66 Pam’s holiday part (1)66 Pam’s holiday part (1)The holiday after a few weeks of young Carl enjoying Pam as her lover, was to be a real change of tempo, they trusted the lad and left him a few jobs round the garden while they were away, he and he alone had decided both Pam and Jim that the upturn of their sex life should now be opened up, an adventure with old uncle Fred may be just the thing.The drive down was fraught, 300 miles of holiday filled roads , 8 hours filled with loads of “are we there yet dad”, “can we have an ice cream” and “mum I need to wee” k**s the world over plague parents with such like comments and both Peter and Milly were no exceptions. So it was a tired family that at last pulled into the old farm yard, Molly happy to see them as always, Fred away working somewhere on the tractor.After sorting the k**s out and over a pot of tea Molly said they “looked somehow different this time, much happier, fulfilled almost and I know you can’t be pregnant so something else must have happened” they exchanged smiles, perhaps she was more accurate than she knew. “Not now Molly,” Jim said motioning at the k**s playing round their heels, “walls have ears!” That was greeted by knowing smile`s.They had promised to show the youngsters the new piglets so they took the k**s out for a short walk, the latest farrowing amazed the k**s and when Peter was allowed to hold one of the tiny wriggling things his day was complete. Fred met them in the yard, his eyes running over Pam in a way that said he wanted more than just a niece.The c***dren tired from the journey having eaten were soon in bed, the adults sat around the huge farm kitchen table tucking in to a meal of epic proportions.Molly asked again about them looking so bright and Jim at first put it down to his promotion, but the forthright and perceptive Molly was not buying that, saying that “that didn’t account for Pam`s bright eyes, maybe she had found some other source of joy!” Red faces told their own story and the perceptive Molly snapped her fingers and said “it must be sex!” Fred had sat silently surveying Pam in his own world, no doubt she thought fantasising as to his chances, Mollie however was more forthright exchanging glances with Jim, then bursting out laughing. They had been wondering how to bring up the sex subject and here it was Molly had done the job for them It was no use denying it, that woman had some inner eye that could see into their very souls She went on to make matters easier still, to their surprise she prodded a thumb at Fred, and said “there are no secrets in our marriage she exclaimed, “He knows of my lovers and me of his. and he had told me what had happened last time you were here,” This time both jaws had dropped, staid and quiet Aunt Molly, admitting to her having at least one lover was beyond their imagination`s, but she assured them it was true, both she and Fred had been members of a BDSM swing club for some years.Jim explained that “since the promotion they had had more time for us…well sex, to be truthful that he had a fantasy for being cuckolded, and Pam had agreed to it as long as it caused no problems!”Molly confirmed that it would probably cause no problems, but only if they were open in all things “but that in her experience she would rather gaziantep escort swap, as it kept things equal and if they didn’t mind, if they wanted her and Fred, they both fancied them and would be happy to swap! They had been beaten to the post! Fred and Molly had asked them to play rather than the other way round, they exchanged glances then burst out laughing, before in unison crying “yes please” Now old Fred had been sat quiet throughout the conversation, knowing his wife`s forthright manner, he had left it to her to broach what to some is a taboo subject now his face beamed, and his whole body shook with laughter as he said, “Look you two, our marriage is based on trust, we`ve been together for 30 years now and god would it have been boring out here just the two of us, screwing one another vanilla, same old same old, I tell Molly everything and she me, she or I can take a lover, screw with anyone or anything, and both do anything as long as she tells me or visa-versa we get our kicks twice that way.” He turned specifically to Pam and asked, “Did you tell Jim how you stood for me watching that old boar?” before she could answer he continued that “I told Molly that very night, which is our style of marriage.” Pam said that they had “begun to do just that but not till lately, and that would open the door though yet there was little too tell” she said it was “a really liberating system and they were eager to explore, both for themselves and for one another.” Jim added that “though he fantasised at being a cuckold he would probably be happy to try swapping especially with Molly” to which Molly said with a chuckle “she was oh so glad about that!” and then asked if he went for older women? His answer of “he supposed he had better!” had them all laughingFinally Fred in a straight face said, “Both Molly and me get off on all sorts, were not the gentle sweet old folks you may think, and we have a safe word something not usual in a conversation, so if there is anything too much, or not to your liking just say the word. Ours is Orchid,” They all agreed to use the same word, Pam adding that there was to be absolutely no sexual play in front of or with the k**dies, a rule the older couple were more than happy to agree to it not being in there nature.Jim especially looked exhausted having done the days driving, so Molly suggested an early night, “games” she said “could wait till the next day when they all felt rested as they must both be tired after the journey.” They were all soon in their respective beds, Jim and Pam just too tired for even the gentlest of sex, but each couple with much to look forward too. The new day was most relaxing, after a huge breakfast the k**s wanting to visit the piglets again, then the whole family picnicking by the lake k**s running about and becoming tired in the open meadow, as only city k**s now free in the countryside can. For Pam and Jim the thought that the k**s needed looking after and, their hosts had a farm to run left the frustration of promised things to come never far from their minds.They discussed it all whenever the k**s were out of earshot Jim asking what she made of the BDSM revelation, but just then Peter fell and needed attention so the conversation was shelved. They arrived back escort bayan for tea just as Fred appeared on the little grey tractor, which to Peter’s immense joy he let the lad steer round the yard while sitting on his uncle’s lap.The whole family sat down to eat together, before the youngster went off to their rooms to watch telly before bed. Pam and Molly did the washing up Molly asking if after thinking about it was Pam happy about the sex thing. She was assured that they both had been looking forward to whatever she and Fred had planned all day, which brought forward the comment “we seldom plan, things round us just happen!” and they both laughed. By now Fred had showered, the stresses of the day over, and was sat at the lounge fire-side his dog at his heel, a picture of contentment, Pam soon had the k**s washed and ready for bed; and after the usual goodnights all round they were off to the land of nod. It was like turning a switch, this gentle old couple suddenly became sexual predators they instantly changed Fred caught hold of Pam as she was passing his chair pulling her onto his lap, and his wife that pillar of the women`s institute took Jim by the hand practically dragging her victim into the kitchen, he did not protest.Fred`s hot lips crushed against Pam`s, his hands sliding into her shirt clawing feverishly at her lush breasts, as she in turn, once the initial shock had worn off threw her hands round his neck. Within a very few moments clothing was littering the floor, naked bodies writhing on the carpet alarming Dan the old dog, who retreated to his basket as these humans rolled eagerly about on his hearth. Groans could be heard from the kitchen as Molly the tigress and her victim Jim were becoming entwined, each couple egged on by the sound of the others, neither couple going for exotic positions both missionary, in the case of Fred with Pam on top, both couples urgent, both fulfilling the frustrations of the last few hours.Like waves hitting a sea wall there was No tenderness, no fineness just urgent old fashion needful fucking, till the initial orgasms were over and they could sit, lie, or collapse, sated, satisfied, and in a state of euphoria.Pam`s cry of “WOW!”, summed up that first meeting of bodies exactly.The second tryst was more memorable, by now they were all totally naked, Jim was finding exploring an older lady a lot more interesting than he imagined, Molly was perhaps a pound or two overweight, she had breasts that were neither as big or full as Pam, but nipples that where long and rubbery, hair where Pam was bald, and scars on her arse still from her last beating at the club. Her main attribute though was a pierced clit complete with a ring, and two rings one in each sex lip. He was fascinated, she was so different to anyone he had slept with before.Pam too was finding that her partner was, shall we say somewhat surprising without clothes, standing about 5 ft 6inches and weighing about 12 stone his body fit, strong and white contrasting strongly to the exposed bits which were sun browned and wind burnt, his left nipple wore a single ring, his right a barbell and the old boys tool was uncircumcised, thick as a baby`s arm and about 9 inches long as opposed to Jim 7 inch purple mushroom, through the underside of his cock where the ball bag joined was pierced with a large and fairly heavy ring the centre bottom of which was swung upwards to a point at the front facing forward. He too had a bruised arse and scratches on his wrists, she assumed from the last set of shackles! That area was to Pam a whole new ball game but she licked her lips and decided to talk to Jim about it.This was the point the phone rang! It was unexpected and annoying but Fred took the call just the same in case it was some sort an emergency, a****ls out or some-such. It was his oldest daughter Frieda, she was coming over the very next day with her girls, for the day, she was overjoyed that Pam and Jim were there and insisted on talking to Pam. The phone was passed over, “Freda breeds miniature ponies” he whispered. Fred then taking the opportunity to finger Pam as she stood phone in hand, she was soon desperately trying to think and talk coherently.Frieda explained “she would love the k**s to come over and stay her girls never got chance to interact with other k**s and it would give Pam and Jim some time to themselves,” without an answer she gabbled on, “Would they in turn have her k**s overnight in exchange one night next week?” They could hardly refuse. Fred nodding his agreement, realising the opportunity it presented. She said she would visit next day en-route from market, about 11 and with a click the voice vanished.The call gone, Fred took no time flat in pulling her to the floor and mounting the now very wet Pam, pushing her legs back over his shoulders, the heavy ring beating a tattoo on her anal area the shaped point striking perfectly the sensitive rosebud and enhancing the effects just as it was designed to do. Pam was just conscious of noises from the other room that told of athletic goings on still twix Jim and Molly, it drove her on towards the massive climax, which she knew was coming soon, when it arrived it was huge, vocal, and exhausting. Fred`s seed scalding her womb like, well, like a fountain, to the accompaniments of grunts like she had never heard before except by that old boar on the last trip. They lay together, like two caught fish gasping their last on a riverbank. Slowly wits regained the sat up to see two smiling faces at the door, both naked as the day they were born and grinning like Cheshire cats. Molly offered tea, her answer to every situation. Soon sipping hot cups of the restorative beverage, still naked the four sat quietly contemplating the next couple of weeks. Pam asked about the BDSM club and was told it was on a Tuesday once a month, the next meeting after they had returned. She, like us all I suspect, had mixed feelings about that, part of her wanted to find out and part was scared of the pain. Fred however said that “she looked as though she was interested, was she was a sub or a Dom, she looked bemused and he and Molly laughed, explaining the term to the pair of obvious novices.They asked the younger couple about their home lives, and sex lives as such, they explained about young Carl the paper lad in all the details, Molly looking wistful muttering “she was sorry he had not come with them, she had always wanted a teenager…”And Fred his tool now back to total rigidity, said the lad had been lucky he`d lost his cherry to a girl at school and it was not such fun as they had described They decided to call it a day, Fred having another early start; they each knew they had much to discus.