A slaves tale part 1Please let me know if you like it or not. It was early morning when he had to go to work. His job was a gardener, he worked the garden for a filthy rich woman that paid him well. She had mentioned the first time he went to work for her that she might have other jobs for him in the future. So he would go into work and smile as he worked the garden. One day she had came outside in her bikini and sat in one of the pool side chairs to sunbathe. As he bent and worked the flower bed she called him over to her. He often wondered what type of job she had for him. She said that if he was going to do it he had to move in with her. After all he did not mind she was not married, but he wondered why a woman of her stature was not wed. She had the looks, the money, and the body. Any man would kill just for her to be his. He knew he would if she asked him to even if he did get caught. He walked over to her slowly and sat on the ground beside her as she pointed to it. He places his hands in his lap as she looked at him and glanced down there. He knew there was a blush on his face as she smiled and nodded softly to him, “Shy?” He jumped at her question as she asked him he did not know she knew that he would be shy. He nodded slowly and watched her and blushed dark red. “As I said eight months ago I might have another job for you, but not sure if you will take me up on it or not,” she watched his face and smiled. “Yes ma’am what is your other job for me,” he asked as he was curious. She know had his undivided attention at her words as she spoke, “I would like to have a slave if you don’t mind painful things to be done to you I would not mind owning you. You would have to do what I said the exact way I told you to. What do you say?” He knew if he said no she would not care about the answer in the back of her mind she already owned him. “Yes ma’am,” he nodded and sat there as she droned on about her rules. Basically he had to obey her as if he was a dog. He shrugged and got up as she told him to go back to the gardens. As he started to prune all of the flowers he heard her call for him as began to walk towards her voice and found her sitting on the picnic table her legs crossed. She looked as if she was mad he stopped short and walked over and sat on the ground by her feet. He looked up at her and smiles slightly wondering why she looked mad. She stands up and looks down at him her skirt short enough 1xbet yeni giriş for him to see she had no panties on he blushed at the sight. She walks over behind him and pushes him on the ground face first. She then smirks down at him and tells him to get up and go into the basement. He slowly walks down to the basement as she has told him to thinking what she would want him to do. As he arrives in the basement he looks around wondering what all of this stuff was for. She walks down the stairs to the basement and looks at him. She is wearing a short black dress that goes to such a short length you can see her panties as she sits on the table, “Come here slave.” The aggravation in her voice is highly noticable as he gets up and walks over to her, “Kneel before your mistress,” She demanded of him. “Yes mistress,” he kneeled and looks up at her with wonder in his eyes. She then slides gently off the table landing on her feet in front of him this is the room where all the magic happens my lovely slave. She walks slowly in front of him and smiles as he looks up at her. “What are you going to do with me mistress,” he asked her as he can now see her emotions growing stronger. “Did I say you could ask me anything slave,” her harshness growing stronger in her voice as she glared down at him. “He looked down and then back up at her as he heard her pick something up off the table and flinched slightly. “Get up and bend over the damn table,” she ordered him as she looked down upon him. He got up and bent over the table as she walked to the front of the table and secured his hands so he could not move. He pulled on the restraints and looked at her in shock. He never had anything like this done to him before and expected the worst as she did this. With one quick jerk of her hands she yanked his pants and boxers down. She then slapped his ass cheek with her hand making them a slight red as she did this. She then took the paddle she had under her arm and continued to spank his ass as hard as she could making his ass turn a dark red color. Tears began to stream down his cheeks as she continued to spank him over and over again. She stopped and smirked as he began to cry out in pain. She threw the paddle aside and grabbed something else from the table. He looked at her as she untied his hands from the table and dragged him over to a chair and pushed him down in it. She looked at him then tied his hands 1xbet giriş to the arms of the chair not saying a word she pulls the object she picked up off the table out of her sleeve. It was a surgical scalpel and she smiled at him. He shivered as he saw the knife in her hand wondering what she was going to do with it he watched her closely. She reached down and gently took his dick into her hand and smiled at him. She brought the knife over close to his dick and watched him wondering if he would flinch away if she started to move it down the underside of his dick. She then places the blade on the underside of his dick and slowly starts to pull it down just a little so that there is a good amount of blood flow. She then licks the blood and looks up at him. He winced at the pain, but never made a sound as she began to lick it off his dick. She does this for a little while then unties him from the chair and ties him to a bed on his hands and knees. She finds a strap on dildo and puts it on getting behind him and shoving it in not doing it softly or slowly, but as hard and fast as she can. He yells out in pain at this movement as she continues to pound him as hard and as fast as she can. Not stopping to put the ball gag in his mouth as she pounds away at his ass hole making him scream in pain at this point. She pulls out of him really fast and hard. She gets in front of him and forces his head down on the strap on and makes him suck it. She looks at him wondering what he is thinking about, but not caring about it. She smirks and shoves his head down on it making him gag. She was clearly enjoying his torture, but then she had this cruel idea pop into her head so she tied him on his back on the bed and blindfolded him. She then left him there for a good five minutes she walks in with ice one in her mouth and one in her hand as she rubs it slowly on his upper body and smirks evilly at every jump of his body to the cold. After that piece had melted she lowered her head to his dick and smiled as she began to give him a blow job slowly as her cold mouth surrounded his dick teasing him just right to make him moan. She quiet after his body stopped jumping to the cold she then leaves the room again for another five minutes and comes back with a lit candle. She tilts the candle to the right a little allowing the hot was to drip down on to his body. She then holds it under his dick letting the heat 1xbet güvenilirmi come up on it. She smiles and watches his face as she does it to him. All the while becoming so wet that she has cum in her panties more then twice. She then gets a sounding toy and pushes it slowly into his pee hole making it pleasurable at first. She then starts to love it faster and faster as his cries of pain begin to make her feel as if she was going to cum again. She then takes off his blindfold and her panties and straddles him playing with her pee hole and moaning softly. He then feels as if she has to pee and moves up to his head and squats right over his face and pisses all over his face. She moans at his sounds of disgust and hate for her. She could care less he agreed to it. She looked down at him and smirks removing the sounding from his piss hole and biting hard down on it as she knew she was going to draw blood from him someway or somehow. He pulled against the restraints as the pain hit him suddenly her teeth drawing blood from his dick. He cried because he knew she would not let him go from her hold now she marked him. She looked up at him and smiles and begins to suck his dick just so that the blood would not go to waste. Just as she mounted him and began to ride the door bell rang and she looks down at him she smiles now completely naked she walks to the door and answers it. Her guest looked at her and turned his head. “Why are you here,” she snapped. “I thought you would not be busy, but you are so now I will leave,” her friend Mike said as he turned to walk away. She smiled and pulled him in handing him a camera, “Your here you might as well catch a tape of my “new pet” and me. She leads him down the stairs and into the basement as she opened the door and looked at her knew slave. Mike was speechless as she had never revealed to him this side of her. Mike had been liking her for along time now and this side of her turned him on so much that he sat the camera down in an area that it would catch every thing and walked over standing over her and her “pet” and began to stroke his dick right over her back and moaned softly. After she had finished with her pet and allowed Mike to cum on her several times she got up and made her way to the shower and left her slave there with Mike. She knew Mike was bi and would play with her slave, she did not mind. She often let him do things with the males in her house. She smiled and listened to Mike taking him in the ass and closed her eyes soaking in the bath tub. She knew that there would be a new day of playing with her slave, but she need to rest and clean her pussy. She came a total of eleven times that day.