50 year old couple fuck boy toyDisclaimer: this is a purely fictional story… Or is it? Let’s just say it is though.One night when I was nineteen years old I found myself searching the mw4m ads on Craigslist. The situation was horny and desperate. After a marathon of fakes, flakes, and robots it seemed I would never reach the finish. But fate had other plans for me, plans on me role playing “parent/son” style with a couple in their fifties.The ad read something like “bi couple looking for boy toy” age said “50”. I’m not gay, but naturally my interest was peaked. Interested and skeptical I clicked the link and continued on. The information read something like “hubby and I would like to find a young stud for some parent son role play next weekend.” Well there was more but that’s the line that got my attention. What the hell it doesn’t hurt to try? So I replied with a message and pic and awaited the response I’m sure would not come.Two days later I received a reply with a phone number and pictures. The couple sent three pictures. They were both white and both were clothed. The second and third was of them nude. I was ecstatic. The wife was perfect. She had that real mom look to her, and what I mean by that is she is hot but in an old not so hot way, but that’s what makes it hot, if that makes any sense? I think she was a good looking brunette regardless. She was heavyset but not too big, and with naturally big tits and ass. Her snatch wasn’t shaved either. The hubby was kinda chubby with a slight build. He had salt and pepper hair and goatee. He was packing what looked like six inches on him and he was shaved.I contacted them and we hashed out all the details and spoke for awhile got to know each other a little bit. I was to meet them Saturday night at the holiday inn on the beach. Apparently his wife was fixed and they believed me that I was clean (which I am) so condoms were not required. I jacked off so many times during the week before anticipating this encounter.I arrive at the hotel nervous as I had never done anything like this before. I went to the room and knocked on the door. The wife answered the door. I could already feel the blood rushing to my penis as I breathed in the aroma of her perfume. I could tell she had on stockings but her top was covered by a jacket. She invited me in and complemented me on how boyish I looked and told me to have a seat on the bed. She removed her jacket and set down next to me. She was wearing a corset type of thing that her boobs looked ready to pop out of. ” you like what you see?” she asked me. “Yes ma’am” I replied nervously. “You know when my husband comes out of the bathroom your going to have to call me mom and him dad” she corrected while starting to rub my leg. Of course mommy! I eagerly replied. She giggled and told me she was going türbanlı aydın escort to get my “dad” and when she got back all my clothes better be off. As soon as she closed the bathroom door behind her I stripped naked got on the bed and started stroking my cock. A few minutes later they both came out to see me, their ” son” for the night playing with myself in their bed. He was naked and she had removed her top. “Well son looks like we caught you red handed” he said. It seemed the old couple didn’t want to wait to start the role play i was so turned on. The wife chimed in “someone is being a bad boy mommy and daddy are going to have to punish you”. I got into character and pleaded “please don’t take away my Nintendo”. Kinda lame but I was so turned on I couldn’t think clearly. “Oh i think we’re gonna have to do more than take your games away son. Get up and bend over the bed here” he said. “I’m sorry daddy” I whimpered as I bent over the bed. “It’s too late for that son” he growled as his hand smacked my ass. “We are gonna treat you like the little pervert you apparently wanna be” the wife said right before I felt her hand make contact with my ass. They took turns spanking me and telling me what a bad boy I have been. I’m sure my ass was turning red. “Dad had started wacking at my ass with his cock. “I’d bet you would like me to stick this in you. Wouldn’t you you little fag boy” he said. “Please no daddy I don’t want that” I pleaded. “I saw what you and your little friend were doing with each other last week. I can’t believe I have a son that likes sucking cock” mom stated. Dad sat down on the edge of the and said “well is that so how about you get on your knees and take care of daddy’s dick?” So I got down in front of him and put the head of it in my mouth. I could taste the saltiness of the precum I shivered a little bit. “Yeah your no stranger to this are you?” Dad asked. Before I could answer I felt moms hands on the back of my head forcing me to take more of dads cock into my mouth. I gagged as it went to the back of my throat. “Suck it like you love him he is your dad after all.” mom commanded. So I started sucking on it as hard as I could, my head bobbing up and down in my dads lap, mom making sure to keep her hand on the back of head to keep me from slacking. I was starting to enjoy it as I deepthroated and swirled my tongue around the his hard cock. “Honey I think your son wants you to cum in his mouth” mom chimed. “Well push his head down for me will ya?” Dad demanded. Moms hands were shoving my head onto his dick again. I was now being face fucked by my pretend father. I was eager to receive his load in my mouth. He started moaning and said he was about to cum, I could feel his cock in my mouth start to twitch and türbanlı aydın escort bayan the gush warm cum in to my mouth. I had know choice but to swallow as mom push my head down and held it tight. “Now young man you swallow every bit of that. It’s gonna be my turn next” she demanded.”I always knew you were a little queer son, I bet you liked that didn’t you boy?” dad asked. “Yes dad” I said. “You have always been confused little brat. I’m gonna teach you a lesson. Honey get the cuffs.” mom commanded. He handed her some fuzzy pink handcuffs. “Alright now I get to have some fun with our little fucktoy of a son” mom declared gleefully. She cuffed my hands behind my back and had me lay down in bed on my back. She proceeded to rub my cock. “Well well well look what mommy gets to play with. I bet you think of mommy often don’t you?” She questioned. “Yes” I replied. “Oh really? I always knew you were a little pervert. Do you want mommy to suck your cock?” She then started to lick the tip of my penis. “Yes mommy” I pleaded. “Well it doesn’t seem like you do since you like playing with boys so much. How about dad sucks your dick and you lick mommys hairy pussy?” “Please let me lick your pussy mommy” I replied. She got up on my chest and told me to stick out my tongue. As soon as my tongue was out she planted her hairy snatch right onto my face and started to slowly grind on my tongue. I started to lap up her wet pussy as I was being smothered by the weight and her scent. She was moaning as she was grinding it against my mouth and nose. Then suddenly I felt her put more of her weight on my head smothering me even more.” Oh you like mommys pussy don’t you? I’m gonna teach you what happens when you act like a pervert in this family” she said. I couldn’t see much besides her hairy pussy but then suddenly I felt a warm mouth on my cock. “Dad” had proceeded to start blowing me while his wife was having her way with my face. I instantly wanted to shoot a load but somehow I refrained. This went on for a good twenty to thirty minutes of me being her handcuffed little bitch boy forced to eat her pussy while her hubby blew my cock. “I think it’s time to switch it up” dad stated. They immediately switched places and now I had him on my chest forcing his cock down my mouth and she started to suck me. Moms mouth was amazing. As soon as she started sucking I felt so close to cumming again. “You better not cum in your mothers mouth” said dad as he gagged me with his cock. I tried to reply but all that came out was a choking sound. “Come again ” he asked. All I could manage was more choking sounds because he would ram it down my throat when I tried to answer. His wife was really going to town on my cock she was deepthroating it nicely at this point. türbanlı escort aydın “I think it’s time I let you feel my pussy son, maybe that will change your mind about all those gay thoughts you have.” I managed to let out a gurgle from my cock filled mouth. She climbed up on me and guided my dick into her pussy. Wow such a nice warm wet pussy. It felt so good around my shaft as she proceeded to fuck her pretend son. She was moaning and really riding hard I’m sure if there were people in the other rooms they could hear the clapping and the bed moving. “Oh son your hard in your moms pussy” she moaned. “Dad” got off me and went to play with her breast, sucking the nipples and cupping the boobs. “You better make your mom happy boy” he demanded. “I will I love fucking mom” I stated. She leaned over me and put her breast in my mouth. I started sucking it like a good boy. Her hubby had the other breast in his mouth and was rubbing her clit while she fucked me.”such a good little fuck toy. Mommys favorite boy toy” she cried out as I believe she was starting to orgasm. She rode me minute longer than got off.”Stand up son we need to get that dirty load out of ya” dad said. I got up and could really feel how soar my dick was. “Mom” decided to take my cock into her mouth. I thought her husband was going to take the cuffs off but instead he just started to grope my ass. ” your father has the tool for getting that cum out of you” mom stated. She then bent over the bed and her husband told me to stick my cock in her pussy.” Yes sir dad” I agreed. I started to fuck her from behind. This went on for a few minutes, it was a little difficult to fuck like this while handcuffed but I soon got the rhythm. I felt dads finger start to play with my asshole. He was lubing it up preparing me for his cock. “You like fucking my wife? Well I’m gonna fuck you you little faggot son of mine. You cream in her and I’ll cream in you.” He then bent me over more pushing me more into mom making her flat with the bed. I could feel him slowly try to push his dick into me. Damn it hurt at first. Then it just felt weird. He was starting to pump away at my young ass making my dick feel like it was going to break out of the skin. Mom was moaning in pure ecstasy as I fucked her while dad fucked me. She kept crying out for me to cum and then I couldn’t help it I shot my load deep into her pussy. I just stayed in her while her hubby was going to town. Then I felt it. His warm load filled up my ass and with a few final thrust he pulled his dick out.”Now your going to get down there and eat out that cum you left in your mothers pussy” dad demanded. I got down and started to greedily lick his wife’s pussy tasting my own cum as I licked. She was laying on her belly with her legs spread open. Her hubby pushing my face into her pussy making sure I cleaned it out. “Either you clean up my wife or the cuffs stay on and we teach you som manners boy” he said. “Mommys pussy is so good” I said.He then uncuffed me and we all cleaned up and got dressed. We said our goodbyes and thanked each other for the experience and went our separate ways. I haven’t seen or heard from them sense.