A Very Small ThingOkay, I’ll admit, my mother didn’t cause the situation but she certainly took full advantage once it presented itself. Our family had always been very open and free. We never locked doors and often did not even close them. Glimpses of nudity were everywhere. We never thought much about it; we were family.My parents were very loving and were not shy about showing affection in public or at home. Oftentimes when we were out as a family or getting something to eat my sister and I had to ask them if they needed a room. They would just laugh and call us jealous. At home, when they would make love, we could hear the sounds of their passion throughout the house. They were not always loud, but when they were, they were really loud.At 21, I was still living at home while finishing college at a local school. My sister, Aria, was 19 at the time and going to cosmetology school. She wanted to be a makeup artist for movies. I always thought she should be the star or a model. She looked like a younger version of my mom. They both had long, think hair, round but not fat asses, narrow waists, and legs that went on forever.The day that this all started began like any normal day. I had just finished my shower and was drying off when my sister barged in. The door was closed but not locked. When she came in I was startled by the commotion and frozen in place.”Oh, SHIT!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t know you were… I’ll just go and use…” Her voice trailed off.She was about to say that she would use another bathroom, but she didn’t move; she just stood there and stared at me and I stared at her. It was as though time had stopped. Now this is not the first time my sister had seen me naked but in the past it was no more than a fleeting glance. She had never taken an interest in my nudity, nor I hers. But for some reason today was different.There I was, still frozen in place, holding the towel behind my back. My arms fully extended as I was drying my back when she entered. Now I was standing there in a classic flasher pose while Aria slowly took in my whole body. I am nothing like my father. He lives in the gym and has a body like that wrestler “The Rock”. Me, I am fit but I am very skinny. 6 foot 2 inches, 180 lbs.I am not sure how long my sister stared at me but I felt as though I was unable to move my arms. Aria made the first move as she covered her mouth with her hand. All the while her eyes were fixed on my crotch. She tightened her lips and I saw her chest quake. She looked as though she was stifling a laugh. Then when she could not hold it any longer she let out a laugh and began to leave.Before leaving the room she stopped and turned. I was still in the same position. “Pardon my … LITTLE… intrusion,” she blurted out with emphasis on ‘little’ as she held her thumb and index finger a quarter inch apart. I looked down to see what she was looking at, and while I am no John Holmes, I have never been accused of being small before. But as I looked down I saw that I was giving a poor example of myself as my cock was shriveled up and hanging shorter than my balls even.”Hey, that’s not fair, IT’S COLD in here!” I shouted in my defense.”Oh, not the ‘it’s cold’ defense. You guys always want to claim cold. You could be in a sauna and that thing would not be any bigger,” she teased, still holding her thumb and index finger to signal how small I was.Laughing, my sister turned to leave.”Wait! I’ll show you!” I was not sure what I had in mind but I did not want her to leave thinking that I was no larger than a peanut. It was already tough growing up in a house where your dad was a stud and you were as thin as a toothpick. All of my girlfriends would go on and on about how hot my dad was. This felt like the last straw. My cock was 7 ½, sometimes 8 inches long, and it was so wide that I could barely get my fingers around it. I was proud of my cock and I was not going ikonbet giriş to let her run off and tell her little friends that I had a small cock.”Peter, it’s ok,” she said in a condescending tone. “Hamsters need love too.” She laughed out loud as she continued to tease, “Somebody has to be able to fuck the hamsters.””Hamsters, huh? I’ll show you hamsters! What kind of hamster can deal with this!?!” I was so mad I could not contain myself. I wanted to prove to her that she was wrong. I wanted to SHOW her that I was so much more than a hamster fucker. I don’t know why it got to me so much but I dropped my towel and began to stroke my cock with vigor right there in front of my sister.In our house we knew that everyone masturbated. Our parents had spoken to us about it since we hit puberty. We have had frank and honest family discussions about sex, but we had never seen each other doing it. We had always respected each other’s privacy. So here I was standing in front of my shocked sister as I violently pulled on my cock, trying to prove to her how large I was. It was as though I was trying to stretch it to full length instead of stroke it there.”Peter, no, really, it’s ok, I don’t care to see you prove your point. Fine, you have a huge cock, just stop, ok? STOP.” She tried to backtrack, realizing that she had pushed me farther than she had intended. All the while she continued her gaze on my cock.To my horror my cock was not responding to my assault; it stayed soft and looked as though I was pulling taffy and not stroking a cock. But I could not stop. The more I stroked, the madder I got, and the madder I got, the less my cock responded, which made me stroke even harder and faster. Caught in a vicious cycle I was trapped and did not know what to do. Aria started to get nervous and continued to ask me to stop. But I insisted that I would show her what a real cock looked like. That’s when I heard my mother’s voice.”WHAT THE FU—” the words got caught in her throat.”It was my fault, Mother,” Aria replied. “I walked in on him and was making a joke and started teasing him about his little thing and then he got mad and wants to show me his size but nothing is happening.” Aria began to snicker as the ridiculous nature of this situation hit her.”But why is he abusing himself like that? What’s that supposed to do?””I don’t know, Mom, he just started pulling on it, saying that he would show me. I didn’t mean to make him mad but it was so small and looked so cute that I thought it was funny.””How many times have I told you about teasing your brother? You know how sensitive he is.”As this ridiculous scene played out before me, I continued to stroke my cock, trying to get it hard before they left. I needed to show them that I was not being sensitive, that I really did have a nice cock.”Boy, will you stop that? You look insane,” my mother stated, with eyes glued to the blur of motion as my hand flew up and down my cock.”But, Mom, she was calling me hamster dick.””And why do you care what your sister says about your…” She laughed. “…dick? What difference could it make to you? Do you have a hamster dick?”NO!” I screamed.”Then what she thinks could not matter.””But she is always teasing me, calling me skinny or dumb or something. I just wanted to show her that—”Mom cut me off. “Show her what, your hard cock? Is that what you wanted? You wanted to get your cock hard for your sister, then what?””I don’t know. I just wanted to prove to her that I don’t have a hamster dick.” The whole time we were talking, I was still pulling on my cock, although with much less intensity now than before.”Is it working?” my mother asked.”Huh?””Is it working? Are you proving your point to your sister?”Well, not yet, but soon it will be ready.”Now this was the point when my mother took things in an entirely new direction. Left to our own devices, this would have been ikonbet yeni giriş a simple and innocent game of show and tell, but not for my mom. She seized the opportunity to take this to another level.”It’s not going to work like that.””Huh?””Your cock, you won’t be able to get it hard like that. You are too upset and you are being far too rough with it.” Looking at Aria, she said, “Do you want to see your brother get his cock hard?” There was no response. “He is doing this all for you. Do you want to see it?Aria shook her head as if coming out of a trance. She had been staring at my cock and was not aware that Mother was talking to her.”Girl, I’m talking to you. Would you like to see this?””Ahh, ah, yeah, I guess, sure,” Aria stuttered a response, not sure where this was going.”Then come, let’s go to Aria’s room where you can be more comfortable.” With that, Mother turned and walked toward Aria’s bedroom. My sister then I followed. When I entered the room Mom was already sitting in a chair. Aria just stood up in the middle of the room and I stopped at the door, still nude.”Come in, Son, and lie down.” Mom pointed to my sister’s bed.I followed her instructions and laid down on my back, my limp cock still looking lifeless between my legs.”Well, I am sure you have done this a thousand or more times, so go ahead, take your time and slowly and lovingly bring that tool to life.”My hands shook as I began to touch myself. This was surreal as I was trying to get hard in front of my sister and mother. It was still taking too long and the longer it took the more anxiety I felt about being in such a compromising position. After about five minutes or so Mother spoke.”Peter, do you think it would help if you hand some visual stimulation? I know men are so driven by the visual.”I just looked at her and did not speak.”Aria,” Mother spoke again. “Why don’t you show your brother your tits? I bet that would help him get there.”Aria snapped her head around and looked at Mom in shock.”It’s ok, sweetheart, it will help him get hard. You have such lovely tits. Show them to your brother.”Mom stood and approached Aria. Standing behind Aria, Mom reached down and pulled Aria’s tank top over her head. Aria did not move to assist her but she passively raised her arms to allow Mother to remove the top with ease. I stared up at my sister’s tits, enjoying the unrestricted view for the first time. Standing behind Aria, my mother reached around and felt my sister’s tits as if checking their weight. Mother then guided Aria to sit on the bed next to me before returning to the chair across the room.The sight of my sister’s tits was driving me crazy yet the pressure of the moment was keeping me from rising to the occasion as I continued to stroke my cock. Desperately, I was trying to prove my manhood.Another five minutes or so passed before Mother suggested, “Aria? Maybe you should try giving your brother a HAND.”The emphasis on the word hand left no doubt what my mother was alluding to. She meant for my sister to take over the duties of stroking my cock. She meant for the physical barriers that were keeping us from crossing the line to fall and crumble. She meant for brother and sister to have physical, sexual contact while she watched. I looked into my sister’s eyes, trying to gauge her reaction. Would she actually go for this? Would she be willing to cross that line with her own brother, in front of our mother?Aria turned her head to look at Mom. She wanted to be sure that she understood the instructions. Mom responded by looking Aria in the eyes and giving one solemn nod. That’s all it took and soon Aria’s hand had replaced my own and she was manipulating my soft cock. The intense expression on her face was difficult to pinpoint. Was it confusion? Was it lust? Was it need? Was it fear? I was not sure but the whole experience was like a dream to me. My ikonbet güvenilirmi mother, my sister, both had their eyes locked onto my cock while my sister lovingly stroked it to no avail. I still was as soft as overcooked noodles.Then suddenly, without warning or prompting from our mother, my sister bowed her head and took my cock into her mouth. The sight made Mother moan out loud and made my cock instantly start to respond. Whatever hesitations I had before about what was happening disappeared as my sister expertly began to suck life into my cock.”Oh, shit! Oh, s*s! Shit, s*s, that, that fucking feels AMAZING!” I cried out, unable to believe the sensations pouring through my cock.I had received many blowjobs before but there was something about this one that just drove me crazy. It wasn’t long before my cock was fully hard and stretching the corners of my sister’s mouth. She kept bobbing up and down like a champ, taking almost all of it into her young mouth. I could not believe how incredible my sister’s tongue felt on my cock. She kept sucking for a while and I was close to coming when my sister took my cock out of her mouth and said, “Mom. Look, it’s big just like he said. I can barely get it into my mouth.”Now I had forgotten that my mother was in the room. Really! Now I looked over at her for the first time in a while and realized that she had pulled her pants down to her knees and had her fingers stuffed into her panties, stroking madly at her clit. “Keep sucking him, Baby. Make him cum. Let Mamma see her baby cum in your mouth. Cum for Mamma. Shit, cum for meeeee!” Her voice was strained and full of passion.I had heard her speak like this on occasion when she and Dad were at it hot and heavy but now she was talking to Aria and me. She was begging me to cum, in my sister’s mouth no less. All of the naughty nature of this was taking me over the top. As my sister continued to suck my cock I knew that it would not be long. I screamed that I was about to cum, giving Aria enough time to pull off if she wanted, but she kept going and seconds later my body tensed up and I erupted into the hardest orgasm that I had ever shot. It slammed against the back of my sister’s throat, causing her to gag just a bit, but Aria kept it together like a pro. She caught it all in her mouth until it began to fill her and run out the corners.When I finally finished shooting my seed into her mouth I heard my mother screaming in orgasm as we watched her body shake and convulse into her own Earth shattering experience. My sister looked at me with a sinister grin and opened her mouth, showing me that it was full of my cum. Our mother came over for a closer view. She looked at my sister then me and kissed me full on the lips. It was a quick kiss but by no means was it a motherly kiss. Then Mother turned to Aria and she kissed Aria full on the lips. This was no quick kiss. Aria had not yet swallowed my cum and Mother’s kiss was deep and seeking. They shared my seed as they sucked each other’s tongues in a long, searching, lesbian, i****tuous affair. The sight of my mother and sister making out while sharing my cum brought my cock to immediate attention.”WHEW!” my mother exclaimed, as she rose from the bed, breaking her kiss with Aria. “I’ m calling your father to come home. I need to fuck!” And with that Mother left the room. She could hardly walk as she held on to her pants at her knees, her panties just below her ass, and I giggled slightly at how disheveled she looked leaving the room.After Mom left Aria and I continued to lie in bed. My cock was now pointing to the ceiling as Aria slowly stroked it. We kissed passionately like lovers for quite awhile. There were still traces of my cum lingering on Aria’s lips and face but I did not care. All I thought about was how wonderful she had made me feel and what I could do for her to return the favor.”So, BIG brother, what would you like to do with this magnificent cock of yours now?””You mean my hamster dick?””I will never make jokes like that again. But, really, what does a girl have to do around here to get fucked?We spent the rest of the day fucking and sleeping and waking up and fucking again.