1 More Gay Quickie
1 More Gay Quickie

By: Londebaaz Chohan

It was not surprising for Wilson to see Justin already there and waiting but the surprising part was that Sir Roth and Justin were both there; sitting and waiting for his arrival. The teacher got up and offered Wilson a very warm welcome with a hug and a kiss on his lips. Soon as they broke the kiss and pulled away, Justin was already on his knees in front of Wilson and hardly a few inches away from him.

With a gentle push, Mr. Roth guided Wilson forward. Although Wilson was not hard yet, he was amazed to find Justin rather eager to get Wilson’s zipper down. Justin’s skillful and adept hands immediately began massaging the low hung balls of Wilson and stroking his growing thick cock while Sir Roth started kissing Wilson’s neck and kneading his pretty ass buns like the pack of play dough. With the attention coming from all sides, the blood started gushing and surging quickly through Wilson’s teen dick and Justin cheered the growth with long licks of the shaft to make it fill his throat even before Wilson was fully hard. Justin had begun to suck on the cock letting the engorged member to fill his mouth with lots of fervor.

This so easy sexual corruption was very new to Wilson but honestly, he liked and even enjoyed it a lot. Mr. Wilson took a step back, added some lube to his fingers and began digging into Wilson’s tight and no more virgin anus. Of course, Wilson just could not relax right away but he found it a lot easier to sigh and moan with the joy of being stretched open from behind while Justin worked so prudently on his cock. Sir Roth was encouraging Wilson with a smile to take it nice and easy to feel great. He was complementing Justin also for being a good little Champion cocksucker with a genuine wealth of practice and proficiency to his credit.

Soon another finger joined the first, in the Wilson’s caboose; stretching him a bit more. With uncontrolled shuddering, Wilson placed both of his hands on Justin’s head as his total shaft disappeared in Justin’s young throat, allowing Wilson to lean forward little for support. Sir Roth, very caringly removed both of his fingers from Wilson’s ass, moved to the front, dragging a chair over and placed it directly behind Justin, so Wilson could hold and lean on it instead.

Slowly, Sir Roth moved towards the back of Wilson and Wilson obediently leaned forward to allow Mr. Roth’s fingers to start the stretching of his hole but he felt both of his hips held by the large strong hands of Sir Roth and a much larger and meatier thing pressing against the ring of his anus. Wilson moaned and shuddered, realizing the intent and resolve of Sir Roth to fuck him at the same time as he was being sucked by his classmate Justin. It was sexually immoral, religiously sin, socially so wrong but yet felt so right and pleasing evil that it could not be denied. Wilson huffed and gasped for air as he involuntarily clenched his hole as the larger mushroom cock head of Sir Roth slipped into his ass, stretching him much larger. After all it was only yesterday, he had lost his anal virginity; not much time to get accustomed to such deep sensation but very glad that it did not hurt as much and Sir Roth also very kindly waited until Wilson’s ass relaxed again before pushing more inside his rectum.

Slowly, Mr. Roth took his time, working inch by inch and pressing a little deeper, every time he pulled out and then shoved forward. With each harder thrust, Wilson’s cock was pressed into Justin’s mouth, generating a truly amazing sexual rhythm as his back and front were both coherently treated so good. Wilson’s held the chair, tightly as he groaned loud while Mr. Roth’s full rod bottomed out and buried in his ass for the second time in 2 days. Only it was much more fantastic today because for one thing, today Wilson’s own dick was not in Sir’s hand but in Justin’s mouth.

All 3 men were moaning in tandem as Sir Roth started steadily pumping and plowing Wilson’s ass with his dictator and dictating movements for all 3 of them. They moved in unison, the sounds of sucking and fucking, filling the entire room. Wilson felt like, he was being lost in the whirlpool of sexual joy. It was almost as Sir Roth’s cock was an extension of his, thrusting forward into both Wilson’s ass and Justin’s mouth at the same time. They humped and huffed, getting harder and faster. Wilson’s ass flexing and tightly holding Sir Roth’s cock with the mix of painful pleasure all at once. Justin’s fingers crawling on Wilson’s balls to make him cringe and tighten his ass even more and uncontrolled as his orgasm began to grow and run amuck. Sir Roth also began grunting with the effort of forcing his cock, past the young Wilson’s tight clenching muscles and the pleasure reaching the monumental peak.

Shivering and shuddering between the double source of sexual bliss, Wilson’s entire body tightened like the strings of a violin and then released suddenly. He growled loud as the cum began to spurt out of his cock hole and into the Justin’s mouth. Now his own ass convulsing around Sir Roth’s cock, Sir had very quickly cum inside Wilson after fucking him from the other end, filling his ass with the even larger and swollen cock and then released the juices making all three of them sigh and growl with pleasure, simultaneously.

After Justin had left, without getting off, Wilson turned to his teacher, Sir… Mr. Roth, why doesn’t Justin. Um… why doesn’t he ever… you know and Mr. Roth giggled. He could not make Wilson understand the differences between different men and look like men. He only assured Wilson, not to worry about Justin and told him that Justin had his places to get pleasure, he enjoyed. Wilson nodded and smiled to his teacher and asked him eagerly for the same time tomorrow at the teacher’s office meeting again and Sir Roth patted his cheek but asked him to show up at his home soon after 7: 00 for much bigger party and fun time.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan August 12, 2019.