A Night To RememberSo there I sat bored & horny. I was asked a question that I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to answer honestly. In a long term committed relationship one would think you can be open & honest. I wondered though oh my goodness if I answer what will he think of me. The question I was asked was is there any fantasy that you have & would like to see it become a realty. I immediately wanted to blurt out yes but I paused. I then asked what made you ask me that to which my lover responded well we’ve been together for a long time & I just thought you’ve never shared any fantasy with me so I decided to ask. I took a deep breath & went for it. I do not really think of myself as bi-sexual but I do have a very vivid picture in my mind of what I am willing to do or have done to me. I share this with my lover & he immediately seems just as turned on as I am about the idea.It is now the weekend & my lover & I decide to go to a lounge to just kick back,have a few drinks & see if any women there catch our eye. I wear a short off the shoulder black dress that hugs my curves in all the right places. On the dance floor I move slightly seductively to attract. It doesn’t take long before I catch the gaze of a gorgeous woman with the blackest hair & bluest eyes I’ve seen. I look over & my lover is watching as she walks my way.Do you know how stunning that dress is on you is how she chose to break the ice. I respond by saying how many 1xbet yeni giriş times have you said that tonight. Just once cause this is the only time it is true she answered. I ask her if she happens to notice the man in the side booth watching us. Yes I know you are here together but I also see how he let you leave to dance by yourself. Come let me buy you a drink & introduce you to Mark I say. I take her hand & we make our way to the booth.A little bit more shy than I had anticipated I would be I try to relax by sipping my drink. The 3 of us chat & slowly start to learn about each other & after about an hour or so the drinks have me a bit more relaxed & even laughing. I look at Mark & notice how he is now very excited about the prospect of what will hopefully take place. Realizing that we all seem to now be enjoying each others company Mark shares my fantasy with Nina. I have to admit that the idea the Nina ended up being just as turned on as we were was a bit surprising to me. We then head up to our hotel room to make our party more intimate. I start to become flustered & nervous since this is my first time I’ve had any sexual contact with a woman. Sensing my shyness Nina falls back & lets Mark take over. Mark then whispers in my ear that he can’t wait to see me enjoy in the pleasure that awaits us. He now has my body laid out & is passionately bringing me to a point where I succumb to my desires. Nina sees this 1xbet giriş & joins in on the action. Mark wraps my legs around his neck & seeks to taste my now flowing juices. I’m so turned on a this point & Nina is now using her tongue to tease my erect nipples. I reach to pull them both closer to me.I beg Mark to fuck me with his now freed cock. He says he wants Nina to taste my wet pussy first. I will admit that there is something incredibly different about a woman’s touch. Nina took time to explore my body before allowing her incredibly soft lips to become moistened by my sweetness. Before I can recover I feel Mark & his thick cock sliding into me & I rise to meet his motions.Nina starts to kiss my breasts & begins to rub my swollen clit. I’m starting to find myself not knowing how to handle the intensity of the situation. I wanted this so bad & I allow myself to slip into a state of being that I’ve never felt before. Nina takes her wet finger & touches my lips & says I should taste how sweet I am. I’m lost in the moment & enjoy it so much I reach down to rub my clit for a bigger taste. I grab Nina & pull her mouth to me & we kiss sharing in the sweetness. All the while Mark is enjoying seeing part of my fantasy being fulfilled & continues to fill my pussy with his hard cock. His finger now teasing my ass I almost can’t bear itNina watches & takes out her dildo to satisfy herself while Mark fingers my ass. I easily 1xbet güvenilirmi take one of his fingers & am soon begging for a second. I reach over to play with Nina’s clit while she is working her dildo. Mark then pulls me away from Nina & off the bed. He sits on the bed & jerks my body around so I am in a reverse cowgirl position. He lowers my ass onto his cock & I shudder as he enters me. I continue to ride him & now Nina has gotten up. My feet are now on Mark’s thighs as he continues to pound my ass. The feel of his cock up my ass has me moaning in joy & then Nina stands in front of us. In the position I am in my pussy might as well be in a display window that’s how exposed I am. No longer shy I beg Nina to put her tongue in my pussy while Mark fucks me in the ass. She immediately finds & fills my waiting flesh. Her tongue continues to thrust in & out & from time to time Nina kisses my clit. I ride Mark’s cock in my ass like I never have before. He then asks me if I regret sharing my fantasy with him still & by the sounds of pleasure that are now leaving my body I don’t need to answer. He already knows. I pull Nina’s face deeper into my pussy as I bounce my ass up & down Mark’s cock. I tell them both I am cumming & moan like I have never moaned ever during sex. I basically collapse in an orgasmic spasm. Nina pulls her face away & after Mark pulls his cock from my ass she licks my slightly gaping asshole clean of his load. I was caught so off guard & was so turned on I cum for a second time.I don’t know if this night will ever repeat itself. What I can say is this…the night I was able to make my fantasy a realty will definitely be something I will never forget !