A PRESENT FOR DADHer body throbbed. She stopped the car in thedriveway and shut everything off. A tiny whimperpopped from her smeared lips and she sank into theseat for a moment. Her pussy pulsed inside her soggypanties. She squeezed her thighs together, thinkingabout the hard cock that rammed into her hungry holeonly a few minutes before, pumping a gusher of hotcome into her cunt. Finally swinging her high heelsto the concrete, she locked the car and crossed tothe stoop and paused.Her fingers searched her purse for a moment andthen extracted the translucent latex. Her long fingersweighed the milky contents in the yellow porch light.A tingle ran though her as she remembered his jerkingcock filling the rubber with his first load of come.She made up a story about no pills and he had consentedto use the rubber.She shivered and hurriedly untied the knot in thetube and holding the top open, sniffed the pungent odorof come. For one final minute she looked at the thick,still warm liquid then she tipped the rubber and pouredthe love juice into her open mouth and rolled it slowlyon her tongue. The tangy flavor permeated her palateand she held the still warm love juice captive in hermouth.She unlocked the side door and stepped inside.Holding the strong flavored come in her mouth, shepaused and listened. The soft sounds of the TV bobbedthrough the house. She crossed the kitchen and pausedin the dinning room. He was sitting nude on the carpet,his eyes fixed on the TV screen. The VCR whirredsoftly. On the TV screen, a large cock plunged slowlyonto a hairy pussy and slowly pulled out to the head.She could see his hand stroking at his lap as he gazedat the fucking on the screen.Her high heels clicked on the narrow expanse ofbare floor his head swiveled and he smiled at her. Hisfingers were circling the head of his rigid mariobet güvenilirmi cock,slowly massaging the head. For a moment she gazed athis swollen cock, the purple head appearing betweenhis thumb and fingers then disappearing. Her slushycunt pulsed and she almost swallowed the mouthful ofcome. She crossed the room and stopped next to him. Hestared up at her expectantly.”Did you bring me something?” he asked.She nodded slowly and bent down. He tilted his headand their lips met. Parting her lips, she let the warmthick come slide from her mouth into his. A low groanescaped his throat and his tongue probed her openmouth, scr****g the dregs of the come from its hot wetcorners. As she ground her lips against his, hernostrils flaring, her body began to heat up.Her hand found his jerking cock and pulled hishand away and up under her skirt. Her knees bent andher thighs parted as she guided his strong finger upto the crotch of her panties and clamped her thighsaround his hand. His fingers clawed at the soggynylon.Tearing her mouth from his, she gasped, her breathcoming in raspy rushes. He gazed up at her, lickingthe traces of come from his lips. His fingers pulledthe nylon band aside and slushed into the oozing holeit covered. He stirred her cunt, rolling her clit anddriving his fingers deep inside her molten cunt. Hepulled his dripping fingers from her crotch and outfrom under her skirt. Looking into her passion glazedeyes, he lifted his coated fingers to his mouth andlicked the cunt juice from them. “You like the taste of come, don’t you Daddy?” sherasped.”And pussy juice.””But you like come.” Her eyes were slits and shepushed her own hand up her skirt and dug into herdrooling pussy with her fingers. “You like suckingcome first hand out of a cock!”He looked at the lust-distorted face mariobet yeni giriş of his oldestdaughter and smiled. She was very much like her mother.Hot pants! He could see her slender fingers plunginginto the gaping opening of her cunt as she coaxed himand teased him.”Yeessss!” he hissed. His hand had found histhrobbing cock once again and stroked it as he gazedat his daughter’s distorted face.”You’d suck off your own son if you had one. Itwould turn you on if this was a cock instead of a cunt,wouldn’t it!”He nodded. He dropped back on his elbow, almostlying down and watched her as she finger fucked herself and worked them both into a impassioned frenzy.”But you like to suck pussy just as much as you’dlike to suck a cock.” Her voice was a bare whisper.She fixed her eyes on his eyes and licked herlips. Pausing, she unzipped her skirt and dropped itto the carpet. She rolled her panties down almost toher knees and spreading her white thighs, opened thelips of her pussy with the fingers of one hand androlled the swollen knob of her clit with the fingersof her other hand.”Watch me, Daddy! Watch me jerk my pussy off!” Shewhined. His hand stroked the swollen head of hispulsing cock in rhythm with her fingers.”You’d like to suck my slimy pussy, wouldn’t you?”She waited, her fingers pausing between the fleshylips of her cunt.”You want to suck the come out of my cunt, don’tyou!” she demanded.Unable to vocalize, he nodded emphatically.”His cock was big and so hot, Daddy. I fucked himfirst, catching his come in a rubber. That’s what Ihad in my mouth,” she revealed. He moaned and jerked.”Then I sucked him off. His cock jerked and spurtedfor a long time and I swallowed every drop! I love tosuck cock, too!”Her body was arched above him, her fingers tearingat the soggy hole between her legs. mariobet giriş She whimpered andjerked.”Ooooh! Oh! It’s coming!” She shuddered and jerked,waves of pleasure engulfing her.”It’s… soooooo… good, Daddy!”His hand flew over his cock. His ass bounced onthe floor. He forced his eyes to stay open so he couldwatch the girl’s climax. Suddenly, the dam broke.”Baby!… Oh!… Daddy’s coming!” he wailed.Still shivering from coming, she forced her fingersfrom her pussy and dropped to her knees. His hand hadfrozen on the shaft of his cock and she could see thepurple head of it swell and spread as the hot river ofcome flowed up the column of hot flesh. Her head dippedquickly and her small mouth opened, wide.He jerked and groaned as through the fog he felther hot mouth close over the head of his bursting cock.His fingers tangled in her hair and he held her headin position.”Suck, Baby! Suck Daddy’s cock!” he wailed. “Suckall my come out of it! Does it taste good with Mom’scunt juice still on it?”The girl whimpered and sucked faster. She identi0fied the strong second taste on his cock. Her tonguerolled the head, her fingers cupping his balls, rollingthem in the soft skin sack.”Uuuhhhhhhh!” He slammed his cock deep into herthroat and pumped glob after glob of hot thick comeinto her suctioning mouth.After long seconds the last stream flooded herswallowing throat. She pampered his cock with hermouth and then rolled aside, her fingers still circlingthe softening shaft.Curled together, their naked bodies damp with theafterglow of passion, he stirred and stroked her hardnipple.”Can we take this too far?” he asked.”Nooo. This is just our play time,” she soothed.”How old was this guy, tonight?””He said twenty-two but he wasn’t a day overnineteen,” she replied. “He got off so quick, I almostdidn’t get the rubber on to catch it.” She laughedsoftly.”It’s a good thing we don’t have a daughter. Ifshe were as hot as you, I’d have to fight to stay awayfrom her.”She smiled at him. Her slender fingers sc****d theunderside of his half hard cock.”I’m all you can handle any way daddy,” she cooed.END