Group Sex

a moment in time,One Moment in TimeI wasn’t all that far from being a virgin when we married, neither of us had experienced much sexually . Irene had engaged in foreplay with a few boyfriends in high school and perhaps a dozen more in college. She knew what and where a man’s penis was and had admitted to having spooned a bit.Me, I had mounted all of two girls missionary and only once each. Neither of us brought experience to the wedding. We met in college as freshmen and married exactly one year after graduation and our first c***d, a beautiful baby girl, came to us three years later.It seemed to me our sex life was satisfying. We were having sex once or twice a week. It was brief as I suffer somewhat with occasional premature ejaculation not to mention my penis isn’t on the North side of average. Mary did manage to get an occasional orgasm by masturbating herself to the point of cumming before she would mount me and grind her pubis against me before whispering out the final moments of orgasm.Of course I can and did impregnate her. She certainly never complained openly about any problems in the bedroom, at least not to me or in front of me. Besides, after the birth of our second c***d our focus switched to caring for our babies and sex faded into the background. We managed somehow to indulge at least once a month or every six weeks. I was fine with my life, it was the happiest time of my life.As our babies turned to ganguly young girls. Now they could take care of each other and time became free for us. I found myself wanting sex again. Irene did somewhat accommodate my needs at first. She would let me either mount her and quickly get my needed relief or she would masturbate me. Irene seemed indifferent about sex. She just never instigated sex anymore. As time went on she found more excuses to avoid sexual contact. The “headaches” lasted for weeks.I had grown up in a nudist family and shortly after Irene and I wed we began to visit nudist resorts with my parents. These were family oriented and alcohol free resorts that carefully and aggressively weeded out the chaff. Irene and my girls got to see nudity and knew well the different shapes and sizes of cocks. They where very aware of the diminutive size of my cock and sometimes teased me playfully about my nub. My father was about average. His soft dick would swing as we walked. Other men sported far bigger dicks but I never saw one smaller than mine.My daughters grew up in and around nudity so were comfortable with their bodies. The nude summer vacations did help bond us as a family and exposing us to the basic fundamental humanness of all people.Two things changed in my world. it is my belief that these two events contributed greatly to how I found my myself thinking about having my wife serviced by another man.I know that Irene, assuming we continued as we were, would never get to find out how it would feel to have a well endowed male take care of her needs.Knowing full well that without some action on my part, my wife would be stuck fucking a chubby little man with a tiny dick for the rest of her life. She would never get to feel the pleasure, the fullness that an adequately sized man might bring her. I was a failure trying to perform the basic duty of a man to bring his wife to her orgasm without requiring her to masturbate first. I began to visualize a man, a virile man an alpha male that could bring her to orgasm time and time again.I wanted her to feel a man’s ejaculate splash hot and deep, deep into her cunt. These ideas came to me after watching amature porn clips. I was reminded of how big men can grow. ankara escort Hard and thick veined. Others longer, softer and snake like.I found myself returning time and again to cuckold clips. There was something that drew me, pulled me to watching men filming their wives with strange men. Watching while these endowed men would stretch open their wives and bring them to gasping body shaking orgasms. My wife is a beautiful person. She graduated in the top 25 of her class in college. She has found success in her work which allows us a comfortable life style. We are not wealthy by any measurement but we can take vacations and still put a few dollars away for our girls college educations.Irene is tall, long legged. Her breasts proportional to her lean body. Wide hipped and full lipped, quick to laugh brown eyes. She is always the most beautiful woman at the nudists pools. I see men sneaking glances at her, always secretive lest their wives would notice the want in their eyes. I did, Irene did. We both knew full well men lusted for her. We never broached the subject.She would oil her lean hard body, spending a few seconds longer on her breasts than perhaps needed. My nights at the nudist resorts were filled with passion. Irene fucked me hard and got herself off, every night of our stay. She simply glowed health and vitality.The second thing was something that happened unexpectedly. Carla, a sorority sister, came to stay with us for a fortnight. She brought her three boys with her so we had a houseful full of howling k**s running in and out of the house and pool. I ended up with the c***d watching chores while the women drank wine and exchanged stories that soon had them laughing to tears. Later that night, long after the c***dren had settled in, Carla’s laughter turn to tears as she spoke of her husband’s infidelities and their now pending divorce. Carla poured out her story of how her husband had sought out another woman to satisfy his sexual needs. She moaned about her lost interest in sex brought on by the difficulty of raising his c***dren. She was distraught and begged Irene not to make the same mistake. She said she should have taken her aunts advice, “behave like a lady in public and a whore in bed”. I was pleasantly surprised that first night of Carla’s visit when for the first time in a long time, Irene initiated sex. She was more passionate than usual which didn’t help me, I only lasted a few minutes after she mounted me. I gritted my teeth while she continued to hump me. She also came quickly to my great relief. Irene’s interest in pleasing me slowly began to increase. I’m thinking she had perhaps listened and taken Carla’s advice to heart or it may have been her moving into the full bloom of her sexuality. Irene suddenly began to suck me off. I would cum in her mouth and she would use a newly acquired massager to achieve her own satisfaction. I would hold and pet her, kiss her lips coated with my ejaculate.My bride actually found a website for marital aids.We perused it and picked out our favorites. We agreed we wanted a variety of different sized and shaped glass dildos. We started with the smallest and Irene began to have two or three orgasms a session with the help of her hard dildo and her massager. She tried the others, the larger ones but she said she was very happy with the 5 incher.I began to tell her of my desire to have her experience the sexual pleasures the world could offer her. She laughed it off at first, swearing she had no interest in sex with anyone other than myself. And yet little by little our pillow talk began to involve the ankara escort bayan fantasy of her letting various members of our male friends from the nudist resort mount her. We talked about the shapes and sizes of the men we had known and seen for so many year.2Irene began to take a more dominant role in our lovemaking. She began to initiate sex more often. Not a lot but when her hormones seeped into her bloodstream, oh sweetness and joy.On those nights, oh my lord, on those nights I never knew what was going to happen. She had somewhat taken a liking to having me lick and suck her to orgasm. She became aggressive when she wanted to be sucked off. She pressed my face hard into her her cunt and ground herself off to orgasm while I gasped and struggled to find air. And then she would tire of that and used a body massager to get herself right to the edge and quickly mount me and hump my little dick until I could feel her lubrication begin to drip hot and run down my balls. I would cum, I just couldn’t hold back. Irene, who for so many years, had orgasmed quietly, now made no attempt to hide or stifle her passion. Lately she has taken to crying out “fuck me, jesus fucking christ, fuck me, fuck meeeeeee” and such just before she would cum.Our pillow talk drifted to past loves and from there into past sexual experiences. It seems that she was a bit more knowledgeable than she had first let on. She admitted she enjoyed fondling the hard young cocks that tried to push their way into her to release their sperm deep. She laughed as she told me she got to do a lot of dating once word spread she would give handjobs on the first date. My wife then told me how one boy, a boy of moroccan descent, dark skinned with black hair and eyes became her steady and introduced her to sucking cock. She found she liked the feel and the taste of cock in her mouth and she let the boy cum in her willing mouth at every opportunity. I tried to gently guide the conversation around to the subject of her sexual needs. By now she had slowly worked her way up to the largest dildo. A fat 7″ with pleasure bumps. She had no choice but to admit she enjoyed the size. For her size did matter. Some nights we would whisper to each other between groans about the men we knew from the nudist camp. We talked about the shape and size of their cocks. She admitted some of the younger ones did make her wet and on more than one occasion caused her to sneak in a quick orgasm while showering. ” I liked watching the teenagers that slipped off into the shadows,the boys already hard with want.” she whispered to me that night.The thought filled me with lust. The image of my wife jerking herself off to fantasies of sucking and fucking young dicks made my little cock spurt it’s pre cum. I knew my orgasm was emitate. “I’m cumming” I blurted out. “I’m fucking cumming off in you.” She pressed into me trying to get my hot cock up deeper in her cunt as I squirted my sperm into her sloppy wet cunt. When I finished she rolled off me and used the dildo to get herself off. “Fuck meeeeee, damn fuck me, fuck me. I’m cumming, cumming, cumming.”Our sex talk got wilder and wilder over the next several months until we finally decided to go to a bar separately and I would watch her flirt with the men that asked her to dance.She dressed herself in a fairly short skirt and a sport bra under a thin top that surely emphasized her breasts. It didn’t take long for a man asked her to ask her to dance. I watched her for awhile, her hips swaying seductively and even grinding a bit as pulled her in closer to his crotch. The dance floor escort ankara filled and I sight of them in the crowd. The song ended and the next started and she didn’t come into my view. I decided to go to the men’s room and see if I could spot her on the crowded dance floor. I didn’t. I began to worry a bit and decided to walk the perimeter of the place in the hope of seeing her and her younger dance partner.I did, they were in a darken corner drinking and laughing. He pulled her close and kissed her,she softly melted into his arms. Suddenly she pulled away laughing and pulled the boy onto the dance floor. Each seemed lost in the pulsing music blaring it’s sensual rhythms into the warm summer night.I returned to the bar and luckily found a vacant seat. I drank slowly but constantly waiting for Irene to return. I will admit the thinking about and planning the event was much more interesting than the actuality of experiencing it.My hands were sweaty and I was filled with regret. Every 5 minutes I would turn my head and search the swaying bodies for my wife. My regret slowly turned to fear that Irene might be in trouble. I ordered a double, gulping it down in a swallow. The whiskey burned all the way down.This time I found them standing at a table filled with empty drink glasses. They were talking and laughing. A waitress appeared with two drinks and cleared the table of empties.I tried to discretely let her notice me watching and she finally did. She leaned in and kissed the boy deeply, her tongue slid by his lips and snaked it’s way into his mouth. The kiss went on and on, I could see the youngster hands cupping her cunt, the kiss ended and Irene slipped from grasp. She stood and again they laughed. Irene made her way woozily toward the bathroom. As she passed by me, she said she would meet me in the car. I hurriedly headed for the door.I got into and started the car. There was a light warm summer mist I cleared from the windows. I peered into the night but I didn’t see anyone. Just as I turned on the lights I heard her giggling. The long thin brown boy was holding her up as she stumbled to the car. I knew she was drunk but not this kind of drunk. “Hey dude, I’m sorry ’bout your wife. She only had three drinks with me, I didn’t think she was going to get this bad.””She rarely drinks so it doesn’t surprise me that she would get shit faced. Thanks for helping her get home.”Irene kissed the boy. He squirmed away from her.”Hey dude I gotta go. Good luck with your old lady.”Irene plopped into her seat. “What?” She asked with a faked look of confusion. It’s not like I fucked the guy.”I can not describe the mix of jealousy, anger and lust that raced through my head. Irene, my ruffled Irene was happily singing along to her Ipod. By the time we got home she had sobered up enough to stand and walk without tipping too much. I was hungry and offered to whip up bacon and eggs. Irene headed directly to the bathroom.The bacon was just about crisp when she appeared, looking showered and wearing a worn cotton nighty. “I’m so sorry, so so sorry. I think I crossed a line tonight and I promise that will never happen again.”My little dick was fattening, growing hard. “I’m good with the evening, I will admit I got a little more jealous than I thought it would but now look. She squeezed my hard cock through my jeans. “Now that’s something I know I can help you with.” “Mmmmm, yes.” she hissed. “I want to fuck you.”We kissed, long and hungerly, Irene pressing herself hard up against my swollen,hard little dick. I could feel myself about to cum.”The eggs are getting cold.” I pointed out. We softly pulled apart, laughed and wolfed down the feast. Irene was still too drunk to fuck. She lay on her back and let me pump cum into her. She was wet and opened. I came quickly, very quickly. I rolled off and realized she was already asleep.