Accidental NudityHi everyone! New member here and first post! I really get hot by flashing, but am a bit shy. I wanted to share one of my first experiences because it has really kept me horny for days! I hope you enjoy it, too.While I definitely get off at the thought of a girl seeing me, I have been very shy and reluctant. I had purposefully flashed a close friend in college making it seem like it was accidental, but not since. Years later, it still makes me horny to think about it and I have wanted to do it again. Recently, we had a very attractive young nanny who was a local college student, and I wanted to do it so badly. I wanted to see her reaction because she was a very conservative and “good” girl. I couldn’t really think of the best way to do it, but eventually I decided to türbanlı muş escort make my move. I put on a pair of loose fitting basketball shorts, and sat in a chair in front of her. I pulled my foot up to put on my shoes and I know basically all of my cock and balls were hanging out, but I couldn’t tell if she actually noticed. I never got another chance.Recently, we hired an older nanny so I hadn’t really thought about it because I didn’t think it would get me that hot. So a few days back, I had to go in late to work. I got up and hopped in the shower like usual. When I got out, I noticed my dog had pushed opened the bedroom door. So not thinking, I walked over to close it and she was standing right outside. I was completely naked! I surprised türbanlı muş escort bayan her a bit and I could tell she looked right at my cock. Her eyes were locked for a brief second and then she gasped, turned away, and started apologizing. I hadn’t really planned it but it made me so horny! I went back in the room and closed the door. My cock was rock hard and I just couldn’t stand it. I have a small little silicone egg in my nightstand that I pulled out. I got on the bed and started slowly stroking my hard cock with it. It felt so good. I was replaying the whole thing in my head while going faster and faster. It wasn’t long before I unleashed a massive cumshot. I really make a mess when I cum! Cum was spilling out of the türbanlı escort muş egg and onto my stomach. I threw the egg on the nightstand and ran to the bathroom to clean up. I was late to work so I threw on my clothes and ran out…forgot all about the egg! I didn’t think anything about it because it was gone when I got home. My wife didn’t mention anything so I didn’t bring it up. After not being able to find it, I asked my wife “did you throw anything away on my nightstand?” And she looked puzzled and said “Nope.” So I basically know that when the nanny cleaned our room, she hid it and cleaned up the cum from the nightstand. She had to know I jerked off about the whole situation! I haven’t seen her since then, but I don’t really know what to say or do when I see her next. I have jerked off at least 5 times playing it all over in my head. I didn’t think it would be so hot, but boy was I wrong?!The whole experience has really made me want to show my stuff to others, but it didn’t make me any less shy! I decided to join here to share my story and hopefully all of you can open me up more! I am ready for some fun 🙂