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Frostbite A Silky Adventure “Silky?” George’s warm breath whispered me awake. “Wha…huh?” I’m generally very articulate in the mornings, but after my medications. “We’ve had a winter storm. Not usual at all, but they called me and said some pipes froze and burst at the office. I’ve got to run check on it, but I’ll …


Her Daughters’ Sex Toy Ch. 03

From Chapter 2, where big-boobed CONNIE provides lusty Morrocan lesbian NADIRA some of the infamous “customer service” the Lovejoy Law Firm is known for: Nadira’s insistently-probing erection finds the busty bitch’s anal tract squishy and silky-soft; after several minutes of deep screwing she pulls-back until only the head of her prick remains inside the redhead, …


Going Bananas

“Laugh all you want to.” Skylar said as she set her pom poms down on the bench, ripped off her cheerleading outfit and sports bra, and headed toward the shower. “You all like dick just as much I do, I’m just not afraid to admit it.” She knew her first mistake, had been telling Missy, …


Linda Again

Linda and I had been seeing each other for at least 7 or 8 months with a little time out while she dated someone else semi-seriously for a while. It didn’t last, though. We usually saw each other on Saturday nights. I tried to take her to dinner or to a show or something, but …


I Want to Use You

“Hey baby?” Uh oh. I’ve heard that tone of voice before. Whenever you get that sort of introduction, you know that what comes after it can’t be good. It usually is followed by something like, We gotta talk. “We gotta talk,” she said. Damn. Here I was, relaxing. I had the game controller in my …

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