18 and fuckedFrom a young age I always liked being around, older people having a giggle and getting dirty, when I hung out with lads playing football, they treated me like a guy not a girl, ok I played with dolls but footy was what I loved, if I didn’t come home dirty from playing with the guys then it was a bad day, as I grew up I became more into makeup and shopping. This particular Saturday afternoon the guys called asking if I wanted to go for a kick about, I shot upstairs and got changed and run after them to catch them up, as I run my boobs bounced up and down and as usual they took the piss and having a laugh, I was now 14 and rather developed we kicked about and then rested Gary got up and went for a walk, no one seemed to see him go but I followed, I watched as he went behind a tree and I crouched behind a bush nearby, I could see him clearly as he undid his trousers and had a pee, I saw his cock and gasped softly it was rather big my eyes fixed on how it looked, he started to rub it slowly as he leant against the tree, it was getting stiff as he rubbed it harder, squeezing his balls he groaned and cum, I could see spurts of fluid shoot from his cock, I could feel my nipples getting hard and my pussy was wet, I had seen cocks in books but not in real life and not a guy rubbing one off.I waited for Gary to get sorted and leave before I walked back and joined the gang, all the way home all I could think of is Gary’s cock and him wanking it, I was dying to ask him how it felt but to shy, getting in I shot upstairs and jumped in the bath, as I soaked I slowly touched my pussy and rubbed it gently, I had fingered myself a few times but this felt different slipping my finger inside my lips I rubbed my clit, making me moan softly my nipples went rock solid as I felt the orgasm build all of a sudden I cum shaking with pleasure it soon died down, it felt fantastic and so different to any of the other times. I carried on watching Gary whenever I could, Gary was real cute tall dark hair and rather good looking he was real popular at school and into all the usual stuff, football, rugby, etc.I was now 17 and getting ready for a party for my 18th, my parents gave me a choice a holiday or a party with friends, I invited the gang and of cause Gary, the night arrived and all turned up my parents went off out and told us not to get into trouble they all respected my parents from a early age, we had a few drinks, food and music it was a great night in all, I was dancing with Gary and my mind went back to when I used to spy on him in the park pulling his cock until him cum, I whispered to him did he fancy a kiss and cuddle in my room, to my surprise he said yes and we sneaked off upstairs, no one saw us so that was better, we got to my room and closed the door, Gary kissed me softly as I run my hands around the back of his head, I felt my nipples go hard as he held my bum tight, I gasped as his tongue slipped into my mouth, I was getting horny as I could feel his cock getting hard, he lifted my skirt and slipped his hand into my panties feeling my bum and sliding his finger down and between my legs, I groaned softly I run my hand over his trouser front, he was massive, “would ankara escort you like to fuck me Gary” I smiled as he dipped his head and nodded slowly .I pulled back and started to take my clothes off, Gary watched as I went topless my nipples tingled as he looked, I dropped my skirt and my panties as well I was soaking wet so excited Gary looked eyes so wide it was fantastic, I had never stripped in front of a boy before, his bulge seemed to grow as he feasted on my shaven pussy “come on then your turn” I said as I sat on the bed looking he took his top off to reveal a muscular 6 pack undoing his trousers and letting them drop his cock was making a tent in his boxers, he reached into his trouser pocket and pulled a condom out pulling his boxers off I gasped there in full view was his dick, so thick and long I was scared it wouldn’t fit my pussy, “can I rub it” Gary nodded as he walked over in front of me I reached out and wrapped my fingers around it and, rubbed it slowly the foreskin rolled over the cock head and then back Gary moaned quietly as I did this, my other hand cupped his balls they just fitted into the palm of my hand as I rubbed his cock a bit faster, I was tempted to tell him about the times I spied on him but I didn’t.I let go and lay on the bed opening my legs I slowly rubbed my pussy it was so wet, I watched Gary slip the condom on over his cock and roll it down the shaft to the base; he got in between my legs and guided his cock into my very wet pussy slowly, as I felt it push my lips wide I gasped with pleasure, Gary sucked my hard nipples making me moan I adjusted my hips and Gary slipped in fully, I felt a sharp pain as I wrapped my legs around his waist begging him to fuck me slowly, he moved his hips up and down making me moan softly, I grabbed his cute bum hard pulling him deep into my pussy. His hips moved faster and faster as my tits started to bounce about feeling a orgasm build I told him I was Cumming and not to stop, I arched my back as the pleasure shot through my body Gary carried on fucking me and started to groan, I could feel his cock start to pulse as he pulled out and pulled the condom off, rubbing his cock like mad he gripped it and groaned as cum shot from his cock and onto my naked body, it felt fantastic the creamy feeling and warmth was brilliant, I took over from Gary making sure I got every drop from it, some had dripped onto my fingers and I sucked it, it tasted weird but nice.As we got cleaned up I looked at Gary’s cock, it hung down but wasn’t as big now all soft but it didn’t matter I had lost my virginity to a guy I really did fancy, we rejoined the party and carried on as though nothing had happened, my pussy was sore but dam it was worth the pain, as the evening went on a few more friends arrived and got some more presents, my crew as I called them all stood around chatting, I was tempted to say I had fucked Gary but was to shy, my eyes caught a black guy I didn’t know I asked my mate who he was she said it was a mate of John’s and had tagged along for something to do, I sort of fancied him, he was tall and real cute looking I decided to make conversation with him and walked up and started to chat, it seemed ankara escort bayan that we had known each other for ages so easy going and laid back, he asked if he could give me a birthday kiss, and leant over and softly kissed my cheek, he smelt fantastic and I was getting a bit frisky, I checked out him bum nice and tight and the muscles did sort of bulge, I had read that a black cock was a lot bigger than a white one and was dying to find out, I built up courage and asked if he wanted to go for a walk.As we walked out the back of the house we went and sat in the summer house, I could feel my nipples going hard again as I imagined Joe’s cock in my hand, “so is it true about you coloured guys Joe” as I smiled and bit my bottom lip, “and what would that be may I ask” he smiled and he knew what I was on about “that black guys have big cocks” “hmmmmmmm well dunno what do you class as big” “oh come on don’t make me beg to see it you know what I mean” Joe laughed and smiled, getting up he walked over standing in front of me he said “well go on then take a look then you can tell me for yourself”. I could see a lump before I touched it as I run my hands over the front of his trousers, the bulge started to grow as I slowly un zipped his trousers, loosening his belt and undoing the trousers they fell around his ankles, his boxers bulged as I run my hand over the front of them, my eyes fixed on the front I pulled them down to reveal the biggest lump of black meat I had ever seen.“Fucking hell blazes” I shouted as I looked at a semi hard cock that was gradually getting harder, “oh my god Joe it huge” as I wrapped my fingers around it and rubbed it softly, Joe groaned as I tried to cup his balls in one hand, no such luck they were just too big, rubbing it harder now it was nearly fully hard, and I was gagging for it, I opened my mouth and slowly sucked the head trying to get the shaft in as well I nearly choked and pulled off, I carried on wanking him and Joe was now as hard as hell, I just looked at how big and beautiful it looked, again I sucked it slowly and tried to suck down the shaft, Joe moaned softly as I felt him touching my tits, the summer house had a lounger in it I would lay on that in the summer and play with my pussy, it was very secluded and could not be seen if I laid naked even, Joe slowly undid my top and took my bra off lowering his head he softly sucked my nipples and flicked them with his tongue, his hand slid up my dress and inside my knickers and massaged my wet pussy, I groaned at how it felt not only was his cock big his fingers where as well. He pulled my knickers down and clean off I carried on rubbing his cock as his fingers slipped in and out of my pussy, moaning like mad I cum and cried out I needed fucking with his black cock, I even shocked myself with what I had said but I was desperate to feel it in my pussy. Joe stood up and took his clothes off and rolled a condom on to his rod, I could not wait to feel it stretching my pussy as I lay naked on the lounger, ready to be devoured by his monster, Joe knelt on the lounger and guided it to the entrance of my hole, as it slipped in I felt the lips widen “oh fuck that feels great” escort ankara as slowly inch by inch it slipped into my wet tunnel, Joe was very gentle as he pushed in asking if it was ok “little did he know I didn’t give a fuck I just wanted his black cock to destroy my white cunt so I was unable to walk straight. Once again he sucked my nipples saying my tits were nice and big and so firm, I wrapped my legs around his waist and gripped tight pulling him deep.Joe was now pounding my pussy like hell as I screamed with pleasure I felt him jerk then cum his load filled his condom as I felt the warmth of it, I was unable to hold back any longer and shook as huge orgasms ripped through my body, Joe pulled out as I looked at his cock the huge bubble filled with cum would of drowned my pussy, I had never seen so much cream in my life fucking hell it was such a beautiful sight. I was addicted to black cock from that day I tried to close my legs but that was impossible, slowly getting dressed Joe walked slowly back indoors and we, re joined the party I didn’t think of nothing else but Joe’s huge cock for the rest of the party, the following day Joe knocked on the door thanking me for the party and the fun he had, I arranged to meet him that afternoon in the park, before I said goodbye I was still very tender and unable to wear panties, mum wanted to know what was wrong, I had to say I was a bit hung over not had a hung cock in my pussy twice in one night as I think I would of been grounded until I was old. That afternoon I met Joe and we found a small area away from the public, I told him how tender my pussy was, and opened my legs so he could see I could feel the cool air blow as he said he was hard, at the sight of my slit, I suggested he lay back and let me take care of it, pulling the zip down I pulled his cock out and rubbed it softly, I lowered my head and sucked as much of his cock into my mouth, I was surprised I got as much as I did in, I wanked it slowly as I concentrated on how beautiful it looked, all veins and huge balls that could shoot so much cum, I massaged his boulders as I rubbed his cock harder, Joe started to breath rapidly saying he was close to Cumming I was excited to see how much he would shoot, with a soft groan his cock erupted into a fountain of with cum, that shot into the air then flowed like a river, it didn’t seem to stop as I carried on wanking him, I massaged his balls making sure they where drained before I let go, his cock slumped in between his legs as I sucked my fingers dry, I smiled and stood up straddling his face he could now see my open pussy, I crouched down so my cunt was, now on his face I felt his tongue push into my hole and lick gently, Jesus is there nothing small on a black guy was going through my head.I groaned as his tongue lapped up my juices, I could feel a orgasm stirring as I started to grind my pussy on his mouth, I groaned as I cum feeling my juices drip into his mouth, I got up and looked at Joe his face was covered in my juices, he cleaned himself up as we rested all afternoon. Losing my cherry at 18 wasn’t the worst thing I had done, nor being fucked by 4 black cocks as well, I slept with Gary on a few occasions when I went on the pill and felt how good cum felt when no condom, Joe and his mate had me one night and I was right they did drown my pussy, was also able to take Joe down the throat as he exploded by mistake……………………………….