A Si ster’s Lust chapter 6The rest of the evening became a complete blank when Gail tried to remember.Somehow she’d gotten back to her apartment to pack her suitcases although shecouldn’t remember doing so. She’d even remembered to set her alarm and now shewas hundreds of miles away from Herb and the drastic mistake she’d made.“Oooooh,” Gail moaned, trying desperately not to think of what had happened. Whatcould she do now? The guilt-ridden young teacher knew that she could never faceHerb again . . . not after the lustily wanton way she’d acted last night. He must thinkshe was awful . . . behaving in a wild, whoring way with him! How could she ever goback to the school after this convention was over and face Herb day after day in theteachers’ lounge? And what . . . her heart almost stopped at the possibility . . . what ifHerb told anyoneabout what had happened? She’d never be able to hold her head up in public againif anyone found out what a terrible wanton she’d been!“Pardon me, Miss? Feeling all right?” Gail’s companion asked, hearing her moan ofdistress. “Would you like me to ring for the stewardess?”Gall’s face turned pink with embarrassment. “Uh. . . no, thank you. I’m fine now . . .really! A touch of airsickness, I guess . . .”For the next hour, Gail kept her face carefully hidden by the big book she’d broughtalong to read. At least there was one good thing about her embarrassing andtraumatic night with Herb. This disastrous mistake had happened on the eve of herdeparture. She’d have the whole week to. think about what to do and it would be arelief to spend the time with Crystal and her roommate, Geraldine. They couldindulge in harmless girl talk and that would soothe her frazzled nerves. Thankgoodness she would never guess what a wanton her sister had been last night! Poordarling would never understand in a million years! Her baby sister was as innocentas a new-born lamb!The first thing that Gail did when she arrived at Crystal’s apartment was to lookaround with an appraising eye. She wanted to remember just how the apartment waslaid-out so she could tell their mother. At least she looked as if she were eating right,so far away from home. The young girl seemed to be blooming with good health,although there was a bit too much pink in her cheeks.“Well! How was your flight, s*s?” Crystal asked, trying not to let her nervousnessshow. Last night had been a frantic night, moving Jerry’s things out of the apartmentand into his friend’s. Of course Jerry hadn’t been too happy with the newarrangements but that couldn’t be helped. She knew that Gail would be shockedbeyond belief if she ever found out that Geraldine was really Jerry! Gail would neveraccept the fact that she was living with a man! Why Gail was practically an old maidand Crystal was sure that her older sister had never even kissed a man, much lessfucked one or lived with one!“Here’s our room,” she nervously announced, leading Gail to the bedroom andblushing as she realized what she had said. “I I mean the room I share with Jerry . . .er Geraldine, that is.”“It’s very nice, Crystal,” Gail said, gazing critically at the small bedroom. She frownedslightly as she noticed the double bed. “It’s really a pity you don’t have room for twinbeds. Have you thought about bunks?”“Uh . . . yes,” she lied, two bright spots of color showing on her flushed cheeks. “We .. . we’re saving up money now. Bunks would be a lot more comfortable.”“Mother asked me what you wanted for Christmas before I left,” Gail smiled. “Shall Itell her bunk beds?”“Uh . . . let me talk to J-Geraldine about that first,” she hedged, shoving clothes overin the closet to make way for Gail’s things. “Here are some extra hangers, s*s. Justunpack if you want to.”“My Goodness!” Gail exclaimed, examining the clothes in the closet. “Your roommatecertainly doesn’t have many clothes, does she? Most of these are yours!”“Er . . . yes . . . yes, they are!” Crystal stammered. “Geraldine’s such a wonderful girl,Gail. When she found out you were in town, she took most of her things and went tostay with a friend. Wasn’t that nice?”“Oh, but I don’t want to put anyone out!” Gail exclaimed, shaking her head. “I couldjust as well stay in a hotel. Are you sure it’s all right?”“P-positive!” Crystal gasped. “Uh . . . I’ll tell you what. I’m going to cook us a gooddinner, but I have to run to the store to get a few things. Why don’t you unpack andtake a little nap until dinner’s ready. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?”Gail nodded slowly, still frowning. She was acting awfully nervous. It wasn’t all in herimagination. It was almost as if her baby sister were hiding something and Gail wasdetermined to get to the bottom of whatever it was. If Crystal went out to the store,she’d have a little time to poke around the apartment and see what she could learn.There was more going on here than met the eye, Gail was sure.As soon as the door closed behind Crystal, Gail hurried out into the living room. Sheturned around and saw no evidence of Crystal’s roommate’s things. Didn’t the girlhave anything or was Crystal actually living here alone? It was a puzzle and Gailintended to solve it before she left.Gail stopped short as she opened the bathroom cabinet. A small bottle of aftershavelotion was on the shelf behind a pile of towels. Aftershave? That was an odd item forher to have in her bathroom!At that particular moment, the telephone rang. Gail hurried to answer it, thinking thatperhaps it was her parents, checking to see if she had arrived. She was verysurprised to hear a male voice on the other end of the line.“Hi . . . is Jerry there?” the voice enquired. “We need him down at the lot right away.Tell that old man of yours to get over here immediately. The Emmerson’s are hereand his sales pitch worked. They’re going to take that Cadillac he showed themyesterday.”Gail was so flabbergasted she couldn’t find words for a moment. At first she wascertain that the man had gotten a wrong number, but he had thought she wasCrystal. The surprised teacher was so shocked that she said the first thing that cameinto her head.“Gerry?” Gail choked. “Do you mean, Crystal’s roommate, Geraldine?”“Geraldine!” the man roared. “Come on . . . don’t play games with me. Just tell Jerryto haul his ass down here, okay?”There was a sharp click and all at once the connection was broken. Gail stoodstaring at the receiver for a long moment before she finally hung up the phone. Sothat was it! Geraldine, Crystal’s roommate wasn’t really Geraldine at all. Her littlebaby sister was living with a man named Jerry!For one shocked moment, Gail felt like calling her parents and telling them she wasbringing her home. Imagine! Living with a man all this time! And Mom and Dadthought Crystal was living with another girl!Gail was already dialing the phone when she reconsidered. Perhaps she shouldhave a little more positive proof before she upset their parents. People were alwaysplaying jokes and perhaps this had been some sort of practical joker with a sicksense of humor. Gail certainly wasn’t going to call their parents before sheconfronted Crystal, or at least had some positive evidence. The shaving lotion couldhave been left here by a previous tenant and the phone call could have been aprank. She deserved to give her the benefit of the doubt. She’d find out soon enoughif Crystal actually was living in sin with a man. She’d just tell her baby sister to inviteGeraldine for dinner tonight. That ought to be proof enough.Even though it was still early afternoon, Gail decided to have a drink to calm hernerves. She was simply too celtabet giriş nervous to confront her sister without something tobolster her courage. There was a bottle of brandy in the cupboard and Gail pouredherself a generous drink, downing it much too quickly. Then, because she was stillnervous, she had another. By the time the phone rang again, Gail was feeling muchmore courageous and more than a little tipsy.“It’s me, s*s!” she said quickly. “I just ran into a friend of mine and we’re going to takeyou out for dinner . . . how’s that?”“Fine,” Gail replied, trying to keep her voice light. “Why don’t you invite yourroommate too. I’d really like to meet her.”“I . . . I’ll see whether Geraldine’s busy or not,” Crystal replied quickly. “Do you thinkyou can find the restaurant by yourself? It’s a small place, THE BEEF & BOTTLE,and it’s three blocks down on Seventh Avenue. Go ahead and take your nap andmeet us there at six.”“I can find it,” Gail agreed, sipping the last of her drink. “I’ll be there at six and do seeif Geraldine can make it. I’m looking forward to meeting her.”A slight smile formed on Gail’s face as she hung up the phone. Crystal must thinkshe was a complete idiot, trying to put one over on her like this. She could hardlywait to see what excuse her baby sister gave for the absence of Geraldine. It wasgoing to be quite an amusing evening but it wouldn’t be pleasant when they got backto the apartment if Crystal didn’t produce Geraldine. Gail knew she’d give her littlesister a piece of her mind and a warning about fast men in the big city. If Crystalreally was living with a man named Jerry, it was her sisterly duty to warn her. Girlswho slept with men without benefit of marriage always got into trouble, one way orthe other!“Oooooh!” Gail exclaimed, her hand flying to her mouth. Wasn’t that exactly what shehad done last night? How could she give her baby sister a lecture on promiscuitywhen she had behaved like a wanton last night, herself? It was hypocritical!Gail’s anguished thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the peal of the doorbell.When she opened the door she looked straight into the face of one of the mosthandsome men she’d ever seen in her life!“Uh . . . she’s not here right now,” Gail stammered, feeling her cheeks aglow withheat. Was this the man Crystal was living with? He certainly was good looking!“I’m Jerry’s boss, Frank Harris,” the man introduced himself. “You’re Gail, right?”Gail mutely nodded, recognizing the man’s voice almost immediately. He was theman who had called for Jerry earlier.“Looks like I made a little mistake when I called before,” Frank said, giving Gail awink. “Oh, oh, I let the cat out of the bag. Crystal didn’t want you to know she wasliving with Jerry. She thought you’d run right to the phone and call your parents andthey’d insist she come back home or something like that.”“Well . . .” Gail hesitated, flushing painfully. That had been her first reaction and theflustered teacher still wondered whether she ought to do just that. Now she knew thewhole sordid story was true. This man . . . Frank Harris . . . had just given her theproof she needed!“I told them no sister of that girl would do a thing like that,” Frank grinned. “They’regoing to be married, you know, right after Crystal finishes beauty college, maybesooner, if I give Jerry a promotion. And I might just do that . . .”“Uh . . . won’t you come in, Mr. Harris?” Gail said politely, her head spinning from thedrinks she’d had earlier and the effect of discovering her baby sister’s private life.“Would . . . would you like a drink?”“Love one, baby,” Frank smiled. “But only if you have one too. We really ought todiscuss these k**s, don’t you think? You do look like a reasonable woman and yousure are pretty! I didn’t think anyone could be prettier than Crystal but it looks like Iwas mistaken.”“Oh . . . er . . . thank you, Mr. Harris,” Gail stammered, blushing at the compliment. “Ihope you like Brandy and water. I think that’s all Crystal has here.”“Fine,” Frank said, sinking down on the couch. “Now come over here and tell me allabout your parents. They can’t be as narrow minded as Crystal makes out.”“Sorry but . . . I’m afraid they are,” Gail said, smiling nervously. It was impossible tokeep her hands from shaking as she handed Frank his drink. He was so handsomehe ought to have been a movie star and the way he was looking at her so intentlywas making her blush even more. He looked as if he wanted to . . . to . . . to take herto bed, for Heaven’s Sakes!“Well, you certainly aren’t narrow minded, are you Gail?” Frank asked, slipping hisarm around Gail’s shoulders. “No woman as beautiful as you are could be narrowminded. I’m not wrong, am I?”“Uh . . . no . . . no! Of course you’re not!” Gail replied, her shoulder tingling whereFrank touched her. She would have confessed that her first reaction was to tell herparents about her living situation, but now the flustered English teacher discoveredthat she didn’t want Frank’s disapproval. He was right she wasn’t narrow minded!Hadn’t she let Herb fuck her just last night?“If you’re not narrow minded, I think we ought to celebrate the k**s’ engagement abit,” Frank said smoothly. “I might just be persuaded to give Jerry that raise right nowif we had our own private celebration right here. Do you get my meaning, honey?”Gail blushed. She certainly did get his meaning and the trembling teacher wasn’t atall sure she liked it! Frank Harris was implying that if she let him fuck her, he’d giveJerry his promotion and then Crystal and Jerry could get married! The nerve of theman!But isn’t that the best solution to the problem? Gail’s mind argued. If Crystal andJerry get married right now, I don ‘t have to tell Mom and Dad anything at all aboutthis shameful situation. It really wouldn’t be too much to do for my own baby sister. Ifucked with Herb last night and this is much more important. I’m already a fallenwoman so what’s the difference? And he’s so . . . so . . . handsome!“I knew you’d see it my way,” Frank grinned, reaching out to run his fingers overGail’s shivering breasts. “You look like a really hot woman, baby. Are you as hot asyou look?”Gail found herself shaking as Frank’s fingers squeezed her plump, heated nipples.The drinks made her dizzy and a current of intense desire rippled through her bodyas she glanced down at the front of his pants and saw the hard, huge bulge of hiscock. Why not? It wouldn’t be any worse than what she’d done last night and it wouldbe for a good cause this time, at least. It wouldn’t be so bad fucking with FrankHarris if that meant that he would give Jerry a promotion so he and Crystal could getmarried.“I . . . I . . . all right,” Gail gasped, her nipples throbbing like fiery rosebuds whereFrank had squeezed them. “But only if you give Jerry his promotion.”“That’s a promise, baby,” Frank grinned. “Come on in Crystal’s bedroom and we’llhave a little party . . . a promotion party, right?”“I’ll tell you what, honey,” Frank said the moment they were inside the bedroom. “Ifyou can suck my cock really good, I’ll send the notice in for Jerry’s raise tomorrow.How’s that for a deal?”Gail could feel the blood rush to her face. Suck his cock? She had never eventhought of something so lewd. How could she bring herself to do something thatwicked? Even if it was going to benefit her baby sister?“Deal?” Frank repeated, grinning at Gail’s shocked face. Frank was no fool. He knewhe had the lovely young woman right where he wanted her. He was sure that theonly reason Gail had gone along with him thus far was celtabet yeni giriş because of her sister but thatdidn’t botherFrank in the slightest. He was horny and Gail definitely was an attractive woman. Hehad been planning on giving Jerry a promotion anyway, but the k**s didn’t know thatand neither did Crystal’s beautiful sister. Frank was always ready for a good timewith a woman as attractive and sexy as Gail.Gail’s mind seemed to spin around a million miles an hour. Could she do somethingthis far out. She had always tried to protect her baby sister but wasn’t this carryingthings a little too far? Her mind was in turmoil and the lovely English teacher didn’teven notice the greedy expression on Frank’s face as he stared at her, waiting forher agreement to seal the bargain.“Uh . . . it’s a deal,” Gail whispered, blushing again. No sacrifice was too great forCrystal’s happiness and now it was up to her. She would have to suck Frank Harris’prick, even though the prospect made her mind whirl in outrage. He was really ana****l to ask her to do something like that!“Come on over here then and let’s get started,” Frank grinned, feeling his huge cockthrob as the lovely young teacher reluctantly agreed to his proposition. “Just unzipmy pants and get right to it, baby. You’re going to love it, once you take a little lick.”Gail shuddered as she moved to the bed and sat gingerly on the very edge. Sheknew she didn’t dare say another word or her voice would give away hernervousness. Gail didn’t know the first thing about fulfilling her part of the bargain.She had never considered sucking a man’s cock before!With her heart in her throat, Gail took a sudden deep breath and reached out forFrank’s zipper. The lovely brunette thought she would feel revulsion as her fingerspulled Frank’s zipper open. Instead, a current of excitement rushed through hershaking body. She hadn’t thought she would like to fuck either, and she’d beenpleasantly surprised by that. Perhaps sucking a man’s cock would be the same,although she couldn’t imagine that it would be very much fun.Gail’s experience with Herb last night on the blanket in the woods hadn’t preparedthe slightly drunken woman for the way she felt as she stared at the rigid pole ofFrank’s throbbing penis. Sucking his prick was really a lewd and wicked thing to do,but the more the trembling teacher stared at Frank’s thick, rigid cockshaft, the moreanxious she was to try it. Even though they’d made a deal, Jerry’s promotion wasn’tuppermost in Gail’s mind at this moment. Gail had almost forgotten about that. Thesight of Frank’s thick, blue-veined stiffness had affected her in the lustiest waypossible. Waves of excitement centered in her squirming cunt as she reached out totouch the thick meatiness of his blood engorged male member. Perhaps thiswouldn’t be half as degrading as she expected!“Ooooooh!” she moaned, sliding her fingers up and down the jerking pole of Frank’sturgid thickness. The inexperienced teacher’s mouth began to water and sheswallowed convulsively, licking her full heated lips with the tip of her tongue. It wasreally exciting to think of what would happen when his stiff hot prick slid between thepetals of her moist lips.Whimpers of desire escaped Gail’s throat. Now that this moment was actually here,Gail found that she couldn’t wait to taste Frank’s huge, hot prick. The sight of histhrobbing erection was making her forget all about her initial reservations. Jerrywould get his promotion if she sucked Frank’s prick and suck it she would!Frank’s breath expelled from his lungs in a heavy sigh as Gail’s full lips approachedthe head of his swollen cock. Now that he watched her, he was sure that the lovelyyoung schoolteacher had never before sucked a man’s prick. That knowledge madeFrank even more excited. Crystal’s sister was a real innocent when it came to sexand he’d be willing to stake his life on the fact that she’d never even thought ofsucking cock before he mentioned it this afternoon.“Come on, baby,” Frank groaned, his cock jerking mightily. Even though Frank wassure that Gail wasn’t actively teasing him, the slow approach of her lips wasamounting to the same thing. It was all the horny businessman could do to keep fromreaching up and forcing Gail’s soft red lips down on the shaft of his throbbingstiffness.“Uuuuuhhhh!” Frank groaned, his face coloring with the effort of holding back. Hewanted to let this cute little teacher do things her own speed but the wait was killinghim. He felt as if his balls were about ready to burst as her soft breath puffed outagainst his sensitive cockhead. The excitement was killing him. It was delicious atthe same time. Gail’s inexperience and hesitancy was really turning the hornybusinessman on.“0ooooh!” Gail’s soft cry of excitement made the lusty car dealer almost forget hisresolve to let Gail take things at her own speed. His fingers clenched andunclenched, ready to reach up and impale her heated lips with his heavy rigid cock.Just as Frank thought he couldn’t wait another second, he felt Gail’s lips trembleagainst the slippery, smooth head of his prick. Hesitantly . . . her lips spread openslightly and the tip of her blazing pink tongue made contact with the sensitive surfaceof his bloated prick.“Awwwwww!” an involuntary groan emitted from Frank’s throat. It was the groan of aman heated to the boiling point with passion. Gail’s innocence excited Frank morethan all the willing and experienced women he’d ever had. There was an air of wideeyedastonishment about the young teacher that made his cock jerk violently andstand stiffly at attention, waiting for her first reaction to the taste of his cream.“Oooooh!” Gail gasped, surprise clearly registering on her face. Her lips trembledslightly and her tongue peeked out again to sample the forbidden fruit. It wasdelicious and a dizzy longing stole through her awakening body. Her tongue probedeagerly sweeping and fluttering over his swollen prickhead in a fiery liquid caressthat left no doubt in Frank’s mind about what Gail’s reaction was. She loved it!For the second time in less than twenty-four hours, Gail felt her body beginning tolose control. To the trembling young woman, it seemed as if the events of the lastnight had only been leading up to this new excitement. With an amazed cry ofdelight, the lovely young teacher bent down and lapped greedily. Her body was onfire but it didn’t matter. Her wanton desires were taking over her mind again andinstead of fighting the lewd urges, Gail gave in to them frantically. It was about timeshe indulged herself. She had led the life minus sex much too long!“Awwwww! That’s great, baby!” Frank grunted, shaking a little himself as the lovelywoman’s oral caresses grew bolder and more frenzied. “Come on . . . eat it all up!”Gail’s face was turning red with embarrassment but Frank’s lewd comments onlyserved to spur her on to more depraved actions. Her mind whirled fuzzily and Gailknew that she was fast becoming addicted to the salty manly taste of his huge cock.It made her head spin dizzily and before Gail had time to even consider what to donext, her lips opened all the way and she greedily sucked his stiffened cockshaft intoher soft mouth.Frank yelped in excitement as Gail began to tremble violently. A burst of passionshot through her curvaceous body. The trembling teacher almost wished that shecould have her cake and eat it too. She wanted to suck Frank’s prick but she wantedhim to fuck her also. Her narrow creaming pussytunnel was squeezing and tinglingwith lusty hunger and she was filled celtabet güvenilirmi with the wanton desire to have a hot, stiff cockhurtle into the very depths of her femininity. It seemed as if last night had onlywhetted the lusty brunette’s appetite for sex. She wanted more . . . much more . . .and sucking Frank’s huge delicious cock was only a start!“Mmmmmm!” Gail moaned, licking harder at the smooth heated shaft of his hugeprick. She flipped her tongue frantically around his huge fleshy prickspear and drewin with her cheeks, sucking as hard as she couldto take every glorious inch into her throat.The excited teacher’s eyes opened wide with astonishment as she clamped her lipsaround the huge pole of Frank’s rigid cock. She couldn’t seem to suck it in the wayshe desired. It was so swollen and thick that she could scarcely get it into her mouth.“Mmmmmmmm!” she exclaimed, swallowing instinctively. That was better! Everytime she swallowed, Frank’s rapier-like erection slid in a little farther. This was theway to do it. She’d suddenly discovered the secret of cocksucking Gail wasn’t goingto stop until she’d sucked every turgid inch of cockflesh into her throat!Her lips worked desperately as her smooth throat rippled. Now that she’d tasted thisdepraved pleasure, she wanted it all. Another swallow and her head was even closerto Frank’s body. Even though Gail had been certain that she wouldn’t enjoy this lustyaction, the astonished young teacher found that it was every bit as exciting asfucking. Gail was enjoying the act of swallowing Frank’s cock so much that she slidcloser and closer trying to suck every bit of his huge inflamed prick between her full,trembling lips.“Awwwwww . . . fantastic!” Frank groaned, unable to keep the excitement fromcoloring his voice. “Swallow it all, baby . . . just open that tight, hot throat of yoursand swallow it all!”If she could have smiled, she would have. Her eyes sparkled with pride as Frank’sstrong fingers gripped the sides of her head tightly. She must be doing it right for himto act so excited. She’d never sucked a cock before, but she’d caught on right away.Gail was very proud of herself for doing so well.The aroused young brunette didn’t even struggle as Frank held her head down inplace and moved his hips back and forth. He pushed the full length of his deliciouslymeaty erection into her mouth and pulled it back out again in preparation for anotherforward lunge. Gail didn’t want this moment ever to stop. It was wonderful! Nowonder that book she’d found in the school locker had contained a section oncocksucking! It was fantastic fun!Gail gave a smothered squeal of excitement as the huge rigid pole of his skeweringcock drove deeply into her hungry throat. A dizzy heat was invading her body as shesucked and a current of passion made her spasming cuntal tunnel vibrate withdelight. The lovely young teacher shivered uncontrollably as his lust engorged cockprobed deeply into her heated squeezing throat and her lips stretched out widearound his throbbing masculinity. It was happening to her again just like it hadhappened last night. Her lusty body was controlling her mind and Gail never wantedhim to stop. With every lunge and withdrawal of his huge stiff erection, she feltanother hot flash of desire flow through her shaking body. Every time Frank’s hugeslick prick slid a little farther down her throat, Gail felt a new series of thrilling ripplesrush through her greedily snapping cunt. It felt as if there were a direct line from herlips to her heated pussychannel causing these glowing stabs of excitement. SuckingFrank’s cock was much more fun than anything she’d ever done before and Gailcould scarcely wait to find out what was going to happen next.Without thinking about what she was doing, Gail’s soft, full lips tightened suddenlyaround the thick jerking shaft of Frank’s rigid prick. Her tongue swirled along theunderside of his pulsing erection and her throat rippled enticingly. Heated fires ofpassion were glowing in Gail’s lovely, sweetly-curved body and there was no way tobank the brightly burning fires of lust. First the excitement of last night with Herb andnow the excitement of this illicit afternoon with Frank had awakened the passionateneeds in Gail’s quivering body.“Mmmmmm!” Her cautious mind stopped functioning altogether. The tremblingyoung woman could no longer control her half-smothered cries of pleasure as shesucked and lapped with greedy hunger. The tip of her heated pink tongue dartedalong the stiffened length of Frank’s jerking cock and her lips formed a velvety ovalfor his pleasure. Her flushed cheeks began to quiver in and out in lusty hunger asshe sucked greedily, drawing in the turgid length of Frank’s thick meatiness. Gail hadtasted the lusty delights of cocksucking and the trembling young woman could nevergo back to being an innocent prudish English teacher again!“OHHHHHHH . . . that’s great, baby!” Frank choked, his voice low and husky.Crystal’s older sister was really something, just as he had hoped. She was taking tococksucking like a duck takes to water and Frank hurtled his hips forward, driving hismasculine hardness in just as far as he could into the wet, heated circle of hersqueezing lips. She was hungry alright and wet and wild and this was just the kind ofafternoon the horny businessman loved.“Awwwwww . . . yeah!” Frank groaned, feeling his sperm-laden balls tighten. Themiddle-aged businessman knew his face was turning red with the effort of holdingback. He’d never met such a greedy little wanton and her squeezing lips and ripplingthroat were almost too much for the experienced car dealer. Frank never dreamedhe’d get something like this for promising Jerry a simple promotion!Gail’s head bobbed up and down automatically as she sucked and licked. Her bodybegan to quake with excitement and her mind whirled with lusty enjoyment. She hadcompletely forgotten her motive for sucking Frank’s cock in the first place and theonly thing in Gail’s clouded mind was the pleasure she was experiencing fromsqueezing and sucking Frank’s deliciously turgid cock. It was wonderful to wrap hertongue around his heavy pulsing spear of masculinity and fill her throat with hisskewering thickness. Who would have dreamed that doing something this strangewould be so exciting?“Oh! Yesssss!” Frank groaned, tightening his grip on Gail’s head. His cock stretchedout, expanding to the limit of his endurance. Another anguished groan pushed pastFrank’s lips as he felt a delicious throbbing start in his heavy, full balls. Gail’s lipswere smacking greedily as they formed a ring of blazing heat around the throbbingwidth of his impaling cock. She was great and Frank knew that he couldn’t hang onto his self-control much longer. Any second he was going to fill her throat withsizzling sperm.“Swallow it all, baby!” Frank gasped, his voice harsh and breathless. “Suck it outsuck my cum right down your throat!”Gail could scarcely wait to do just that. She wanted Frank to shoot his blazing spermdown her throat. She wanted to suck his prick dry even though it was contrary toevery moral belief the proper teacher had. The thought of right or wrong never onceentered Gail’s lustily swimming mind as she prepared for the rush of blazingpleasure that would invade her throat. She wanted Frank’s creamy infusion ofprickcream and she wanted it now!Her mind whirled as she sucked voraciously. She had entirely forgotten aboutCrystal’s phone call and her date to meet Crystal and her friend at the restaurant.The arrangement had completely slipped her mind in the excitement of suckingFrank’s throbbing cock. Gail was so intent on sucking the thick creamy sperm fromFrank’s jerking prick that she didn’t even hear the door to the apartment open or herbaby sister’s shocked gasp as Crystal and Jerry peeked in the doorway and sawexactly what she was doing!