A lovers touchDozing on the bed you find yourself to warm for comfort, you raise and sit up in bed. The air is heavy and warm; outside it’s a hot summer’s day. You decide that really you should be getting out of bed and sorting out the day’s tasks. However this was not what you really wanted to do and raising from the bed you walked to the window. Pulling back the curtains you found the window not to be open, lifting the latch you open the window, which was greeted by a cool breeze.Lazily you walked back to the bed and once again climbed onto top of the duvet, having nothing on didn’t seem important as it was warm enough and you had closed the curtains, so your modesty was covered. What the hell you thought, in all alone and no one can see me. Thinking about what you should be doing you relax and slowly drift of into a heavy sleep. Having opened the window the breeze made the curtains rustle softly against the walls and the cool breeze had enabled you to once again fall asleep. Being naked on top of the duvet had left your skin bare to the breeze and occasionally you would stir and shift position. But this didn’t bother you as you slept. On returning home notably early I found you asleep on the bed, laying on your front with your arms sprawled out in front of you. This left your sweet ass on display and what a sight. Naked as the day you where born and sound asleep. Oh the temptation to slap that ass was incredibly high, but a better sexier thought had entered my head. I slowly left the bedroom and went to find the things I needed to entertain the second thought that entered my mind. Gathering the things needed I once more crept into the bedroom, there you were, just as I had left you. With the assortment of items I had gathered I laid them out next to the bed. Reaching for the 1st item I gently moved your left arm and moved it into position and tied the wrist to the bed post with the silky material. Gingerly celtabet giriş I did the same with your right arm. You didn’t even shift or stir whilst I did this, which made me chuckle silently. No face down with both arms tied into position you was at my mercy. I moved pillows to either side of your waist and one to near your feet. Slowly I reached for the second item and with a defiant and gentle flicker I ran the item down your back, flicking this way and that way as the soft item teased your skin. Slowly I repeated the process again, this time with the desired effect. Your skin blossomed with an array of goose bumps. Causing you to shift in your sleep. I repeated the process over again and again, each time causing the goose bumps and each time you stirred a little more. Time for the third object I thought and reached for it slowly I dribbled some of the contents along your spine and let it run down your back until it reached the bottom of your spine, where it disappears from view between your buttocks. This time you did stir and as you felt the liquid seeping across and down your back you went to move your arms. You found them tethered and your eyes snapped open. You saw me standing over you and tugged on your restraints. I moved my head towards yours and kissed you on your lips. Told you to trust me and see if you liked what was about to happen. With that I slowly ran a finger along your back and collected some off the liquid I had placed there and smoothed it over your shoulders. This caused them to tingle and get goose bumps. I then knelt beside you and slowly ran my hands along your back and smoothed the liquid across your back. Gently rubbing and caressing your skin. Hmmmmmm a massage you uttered. Continuing the caress I followed your outline of the spine lower and lower reaching your soft buttocks. Slowly I slide a finger lower between the crease and then up again, this celtabet yeni giriş I repeated several times before more liquid to my fingers before lowering my hand to the area once more. Lower each time until my fingers had made the entire area slippery from the liquid. The flesh of my hand slide smoothly and easily across your heated skin. Each time moving my fingers lower and lower until they came in contact with the bud of your clit. Moaning softly you tugged on your restrained arms and tried to turn over. With my weight I steadied you once more on your stomach and continued with my caresses. Over and over I rubbed the lips of your sex and each time taking care to lightly bump against your clit. Causing you tremble and quiver, the heat was rising from between your legs, along with the adorable scent of arousal. Which in turned heightens mine. Moaning softly you pushed back on my fingers each time my fingers reached your opening and each time I gently pushed into your moist entrance. Only to withdraw and continue the journey to your clit. Without warming I slapped your ass check with a firm blow. Causing the skin to redden, and you to curse. Stay still I demanded. I could see you’re breathing getting heavier and your wetness gave away your arousal. Again and again I run my fingers along your lips and bumped your clit as a tease. Each time faster and faster until you were panting and bucking your hips. Slowly I pushed first one finger inside of you and then after a while another, lubricated by the liquid I slowly ran another finger from my other hand along the crack of your buttocks now with both hands caressing you. Your body tensed and writhed from my hands and fingers caresses. My fingers pushing into your mound my thumb resting in the divide of your buttocks gently applying soft pressure to your soft skin surrounding your anal opening. Gently circling the soft tissue and celtabet güvenilirmi teasing the sensitive area. Your moans increasing and your breathing rapid I allow you turn over and I bury my face in the moist area where my hands have been. Replacing my fingers with my tongue licking and nibbling your sex. Reaching out to stick my tongue into your wet sex, slowly tongue fucking you, making you wriggle and moan. Once more my attention returns to your clit where I lick and flick it with my tongue. With a push from my fingers I insert two fingers lubricated from your wetness into your womanhood. Moving them back and forth inside you and sucking on your clit. Your hips buck and shake from the pressure caused. Your hips lift slightly and my fingers become removed from your wetness, I continue to suck on your clit and flick it with my tongue. Once more you push down onto my fingers and do so causing them to re enter you. Over and over this goes on all the time the heat and the wetness increasing and you writhing becoming more pronounced. Your legs shake and quiver as the movement from my tongue flicks across your clit. Your wetness increasing and the movement from your hips cause’s my fingers to come away from skin and as waves of pleasure heighten within you. Shifting forward you lower hips once more onto my fingers and grinding your hips your open lips engulf my fingers, bumping them against your slippery entrance of your sex. Gaining momentum with my tongue, I lick and suck on your clit harder and harder, the waves of pleasure now causing you to go dizzy with lust. With my spare hand I reach up to your breasts and gently squeeze a nipple and roll it around in my fingers. Alternating the rhythm with my tongue and using my fingers at different angles has the desired effect. You reach your peak and shout “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” whilst rocking your hips violently. I continue to lap at your sex and drink in the wetness caused by your orgasm and my head spins with the taste and the scent of your sex. Reward for the pleasure given to your sexy pussy. Your breathing slows and your muscles relax. The flushed look on your face and the moistness from your sex, tells me all I need to know.