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I’m Really Horny

I’m Really HornyThis poem isn’t to be read by decent folk Of mild mannerisms, and of a nice word spoke Of virgin imagination, or of a mindset pure Of those who think not of the erotically obscure Whose presence of mind stretches a greater span Not set on the baser thoughts of carnal man But …


Young and Old…Part 2

Young and Old…Part 2Matt sat back on his sofa and feasted his eyes on the young lady in front of him. As Helen slowly and tantalisingly undressed, he could feel his mouth go dry in nervous excitement. Strange he thought, surely he should be drooling. He didn’t hold that thought for long though as Helen’s …


Poker Night Part 5

Poker Night Part 5I woke up later that night for dinner. “Aww how was your nap” Mistress asked. I yawned and said it was good. She tells me that because I slept past dinner, I wouldn’t have any, but she did give me a bottle filled with formula and some ‘extra protein’ which to me …


College life 29

College life 29***********************Sunday after Thanksgiving was rather nice since Corey did get to sleep insomewhat since the rec center didn’t reopen until noon. After Corey wasgone to work, I headed back to my room with Liz still there with Kris.”Dude, you should have stayed around last night,” Kris stated. “It waspretty awesome.””Yeah Matt, there were …

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