A tale of two sisters P2So when I left off I was with sister’s Sonia and Kaylee in my sixty-nine Impala. It’s pretty roomy, but when you’re trying to hump with two Latina’s in less than a van, you’re cruising for a bruising. Plus, it’s a hot august night in California and I need a shower cuz stinky’s the last thing I want to be right now. It’s not in the budget but what you gonna do? I’ve had to live a week on beans rice and tortilla before and for pretty much the same kinda reasons. The El Monte’s a dive but at least I know the clerk. Sancho see’s what I’ve got going on and gives me the room with the mirrored headboard and a mirror directly across from it on the dresser. It’s the “Honey Moon suite”.I want to sneak in a Viagra so I tell them “Don’t go anywhere, I’m gonna take a shower, wash my nuts”. Sonia say’s “Hurry back Uncle Nine, I don’t want you to miss out”. When she talks like that I know her little Gypsy ass is thinking about leaving so I take the fastest cold shower ever.When I step out the bathroom they’re standing there making out. I’m stunned, it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen but I act like its everyday life. “Don’t mind me” I say, goosing Sonia as I squeeze past for a beer. Kaylee’s eyes are closed but Sonia’s peeking in the mirror. They look so sexy. They’re from a poor family, but they come from beautiful people, a royal Spanish bloodline, and I can’t emphasize enough how pretty they both are. Sonia catches my eyes prying and returns her full concentration to Kaylee. Kaylee’s wearing her Hello Kitty panties and her black tube top’s rolled down around her waist. Sonia has on pink see through panties and a wife beater t-shirt with her 9mm nipples poking out. I’ve got the hardest dick I ever had so I pull it out and stroke it. I watch as they finger and maul one another.Kaylee pushes her sister to her knees and Sonia begins tongue stabbing little sissy’s bald hole. Kaylee stands there all shiny eyed and flush with excitement. She motions me over and starts girl handling my boner. Sonia has Kaylee’s panties around her ankles and pushes her back onto the bed without pulling her face from that hot pussy. Kaylee starts sucking my dick. After a couple of minutes my dick pops out her mouth because Sonia’s long pink tongue makes sissy arch her back and grab the sheets to either side with both hands. She don’t cum but rus escort bul she’s really liking it. I debate with myself. I can crawl up on the bed and feed Kaylee’s pretty face some more cock or pump Sonia’s healthy round ass from behind. Feed face or pump pussy, what to do?Sonia’s big little ass is peeking over the top of her pink panties and I can see it in the mirror behind her. I choose pussy and maneuver in from behind. I pry that ass apart and stab her butthole with my tongue like a madman.I pull back for a visual. Sonia doesn’t usually shave it, so tiny pink pussy lips between a parted little brown bush and a lightly furred butthole is what I see. She has long thick brown hair and her head’s wallowing between Kaylee’s long legs. Black haired Kaylee’s propped up on her elbows so her tiny tits and puffy pink’s are pointed right at me. I slide my cock up and down Sonia’s wet ass crack several times for lube then dive in balls deep.I grab Sonia’s hips and pump away as Kaylee grabs her sister’s hair and smashes her pussy all over her pretty face. I need everything I can muster so I reflect on work, politics, religion, anything that aint pussy to take my mind off my pleasure. It works a little but Sonia’s a squealer and her squeals make me crazy. She starts squealing like she’s about to cum. I want to keep hitting it but I know the only thing that can save me from spraying is changing positions. I grab Sonia’s hair and push her sweat soaked ass onto her ass on the floor. Her face is shiny with pussy wet and slobber dangles from her chin. She looks like a dirty angel about to dominate a wet t-shirt contest. I stick my dick in her mouth. I look in the mirror and see we’re all watching the action together. Kaylee laughs when she realizes Uncle Nines watching her watching and sits up.She softly caresses her sister’s face and hair as I fuck Sonia’s pretty mouth. After a couple of minutes she does a backwards somersault and gets off the bed; “I gotta go pee-pee”. When she returns I’m fucking her squealing sister hard as I can missionary style on the table. Sonia’s legs are wrapped around my back and her hips are grinding like old gears, Homie. She cums all fast and loud. It’s the best, a sweet little pale skinned Latina that calls me “Uncle” busting a nut on my cock that way. Thanks Viagra. I pull out rus escort bayan bul just before I bust one too and fall on the bed, panting like the pervert I know I am. Kaylee climbs up on my face now so I lick everything she has. Going from Sonia’s furry little muffin to Kaylee’s smooth pink snatch is sensual overload. Her pussy’s got a little urine bite to it now and I like it even better. She turns around and we sixty-nine a little before Sonia rejoins us. She replaces Kaylee’s head with her wet pussy lips and gives me a camel slide while making out with her sister. I stab the shit out of Kaylee’s asshole with my tongue as her pussy grind’s on my chin. Then they trade places. Kaylee has black hair and though not completely Hispanic, it’s easier to tell she’s Latina than her sister. Her pussy is shaped like Sonia’s but has slightly bigger lips. She’s pink in the center and has that nice dusky color on the outer part of her lips. Her butthole is darker and her shit wrinkles are better defined. She has a cute little sparsely haired ass crack and shitter. I spread her ass good and admire her tight butthole up close. Like her pussy, more dusky than her sister on the outside but pink in the center.Sonia climbs down and sucks my balls as sister returns to sucking my rock hard boner a little before sliding off my face and climbing on for a ride. Sonia cuddles up alongside me and we kiss as Kaylee grinds in slow circular up and downs. We stop kissing and watch her soaked pussy doing its thing. ‘”So you popped her cherry, eh Uncle Nine?” I say “Yeah bird brain, just like I tried to pop yours”. “You were too slow for me, too bad”. “So sad” I admit. “You’re so funny Sonia, popped your own cherry” Kaylee teases. I thumb her clit and say “Something about this conversation makes me want to pop a nut”. “You’re such a pervert… look at her little pussy Nine, it’s so cute” Sonia points out, spreading it with two fingers as it slides up, down and around. Kaylee’s hips begin bucking more and she has a reserved but adorable looking orgasm on Uncle Nine’s lap. When she finishes, she just sits on it, quivering. “That’s how you do it Kaylee”, Sonia coos, “That was too hot. Do it some more… it just gets better, trust me”. Kaylee rolls off with a gasp and a full body shudder, “You take over and let me watch” she escort rus bul says,.The girl’s trade places and now I’m fucking Sonia’s furry pink muffin. Her styles different because her pussy’s more adjusted to cock. She just jumps up and down on it with her tits all bouncing. I catch a bouncing tit and push Kaylee’s willing head onto it. This drive’s Sonia wild and she starts squeaking like a chew toy. I know she’s about to cum when she stops bouncing and starts grind fucking back and forth. She grabs her sister’s head and pushes it down on my belly inches from the action. “Look at my monkey Baby… what’s it doing?” Sonia begs to be told. “Your monkeys choking on a big shiny brown banana sissy…” quick witted Kaylee tells her.Sonia busts one right there, squealing loud and sexy as she does. I can’t take any more either. I push her off trying not to blow, but Sonia’s pussy is suddenly replaced by Kaylee’s soft warm mouth. I grab Kaylee’s pointy left tit and squeeze it hard. Kaylee couldn’t have expected a load this size and chokes some as I fill her mouth with thick white batter. “Oh My G…uuuh!” is all she get’s out as I push my cock balls deep down her gullet. “Damn Uncle Nine, you should see this. Thick white shit’s pouring out of her mouth… she looks scared, you better let her up.” I was still having the best cum of my life (so far that night) and Sonia’s description made it even better. I could hear Kaylee choking on dick as I basted her tonsils. I’m not letting her up till I finish.When I let her off, she turns her head up to face me and just lays her head on my belly licking at her chops, looking proudly into my eyes as her sister, between my legs and massaging my nuts, tries to finger my clenched booty-hole. “You’re a hot mess Kaylee”, I tell her, mussing her hair, “cool your shit Sonia”. “Was that good Uncle, was that some good pussy?” Sonia asks. I continue manhandling Kaylee’s perky tit and lay there, proudly in my own little world. “It was pretty good Mija” I tease. She flips me off with both hands and giggles, “fuck you Pandejo”. “It was just okay” I playfully insist. Kaylee’s spermie face is resting in a thick cum pool on my belly. “I love you Uncle Chris” she purrs. Sonia licks Kaylee’s face clean and they team clean my belly and cock.Kaylee fall’s asleep soon after but Sonia’s just getting started. Like I said, thank God for Viagra. We fuck and fuck. I didn’t know how things could get better, but believe it or not, things hadn’t really got freaky yet. When I post the rest of this, you’ll see what I’m saying. Remember to hit the thumbs up as you leave. It will motivate my nine fingered ass to write quicker eh.