A true story -really!Once upon a time, Christina and I were out on the town and had been bar hopping. At about 1am we entered a seedy bar I like because they play great music. It was getting late and we were in a fun mood ie the worst for wear, drinkwise. It was half full but at the bar were many people waiting for drinks including two girls around 30 who were obviously with two different groups of people. Christina walks up to the bar, puts her hand behind the girl on the left’s head, draws her to her and spontaneously kisses her hard. The girls responds passionately. Then she turns to the girl on the right, who she also had never seen, does the same: but this time she grabs a fistful of hair and drags the girl towards her also responds enthusiastically. Then comes one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. Then Christina puts her right hand behind the girl on the left, her right hand still had hair bunched in it, and she draws these two young women, total strangers together queenbet güvenilirmi and they passionately kiss each other! That’s charisma.The girl on the left wasn’t interested in talking to us and her group soon left. The other girl, who said her nickname was Kayla, decided to stay with us and have a drink. Christina was very casually standing next to her with her arm seemingly d****d around Kayla’s shoulder but in fact there was still a fistful of hair clenched in Christina’s fist and I could see that she occasionally increased the tension in the hair in her hand by closing her fingers. And then gently but firmly, and almost imperceptively, shoving the girl’s head slightly forward then dragging it back into position, showing the girl she was like a puppet or marionette being manipulated by Christina. Yet she was being very girly girly to the girl and sometimes stroked her face or arm in sisterly communion. Then with her hand still on the back of Kayla’s head queenbet yeni giriş she pushed her forward and we embraced and kissed. A completely different taste but not particularly By this point the bar had become quite busy. And Christina was standing on Kayla’s left and I was on her right. The young woman sandwiched between us. She really was quite attractive: 24, slim, tall, medium length hair. And when I put my arm around her back, then let it slip to her waist my hand instinctively went under the waistband of her panties between her legs, my middle finger tracing down her spine, to the small of her back, sliding over her asshole, slipping into a very wet cleft. She only moved her hips gently backwards and without meaning to a second finger slipped in. She was still having an animated conversation which I joined it every so often but with more and more frequency her concentration wavered. And we had all sub-consciously shuffled backwards till we were queenbet giriş in a little corner next to a window. Not only was Christina gripping Kayla’s hair but she couldn’t move her head one little bit unless Christina willed it but by now I had inserted 3 fingers into that slippery hole. At one point the girl knocked her cigarette packet on to the floor. As she went to stoop down to pick it up, Christina pulled her head up, and after looking her in the eye pushed the back of head downwards till she could “ducky down” with knees bent. But when she wanted to push herself up again Christina maintained the downward pressure on her head so the poor girl was stuck. Then I caught Christina’s eye, we smiled at each other, and I started to help the girl up, using my fingers inside her to lever her up.We carried on our conversation which ranged over a lot of subjects but we soon found ourselves talking about sex. Kayla spread her legs further apart and as I figured her from behind I gave Christina a deep kiss. At one point Kayla excused herself and while she was gone I embracedand kissed Christina and using the subterfuge of holding her in my hands I let her lick my fingers clean.The girl came back, we gave each other a rather excited look and left the bar together.