A Small TeaseI love to play with your neck, kissing it softly as I caress your hair. My lips part and I nibble you gently. I love to hear you moan in response.My fingers massage your scalp as my pierced tongue slowly licks up to your chin and up to your earlobe. I suckle it and pull it with my teeth and whisper in your ear that I find you so sexy.I extend my tongue and lick your ear, blowing in hot as I rub my body softly against yours. I love to feel you shiver and gasp. My finger twirls a strand of your hair and I move my lips down to kiss your neck again.First gentle nibbles then my teeth press queenbet güvenilirmi harder as I get more excited. I love to bite and your neck smells so good. I can smell your hair as well and it drives me insane.I smile and look into your eyes as I push you to the nearest chair. When you are sitting I straddle your legs and press my hands behind your neck, pulling you to me tightly again. My teeth bite you a little harder, my hips swiftly move from side to side on top of your lap.I moan softly near your ear cause I can feel your cock so hard against me. I can feel it throb queenbet yeni giriş with need. I rub myself on you, pressing my groin against your hard cock and teasing it as my teeth nibble you over and over. I alternate between licking and biting as my wet panty continues to rub on your lap.I move one of my hands down and stroke that large, hard cock over your jeans. I can imagine how it would feel inside of my hot, wet pussy. I press my lips to yours and nibble your bottom lip. My tongue runs around the edges and I hope you enjoy French kissing.I begin to kiss you, my queenbet giriş tongue going around yours before I take your tongue between my lips and begin to suck it. My hand rubs harder on your hard cock and then slowly moves to unzip you.I move your zipper down, my lips still sucking on your tasty tongue. My hand reaches in and I feel that sexy cock between my fingers. It is a large cock…just the right size to make me scream with pleasure. I moan and continue to kiss you, my fingers wrapping tight and slowly moving up and down, stroking you.I’m so hot and horny for you. My pussy rubs back and forth on your leg as I straddle it…at the same rhythm as my fingers give your cock a bit of a hand job. I can feel your skin moving up and down on that hard cock. You are wet with precum and I nibble your bottom lip before moving my mouth down to nibble your chin and neck again.