About me xhamster sexmy world remained same in earlier days or years when i used to only watch porn here, but been long time now as i discovered the other more realistic and kinky side of this website.And since then i have been trying to explore more and more but still find hard to interact with women here(mostly i try Indian as i am attracted more towards them, But i like all types of women *winks*), may be the cliche still stands out about “Bhartiya Naari”, but i wanted to see that image breaking and Modern India is Free and expressive. Anyways don’t wanna go that road and I seriously think of editing my introduction short and write all these feelings on a blog. First of All to whoever is wondering : Yes this is my real picture, i have cut the face for obvious reasons….. but the picture is mineNOTE: Do read about me to understand me better and not judging me by my pic or rest of profile or anything. I know it will take a while to read, but i would respect if you do this. i have given detailed one coz rus escort kızlar some really do ask the details, but i am really not expecting for a relationship here, but also we can see where it goes. I am open.About Me:I am a highly passionate, sensual, confident, and determined person. I live for each moment of the day to love and laugh. I enjoy challenges, conversations on a variety of topics roleplaying, romanticism, sexting, talking naughty, camping, long drives, waterfalls, oceans, blue skies, rainy days, fire places, watching leaves fall from a tree, geocaching, reading, cooking, gardening, puzzles, movies, sports, F1, holding hands, a good beer, red wine, a movie, bird watching, walking, and most of all making love to my woman and make her feel like a queen. I am a simple man with a passion who like to have fun and that’s all. I’m an open book and have a good toned muscular body, tall, athletic. looking for:I am looking to chat with a woman who is looking rus escortlar to chat / interact or to hav some fun here. I am looking for a woman who share my passion and desires.(dont worry i wont be after u for a relation or something if you dont want)*Winks* I am a very passionate, sensual, romantic lover and i can get dominant, submissive, rough, kinky, depends on my mood and yours as well.I am willing to try ANYTHING. I have a wild imagination and would love to explore converting these fantasies into reality…(well atleast here. hehe just teasing 😉 *winks*)hope to chat with you all soon.—————————————-still exploring what can i do over here, i am interested in females or couples (age is just a number 😉 Important:NOTE: i am very respectful about women in real life too, and i am not here to judge anyone over here, i know this is porn site, but we have our own individuality and personal life which should be respected. I am saying coz i have escort rus kızlar seen people here calling women some derogatory or abusive words e.g. RAANDI, bitch, slut, whore etc. its ok to be wild or rough in sex. but i dont feel anyone should call them these words unless they want (in a playful, kinky and healthy manner)Sorry if i got Serious above, but that’s how i am , Vocal and voicing out my opinion. what can we do here :Well I am open about anything you like to do here. we can start with a general chat or introduction and as we are on a porn site we can have some fun too(if you like to do that) we can do naughty talks on phone, sex, chat, dirty chat, roleplay, share or play fantasies or whatever way you wanna do with me, i am open for any suggestions, video, audio, call, skype/ gmail/ yahoo, etc..i am not interested in whats ur name, whr u from coz we are not here for that!! (if you want No strings attached)[i would really appreciate if someone can help me understand this site is not mostly fake, and actually girls / females really do like sex or get horny as men do and they can come on social platforms or sites like this to interact with men ….]i am open for any kind of requests….(P.S. – FAKES PLEASE STAY AWAY AND DON’T WASTE MY AND YOUR TIME )——————————————-