cum dripping from her mouth; she rubbed itinto her tits. And he spewed and spewed and spewed andit splashed across his chest. He saw Amy Christianssliding her pink and wet and smooth and naked pussydown the length of his dick; she still holding hercheerleading pom-poms.A jet of cum hit him in the face. He saw his Mom; hesaw her face; he saw her smooth wet lips accentuate hermouth; she wore her favorite headband – yellow andblack and distinctly African; she wore her favoritedress – red and black and yellow and wrapped looselybut sculpted to her chest; her breasts, large,perfectly rounded; he saw a hint of cleavage; and heslid his dick between her tits!!Mikey’s penis fell limp and lifeless and his hand fellaway beside it. Even as the orgasm still tingledthrough his body, he felt guilty for what he’d done.His mother? Where had that come from? He’d never had asexual thought about her in his life. Yet as if he haddedicated some sexual memorial to her, his lastmasturbatory image had been of her.The guilt grabbed his hand and reached the tissues andtried to wipe him clean of what he’d done. Cum haddripped off his chest, his neck, his face and now hisbed was nothing for his Mom to make. He bundled up thebedspread put it in his closet, grabbed a towel, andgot into the shower.As the hot water began to rinse him clean, he relaxed alittle. “No big deal. A freak thought entered my mindin the throes of passion.”Mikey washed himself thoroughly head to toe, and themore he washed the better he felt. He shut off thewater, dried himself, wrapped a towel around himselfand headed for his room.