A dream come true conclusionI loosed her hands and she immediately cupped my head and kissed me passionately for nearly twenty minutes. When I finally pushed her away she clung to my torso and begged me ‘don’t let go, don’t let go, I’ll do what you want, please don’t let go.’ I calmed her down and released her ankles, to my surprise Vanessa, pushed me back and mounted me like she was riding a cycle, she guided my cock into her sopping cunt. I cautioned her ‘wait, let me put the rubber on,’ she said ‘I want to fuck, damn a rubber now.’The girl rode me for dear life, when she started to come she grind my cock deep into her pussy and moaned like she was loosing her mind. She collapsed down on me and went straight to sleep with my rigid cock still lodged in her throbbing cunt.I woke with Vanessa sucking on my hardening cock, she was skillful at what she was doing, I raised up on my elbows and watched her as she worked my cock over. 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