A Friend in needThis happened in 1999A good frined of ours who we hadn’t seen for about 5 years got in contact because her husband had died, she’d been nursing him for the last 3 years. We were quite shocked because he was only 53 and she was 45. So we arranged to go over, about 30 miles from where we lived, after the funeral and make sure she was ok.Ten day later we travelled over to where Maggie lived. She welcomed us with open arms, as she hadn’t seen us for some time. She was now living on her own as her k**s had married and moved away. She told us all about her husband’s illness and how she now feels at a loss and doesn’t know what to do with herself.Donna asked me to go and get some flowers for her. As I went out she winked at me and I knew what that meant. After I’d gone Maggie got quite upset and Donna went and comforted her. Maggie was 45, longish blondish hair, quite chubby, 38D tits and was wearing a skirt and blouse. Donna was wearing a full dress.As Donna comforted Maggie by cuddling her as she cried, after a few moments Maggie was all cried up she said to Donna “Thanks for that”, as they pulled apart Donna placed her hand around the back of her head and pulled it towards her, when they were inches away from each other Donna leaned in and kissed Maggie full on the lips.Maggie pulled away saying “What are you doing”, Donna moved forward and said “Shush” and repeated what had just happened. After they had been kissing for a couple of minutes, Donna moved her hand çankaya escort down to Maggie’s breast and cupped her gently. “Oh no you CAN’T do that” said Maggie, as Donna carried on feeling her.As Maggie pulled away Donna moved closer and kissed her neck still fondling her tits, as Maggie sat there she said “It has been a long time” and Donna replied “Just relax”. Donna felt her tits and unbuttoned her blouse, pushing it off Maggie’s shoulders she started to kiss her neck, but still felt her tits, Maggie’s breathing got heavier.Discarding the blouse Donna unclipped her bra and threw it on the floor, she ran her tongue down from her neck onto her breasts and gently licked one nipple and then the other as Maggie sat glued to the sofa. “Oh God I shouldn’t be feeling like I am” said Maggie as Donna was licking her tits. Slowly she licked down from her tits and ran her tongue across the waisband of her skirt.Maggie tried to stand up saying “No no we can’t do anything else it’s not right”. Donna was stopping her from standing up and quite forcefully pushed her back into the sofa. Again she was licking her nips and her hand had now strayed onto Maggie’s knee, genlty carressing her leg she moved it up under her skirt.As Donna inched her hand up Maggie’s skirt she clamped her legs together. But Donna was stronger and she had soon parted them and her hand was moving ever so close to its target. Donna sat upright and licked Maggie’s neck and as balgat escort she turned her head to speak Donna kissed her again, this time Maggie was kissing her back.As Maggie sat there her legs were slightly parted as Donna moved her hand up and nestled it gently on the front of Maggie’s knickers, carefully running her finger up and down her crack Maggie gasped. As her thighs were opened more Donna’s hand crept closer and soon she had three fingers rubbing Maggie’s crack.A few minutes went by when Donna slipped a finger under the elastic of Maggie’s knickers, and it slipped straight into her wet hole. Fingering her and rubbing her clit it was only a few moments when Maggie moaned the words “I’m coming”, as she climaxed her juice ran over Donna’s hand as she shuddered and moaned.I walked in to see the tail end of Maggies orgasm, she looked at me horrified. I put my hand under Donna’s dress and she was drenched, running my fingers up her wet slit she moaned. Rubbing her as fast as I could I knew she was close, she still had her hand up Maggie’s skirt, and yes after only a couple of minutes Donna moaned loudly and came.Donna got off the settee and onto the floor, getting in between Maggie’s legs she said “Lift your bum up” and Maggie did, as she did Donna pulled her knickers down. Parting her thighs as wide as they’d go she ran her tongue up and straight onto her throbbing clit. I undressed and lifted Donna’s dress up from behind pulled her elvankent escort panties down.As I parted my wife’s legs I had my rock hard cock in my hand and teased her crack. Donna was frantically licking Maggie off as I fed my chunky cock into her wet cunt. As I started to shag her Maggie said “Oh no not again” as her juices started to flow, Donna pulled away but rubbed her as she squirted some distance and groaned out another orgasm.Pulling out of Donna I went to where Maggie was recovering, laying her on the sofa I slotted my cock into her wet pussy, rocking and rolling her she was squealing as I gave her a right good fucking, her first for at least four years. As I fucked her Donna was rubbing her clit and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she exploded again.Only a few minutes had gone past when Maggie shouted “OH MY GOD NOT AGAIN!!!!!!” as I pounded her she came again only this time it was much more stronger. I looked at Donna who knew by my look I was close to coming, she said “Come in her mouth”, she likes to see me do that, as I gave her a few more lengths, I pulled out and stuck my cock in Maggie’s mouth.Maggie gagged as I pushed my cock in her mouth and Donna grabbed hold of me and wanked me off and as I was coming I screamed and emptied my balls of hot spunk into Maggie’s waiting mouth, she gipped as it poured down her throat at an alarming rate. I stood up with my limp cock and looked at Donna who said “Wait until I get YOU home”.Maggie sat up and thanked us, she went to the bathroom to sort herself out and I said to Donna “Sorry you didn’t get shagged for long” she replied “It doesn’t matter we can anytime, she can’t”. We all had a drink and stayed another hour or so, as we were leaving Maggie said “Seriously thanks”, we smiled and then we went.