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A Lewd AwakeningA little something I wrote for a certain someone! Enjoy!It was with the familiar mask of warmth that buffeted her pristine features that she began to stir. The morning rays of sunlight had crept through her window and infiltrated past her curtains, shining onto her beautiful face and basking it in a glow that almost made her look like divinity. Her eyelids began to flutter open, quickly blinking away the blurriness of the deep sleep that took her whilst her spine contorted and arched into a lazy stretch underneath the covers. She felt the deliciously soft fabric of her covers rub over her flesh, prompting a sleepy grunt to rush past her luscious lips when they slid over the latent buds that sat on each of her breasts. With a heavy, rebellious exhale she began her process of awaking, blinking away the sleep in her gorgeous brown-coloured eyes whilst her sandy-blonde hair settled against the sides of her head and neck, splaying out on the pillows somewhat. She couldn’t quite fathom it, but she felt a lingering tingle of excitement dance up and down her spine after she had finished stretching. Like the excitement one would feel upon locking gazes with a lover, of being laid onto the bed and having them crawl over her to commence in a warm, passionate embrace. Just dwelling on it had prompted a surge of heat to race through her lower abdomen, causing her to scrunch up her shapely thighs together underneath the covers as her libido began to ignite. Perhaps a dream had caused her to awaken in such a state? Did she dream of a long-desired crush? One thing was for sure; the more she tried to ascertain the reasoning to her arousal, the more it swelled within her, and it wasn’t long until she felt the slender digits of her hand begin to dance and draw circles over the skin above her mound, gradually coursing down to the slowly-moistening lower lips that her thighs tried to so desperately hide.Further down did her fingers creep as she lost herself gaziantep escort bayan in her imagination, part of her sleep-addled mind still trying to determine the source of this sudden arousal. She forced her fingers to hover above the sensitive bundle of nerves that sat atop her womanhood, wanting to draw out the need to attend to herself for as long as possible whilst she dug through her memories.Whatever was taking hold of her, she wanted to take advantage of it. She wanted to fan the flames which had kindled within her depths, to see where it’d take her on this idyllic morning. And so her mind drifted off further, conjuring up possibilities of her heightened state until two of her fingertips touched against her pearl. A shiver rocked through her perfect body, her back arching against the mattress and a soft, raspy breath rushing past her laps and out of her throat as her fingers delved further downwards, now brushing over the glistening petals that her lovely thighs slowly spread to relinquish. Her eyelids drifted down to close again, only it wasn’t sleep that was taking her this time. The goosebumps that spread over her smooth flesh was testament to such, and it was then that she began to trace her middle and forefingers up and down over her slit, spreading her lower lips just enough for the tips of her digits to brush over the entrance to her velvet tunnel. Every trace upward that prompted a touch against her beautiful clitoris resent electricity up her spine and caused her muscles to tense in wanting, her lower lip soon victim to her capturing it in her teeth as she bit down gentle onto it to stifle her moans. More did she try to restrain and tease herself, more did she coax her body into ecstasy… and more did those roaming, wet fingers slip into her awaiting passage.It was then that she finally released her lower lip from captivity to unleash the moan that had built up in her chest, a truly melodic sound of lust and longing escort bayan that poured past her lips and floated into the air of her bedroom. That pair of fingers had continued to invade her womanhood, and it’d be then that she’d feel them begin to slip inside of her. Her inner was soaked in her fluids of desire, allowing her fingers ease passage as they brushed over her sensitive walls and writhed further inwards. She was desperate now, desperate to bury her digits into her canal as much as possible to scratch the itch she had conjured up. Indeed did she succeed in teasing herself past her inhibitions, now solely driven by the need to fuel the furnace of carnal need that brewed in her nethers. A hand soon crept up over her stomach, tracing along the perfect curvature of her mid-riff and causing her nerves to be set ablaze when it moved to encapsulate one of her supple breasts. They were truly perfect handfuls, small enough for her to wholly grasp but big enough to fill her palm and fingers. She squeezed eagerly around it, drawing her stiffening nipple up and between her digits so that she could clench around it too whilst her fingers below plundered her sodden depths of everything she had. All traces of sleep had left her by this point; her heart thumped in her chest and in her ears, her jaw trembled with longing whilst she dragged her tongue over her luscious lips, wetting them and giving them an alluring glisten as she pleasured herself to the phantom that had stirred her awake and into a stupor. The burning sensation in her womanhood continued to swell as her fingers moved in and out of her soaked flower quicker and quicker, and through the haze of lust that coveted her mind she’d make out the squelching sounds of those fingers working away and the throaty moans that flooded out of her throat.If there was a point of no return, she had long passed it. Every inch of her divine form, every nerve in her skin and every part of her mind was awash with passion and hunger. She was consumed by her own lust, dragged into it’s fiery embrace and exposed to it’s ferocity that assaulted her form. She was being attacked on all fronts, and the last of her defenses had crumbled and withered away from the onslaught of her fingers and hands. The back of her head dug into the pillow as her spine arched further upward, enough for her hips to lift off the mattress as she drove her pillaging digits harder and deeper into her quivering inner. Her feet planted and curled into the bed, the angel now suspending her lower body above the bed and causing the covers to finally slip off and around her body. The cool air of her room washed over her, only serving to intensify the electricity that rocketed up and down her spine and into her womanhood and causing her mouth to fall open into a permanent O shape. Her breath had caught in her throat now, her hands shaking against her soaking slit and her captured breast. God, she was close, so close… she wanted- no, NEEDED to find the release she craved, what she desired. And so, the digits squeezing and grasping her bosom curled around her erect bud, taking it between her fingertips and pinching it harshly whilst her fingers plummeted as far as they could into her velvet tunnel, adding a tinge of pain to the pleasure she had been overwhelmed by in an attempt to knock her over the edge. And she succeeded. She felt her insides quiver and tremble rapidly, rippling over her soaked fingers as the first waves of her long-awaited orgasm crashed into her. Her eyes snapped open, staring up at the ceiling whilst a loud and ecstasy-filled cry ripped into the air, her entire body shaking from the climax which took her and pushed her to the very edge of her body’s limits. Her mind became blank, and it was then that her body collapsed back onto the bed, her chest rising and falling rapidly as the tides of her release began to recede from her body. Slowly, but surely, the blindingly pleasurable sensations released her from their vice-like hold, and she was soon left panting contentedly on the bed, exposed to the open air as she began to slow process of recovery.