A Gaggle of Lady Boys and the Deaf MasseurBangkok, Thailand, circa 1987: My first visit to a place I had only dreamed about for a long time. Ancient history, glittering temples, art, dance, water and an entire population of some of the most beautiful people on earth.I had experienced Thai Massage in Los Angeles, but was anxious to see what it was like in the its country of origin. Unfortunately, by that time, much of Thailand had been turned into a whore house by the American Troops having R&R during the Vietname mess. Don’t misunderstand that last sentence: our fighting men deserved any pleasure they could get. And those beautiful Thai boys and girls found a way to make a living – usually sending their money home to families struggling to keep their farms. “Miss Saigon” tells that story better than I can.I was lucky enough to be staying at the Oriental Hotel – one of the most historic and beautiful places on earth. Nearby, I noticed a “Massage Clinic” and decided to check it out. Inside, it looked like a legitimate no-frills clinic and I was ushered into a massage room by a pleasant enough middle aged Thai woman, dressed like a nurse. For those who do not know much about the Thai massage technique, it is “a system of assisted stretching in which the client lies on the floor or a mat and is manipulated in a variety of yoga-like positions and given deep static and rhythmic pressures from the masseur or masseuse.” Sort of like wrestling. There are no oils used and the client is given cotton “pajamas” to wear. It is the Swedish Style of massage that incorporates nudity and oil.When my masseuse gestured for me to take off all my clothes and lie on the mat, I knew that the treatment would be “sensual.” After stretching and pushing and making me feel better, she asked “Would you like a blow-job?” Never turning down an offer like that,I happily let the lady suck me off. And then, she “killed the deal” by spitting my sperm into a glass.The next hot and humid evening, I made my way to the Patpong area of the city which is a fantastic mash-up of crowded backstreets, neon signs and a sea of horny humanity. Sort of like New Orleans on steroids. Every sexual thrill of the human variety was touted: “Nude Girls!,” “Naked Boys!,” “Beautiful Trannys,” “Sex Show!” As an obvious tourist, I got “hit” by the sea of Thai sex-workers that came at me: “Do you like young girls?,” “Are you looking for pretty Thai Boys?,” “I have a boyfriend and you can buy the both of us, Mister” finally escalating to “Hey Mister, you like boys? I can find three more and you can fuck us all.” I kept moving – with a big smile on my face and my only regret was not taking the last offer. Next time.To get out of the bumper-to-bumper humid flesh traffic jam, I noticed flashing neon lights ahead of me over a doorway which was filled with a non-stop line of men entering: “Tonight! Beautiful Lady Boy Show!’ I was fortunate enough to be there as the “Stars of the Show” were fighting their way inside, wigggling, waving, talking trash and blowing kisses covered by a fog of strong French perfume. I latched on to the last performer who was gorgeous: exotic and – except for the huge tits – dainty, and gaziantep escort I put my hands around her waist and followed her inside.Once inside the jam-packed, smoke-filled room, I saw a sea of gay humanity and winced at the loud blare of bad disco music. The tranny performers kept moving to the back of the room and into a doorway with a “Massage Rooms” sign over it. The last one I had followed looked back to see where I was and stuck her tongue out at me. I returned the favor as she disappeared up the stairs.Through the smoke, I saw several stages with Go Go Boys in G-strings writhing under garish overhead lights. The floor of the room was packed with tiny overcrowded tables encircled by older piss-elegant Europeans and Americans, giggly Thai boys and an occasional fag hag. Paying far too much attention to themselves, they seemed to be there “to be seen,” rather than paying attention to the beautiful near-naked boys dancing their asses off. Waiters in very brief shorts (ala Studio 54) squeezed their way through to take orders and serve drinks.I navigated myself to the bar where I could get a view of the dancers and ordered a drink. The male dancers all seemed very young to me and had varying degrees of dance expertise. But when they managed to dance their asses in my direction, I was happy. The small, dark, lean and taut bodies turned me on.Suddenly, a hand was on my shoulder. I turned to find a young Thai man sitting next to me. His face was incredibly strong and beautiful and he smiled as he handed me a piece of paper. I took it and it read: “I am deaf. I am a masseur with many hours of training and will give you a very good massage if you accept.” It was so totally unexpected that I tried to smile naturally, gesturing “Would you like a drink?” He smiled and shook his head “No.” Then he looked back into my eyes and I was a “Dead Duck.”I looked and the card and nodded “Yes” and his smile widened. I pantomimed “How much money?” and he took his card from my hand and turned it over where his fee was written in the Thai currency, Baht. I cannot remember what it was but immediately felt that it was very low compared to the $$$ I paid in the USA. I nodded my head “Yes,” he smiled and took my hand, leading me through the crowd to the “Massage Room” doorway. At the entrance stood one of those “on the take” straight Thai men who stuck his hand out for the “Enrance Fee.” My masseur fumbled in his pants pocket and I insisted, handing the dead-faced doorman the proper wad of Thai currency. He handed the masseur a clean sheet and room number card and up the dark stairs we climbed – into a very erotic journey for me.The second floor was a hallway lined with multiple doors. Still holding my hand, the masseur led me along the hallway with my cigarette lighter supplying illumination. Finding the correct doorway, the masseur opened the door and led me inside. It was hardly a room – more like a large closet with a waist-high wooden shelf on one wall and several hooks and clothes hangers on the opposite wall. The masseur placed and spread the clean sheet on the wooden shelf and then tenderly put both hands on the sides of my face and gently kissed me.He began removing my clothes and hanging them up. I gently kissed him and began removing and hanging his clothes. When we were totally naked, I took himinto my arms, feeling his warm flesh against mine and his hand move to my already erect dick. As he was at least 6-8 inches shorter than I am, I could surround and encompass him entirely – my “Fatherly” instincts kicking in. Big time. An incredibly beautiful young man.Knowing well that Time IS Money, he suddenly smiled broadly and slapped me on the ass, gesturing for me to climb up on the shelf, face down. Up I went and he followed, lying on top of me and moving his body all over mine. And then it began.For at least 30 minutes he encircled and entwined with me, lifting my legs between his to stretch the muscles, sitting on my buttocks and tightening his well-muscled ass for pressure and using his hands to apply pressure on my neck, back and inside of my legs. He kissed the back of my neck and turned me over.My eyes had become accustomed to the dark so I could make out his features as he straddled me, moving his butt back and forth over my crotch. Rotating one of my legs and pushing it against my chest, he snaked his legs with mine and both of our bone-hard cocks banged and frotted in an incredibly erotic cock dance. I suddenly understood why High School wrestlers get those “bulges” we see on YouTube! My fingers went to his nipples as he wiggled and pressed and I managed to raise my face to tongue-explore his open mouth. I grabbed both of our cocks -his small, uncut beauty and my pre-cum leaking American boner. If cocks can kiss, ours were pleasuring each other.I was on the edge but did not want to cum – yet, so I quickly disentangled myself, hopped down to the floor and turned his body to face me. I grabbed his hips and shoved his hard, jizz-leaking cock into my mouth. He made some moaning sounds as I swallowed him to the balls and began to suck, my hands exploring his ass. When I found the crack and started to finger his tight love hole, he took my hands away, letting me know that we was not going to be fucked. And so, I sucked every last drop out of his delicious dick. When the flow started, I almost came myself. I wrote “Almost.”The beautiful man collapsed onto his back and took some deep breaths. I gently stroked his body as I also got my “wind.” He soon sat up, smiled and kissed me on the cheek. I fumbled through my pants to find his “fee” and placed it next to him, with a major wad of more bills as a “tip.”He jumped down, hugged me, placed the money in his pants and took my hand, opening the door and leading me down the narrow corridor to the lighted doorway where the showers were. He handed me a towel and then, the Lady Boys discovered me.They were in the process of finishing their stage make-up but turned to see a naked white man. The room was filled with screams and laughter as they all stared at my dick. My masseur was not happy with any of them and tried to silently “shoo” them away. I grabbed him by the shoulders and let him know it was “Okay,” as I still had a major cum load I needed to drop. The Lady Boys quickly pushed him out of the way and surrounded me, squealing, as I watched him leave the room. Our eyes met for the last time.One of the reasons that we white guys love the Orient is that the “Average” size of our cocks in Europe and the USA become “John Holmes” monsters that make most Asian women – and straight-and-gay men – exclaim with awe. And these Lady Boys were no different. I had more hands on my cock than ever before, which of course made it stand to attention. Because they had just finished their stage make-up, they all gestured that they wanted to suck it but could not go on onstage with cum-smeared gashes where their perfectly shaped lips should be.The hot honey I had followed up the stairs fought her way to me, pushing the others aside. Staring into my eyes and licking her lips, she took my hand and pulled me over to where the sinks were. Stroking my dick with both hands – and licking some of the pre-cum off her fingers – she turned her back to me, let her G-string fall to the floor and lifted one leg onto the basin, grabbing me by the cock and pulling me towards her. I spit-lubed my index finger and slid it down to her “Dick Doorway” and wiggled it inside her as she writhed and moaned. The other girls moved closer to watch as I lifted her spangled Go Go dress and placed the head of my cock between her cheeks. Finding the wet spot, I began sliding it up her talented poop chute, which alternately opened and tightened around me, as she arched her back. When I was balls deep, I sighed, the other ladies screamed and giggled and the major fucking began.I slam-fucked that hole every which way and LOOSE, with my hands now around her, caressing her tits and sliding down to grab her hard cock. The Girls urged me on, some pushing my ass, while others leaned over to watch my dick churn some butter in their co-star. One of them grabbed the base of my cock and another played with my balls, encouraging me to spread my legs so she could lay on her back and suck them. Another first. One of the others pulled her now-hard cock out of her G-String and managed to get the head of her dick near my man cunt. I growled at her, so she covered it with spit, went back and slid into me. Holy Fuck, I was getting the massage of my life.Suddenly some Thai guy (the Stage Manager?) ran into the room and yelled something (“Onstage ladies”?) and the Lady Boy on the end of my cock grabbed my ass and started shoving me faster and faster against her. I gritted my teeth and blasted (what-felt-like) a gallon of freshly-prepared man goo inside of her as she screamed. The other Lady Boys quickly got themselves together and started out the door. As I pulled my dick out of her, there was a slight “popping” sound and I could see strings of my cum dripping down the inside of her leg. Not even looking down, she put her leg on the floor, pulling up her G-string, blew me a kiss and tottered off on very high heels. I sort of stood there in shock, drenched in sweat and gasping for breath. The last girl stopped to look back at me and could not resist. She ran to me, covered my cock with her lipstick-covered mouth, deep sucked the leaking cum and dashed out the door.As I stood there, all I could think of was the old parody on the lyrics to “Stormy Weather”: “Don’t know why, all this lipstick on my fly. Sloppy blowjob.” And I laughed out loud.