A night of drinkingI worked in a small town about 10 miles from where I was living. After work, everyone would go to one of three clubs. One Friday night I was at one of them. After a few beers, looking around the club it was slow. I paid the tab and headed out to see what trouble I could get into. I made it to the next club. Going in I seen some coworkers sitting at the bar. I found an empty seat on the corner of the bar and ordered a beer and shot. We all were talking, cutting jokes when a guy came up to us and asked if one of us could give him a jump. No one wanted to get up knowing they’d loose their seat. I told he if he could wait a few minutes I’d be leaving and I’d give him a jump. After I finished my beer we went out side and started his truck. He asked if I was going home or if he could buy me a beer at an other club considering how rude everyone was. I agreed and followed he to the third club. We went in and found a couple of seats at the side of the bar. We drank our beers and talked. While sitting it seamed like he was sitting a bit close to me. Thinking he had a few I shrugged off the feeling of being crowded. After a second round he kept putting his hand on my leg. I just pushed it off. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. While in there he came in, ” there you are, I thought you left”. I told him I said I was going to the bathroom. Looking at him, he definitely had a few drinks in him. He looked at me and asked” what an odd buckle, how do you undo it”?I just looked at him. “It’s a rodeo buckle, it hooks like this”, showing him. Now thinking to myself he’s acting weird. He reached up and grabbed my buckle and started tugging at it,” what do you think your doing” I asked, now a little pissed off.” I just wanted to see how it worked” he stated. Pushing his hands down I showed him again. Thinking I got to get out of here before someone else came in.I went back to the bar and ordered a beer and shot. He( I’ll call him Robert) came and sat next to me. By this time the alcohol cought up to me. I said my good byes to everyone and started to leave, Robert ask how far I had to drive.I told him about 10 miles. He said ” you can sleep at my house if you want, I’m just around the corner. Thinking it’s a long way at night, dark road, and a lot kilis escort to drink I agreed. I followed him to a trailer park, eighth one on the right. We went inside, and he offered me a beer. “Sure” I said. Looking around I didn’t see a couch to lay on. He gave me the beer and we sat at the dinner table. When I finished, I asked him where I was going to sleep? He said”you can sleep on one of the chairs or you can share the bed with me”. This wasn’t going to be the first time I slept in a bed with another guy, I agreed to the bed. I haven’t worn underwear since I was in high school and I was to drunk to care. We went to the bedroom and I started to undress. I stripped down and pulled the sheets back, climbed in bed and went to sleep. I woke up with Roberts hand on my dick. Instinctively I grabbed his hand and started to get out of bed. My head still foggy between sleep and alcohol, I looked around thinking where am I.”Relax, it’s okay” Robert said. Remembering I was at his house, and in his bed I relaxed a bit. (Not the first time a man had my dick in his hand, or my hand on his) I laid back down and released his hand. ” that’s it, lay back down ” he said softly. His hand felt good, squeezing and stroking. He stroked me till I was stiff, spun around and put his legs on either side of my head. His hard dick inches over my face. I felt him lower his body, then I felt his mouth devouring my dick. I reached out and pulled his dick into my mouth. We sucked each other for a few minutes, then he said” let me fuck you”. I told him “I was very tight, no ones fucked me for years.He opened the drawer of the bed side table and pulled out a tube. He lubed up his fingers and pushed one in my hole. He fingered me for a couple of minutes, pulled out, lubed again and pushed back in. It felt so good. He pulled out and lifted my legs, moved closer, then I felt his dick entering me. He kept squeezing lube on my hole and his dick. It hurt at first, then started feeling better. He pounded my ass for 20 minutes then I felt him cum. What a fantastic feeling. He stayed in me while he stroked me till I came. We cleaned up and went back to sleep.I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes, I looked around and Robert was still asleep. I slipped out of bed, dressed and left, leaving my .number on the dinner table. Sadly he never got back with me.