A Cure For LonelinessTo look at them, Minami and Trill seemed like a very mismatched couple. Minami, short with fair skin and long purple rinsed hair tied into pigtails, contrasted strongly with the tall, dark skinned Trill. Of course, real attraction is based on more than mere looks, and the comfort they displayed in each other’s company showed the depth of their genuine affection.“Thank you for helping me get dressed,” Trill said, turning to look at himself in her full length mirror.“You always look so sharp when you head off to work,” Minami told him, soothing his lapels in her hands.“I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t look the part,” Trill said, smiling back down at her.“You make the perfect servant.”“Do I? Hmm. Maybe at work that’s true, but never forget that when I’m at home, I am the master.”“Oh, I know,” Minami assured him, grinning. “I only wish I could work with you today at the café. I love playing the role of a maid when you’re the butler.”“You do look very good in that outfit,” Trill agreed, not so secretly eyeing her curves. “Still, your studies come first. I don’t want to see your grades slipping.”“Never! You know I’m a good girl.”“Oh, really?” Trill teased, drawing her into a close embrace. He bent down for a lingering deep kiss before standing tall and turning to leave.“Give me a call later,” she told him. “I get lonely without you.”“Study,” he wagged his finger at her before closing the door.She really was a special girl, he reflected, and it secretly pained him to hear of her being lonely. It was a problem with no easy solution. If he could, he would like to pick a surrogate partner for her, someone to attend to her needs and provide affection when he could not. Was it a crazy idea? Was it so insane to consider picking out a potential lover for her?The thought, once it was planted in his mind, grew day by day. The fantasy of sweet little Minami, naked and sweating under the body of another man, became an erotic torment. It shouldn’t have, really. They agreed early on that their relationship would be an open one, in order to avoid the problem of petty jealousy and recriminations from honest mistakes of momentary passion. So, was this really about keeping Minami from being lonely, or was this the realization of something he truly desired for his own selfish reasons? What was the best way to tell?Such a man would have to be someone he could trust, or at least someone she could trust. Someone from her past? A schoolyard crush? He believed he know Minami well enough to come up with a name, but it took a bit of secret digging to unearth a name that fit the description; Takumi Ikusaba.The meeting was arranged at the Butler Café, during one of Trill’s breaks. Takumi, the impish boy with a mop of unruly dark hair he saw in Minami’s yearbook photo, had grown into a confident and well-groomed young man. He seemed very at ease as Trill invited him into the back area of the café so they could talk in private.“Forgive me for calling out of the blue,” Trill said, trying not to sound too nervous. “I know we’ve never met before, but I believe Minami has very fond memories of you, so I’m glad you came.”“That is a name I haven’t heard in quite some years,” Takumi admitted, his expression curious but guarded. “I was very fond of her too. We shared a very special moment back then. To see her again would be wonderful. But, you are her boyfriend, are you not? It seems unusual you would want us to reunite again.”“I know it might seem strange, but it is exactly because I care for her so much that I want you to see her again,” Trill explained. “I spend too much time away from her, and she deserves to have the company of someone who cares for her as much as I do.”“Even if romantic feelings were to rise up once again,” Takumi asked, raising a skeptical eyebrow.“Yes. You see… Can I talk plainly and honestly?”Takumi nodded. There was something about his sly smile that suggested the young man might have already guessed the truth, but Trill tried not to be unnerved.“I’ve been thinking for some time how to introduce Minami to other men, to share her, to… to see her physically with another man. Do you know what I’m saying?”“I do,” Takumi nodded, “and, trust me; you’ve come to the right man to solve your problem.”“I… I just don’t know how to broach the subject with her. She’s a very sweet girl. It might be a challenge to convince her.”“That is why you don’t give her a choice,” Takumi said flatly, looking Trill right in the eye. “I know her. It’s been a long time, but I still know her heart. I think you do too. Once I am alone with her, it is as good as done.”Trill felt a lump in his throat, both excited and nervous.“That is fantastic to hear,” he admitted.“But, rus escort I don’t think you will settle for that alone.”Trill looked at him, not quite understanding.“No man offers his girl to another man without some motivation,” Takumi observed. “I don’t think you will be happy unless you got the chance to know what is happening, to be there, even to participate. Aren’t I right?”Trill nodded, not wanting to speak aloud what he’d been harboring in his most secret sexual fantasies. “Alright, I think we have an understanding. Like I said, Trill, you’ve come to the right man. Now, let’s move past the formalities and get down to details. Here’s how we should do this…”* * *It had been enough for one day. A young woman couldn’t live on books and academic papers alone. She glanced at her phone once again, as if willing it to suddenly ring with a call or a text from Trill. She sighed, leaning back in her chair and staring up at the ceiling.Perhaps a snack would be nice. A bit of television to take her mind off things. She thought about brushing out her hair too, but for the moment she decided to keep it in her usual pigtails. She really couldn’t settle her mind on anything, she was far too distracted. Couldn’t Trill have called even once?Getting up from her chair, Minami stretched her limbs and wandered out into the living room. It took her several moments to realize she wasn’t alone. Sitting facing away from her was the figure of a young man, arm d****d casually across the back of the couch. She froze in place as he slowly stood up on her entrance, turning around with a mischevious expression. She didn’t know who this tall lanky young man was, or how he could have appeared in her apartment without a key to the door. Suddenly, as if struck by lightning, she recognized exactly who he was.“It’s really you,” Minami gasped, hand leaping to her mouth in surprise. “Takumi Ikusaba.”How many years had it been? Just looking into this face, she could recall that fateful first moment her lips touched his at the age of 12. She could almost feel herself blush at the memory.“It is,” Takumi nodded, smiling, his hand tucked into his pocket. “I’m glad to know you haven’t forgotten about me.”Minami shook her head, at a loss as to what to say.“You’ve really gown up into quite the lovely young woman,” he observed. It took her a moment to realize his eyes were glued to her sizable chest.“You… you’ve really grown up too,” she said, turning aside as if to hide from his gaze. She should be happy, but his eyes were so intense with purpose, and the way he had simply appeared in her apartment had made her deeply nervous.“I was hoping for a warmer welcome,” Takumi said, taking a step towards her. “I never thought you would become the kind of girl with a cold heart.”“No, that’s not it,” Minami protested, facing him again. “I… I’m truly glad to see you. It’s just; I mean… times have changed. I am with someone now.”“So?”Minami stammered as Takumi laid a firm hand on her shoulder.“What are you going to do to me, Takumi Ikusaba?”“I intend to fulfil the promise,” he said calmly, before leaning in and stealing a long deep kiss.Minami simpered in protest, but otherwise let the taller young man draw her into his arms. He was so strong, and her chest pressed up against his own. She knew instantly there was nothing she could do. In the face of that reality, she went weak in his arms. Trill was like that too; strong, implacable, and fearless. He took what he wanted. However, Takumi was her first, and now it looked like he had returned to reclaim her, to make her his again –but this time as a man, not a boy. Is that what the promise he referred to meant? Was that the significance of their first kiss?Takumi’s hand had found its way under her loose fitting white top. He was all too eager to take hold of what had so captivated his gaze earlier, curves that had only barely begun to grow those many years ago when she was first in his arms. As he tasted her delicate thin neck, he pushed up her bra to fully expose her soft heavy breasts to his touch.Eyes closed, Minami gave him the liberty of her body, even as he lifted her white long sleeved top up and off of her. She was his doll now, to play with at his leisure. Removing her bra, he bent down to take one of her heavy breasts into his mouth, sucking on the nipple with aggressive force. She trembled, her nipple stiffening with arousal from his attention. Takumi looked up at her, watching her face as he moved his other hand along her thigh up under her short frilled skirt.“Am I moving too fast for you,” he asked, before kissing her on the lips again.“A little,” she whimpered, having trouble finding the strength rus escort bayan to speak at all.“After all this time apart, I’m afraid I’ve waited too long as it is.”Minami made a small noise in her throat as his hand reached the gusset of her plain white panties. As his fingers ran over the soft fabric, it reveled a truth she couldn’t hide; it had become slick and wet from her growing arousal.“Take off my shirt,” Takumi told her.With unsteady fingers, she undid the buttons of his shirt to reveal his smooth broad chest. She couldn’t help trailing her fingers along his bare skin, biting her lower lip as she took in the sight of the bulge tenting his trousers. Of her own accord she let her hand rest on the rise of his crotch, taking in his size hidden away under those pants.“No need to be shy,” Takumi assured her, running his fingers through her long soft hair. “Pull them down and see for yourself.”Minami couldn’t resist. As if some internal switch had been flipped in her brain, she was indeed no longer shy, but a willing and eager participant in Takumi’s brazen seduction. She stripped the young man bare and took hold of his firm cock, so warm in her hand. She looked into his eyes as if silently begging him for further instructions.Unzipping the back, Takumi quickly pulled down her light skirt and slghtly damp underwear, rendering her as naked as he was. He studied her lean pale thighs and shaved pubis with unrepentant desire, his hands roving over the soft flesh of her ass.“Lie down,” Takumi told her, motioning towards the couch.Minami nodded, stretching herself on the soft fabric cushions, waiting for whatever was next to come. Takumi was evidently in no rush to complete his conquest of her body. Kneeling by the couch, he raised her nearest thigh to fully expose her cunt to his view. He could see the moisture on her coral lips, and when he rubbed them with his fingers, they easily parted for his deeper explorations.Minami looked down the length of her body as Takumi leaned forward and tasted her fragrant cunt for the first time; his most intimate kiss yet. In her experience, not many boys were willing or able to plant their faces between her thighs and give her this kind of oral lovemaking. Takumi, however, displayed little reluctance to do so, and his tongue on her most sensitive parts thrilled her nerves and made her heart beat faster. “Please don’t stop,” Minami begged, head lolling back on the sofa and closing her eyes so she could enjoy every sensation running through her.Minami nearly leapt out of her skin when she suddenly felt a second pair of hands on her, taking hold of her breasts in a startlingly familiar way. Eyes fluttering open, she saw Trill standing over her, as naked as she was, and his erection mere inches from her face.“Having fun,” Trill observed, glancing to Takumi’s head lodged well between her thighs. Minami’s heart fluttered, and not just from the action of Takumi’s tongue on her stiffened clitoris. Seeing Trill’s smiling face put her at ease, and the sight of his thick, dark skinned cock made her instinctively grasp it in her hand.“That’s right, you know what to do, don’t you,” Trill encouraged her, pushing forward so that the glans of his prick touched her lips. Minami didn’t need any further words; she lifted her face and silently accepted his shaft into her mouth.Takumi, who had said nothing since Trill emerged from his hiding place to join them, glanced up to watch the petite purple haired girl suck on her boyfriend’s cock. The sight was so arousing that he compulsively reached for his own erection, stroking himself as he continued to lick Minami’s increasingly wet and loose pussy. By now he was able to slide no less than three fingers from his hand well up inside her, milking her freely flowing wetness onto his active tongue.“How does it feel to have your first crush here, licking your cunt,” Trill asked lightly, watching her pale skin becoming flushed with excitement. Minami, her mouth full of his cock, could only answer with her body, which rose and arched on the couch as she came closer and closer to orgasm.Takumi, who knew exactly what he was doing, withdrew from between her thighs, leaving her cunt aching for his touch. She wouldn’t have to wait long; bracing one knee up on the couch, Takumi placed the end of his cock between the slack lips of her cunt and pushed inside. Minami eyes went wide, having never experienced both a cock in her pussy and in her mouth at the same time. She was like a mere rag doll for these two men to use at their leisure. Panting and coated with sweat, her body succumbed, and she felt the waves of orgasm crest over her, her vagina pulsing over Takumi’s escort rus bayan well buried prick.“Let’s get her down to the carpet,” Trill suggested, and the two boys lifted the exhausted young woman from the couch and arranged her on all fours. In this way, Trill lying in front of her, she could resume pleasuring his cock with her mouth while Takumi took command of her hips, thrusting back into her with renewed force.Minami’s long pigtails stuck to her sweaty back as she filled her mouth with Trill’s thick manhood, tasting the pre-cum on her tongue while her body shook with the force of Takumi’s eager motions within her. It was impossible to think clearly, to concentrate on anything but the pure physical sensations of what was happening to her. And so when Takumi suddenly froze, she could feel very jet of warm semen erupting into her. His hands clutched at her breasts as he gritted his teeth with the force of his orgasm, his cock buried as deep as possible as it delivered its load of thick white cum into her sopping wet cunt.Slouching back, Takumi gave Trill a knowing look, as if the two had a prearranged agreement. Wordlessly they switched places, Trill moving behind Minami’s girlish ass and Takumi kneeling in front of her. She was transfixed by the sight of his softening prick, damp with the mixed juices of her cunt and his cum. Hand in her hair, Takumi pressed down so that Minami had to take his member into her mouth. Eyes wide, she tasted the soiled damp flesh, pungent and salty, and began to lick him clean.At the same moment, Trill plunged himself into her in one smooth motion. Despite her petite frame and his impressive size, she was so wet and loose that her cunt offered no resistance to his penetration. Minami felt like a true whore, reeking of sweat and semen, both holes full of cock… A part of her wished this could never end.Trill clasped her around the waist, putting his weight on her as he came closer and closer to orgasm. Her body, in synch with his, grew closer to another climax of her own. Takumi, under Minami’s continued licking and sucking, had grown hard again. She looked helplessly up into Takumi’s cold eyes, suddenly struck with the thought they could do this to her endlessly -one fucking while the other made her suck him hard again, over and over. That wasn’t possible, was it? How long could she endure such a thing if it was?Minami let Takumi free of her mouth as she fought for breath under the force of her orgasm. With Trill’s breath hot on her neck, he came as well, his thick semen joining Takumi’s inside her well used cunt. She collapsed to the floor, Trill on top, holding her close to him in a tight embrace. Takumi smiled, his hand on his cock as he looked down on the two of them.“Why don’t you give your old friend here a goodbye ‘kiss’,” Trill suggested, gently rising off of the small slender girl.Minami nodded, knowing exactly what he meant. She motioned for Takumi to lie flat as she knelt over his lap. Taking his cock in hand, her long purple hair cascaded down over the young man’s chest as she touched her lips to his glans. Trill rubbed her bare back in affection and encourgement as he watched her suck his cock. She milked his shaft with one hand, urging him swiftly towards the point of ejaculation. Now he was the toy, Minami reflected -whether he came, and how quickly, was all within her power, and Takumi could only lie there and gasp as she played with him.Naturally, there was no doubt as to the end result. His hips rising from the floor, hands balled into fists as his climax broke over him. His cock jerked in her mouth, filling it with bursts of his warm semen. Minami forced herself to stay in place, accepting his youthful cum and letting it wash over her tongue and swallowing it all down. “I… I think she has probably had enough for one evening, yes,” Trill said, helping his clearly exausted girlfriend to her feet. She nodded, embarrassed by the realization that their cum was starting to leak out of her and trickle down her thighs.“I need to go to the bathroom,” she exclaimed, clapping a hand to her crotch as she raced out of the room.She immediatley turned on the shower and got into the tub. A few moments later, there was a gentle rap on the door.“Minami, are you all right,” she heard Trill say. “Can I come in?”Minami gave him a sort of helpless look as he entered, arms folded across her chest.“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to run out like that,” she stammered. “I mean, I was dripping, and… I didn’t know what to say.”“It’s alright, everything is fine,” he assured her. ”I’m just so thankful we got to experience that together.”“You knew, didn’t you,” Minami said with sudden realization. “I mean, how Takumi was able to get inside, how you were there already…. You set this all up.”“Are you mad?”Minami shook her head.“After all, when you are home, you are the master, right,” she said, smiling up at him.Trill smiled back and gave her a long lingering kiss under the warm water of the shower.