A message on a Friday evening
It was Friday evening just after 6pm. I had just finished having an early dinner and was about to hop into the shower when I received a message on my phone. Standing naked in the bathroom I opened the message, it was from Sarah the ex escort who I use to pay to fuck. She said, “Hey Cane, how are you babe? Do you have any plans for this evening?”
I replied, “Hello sexy lady, I’m good thank and you? No I don’t have much plans for tonight, was going to just grab a few drinks with some friends but don’t have too. What did you have in mind?”
I hopped into the shower and quickly washed myself, freshening up. Once out and dry I read Sarah’s reply, “I was hoping you would be keen to meet up as I would like some company but not in the mood to go out alone tonight. If you keen I will be at home if you’d like to join me for a while.”
I replied back, ” that sounds cool, see you in about 40 mins time. Do I need to bring anything?”
I quickly got dressed and then said goodbye to my parents and left. Reading her replied she said just a box of condoms maybe, which got me excited knowing she wants to get fucked. I still had two condoms in my car so I while I made my way to her town house I put them in the pockets of my jeans.

I was soon at her place and she let me in. I parked and then walked to her front door where she greeted me with a kiss on the lips and said thank you for coming. She was still in her corporate work clothes, black knee high skirt, with black stockings as it was going towards winter. Her top was a white and black pin stripped button up top which looked very sexy. Her make up was done and her face definitely looked prettier than usual.
We went inside and to the kitchen where she poured us each a good strong drink and we then started chatting. She told me that she’s so busy at work that she a bit stressed out about it. She’s enjoying the promotion and pay increase just she’s extreamly busy and doesn’t get much time to rest. We chatted about a few things before the topics turned sexual and she told me that she hadn’t met anyone knew or had sex with anyone since the last time I visited her and she told me she’s no longer an escort. It wasn’t all that long ago maybe just over a month from when I spent the night and we fucked liked rabbits but nevertheless no sex for a while is painful. We then chatted about my sex life and I was open with her telling her the truth in detail that I’m occasionally fucking 3 girls, Caitlyn my 20 year old brunette varsity study budy, then my 19 year old blonde ex girlfriend Cassi and Krystal my little matric slut. Sarah said aren’t they lucky girls to have you pleasure them. I smiled and took the condoms out my pocket, handing it to sarah as I asked, “am I going to be lucky enough to fuck a sexy 24 year old blonde corporate lady again? ”
She smiled and walked up to me, put her glass down, and then grabbing my package and said, ” I think I’m going to be the lucky one.”

I place my hands onto her sexy body as we looked each other in the eyes. Our heads moved closer together and soon our lips touched and our mouths opened. Our tounges met and massaged each other while we felt each others bodies once again. Once our lips aparted Sarah took my hand and led me to her room. In the room she turn to face me and we started stripping each other. My shirt and pants came off and her top and skirt. I was in my jocks and she was looking fucking sexy standing in black lingerie and thigh high black stockings. I pulled her into me and undid her bra releasing her sexy big tits. I placed my hands over them as I asked what would you like next. Straight out fuck or me to eat your sexy pussy.
She replied I want to ride you and get fucked hard you can eat me later. Very well I said as I let go of her big tits and dropped down to removed her black G string. I removed my jocks and Sarah immediately opened the condom and put it on my hard cock.

She pushed me onto her bed and climbed over me, moaning as she mounted and sat down on my cock. She road me hard and rough back and forth while I watched her tits bounce up and down. Her puss was soaking wet and it wasn’t long till her moans became louder as she reached climax and orgasmed. After she finished orgasmning I saw she was a bit out of breath so I took over control moving us so I was on top of her in missionary position. I pounded deep and hard in and out of her puss as I looked at her facial expressions while she moaned from me fucking her. “God yes, oh god yes” she moan as I fucked her hard and rough. I then pulled out and moved Sarah onto her hands and knees and enter her from behind. I grabbed onto her hips and pulled her back into me as I thrusted hard and rough into her puss making her scream from pleasure. I groaned as my cock exploded shooting my cum into the condom while I fucked this classy business woman. Once I finished cumming I pulled out of her puss and her and I both fell down onto the bed to catch our breath.

Once she caught her breath she placed her hand on my cock and balls and said that was so well needed thank you. I said you welcome and then got up and took the condom off. We then moved back to the kitchen where we got ourselves another drink and chatted some more. I loved looking at her sexy body with her big tits. After a few minutes she noticed and asked who gave me the love bites on the groins, and I told her my naughty matric girl. She laughed as she asked how it happened and I told her the story of the night at the hotel, and showed her the pictures Krystal sent me of the markings I left on her groins. Sarah replied saying that Krystal’s puss us very nice and I said yes its still young and fresh and I’m enjoying filling her up with my cock. Sarah smiled as she replied saying, your cock will fill most girls wonderfully as I love how you feel inside of me. I smiled and walked up to her and while running my hands over her body I said out of all the girls I’m fucking you definitely have the most sexy body, big tits, athletic body, firm toned sexy legs, tight firm ass and let’s not forget a sexy pussy that fits my cock perfectly.

She blushed from my comment and then said thank you baby glad you like my body. Our lips met again, and as we kissed passionately. I picked Sarah up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Our lips aparted and I carried her back to her room. I laid her down on her bed and moved on top of her and for the first time I shoved my hard bare cock into her wet puss. I gave her long deep slow thrusts while we kissed passionately with lots of tounge. My cock head pushed against her inner pussy walls as we had sex. Our lips aparted and I placed kisses down her neck. Pulling my cock out of her puss as I kissed her over her chest and down to her tits. I kissed licked and sucked each of her erect nipples before moving lower down to between her legs. I eat her wet puss lapping up her juices and she soon moaned loudly as she reached climax and orgasmed. After she finished orgasmning I moved to lay on my back and Sarah moved over me mounting my bare hard cock again. She bounce up and down on my cock, fucking me hard as I watched her tits bounce up and down. My cock hitting deep in her puss against her walls as she moaned from the pleasure. She stopped after a few minutes of fucking me hard and climbed off my cock and moved down between my legs.
She placed kisses onto my love bites and then took my cock into her mouth and started sucking it. She sucked up and down on my cock, deepthroating me as I groaned from the pleasure. My cock exploded shooting my cum into her mouth as she sucked down deep and gagged on it. She continued deepthroating me, sucking my cock till every last drop of cum had shot into her mouth and she then got up and went to the bathroom to spit out my cum into the basin.
On her return to the room we both smiled at each other after an interesting sex sessions, fucking for our first time bareback but finishing into her mouth. I then got dressed and Sarah put pajamas on and we went to the kitchen where we enjoyed each other’s company during one more drink while discussing when we will see each other again. Within the next month we agreed as we both enjoyed fucking each other. I finished my last drink a bit after 10 and then walked up to this pretty lady and gave her a big kiss goodbye and said thank you for the amazing sex while having a good feel of her body again. She then let me out and I drove home after being well pleasured and extremely happy to have seen her the blonde 24 year old babe.